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on Fri May 10, 2013 8:32 pm


"Now that I have returned from Hueco Mundo, it is time to finally start my plan." Ryuusuke knew the zombies were all around, but Sokyoku hill would be the safest place to create and build a base. So Ryuusuke was standing in the center of Sokyoku hill, holding his shikai in his head. Before where he had planted seeds, there were still fly traps standing. So between those plants Ryuusuke planted seeds. The seeds started to grow, until finally there were many, of many huge rose plants stand 7 feet high. "Hmmm, this should do just fine." Ryuusuke found the middle plant, and then stabbed it with his Shikai, as he did the plant started to defuse and break way into plant tendrils. The tendrils spread out and consumed the other plants, then those plants started to turn into tendrils. Before long a whole wall started to go up into the sky. It was mad of tendrils, and on the front side the thorns from the roses had grown into 8 yard long spikes that point out on the wall for protection. The wall stood 30 yards into the sky, and was 10 yards thick.

"There, that wall won't be budged by those damn beasts won't be able to break through that." Ryuusuke then walked to the edge of Sokyoku hill, then turned back around and threw down his suitcase. When he opened it, he took out the black ball, and injector. Then the suitcase opened up, letting all of his equipment be formed out of it again. His tables opened up, and the laptops lade on top of them. "Well now lets see here, I need to figure out how to create small little barracks. I could easily do this, but no one is going to was to sleep inside plant building. So its going to be better if I just put up tents. Each one of the tents will represent the 12 divisions of Soul Society." Ryuusuke looked around and thought, he knew he needed help. So he let his reiatsu pour out again as a beacon. Before he had not done this long enough. This time he was hoping who ever was left would return.


on Thu May 30, 2013 8:26 am


Keiji's mind kept thinking back to the beginning his body badly beaten and thrown around by the vile beasts who had attacked the Soul Society. Keiji 's kimono was torn all over and his back was in extreme pain. Keiji let out gasp as he regained his life. He had been unconscious for a long time his body needed to heal from the massive amount of damage he had received. Keiji coughed up a little blood as he tried to sit up. He sits up and leans on his arms as he tries to turn over and get up. His leg let out a powerful shock as he winced through the pain and kept trying to get up.

His leg completely twisted he stands and tries to turn it back around. Although it is not back in place Keiji tries to use his zanpaktou as a crutch. He leans upon it and starts to head to a crumbled building. His head was pounding and his body aching with pain. He leans on the decaying wall and sighs as most of the pain he is experiencing is relieved. He tries to gather himself, he scans the horizon for anything remotely still standing. No buildings stand untouched, all of them destroyed, Keiji begins to feel overwhelmed, never before had he been defeated this bad. He grins as he feels a very powerful reiryoku come over him. He smiles at the thought of someone being out there with capable power.

Keiji lets out a sigh as he begins off toward this power, who seems to be letting off the power in the attempt to call out to any remaining shinigami out there. Keiji pushes off the wall and instantly begins to wince in pain. He limps slowly toward the signature, sure to find either death or help on the road to this lone power signature. He stumbles over several rocks and building debris almost falling,without the strength to stand again. Keiji stops several times to try and re-position his leg. Each time turning it a little more towards its ideal placement. His pain begins to become unbearable when he finds the outline of the being whose power signature he had been following. He sighs with relief in the hope the power source would offer help in the end.

Keiji stops a few paces outside the camp which had been set up and begins to call out to the man. "Help!" Keiji roars as he begins to fall to his knees. His eyesight begins to go blurred and his consciousness slowly waning, he tries to hold on what little life he has left. He places his hand on the ground and tries to stand again only to collapse to the ground, his body giving way to the agonizing pain enveloping his body.


on Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:00 pm


(Am I dead?).

It was dark, he couldn't see anything. Under a pile of rubble, he couldn't move, paralyzed, and not feeling any of his limbs. He though he was dead, and this was something close to the after life.

(How did I let it end like this? I didn't reach my goals, so much was left to do, so much needed to be done.. ho.. )

A sudden burst of reiatsu, he felt all of a sudden. He began to open his eyes, and his vision found it's way back. He could feel his limbs, his body, still attached. His body was weighed down by a pile of rubble, that was once a squad 6 barracks. He vaguely remembered what had happened. How he was overpowered by a zombie of a former comrade.
He was still thinking about it, when his attention drew once again to the reiatsu, using his reiatsu detection skills, he deduced that it wasn't like those of a zombie or an arrancar or a espada. No, it was that of a shinigami. He felt relieved, even though he was still buried under a pile of rubble.
* with a faint smile*, he thought,(I can't be dead. No, I won't die till it's all done)

Using a sudden burst of reiatsu, he threw the rubble away, that was weighing him down a moment ago. His zanpakuto was still there, in his hand, as if he had just fought the battle. He wasn't in much of a shape to walk, but he knew that his reiatsu wouldn't go unnoticed for long, and he had to move.
With all the strength he could muster, he began to move towards the direction of the reiatsu, using shunpo.

(Please be an ally.)

on Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:11 pm


((Epizon, you should really look at the dates for these posts. These two members posted this back in May and they've since left the forum))

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on Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:15 pm


@Duquin wrote:((Epizon, you should really look at the dates for these posts. These two members posted this back in May and they've since left the forum))
((Sigh, Forgot to check the date on this one. Thanks Duquin.))

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