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on Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:50 pm


Keiji listened to the man as he settled the battle even before it had began. Not looking forward to ruining his beloved lab. Keiji smiled as the man had accessed his power and deemed him worthy. Keiji bowed to the man with the utmost respect. "A high class you say? It takes a very astute individual to end a battle before it has already begun." Keiji spoke as he began to approach the man. His immense size was imposing on the man who stood around six foot two. He sheathed his zanpaktou and released his tight grip on zanpaktou as he lowered his temper and his guard.

This lab must have been constructed by the man, and must of taken a while to create considering the amount of high tech gadgets sitting around. Keiji watched a grin come over the scientists face, Keiji didn't know if it was a good smile or a smile of evil. Keiji noticed the comment about his hair but chose to ignore it as it was irrelevant to the situation at hand. The man was quite bright indeed, his mind seemed to titillate with ideas every second. Keiji stopped a few feet from the man and grabbed a small device off the table in front of him. It was glowing with switches and buttons all over it that seemed to light up in an unexpected sequence. "What is the use for this device?" Keiji asked as he looked it over. He placed it back as he awaited an explanation of the device. He would not listen of course but he wanted too seem like he was interested in the so called science the man seemed to be good at.

Keiji had a few understandings of science but wasn't a person that found it interesting. Keiji was a master blacksmith, and a very charismatic speaker, he enjoyed art and most of all women, but Keiji was never a fan of the experimental sciences that need a lot of time and patience in order to find world breaking discoveries. Keiji shook his head at the thought of wasting time in a lab, but he then looked upon a large test tube holding a large beast in stasis. Keiji walks up to it slowly almost mesmerized at the appearance of the beast. It was a large cat like being with the a shark like jaw. He looked back at the mad scientist, "What is that?" Keiji asked a sensational look on his face.


on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:00 pm


Nathane crossed him arms around his chest and started to examine the man. He was clearly most interested with the lab. It was most distinct. The huge man was examining the lab closely. Trying to figure out what was this and that. "Perhaps a man of science?" Nathane thought rubbing his chin. Most people in the new era was interested in science. However the old people in the stone ages were not. This man by looking by his visual appearance was a man clearly in the age of 600+. But he has shown enthusiasm of the subject; which intrigued Nathane.

"What is that?" Nathane repeated his question. "Well, it's just a remote control for controlling the out appearance of this lap. It was used to make this lab look like an old hut, house, mansion and maybe in serious cases invisible. However it's useless now. It was damaged in the great battle and the circuits are busted. Anyway no use of it now." he looked at the once and turned his attention back to the man.

"What is that?" the man asked him. Never was took back. His mind was floating away. He was thinking back about the old ages. 124 years back into the past. Where everything was normal. "Say again?"


on Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:48 am


Keiji grinned as the man told him about the remote to the cloaking device for the lab itself. Keiji looked deep into the eyes of the being that was held in stasis. Keiji did not know much about the modern age of man or of the beasts that now inhabited the world of the living or any other dimension nowadays. He had not seen such a beast before and to his knowledge the most fearsome land animal he had ever encountered was a Siberian tiger. A beast worthy to be called an alpha predator. This being was something more than a Tiger, its sheer size was almost as large as Keiji, maybe even larger.

He stepped back from the beast and gripped his blade tightening his grip on it he awaited for the man to answer him as he asked again. "This being? What is it?" he asked as he turned to the man again. He had hoped the man was finished with experimenting on it or whatever he was using it for. Keiji was an avid hunter and hunted every single big game he could while alive. In a time where guns and setting traps was nothing but ideas floating along in the universe. Keiji felt an intense sensation to release the beast and see just how far up the food chain it is. the cold dank air filled Keiji's nose as he remember why the man didn't want to test Keiji's mettle, the lab. Keiji released his zanpaktou and also crossed his arms over his massive chest as he leaned back against the another tube which housed a smaller creature, but was not quite as interesting as the large tiger like beast.

"What kind of science do you practice, young one?" Keiji finally asked as he thought of the many different kinds of science that the man could be practicing. It had to be some kind of biological like science, but it was uncertain to him if the man actually cared about the many sciences or if he just liked to dissect things.


on Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:12 pm


"Ah, that!" Nathane pointed to the thing that he was pointing towards.  "What the hell is that?"  He asked himself. He had no idea what it was or what it was doing here. It was a damn mystery to him but as always he improvised. "Well, actually that is a unique thing which we use to experiment on creatures, races and stuff like that. It's nothing, to be honest. You place that thing on the creature body and Bingo! A high-tech hologram appears and shows, you detail information bout the creatures psychical strength etc." he said as he took a long pull of air. He was exaggerating way too much. But in his defense; he was unaware of the true type of the device.    

"Huh? Young one?" despite Nathane looks, he was not that young or that old. "I practice a lot of science. Science is the very essence of humans, Quinces, Shinigamies. Without it their wouldn't be anyone!" he stopped, trying to begin pacing, "As you can see, the lab has endouvered many damages through the years of it's beginning, but..."  Nathane stopped. He knew it was time.

Without not letting the man flinch, Nathane started to gather Reishi under his feet and with a fluid motion, he moved himself towards a different location that helped him not to make to much contact with the man. "I'm sorry, it had to come to this!" he said slowly as he stretched his right arm forward. It had been long since he had used it but this was a rise and chance he wanted to take.

Nathane started to collect more reishi in the air surrounding him, and with another fluid motion, he outstretched his finger, as it former-ed into a large arrow shaped bow. "Yes, it's still on me!" he thought as he looked at the man. He could see the sense of disappointment on the mans face. Nathane sighed looking down. "This would be a worthy sacrifice,buddy!" he thought as he looked at the man again. "If your wondering what this is it's Heilig Pfeil. I guess there's not much to explain about, ya know? And you know what?"



on Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:08 am


Keiji let out a sigh as he realized he had been duped by a man claiming to be a scientists. Looking at his weapon of choice it seemed he was about to attack him in no regards to the area around them. Keiji jumped back and drew his blade as he stepped back near the tube holding the large tiger like beast and tries to hold the combatant off. He leaned back and tapped the glass with the butt of his zanpaktou. Cracking the glass a little he jumps up as it shatters and the beast flies out of it. Keiji reaches up and crashes through the top of the lab and lands on floor above as he looks for a simple way out. If he could find one he would use it before having to burst out of the room he was in.

"So much for a peaceful meeting..." Keiji says as he begins walking forward opening the door he looks down the long corridor to the exit of this mansion. He finds one that he believes will lead him out and begins to take it. Rushing a little bit he sprints taking a few steps, because of his considerable size he was at the end of the hallway in a few steps, and opens the door leading to the outside. He shunpo's far into the sand as he turns and awaits the man who should be chasing him.

Keiji liked to battle and with the amount of space they would have out here the battle would be a good one for the both of them. It would come down to who had the most experience and from the looks of it they may have been even. But to Keiji that was a mistake for he had been in a thousand battles and he never underestimated his opponent beforehand.

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