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on Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:49 am


In the Southern part of the world though it was somewhat.. Crusty looking and rather dirty is where the Doctor decided to take the next humans; The Lion Humanoid whom seemed to have a porcelain mask attached to his forehead began to look around silently in search of potential subjects in order to take for reconstruction. His paws hit the ground as he looked around once more, before having spotted a few; And they surely spotted him as well and began to make a break for it, as the woman began to pant in her run her eyes went hide as she began to look side to side swearing she had heard voices in her ear-- Next she felt something touch her but as she turned back nothing was there.

This paranoid state had diverted her attention and forced her slam face first into a tree and as she stood up the light was shadowed by a hulk of a being and when she turned she had laid eyes on the Doctor and he did the same. As he slowly reached for her, her body had frozen in terror before his hand had grabbed hold of her and and then pursued the next two, as one turned a left and headed to the city he made a run as fast as he could between the alley ways and again he had heard a voice but it felt like it was the girls voice of whom he was with. The shadow in the distance didn't persay look like the girl but the voice was asking for help in an agonized manner; As he ran for her he was snatched up as well. The Last one had gotten away only to be pursue'd as Theo stepped from out of a tree and close lined the male he hit the floor and scooped up the last one.

He made his way back to the spot he had come from all three of them across his shoulders, the weight could have been a good two hundred and fifty pounds but it felt like nothing on Theo's shoulders as he had gotten to his spot he put the three on the spot and pressed a button as they vanished and were taken to Oblivion he stayed behind however, he had felt something strange; Something he couldn't explain as he looked back he began to wait and stick around, curious as to see what was going to happen.


on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:02 am


Anamist was here. Currently he was scouring the world for possible candidates for allies and the likes; he had felt an unfamiliar presence and wished to check it out. This part of the world was less scarred from the apocalypse, but even so- few humans actually remained- quite the interesting amount of concepts that entered his mind at the moment.

He was walking through the park, it was a fairly large area- filled with trees and deadening brown grass; the trees themselves were withering from the harsh lack of proper sunlight... sooner or later he would have to reform the human world as well, like he had to Soul Society: though the process would be more difficult with the major lack of spiritual particles in the air... the human world was quite short on such things compared to Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.

Anamist could feel the presence of humans in the area, several of them seemed terrified and eventually became unconscious... then vanished suddenly from his presence... intriguing.. he wondered how humans could disappear so suddenly from his presence without notification of which direction either their bodies or spirits went. Anamist guessed that only this unusual spiritual presence around the area could be the one to answer his silent questions. He had let his spiritual energy flow out casually, just to make sure this being would notice him.

Anamist paced back and forth in the park for a few moments before using his riaetsu to form a park bench, two chairs and a concrete table- with a chessboard atop it, ready for a match. He would wait until his guest arrived and would offer a hand in peace before addressing his guest.

Please, do have a seat and enjoy a game with me...


on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:20 am


Theo looked the same way in silence having figured out what was going on exactly after having felt the spiritual presence of another in the vicinity. It was odd that other beings of a nature like himself still came out to such a desecrated land such as this but it was nothing worth the questioning. Being a massive Lion Humanoid he knew he was frightening off the bat, or at least being the mask that was attached to the brain of a lion Humanoid would be the true terror.

As the man he was looking for appeared he had apparently drawn up a chess board and two chairs and had invited the Doctor to join him, The Doctor turned his full attention toward the man and approached on a silent note; He was staring down that chair he had offered knowing it was too small for him he simply kneeled down and looked at the chess board and then to the man. Four eyes peering at him, both from the parasite that was now Theo and from the body he had taken control of. And Theo then raised his hand and placed it on the palm at the end of the board on the left side and moved it up two.

The game had begun as he was staring down at the board, at least the lion half was the parasite half was peering into the eyes of the man; Wondering why this man had called him over for a game in the apocalypse it. It seemed as if the wind had only something to say after the man's invitation and nothing more after that-- But Silence was always a golden thing, nothing ever disturbed it save for the sounds that nature had to offer. Waiting for the man to make his move both pairs of eyes blinked as he kneeled in silence contemplating his next move.


on Tue Jun 11, 2013 10:12 am


Anamist was surprised at the sheer presence of his new "friend" he was not quite too sure what to think of this being. His calm nature hid any emotion he might have behind a friendly smile- that smile that all too often had cut foes in half even before they even knew they were dead. He said nothing, seeing his "friend" was much too large fro the chair; he flicked his wrist and the chair expanded in size and density, this chair was seemingly normal- however Anamist knew that this chair could easily hold over one thousand pounds of physical matter.

He gestured for the being to take a seat- for what kind of proper gentleman would make his guest sit on the ground when he himself sat in a comfortable chair. The being had advanced his first pawn two spaces ahead- Anamist did likewise on the opposite side of the board. No words were said, the two beings just focused on their little match while also studying one another.

Anamist could tell right away that his "friend" was a rather intelligent being- not the common hollow or parasite; rather a being of sheer intelligence... he was quite the chess player. animist moved his chess pieces with his power and not his hands, while his foe had to use his large hands to move the small pieces. Anamist willed his "friend's" pieces to become much larger on his side of the board and each square would increase in size to appropriately match the chess pieces sizes. Halfway through the game, Anamist decided to speak.

I am Anamist, the Primera of the Espada. may I ask your name?


on Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:01 pm


As Theo watched the man enlarge the seat that was offered as well as the pieces he was quite impressed this man could well be a good test subject if they had left off on the wrong foot as he was not focused really on neither the chair nor the pieces increase in size he was contemplating the next moves. Still there was silence in the air and the sound of the air with the howling wind was singing what would have been a harmonious song.

Theo held out his hand and shook his head, declining the invitation to sit as he was no longer human that would feel like sort of an insult to him. The pawn he had moved free'd a castle and thus he moved the castle up two spaces trailing behind the pawn quite closely.

The Lion's eyes moved up to meet what it's parasitic master being Theo was looking at But the mask itself spoke out, "Theodulf Albrecht, Last of the Nosferatu." he said calmly before he went back to the match, nothing more need be said but it was his silence that often irritated people most. Have taken note to that sometime ago he just simply carried on with that match in his silence.


on Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:17 am


Anamist had half-expected the humanoid to speak, rather than the mask... perhaps this was just a body being controlled then.. this thought also intrigued Anamist. He was pleased when the being introduced his name, such a meaningful and powerful name from such an unfamiliar "face"

They played the rest of the game in complete silence, focusing on winning the chess match while also studying each other and learning as much information they could. It would appear that this Theodulf was less as willing to start a meaningless fight as was Anamist. The only thing that really bothered Anamist was Theodulf's admittance of his race and then the declaration of him being the last kind..

Anamist knew of the Nosferatu- the beings that had brought their worlds to ruin.. apparently Theodulf thought differently from his kinsmen. Him being the last of is kind though, that could be problematic as well as quite useful. He wouldn't bother asking how Theodulf became to be the last of his kind, but he was indeed curious as to how this process happened. The game ended about half an hour later, both competitors moving their pieces strategically and accepting acceptable losses of pieces to achieve a greater goal- such was the life of those with power and controlled the weak.

Theodulf managed to check-mate Anamist, the butler blinked twice in surprise and then let out a hardy laugh; it would seem that his friend was more of an intelligent man than he had originally gave him credit for. Anamist stood up and bowed at the waist in a butler-like bow.

Well played friend, I honestly didn't expect to lose a chess match; especially against someone I have just met.


on Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:11 pm


It seemed that fate was in his favor as he had stumped the man whom he titled himself as 'Anamist' as he stood up he had easily toppled over the male as he looked down at him with what would seem to be only the eyes of the black lion humanoid, the mask being out of site. Two brilliant minds had played a wonderful game a chess that lasted for hours-- In his human life he would have missed this, but this just felt like another test to him, nothing more and nothing less. "So hastley to call someone a friend. intriguing.." he had replied to Anamist's comment

As he looked to the remaining humans that have gotten away he looked back to Anamist in silence for a moment, "Seems this game was in the human's favor.." he said disappointingly before pressing a button which was inside of his lab coat pocket-- A small platform slowly formed into the area as he looked to it then back at Anamist, just staring him down.

Espada were rare here no one in the human world aside from Theo was bold enough to come here in search of something, he was either very strong or very stupid but it didn't matter now, after he had finished examining him he began to walk towards the platform in silence, if he man wished to come he may if didn't, then he didn't it wasn't for him to decide all he knew is that the three he had capture were running around somewhere within Oblivion and he had to tend to them, quickly.


on Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:29 pm


Whether it was sheer luck or skills, this being had bested him in a chess match- no easy task... even if the match had taken hours.. it had provided both of them a lot of time to study each other. Theodulf interrupted his thoughts with a smart remark, it was true about what he said: then again, Anamist considered everyone a friend until they proved themselves otherwise.

When I first meet people, I do not judge them merely by their race, I judge them by their actions- for actions do speak louder than words, after all.

Theodulf's comment about the "human's favor" made Anamist smirk slightly, he had guessed correctly that Theodulf was the one tampering with the human's lives. He had rigged the meeting to allow the human's a chance to flee, even if it was in vain for their doomed existences. Anamist was intrigued by this individual; he could not sense any ill-will towards him or anyone else, he needed to know more about this Nosferatu- he seemed different than his comrades.

There was an unspoken consent between him and the Nosferatu, Anamist stood up and his table & chairs instantly disappeared. He followed the Nosferatu towards the platform that he had guessed was a means of travel long-distance.

This should surely be interesting..

He smiled the façade smile that had easily been the last sight many opponents had seen; he let his spiritual energy flare up a little- briefly so that this Theodulf could at least understand that he was not a fool to roam the worlds without care- thoughhe was careful to keep his true power hidden... never know when you will need to surprise the enemy..


on Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:31 am


As Theo was making his way and manged to get on the platform he saw that the small man known as Anamist decided to take his silent offer and come along. Theo felt him flare up his reiatsu as soon as he got on the platform which made Theo speak out, "You should have care when exposing yourself as we descend into Oblivion, you could be the target to much greater things." He said before pressing the button and both of them faded.

Now on the inside it was as if they had entered a wormhole that felt something close to time travel but was relatively a temporary version of time travel, as they entered the city it replicated nothing but what it  was meant to be-- A city that looks like it had been placed in the early 1900's The Spire had created this illusion to where even Theo and his guest saw only a city. Theo knew all to well what was really behind the illusion but he wasn't sure if anyone else did.

Everywhere he could look one could see buildings men and women dressed formally walking around but what was behind that illusion was soemthing much worse, and so they had arrived in the middle of town square and began walking North. Towards the biggest building in the city which was Theo's laboratory, he looked from human to human as they greeted him, "Greetings Mayor." A man said and tipped his tall hat to Theo, "How do you do, Mayor?" a woman said as she curtseyed a little bit to him he nodded some as he kept on walking. When he looked back at Anamist it had seemed that he had gained a formal dress and when Ana looked back to him he was now Human, a Tall man dressed in a suit and tall hat with a cane the man looked cheerful but on the inside it was just Theo still but no one could really tell the difference as to if it were really Theo or the Mayor which made it confusing for most. As they passed the Statue of Purification they had almost been there, where Theo would show Anamist his greatest inventions.


on Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:01 am


Anamist took his fair warning as a means of alerting him of possible dangers. It was true that it was somewhat foolish for him to flare up a portion of his power- no one knew when something more powerful than oneself could take notice of you and that would be your end. However Anamist doubted much things could compare to him within his most recent history, he was at his prime and felt so alive; much more alive than he had in his human years. He nodded to Theodulf and they had continued on their interesting journey- their travel was merely that was the Quincy form of a “gate” a means of racial teleportation to reach objectives- however Theodulf’s was a more specific and crafted passageway, likely hidden from others traversing through the dimensions.

They had exited the gateway to enter a nostalgic sight, this city was a replica of a major city back in the 1900s- Anamist knew because he was quite old himself and had enjoyed this particular era of humanity’s civilization. His new friend, Theodulf had adopted a more human appearance and the people of the city addressed him as ‘mayor’ Curiosity had nearly reached its maximum within Anamist’s mind; he wondered what this Nosferatu had planned for these humans. It was true that Anamist was the self-proclaimed protector of humans and it bothered him somewhat that these people were probably captured and slaves to experiments… but deep inside, Anamist knew that they were sheltered from the true atrocities of the worlds- he felt better about leaving them be.

So I am curious, you take the guise of a human and it’s apparent that these people are imprinted with you in their minds… what is the meaning of this charade?

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