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on Sat May 11, 2013 8:07 am


The endless white sands, the chilled haunting winds, the ever-present eerie moon(even in daytime) All of these were sights that Anamist knew all too well from his countless ages in this god-forgotten place; yet it still gave him a comforting feeling to be here... maybe it was nostalgia, or possibly just the hollowific winds that had so much spiritual energy in them that could sustain any hollow, with no need to eat anything else.

Even still, that hunger was what drove hollows to seek souls quite often from the human world; a curse enjoyed by all but a few of his kin. He himself hated the feeling of the crave for souls, he had vowed to never eat another human soul again; hollows were another story... and being that his Aspect of Death was the epitome of hunger itself: Gluttony- he needed no reason or rationality to attack any hollow he came across. He had learned to suppress his boughts of hunger, much so that he had eventually become the civilized and gentleman-like being that he was to this day; but still that gnawing hunger always remained.

He had suppressed this hunger, but it was undecided yet if doing such a thing was beneficial or not; something told him that eventually he would find out... and not like it. Of this, he was most certainly assured of. What could one do though? Against such a strong feeling from with in your very soul- that defined you for who you really were? Anamist was certain that he was much different than his ever-haunting hunger... but how could he fight it continually and still keep his sanity?

Only three options had ever come to his lines of reasoning when trying to problem-solve his predicament: always looking for a positive "outlet" for his hunger... and figured two of the options weren't feasible. The first option had been to just die, the second option would lead him to breaking his vow to never eat humans again(for they were the most delicious) and the third option was to becoming stronger physically, mentally and spiritually to overcome such a strong and unrivaled opponent as hunger.

The first option- to just end his own miserable life; would not have been such a bad choice. However, he had people that relied on him, and he rather enjoyed living life itself... he had grown accustomed to his life with beings of other races, Fulbrings, Shinigami and even a few demons... not to mention his own kin of Arrancar. However none of their friendships proved enough of a responsibility to force him to live on, it was simply due to his loyalty to his leader Cross... and his precious human daughter, Rui- that he could not end his own life. Cross expected great things from him and relied on his unique expertise and outlook on life, to protect humanity. Protecting humanity was of little interest to him though, without his little Rui. If Rui were to disappear, dying might not be such a bad thing... he secretly wished an absurd thought- that when his life ended and Rui was no more, that they would be reincarnated a to a less difficult life; one of a blissful existence maybe of the spiritual world, and only care for one another. A foolish dream though, for being reincarnated, his memories of her would be no more- no.. he would keep on living with these wonderful memories of his precious little Rui.

The second option seemed more horrid than the first- to eat humans again would not only break his vows, but it would undermine the very person Anamist had become. This would jeopardize his beliefs and eat away at his resolve, slowly and surely turning him back into a monster that he used to be. Devoid of compassion and chivalry- part of him told him that if that happened, he would very much likely eat his own precious daughter Rui; severing his ties altogether with humanity and any hope to atone for his already countless sins. Not only that, but also destroy the ties his comrades and friends, no longer would he serve Cross out of willingness because they were of like-minds. In fact, cross would probably be the first person to attempt to take his life; he knew Cross would not stand for someone such as he to terrorize humanity, for more than a short period of time- till he would realize that Anamist would be past the point of redemption. This path too, ended in death; or at least a death of his current self- a "no go" by all accounts in Anamist's book.

The third option was probably the best of any he could think of at the time; however it was also the most difficult, time-consuming and uncertain. It had the most potential, logically; however logic was often no match for the harsh realities of the spiritual words. Anamist had seem many men and women's resolve crumble at the mere hint of spiritual surroundings. Putting logic to spiritual predicaments seemed half-absurd and just as likely to worsen as it was to get better. Still... it was his best option, the only one with half-acceptable conditions and outcomes- an uncertain future surely beat two other outcomes that had sure ends.

If Anamist could but grow stronger than he currently was, maybe his physique, willpower and mental fortitude could outlast his hunger? This way he could retain his current self, serve Cross even better... and most important of all, protect his precious little Rui from the harshness of this apocalyptic hell. Choice number three was definitely the best option.

Thus was the reason he was now here, at this very desert that he had originated from and learned to control his unique powers. The nostalgia and memory boost was what Anamist hoped would ignite a fire inside him to discover something new about himself that he had not yet understood. This particular place was the best he could imagine- the hole that was before him was massive. The circumference of the hole, trumped any that he had seen a cero make... and the depth was almost imperceptible.

The grave of the former Espada organization; the failed attempt at uniting the arrancar under a common cause- all because one shinigami had wished power. Even now, as Anamist stared down into the dark grave of his predecessor's and their ideology- he sincerely wondered if his quest for power was truly honest and righteous by nature. hat if he ultimately failed in his vow or the dark being of his nature suddenly lost interest in his current self? Any power that he might gain, would be used for evil intentions; only adding more sins onto his already crimson name.

Anamist's resolve won through to his wavering heart though; no one ever succeeded by not trying- only failure accompanied those who never dared to dream... and to Anamist, all failures led to the same place for him. He vowed then and there, that to himself his resolve and determination would be deeper and wider than the vast grave that swallowed up all hope of his predecessors.

I will carry on for the sake of my little Rui, and for the sake of weak humanity.
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