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on Sat May 18, 2013 9:32 am



Rise Of The Bount Mansion

"All finished sir. It has been built to the exact detail down to the trim around the kitchen sink. It couldn't be any more perfect if God himself came down here and did it himself, hahaha!" The man removes his hat and wipes his face with the cuff of his sleeve as he admires the hard work he placed into making such a magnificent mansion along with his other trusty workers who were now climbing into their trucks after removing their tools from the house and slowly take off down the dust road. "Now, I'm not one for rushing, but I'm about to leave town soon and would like to get paid up front and today if that is possible."

A tree in the center of the driving port cast a shadow over a figure in a black robe. The robe standing almost even height but hunched over slightly and breathing slowly. Extending a shaky hand and pointing a finger a mutter of words hisses through the air, "The payment you ssseeek is within the housssseee." A shiver travels down the mans spine as the hooded figure finishes his sentence. With a quick but fake smile he tilts his hat down and nods signifying he understood and started to slowly walk towards the house leaving the hooded figure by the tree and ups the steps in a hurry. Opening the door he feels a gust of wind pass by that whipped the back of his neck and instantly turns around to find nothing there. Looking towards the shady tree the hooded figure is no where in sight. "Where is that old geezer? He was there just a split second ago."

"Excusssse me, but you have one more purpossse." A hand rests on the shoulder of the man which sends a jolt down his spine. Such pain it forces him to his knees and a screech pours out from his lips. As the man falls to the ground the door slams and a last and final screech emit from the house as its master now enjoys his lunch.

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