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#1 Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:35 pm

There are more than a couple spelling erros to be honest. I'm on my phone. Anyway, I'm Cobalt. I just made another account to use anothere character. Keep everything simple that way with one character per account. So no one gets confused and all that. My self included. It's also and organizational thing I have. Anyway, I hope that's fine. He's the Grimmy I said I'd make. Just... Ignore all the spelling and grammatical errors please?


  • Name:

  • Age:
    Appears 14

  • True Age:

  • Sex:

  • Personality:
    She has a very affectionate personality. She loves to touch, grab, feel, jostle, and play with whatever she can get her hands on. However, her touching and grabbing and feeling and jostling and playing may not be what you would exactly consider normal. She is extremely innocent in her thinking and believes that her way of life is exactly how things are supposed to be. She doesn't understand suffering, pain, hunger, fairness, misery, dispair, depression or any of those other negaitve emotions and, its likely because of all that, she indulges in torturing others. She doesn't think anything of it and doesn't do it as some sort of sick, twisted, demented desire to satisfy some sort of sadistic pleasurecenter. She kills, eviscerates, dismembers, and slaughters all because she thinks it is just fun. Just as a kid would thinking drawing chalk on the sidewalk or palying tag in the forest, or going swiming in a lake she sees decipatiting and aging to death humans, souls and the special "inbetweens" as harmless enjoyment.

    Her mind is warped, though not in the way that she is crazy, demented, or some psychopath. She is childlike, despite her old age, and will joke and speak kindly to someone before cutting them to pieces for little to no reason other than to make them "it". Life is fun. Life is a game. She enjoys playing in this game by taking away life. Is this wrong? Morally cruel? Evil? She has never contemplated the reasoning behind it. Her entire goal in life is to have fun and play with many different types of "players" and "inbetweens". She is almost never serious, in fact she simply can't get angry, and will laugh off most threats or insults or cries of pain with her childlike innocence. Even battle is a game to her and her goal is to hurt the "player" as much as she can before they "break" or "fade away".

  • Likes:
    Blood. She loves it. The color, the warmth, how it shoots out of certain places and even the smell and taste. Whenever she can find some or, by using someone, make some she can be seen drawing pictures with it, coloring her clothes or face with it, or tasting it. She loves sweet and pink things. She almost cant get enough of them. If it is cute it is one of her weakness. She simply doesn't like to destroy cute things that look like stuffed bunnies, teddy bears, unicorn dolls and anything non-living that is decorated cutely. However, if it can bleed, she will cut it. She's a fan of stories, especially ones that don't end in a happy ending. For the most part, very vivid and imaginary stories catch her attention the greatest so she's a huge fan of fairy tales. She adores humans. Humans are the best. She could people watch like a child can cartoons. She particularly favors wars and gang violence, though she is also a sucker for romance. She really likes flowers. They are some of things that she absolutely will not destroy.

  • Dislikes:
    Being told no. She takes that word to heart. She doesn't like it. It hurts her feelings. She also gets her feelings hurt when yelled at and scolded, specifically by a fellow Grim Reaper. She can even cry if she is insulted by this Grim Reaper. However, her mood is never negative for more than a few seconds. She dislikes ugly pictures and people single color clothing or all white or all black clothing. Everything looks better when it coordinates and she can be grossed out by dark and plain clothing. She's not a fan of healthty tasting things like vegatables or beans and plain water is just the grossest thing ever created. She doesn't like people who talk about boring things. She doesn't like to be lectured or explained things in length. She's not a huge fan of Shinigami, because most of them are very serious.

  • Rank:

Character Appearance:

  • Height:

  • Weight:
    112 lbs (172 lbs)

  • Physical Traits:
    She looks nothing like a human. She has green hair that fades to red and bright pale yellow eyes and a very slim build. She's short, small, and young looking. She is very beautiful for a girl. Excluding the horns and the tail, she looks just like the image:

  • Clothing:
    Same as above. She has tore black skin tight leggings that have loops on the sides and a black and neon green belt at her waists. She wears a yellow to light green and a teal to cerelean and gray boots, different feet different colors, and she wears a short little pink corssete across her underdeveloped chest. She has a long glove that are thumbless and, like her belt, a black and neon green and on her right hand she has a glove that doesn't go passed her palm and it is also thumbless with the same color scheme.

  • Accessories:
    Skull barettes. Her boots weigh 60 lbs each.

Fighting Style:

  • General Fighting Style:
    She fights up close, of course. She uses a scythe for quick, sloppy strikes. Unauthorized, she is not all that impressive. Her scythe is simply too big, being twice her height, and she will typically miss her target and be easily avoided. However, Authorized, she quickens her movements and none of her steps are wasted. The child will start to play a "game" in which she is hunting her target. Each step the opponent makes could be deadly and she picks up her attacks striking quicker, heavier, and aiming to chop up her opponent. The difference between Authorized and Unauthorized is like night and day. She is a close ranged fighter, but as she invokes her abilities she becomes multi-ranged and highly adaptable.

  • Basic Powers:[b]
  • [b]Undetectable: Like the bounto, the Grim Reapers are impossible to detect by normal means. Not even the Visor device will detect them. The Cyber Eye 2000, on the other hand, can, but only because it can detect and tell what race a person is. However, despite whatever personality they have, a slight feeling of death and creepiness can be felt in the general area, but cannot be tracked to a certain person unless they have special sensing abilities, (Ika is the only one due to him having the best sensing abilities of all). And even then, only if sensing is a strength will they even feel it.

  • Hardened skin:
    Like the Arrancar's Hierro, Grim Reapers have hardened skin. Unlike hierro, though, it cannot block sealed forms completely, but can still stop them from cutting off limbs or doing any major damage. Shikai or equivalents may still cut off limbs and do major damage. Almost a case by case thing. Arrancar's sealed forms are included. The sealed forms will make scratches, that's about it, effectively making them able to stop zanpakutou sealed forms with their bare hands. Her Hardened Skin is not as hard or tough as many other Grim Reapers. It is one of her own personal deficits.

  • High Speed Regeneration:
    Grim Reapers can heal damage very quickly, practically surpassing that specific arrancar in the field. They regenerate limbs the next post, with the cut off limp turning to ash. Even their torn clothes can be regenerated. Any other major damage can be healed in two posts. Might require moderation.

  • Grim's Death:
    For RP purposes only and not for combat!!! If a Grim Reaper touches someone with no or very little spiritual power, that person will die. It may not be in the thread, but that random pedestrian will die, as in not owned characters. This also means that their opponents will be immune to it anyway, even if they're human. But a mark will appear on that random pedestrian. That mark is the Grim Reaper's Grim Symbol.

Grim Symbol and Imp

  • Grim Symbol Appearance:
    The entire symbol is black. A naked skeleton holding a stereotypical scythe at a slight vertical angle in his right hand and another scythe being held horizontally with the left hand. When used offensively, appears to be a white or gray flash of light.

  • Imp Appearance:
    Three feet tall with curved ram horns and a football shaped head. Weighs barely 12 pounds and has a six inch tail with a small arrow at the tip. The special and unique imp that Tora associates with is one with a pink strip on the underside of the tail that runs down the tail and it has a pink, heartshaped abdomen, a pink fluffy curl on the top of it's head that starts a short, pink mane down it's back.

  • Imp Personality:
    Not much to say here. Despite the lack of parts, these guys think about sex, or they act upon such thoughts. The Imps assigned to him tend to be mischievous and overly reactive to either gender. Annoying doesn't even begin to describe them. Even more so since they are hardcore perverts. For the ones that are assigned to at least.


  • Summoning Method:
    There is a special marking on the center of her chest, manubrium of sternum, that is round and resembles a broken circle with three flames at the corners and they are in a pentigram that has strange, unfamiliar characters in a straight line down them. The characters, which would likely be only readable by another of her race, read the 7 deadly vices. She puts her hand on this symble and her scythe can be pulled right out, quick or slow, from her chest.

  • Appearance:
    Completely black with an all red double crescent blade. Her scythe is made of one slim scythe, which looks like a fang, on top and a broader shorter blade behind it. Her scythe, unlike others, curves only slightly and has a more straight blade edge too it. It isn't completely straight, like a flag, however it doesn't completely curve in either.

  • Boosts:
    -Full Authorization * Tough, can cut through even energy attacks if she is powerful enough to cut through them. Rock, metal, elemental; The weapons themselves will never crack, break, or the like even if the opponent is far stronger than she is. They are unnaturally resistant to any sort of damage, erosion or corruption.
    -Full Authorization Part Two * Same as Part One

Full Authorization:


  • New Appearance:
    A visor appears across her face, which she can lift up and down, that boosts her abilities. Her weapons shift, becoming a pair of symmetrical weapons, and her hair becomes more red than green. Her clothes do not change.

  • Abilities:
    Her activation is mostly a mental one, giving her a dratic boost in cognitive and perceptive abilities. Upon activating Tigresse her ability to calculate movement and position of other objects increases dramatically. She sees things in a geometric sense, allowing her to view statistical vectors and their pending position. Her ability could be called "Hyperfocus" and "Precognition" though both don't fully explain the full scope of her analitical abilities. She sees things as an individual sees their position on a GPS. She sees the direction, estimated direction, speed, has near perfect analysis of the outside factors such as elevation, gravity, tempature, and geographical data and uses all this information to calculate the next step of her opponent. She reads and calculates and uses all her information to come up on her opponent. It is because of this ability that she is commonly underestimated. Being able to take in almost all factors, elements, natures, and the powers of her opponent give her an extremely high edge.

  • Boosts: Evasion, Resistance, Analysis Her spiritual power does not increase any after her Authorization.

Full Authorization Part Two
Bal de Tigresse

  • New Appearance:
    Gaining a tail and horns, like her image, and her hair becomes completely red. Her ears are pointed and her clothes do change. Her visor becomes unnecessary, as her ability is now impregnated into her eye. Her eyes have pentigrams on them with intersecting X that pass the pentigram's border slightly and her pupiles are blood red. She gains sharp fangs, almost vampiric in appearance, and short wings on her back which she can use to fly with. She is quicker in this form, often removing her boots around now, and her clothes change. She goes from pants to a short mini-skirt that is black, jade, teal and pink all in a spotted and stripped mess and she has that same neon-green belt across the top of said skirt. She has as witch's jacket, which looks like a shirt only it has a pair of coattails at the back and only covers her chest and shoulders at the front as the coattails fall back almost to behind her knees. Unlike the short little corsset she had, the witch's jacket is a little broader, covering a tad more of her chest, though her adomen is still completely exposed. Her long red hair is tied back by a single skeleton barette, which now resembles the Grim Symbol.

  • Abilities:
    Material Element Projection: It is also known as energy-matter manifestation. This ability is her absolute best in that it can put her in the advantage of even opponents far stronger than her. It allows her to create objects made out of an energy of the same color of her spiritual pressure in any shape, size or form. As such, she could create a box of energy to surround the opponent or create a rain of swords to come down above them. The energy looks like glass, it is translucent and empty on the inside, and she can create enormous objects or short objects. She can use this ability to even replicate the bodily form of a clone, though it would be just as hollow as she was. The objects, even the larger ones, are not dense. That means, even if she were to make something enormous, it has the same consitution as something smaller. There is not a clear limit on how much she can create at one time, so their fragile nature is countered by her potiental gluttonous use of the ability.

    Hyper Intuition: She is adept at reading, analysing, and calculating which allows her to track, see through, and precieve her opponents. It is an expansion on the Tigresse in that she can see great distances away, through objects, and in multiple directions.

  • Boosts:
    Speed, Strength, Cognitive Processes/Perception and Analysis, Reflexes, Sight, and Tact. Her full Spiritual Pressure releases and it is of such a grade that it could paralyze lesser individuals. Her Spiritual Pressure can make indiviuals anxious as if they are standing before death himself. Fear, panic, anxiety, paranoia and even insanity are all possible before this full Grim Reaper's spiritual power. Though she has great boosts in her second Full Authorization, her consitution does not change from before her constitution.

Back Drop: ?


    Six hundred 'n sixty-six years of human years and the young looking demon hasn't accomplished all that much. She started off as a wanderer the moment she was conscious and able to walk on her own. Wandering and wandering, travelling through the cold darkness and the empty, lifeless void of a world that she was born into. Her existance never had any meaning at the beginning. She was a runner. Always was one. She enjoyed running, not that there was any place to run. When you have nothing but emptiness around you, something as simple as running can have a vastly different meaning.

    However, her dark life wasn't so desolate for long. She met another, just like her, in this place. She reached out to them, being unable to speak or really understand why she was reaching for them. They struck her. They beat her. They almost killed her. Pain. She could feel the pain everywhere and it was relentless...However, she couldn't cry. She didn't hate the pain. It was something new. Something different. Somehow, as if something twisted and broke in that youngling, she found meaning behind that pain. This agony that was smashed into her body awoke something inside her. She was left there, only with the memory and the want to recover from it. The pain. The pain. All she could think about was the throbbing pain.

    She managed to rise from that, though she didn't move a single step before that all familiar being just like her reappeared. Before she could really focus on him, the thrashing came again. It was worse this time. This time she bled. The warm, beautiful liquid that came out of her wounds excited her. What was it? Why was it that color? What did it mean? Was there more? Light headed. The pain was so much. She was fading, but she didn't want too. No. She wouldn't. Fighting death as a Grim Reaper became a long struggle for the young one. She wasn't aware of the time lapse, but an entire 8 days passed from her second beating. There with her, at her side, was that same Grim Reaper.

    The time with him went by too fast in her opinion. He taught her to speak, to hunt, to endure...He taught her the many pleasures in life such as eating, painting, and expressing herself. She had strange feelings for him. A lingering affection and attatchment she could never explain, but it was strong. One thing that she always looked forward to from this individual was the violence. The horrific, bone shattering violence that came every few days and, sometimes, every few weeks if she was beaten badly. Never crying out, never begging for mercy, never in misery or dispair the young girl developed a liking to the agony. It was amazing. In this world of darkness, it was the best thing she had ever expirenced...That was, until she awoke her inner power.

    Only 7 months of blow after blow, and the young genius called forth her deepest power. A burst of flowing power in the heat of the moment as the pain reached it's climax. Her power, exploding outwards, seemed to evolve her. A few weeks after her awakening she manifested her scythe and a few days after that she managed to weild her Authorization. Once she had the power, this Grim Reaper showed her the life outside of this emptiness. It was time to see Earth.

    All the life. All the colors. All the shapes and noises and everything upon everything. There was so much to partake in. To involve herself in everything was her goal and mission. However, he told her that being here was a fleeting expirence. Mere moments of a day before they would return back into the depths of the infinite nothing. So, what did she do? She fought and killed her greatest, beloved comrade right then and there before fading out of the reality and to her own world. Killing him was the greatest thanks she could think of. What better way to explain just how much she was gracious? She killed the one that taught her, raised her, and developed her. She didn't have any use for him and he had giving her something that she would never be able to repay, so she did the best thing she knew how to do. She cut his head clean off.

    Years upon years went by. Her rare, fleeting trips to Earth never left her satisfied. She simply lacked the knowledge and ability to travel there for long periods, just like her predessor. Trainning her power, she eventually expanded her abilities to become quite the fearsome monstrocity. Wanting to replicate and comprehend the various somethings and someones that she saw in the other world her powers matched this wish and she toned them as sharply as she could as she entertained herself. It was during one of these unintentional training sessions that she was spotted by a certain someone.

    This someone, a being just like her, looked just like him. Was it him? No. She was sure it wasn't, but there were so many similarities that she almost felt the pain in her joints return as he spoke. The voice was even the same. She'd been without him for over 400 years or was it 500? She didn't know. Years didn't register in her mind in that world. It had been so long that, until the Grim Reaper appeared before her, she hadn't remembered him. That sense of attatchment came back with a beating thump of her heart and, asking first, she wished to accompany him. It was then and there that she decided to devote her life to that special someone.

RP Sample:
Cobalt put an annoyed palm to his forehead and sighed, "Sit down," He would say as the far too uppy Keoni just invited himself to the private meeting. Fortunately, it wasn't all that serious of a meeting.
"Konichiwa," The woman said in response, a casual smile on her own face, "An intern?" She asked Cobalt and he dropped his hands slowly to cross each hand down on the table. He didn't look all that pleased.
"More like a misinformed fan."
"How popular," She mused, folding the paper cloesd as she moved a hand to a warm cup of tea and brought it to her lips. She closed her eyes and hummed pleasurably as she tasted the tea. "Well how are you, Mr. Baltic?" She said, surprisingly saying the name completely correct despite speaking the more common Japanese (formalities in Japanese too).
"I am fine. When I contacted you, information was promised. I have been looking into the Lohai brothers of the Urakamaichi. They were the opposite end of this Turn-Over Contract." Cobalt was straight to the point, even with Keoni there.
"Well, I do have the information that you are looking for, but it's nature is a little strange. I wouldn't expect you to be familiar with Folklore and Mythology, however there are tales here in this town," The older woman said, bringin up her tea again. Despite showing no obvious emotion, Cobalt would rather avoid the tangent. He had things to do and hearing a bed time story that she was told long ago was just going to be a waste of time. Cobalt appeared polite and he could hold his tongue forever if need be. He was patient and he could work around an extended meeting later.

"This has to deal with the Lohai brothers?" Cobalt wanted to clearify, maybe he could slip out of the story session.
"It does. I'm afraid, the two you are looking for may not be easily reachable. This is going to sound strange, however I believe they have caught the eye of something. They have not contacted you because, by some possibility, they have been made unable," She said, sipping her tea again.
"Any ideas what this may be?" Cobalt said, completely composed. She basically just said these two were behind held hostage somewhere. They could have very well been killed. All for the prevention of this development. There were various other corportaions that could do this or, a little less likely, certain groups that didn't want the massive corportation Twenty-One to establish their next station here.

"I do," She said, looking up at Cobalt, "But before I say, I wish for you to be completely patient with me. What I am about to tell you is far beyond the normal and stepping on the border of fantasy and impossibility. Are your ears still focused?" She asked, carefully. Her eyes thinned and she raised her chin.
"I am."
"The two have been taken in by a dark demon. I do not know what kind or what its intentions are, but it is not and was not man that caused this. This was and is something far beyond what our reality is capable of," She said and Cobalt shook his head.
"That is a very far fetch," he started, but she pushed the paper on his table.
"I was given this. This is tomorrow's headline. My sources have already looked into the information with their own eyes and ears. There is no falsification or fabrication in this headline," She said, watching as Cobalt looked it over. The entire paper was not full, as an ordinary paper would be. It was a rush print, likely only covering select, specific issues that she wanted to see. After all, this was no ordinary woman.

Cobalt read through the story. The two brothers disappeared today, coincedentally. Their rooms were trashed, but there was a witness statement. The witness saw one of the men pinned to the wall, 4 feet high, but nothing was holding him there. The two were snatched clean out of the window. The ripped clothes and their blood was found on the glass of the broken windows and strange claw marks were found here and there. There had been a struggle, but whatever they were struggling with was not human. It was strong, invisible, and able to overpower two men in one room.

"So, there really is a demon then?" Cobalt inquired, taking the news reletively well. Looking at what this was, he had no reason to doubt it. After all, he had to consider the legitimacy in his source. The woman looked at Keoni, shared a smile for a moment, and her eyes flashed green. For a moment, it almost looked like she grew younger. Those crows feet weren't as deep and those eyes weren't as dark.
"Yes," She said, looking back over to Cobalt. "There's no way that there could be any other. I'm not sure if you truly believe in demons, Mr. Baltic, however the evidience is very clear. Information is as far as I can go, unfortuantely. I don't have a location yet, though should I find one it could very well be too late. Mr. Baltic, how important is your business to you?" She blinked frequently.

It was a good question. This wasn't a situation that was just some fairy tale, as Cobalt had first thought it would be. This was quite serious and the situation was just going to get worse. This was an important business venture and, though not as important, lives could very well be at stake. So then, what was Cobalt to do? Leave them, ensuring that his own life was secure, or save them and take advanatage of their potiental gratitude? There were various venues he could travel, however, what would bring him the most money right now?

"Any idea on where they last were?"
"Only their home. The two brothers lived together. I can tell you the location, but, just to be clear you have to make sure that you understand what you could very well be walking into. These are demons. This is an entirely different matter than an ordinary abduction. Chasing this could lead to more trouble than you could have hoped to wish for."
"I fully understand that and I have no qualms. I will accomplish that task. Thank you for the information," Cobalt would say, standing up. And there was Keoni. Keoni who was sitting in the middle of all this. What was Keoni thinking? It had to be a lot to grasp, or maybe Keoni was already all too familiar with this sort of talk? Cobalt was rising, off to play detective then rescue against some ominious demons. Didn't that sound far too dangerous for Keoni to tag along into?

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#2 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:37 pm

So are you done?

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#3 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:37 pm

Wow, awesome character

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#4 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:42 pm

What is back drop?

And thanks Harry!

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#5 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:43 pm

what is what? ^^^ Shocked

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#6 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:47 pm

Its a field in the template. Maybe I'll take a look at Tazuma's.

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#7 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:50 pm

Tora wrote:Its a field in the template. Maybe I'll take a look at Tazuma's.

Ok, take a look Smile

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#8 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:07 pm

I don't think he's made his yet. Are there any other Grim Apps...Or, does Ichigo know what is supposed to be in the Back Drop field?

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#9 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:23 pm


I will be and I believe dagjo is one now as well if I understood ika its tough doing posts an a phine huh colbalt/tora

#10 Re: Tora the Grim Reaper on Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:21 pm


Its the section don't touch it dude... approved for 1-2

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