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on Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:14 am


Huenco muendo, the lost desert and a ruptured battle ground. It has been a while since Cross has stepped into the sand and actually looked around for a bit. He was absent during the day of the attack here as he was in Naruki city dealing with the people who did this to every realm.  In the end, he was captured and after that he doesn’t remember anything else that had happened. He just has a small scar on his right arm where a black pigmentation started to build up, climbing up his arm slowly. It had no pain, no feeling even. It was just there to show that it was apparent and it didn’t seem like going away for a while. Rubbing his arm softly, he took a few steps forward and looked over the area once again. A large sigh came from his lips while he folded his arms and closed his eyes. “They really don’t know what they did.. They took a home from people.. They took a place where it was somewhat safe.. I am not waiting for someone else to come up and just take it in control for themselves; I’m taking back the title of Primera.. I’m taking back what’s mine, and what shall only be mine!” His fist clenched tightly to his side while he leaned forward slightly, dragging the top of his hands on the sand and started to sprint full speed towards the center of the desert away from the hole.  

His reaitsu was made apparent from him using sonido to clear even more of the desert. Every time he used it, a large burst of sand and a booming sound covered the area. He was doing this on purpose so others in the area will know of his appearance and know that what was coming, or to head in his direction. Since time has passed, Cross’s appearance has as well changed, drastically at that. His hair was no longer the fiery red that most have come to know about him. It was a very, very dark black that came to his waist line on his back in a large pony tail. His upper body is only covered by a black short top that covers his chest and the middle of his torso, letting his abs, and arms be exposed to the beholder. His lower body is covered by a baggy black fabric that tightens around his ankles from white ribbons that he tied around them. He didn't want the pants to come off so he had to do something, so why not do it in a stylish manner? His feet is covered in a flat shoe that is both black and white with a minor detail of a steel tip. Even though it is somewhat beat up, the shoes have been on him since he first stepped into Egypt years ago. He keeps his hair braided up into a large pony tail that goes down to his lower back with the same exact ribbons he used to tie around his ankles.

His fragments were that of simple white headphones that laid on the back of his neck, wrapping around to the front over his collarbones and some of his upper chest.  On his back laid his weapon, the large chainsaw- Greatsword Sanguijuela.  The actual great blade was bright orange with black etchings of random runes while the smaller, chainsaw blades were a bright violet. Even though the weapon was massive, Cross still was able to run and carry it like it was absolutely nothing. It had no sheath to cover it’s blades, only it’s strap on his body to hold the blade in place. Slouching forward even more, he took a massive step and brought both of his legs together while he jumped into the air, flying through the sky and twisting his body around to turn his back to where he was falling down towards to. As he was falling a large smirk appeared on his face while his back and body entered a large sand dune. When he fell in the sand, the dune caved in on itself and closed the hole that Cross had made while he just stood in the middle, not moving, not breathing. Just standing. His eyes was closed while eh started to think back on his whole life as an arrancar. “People counted on me. People depended on me, some still do. Do they even know where I am right now? I need to get this back into place. I need to make sure the world doesn’t go to hell again. I am the Primera. I am the protector of this realm.” His eyes opened slowly while they glew a dark forest green.

His voice echoed in his head while on the outside, the dune started to shake slowly. The area around it hardened while random Cracks showed themselves on the surface. A sharp green light bursts through the cracks and shoot into the sky. Underneath the sand while it falls, appears to be Cross holding his hands together exerting a large mass of reiatsu. Multiple reiatsu worms branch off his body, and a lot more branch off the other worms. The green beasts slowly started to form a cone like stature and slowly started to float up into the sky. More and more the worms divided while the structure started to get bigger and bigger.  Cross kept focus on the sky while the faded tattoo on his face slowly started to glow a dark green, much like his worms. It was burning into his face, but still staying lit. The newfound Espada was slowly started to regain his power and authority above all other arrancar.  He was the right one to lead, and he did know what to do to make sure the organization thrives. He knew people would be coming to see what made this, and what power was emitting from the area. Holding his hands out, he controlled the worms while they branched out into 10 smaller chambers, and then one large cone like structure that floated in the sky.

Shaking his head and sighing briefly, Cross looked down at the sand and then back up at the structure.
“I need this place to actually be covered so people don’t see what It is made of..” he spoke outloud in his raspy, husky tone that most know. His tattoo still glew in the night and it was apparent to him during this moment.

The Primera was back.


on Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:27 am


A figure stepped onto the sands of Hueco Mundo. The place was almost in the same condition Soul Society was. Except for there were no zombies walking around. The Figure was wearing a Shinigami uniform. The top part of the uniform had been tore off. Only the bottom part was left. The person wearing the uniform had his torso, and arms covered in wrappings. The figure walked on a good ways into Hueco Mundo before he stopped.

"It truly has been ages sense I have been here. About 175 years I believe. No matter, I am here for one reason only. To meet the one ruling this place." As Ryuusuke said that, he grabbed his suitcase very tightly. Then he Flash stepped on into Hueco Mundo. As Ryuusuke went farther into Hueco Mundo, he felt more, and more reiatsu, but there was one that he could just not take his mind off of. He Traveled and traveled, but yet he felt like he was no closer to the reiatsu than he was before. Then he stopped, "Hmmm, I am going in this place like its damn maze. Maybe I should just go towards that reiatsu. That has to be at least an Espada." Ryuusuke then set off again.

He got even deeper into Hueco Mundo. The reiatsu was getting closer, but it was taking forever. He was constantly passing hollows as he Flash stepped. He decided not to bring harm to any of them. He was in their territory, he respected that. "How could Soul Society have something like that happen to it. This place still has living creatures in it." This made Ryuusuke think for a few minutes, but he had to stop because he was badly startled. He had to stop, for what he saw ahead of him was something he had never saw before.

A large cone structure started to float up into the sky. It was an amazing site. "This has to be the right direction to go." Ryuusuke grinned, and then flash stepped off as fast as he could. Finally he came to be standing face to face with the structure. He looked up in amazement. "Well now look at that, that sure is something." Then something caught Ryuusukes senses. He noticed that there was an extremely powerful being standing not far from were he was. "That must be him." Ryuusuke started to slowly walk towards this person.


on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:04 am


Anamist stood out upon the sky, overlooking the unusual scene before him; the makings of a giant building were underway... and by such a peculiar yet familiar presence. Anamist smiled to himself as he sensed the Primera's overwhelming presence.

Quickly he sonido'd to the point of focus, where Cross stood- seemingly just in contact with some shinigami with unknown intentions. He eyed the stranger critically as he slowly approached Cross. Though his appearances were somewhat different, Anamist knew his comrade well.

He bowed respectfully at his previous leader; he respected the rank Cross once held- and he secretly wished he would hold it again. Still eyeing the shinigami with cold calculating eyes, he turned his words towards Cross.

A pleasant surprise as always, Primera Cross- it is good to see such an old friend again. Tell me, is it you- trying to build this enormous.....thing?


on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:50 am


Folding his arms across his chest, he looked up at the sky and squinted his eyes. This is one of the major feats that he has done since he had came back to action. He already felt multiple signatures within the area, and he was waiting for them to come towards his direction. It was only a matter of time before he got most of the attention from other hollows, and rogue arrancars. He was trying to get this done as quickly as possible before he got spotted, but he couldn’t help but to drag this whole thing out. He actually wanted to see what the area produced over the last 2 decades. It had to of produced something that would give him a little fun. If it didn’t it would be fine, as he would continue to build on this massive new Las Noches base. Turning his head slightly, Cross noticed a figure coming towards him in a slow manner. He didn’t seem hostile from the way he walked, and he was carrying an item in his hands. He was too far to actually make out what he was holding, but it shined slightly from the moonlight, and that was enough to get his attention. Cross was about to turn and walk towards him while the worms above him did their job, but a familiar signature started to quickly make it’s way towards him. “Finally.. Someone I hoped to see.” A large smile came about his face.

Turning his head to the appearing Anamist, he waved his hands out towards him. “hey, no need to bow now, don’t do that. You’ll embarrass me haha.” He simply nodded while he rubbed the back of his neck, looking up at the sky. “you’re looking at the new Las Noches in the making. It took a lot for me to get it off the ground, and to make it that big, but it’s not done yet. I’m just taking a minor break to get some of my breath back. How have you been, Ana-kun?” Cross actually used an honorific for the first time in a while. Once he realized that, a wide smile came about his face while he patted the back of Anamist, closing his eyes and sighing slightly. “I am going to bring everything back together. I promise.” He said with a confidence in his voice. He tried to keep him somewhat relaxed while he pushed back his hair from his face. Looking back over towards the figure, he raised his voice at him while he continued to walk towards Cross. “Hey! If you don’t mean to cause harm, there is no reason to be so suspicious like that. If you want to talk, then talk. But don’t come here expecting you to be ignored. You are in presence of two strong individuals, I hope you realize that.” His voice carried slightly throughout the desert while he awaited response from the individual approaching them.


on Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:33 pm


Being treated again like old friends they used to be, and even using honorifics on his name- showed Anamist that Cross still never changed in regards to his allies. Him, Cross & Manda had always been close before the apocalypse- the sudden return brought many things to light within Anamist's heart and mind.

I have... managed, Cross. It was not easy with most all the others dying and you disappearing; I've worked tirelessly these 24 years to protect as many humans as I could, Manda is still alive as well... her power now rivals my own.

Anamist paused to behold the makings of the new Las Noches- surely this one was leaps and bounds better than the last; though it would require much more protection and defense. He knew Cross better than most- enough so to understand that Cross needed help, and who was better to help than Anamist himself. he concentrated for a moment and snapped his fingers- a thick ribbon of riaetsu appeared in the air and began to wrap around Las Noches... seemingly wrapping it up like a gift before becoming form-fitting to it's every crack and crevice.

Cross was a parasitic user; creating such a "Palace" made of worms would prove a valuable defense against invaders- inside or out. As such, it needed a camouflage; which was why he had just encased it in his own riaetsu signature, effectively bonding with the parasites on a base level of composition-augmenting the structure in terms of strength as well as spiritual abilities.

The casing has bonded on a cellular level with your "structure" the effects achieved are self-sustained flotation due to the natural thrum of spiritual energy in the air, feeding your parasites the needed energy to sustain their position in the sky. The riaetsu merely funnels that supply of abundant energy to them and allows me to monitor inhabitants of the structure as well as nearby observers/threats. Effectively creating an increased automated defense by your parasites as well as the spiritual attacks from my Scion's End ability.

He was happy with how well his abilities complimented Cross's ingenuity. Knowing that Cross was no expert at architectural design or decoration; Anamist took it upon himself to do these things. Rearranging structural designs as well as adding color an decorations- all of this was going on through the rest of their discussion & confrontation with the shinigami. Most of his thoughts and riaetsu were on the construction of the new "home" If Cross was dreaming and aspired to restore balance within the Espada order and give it a rebirth; Anamist would poour his heart and soul into helping his ally accomplish his dream. Even so, such an imposing structure; Anamist could feel a significant loss in her stamina and riaetsu flow- so much that he nearly stumbled when Cross patted him on the back.

Between Anamist and Cross- Cross would know the foolish & reckless thing Anamist was doing when facing a mysterious shinigami who was even holding an object in his hands. To the shinigami, the pat on the back might have been registered as a overwhelming difference in strength. Even so, Anamist glared at the shinigami with threatening eyes, daring him t try and mar the reunion. Frm the riaetsu he sensed from this shinigami; he assumed that he could finish him off before the sky-castle took too big a toll on his powers- if need be.

he didn't even bother to acknowledge the presence of the shinigami with words, something about this shinigami seemed old school; automatically raising a warning flag in Anamist's inherit nature as a hollow. A reflexive arm was brought up to stop Cross from getting closer to the stranger, a clear sign of protection for his friend... not that Cross really needed it.


on Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:28 pm


Ryuusuke was still walking slowly, He could not help but to walk a little slower when another figure appeared with the other. He kept walking but he was on guard. "Phaa why am I scared." Ryuusuke grabbed his case tightly. Then he heard the voice of one of the figures. Ryuusuke was surprised, the voice seemed welcoming, not what Ryuusuke expected. "Maybe there is as much to worry about as I thought." Ryuusuke took a deep breath, then he flash stepped forward.

Ryuusuke stopped abut eight feet away from these two beings. He could tell they were Arrancar. One of them was extremely powerful. Ryuusuke assumed the large reiatsu he was feeling was coming from this guy. Ryuusuke grinned and bowed his head a little, then raised it, "I am a shinigami. One of the few left in Soul Soceity." Ryuusuke bent down and sat his case down. "I have traveled a good ways, to bring this here. As I am sure you know, Soul Society has been taken over by the dead. I alone can not save the whole Soul Society by myself." Ryuusuke smiled, "I plan to rebuild the Soul Society. Reform it the way it should have been before. To do that, something drastic must happen." Ryuusuke opened his Case up, and then picked up his injector. The green smoke could be seen from the outside. "I plan to destroy the Zero Division with this." Grinning, Ryuusuke looked over at the other arrancar, as if he was trying to assure him that Ryuusuke meant no harm.

Ryuusuke knew he was straight forward from the beginning. He had no plans to stay any longer than he had too. If they did not seem interested in what Ryuusuke said he would just leave. He still had so many things to be doing in the Soul Society.

on Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:42 am


Manda had decided to return to Hueco Mundo to think a few things over. She stood there over the place where her old home once stood. She sighed as she looked down upon it. She did miss her home. It was while thinking about what Anamist had said as well as thinking about rebuilding the Espada that she felt a familiar spike of reaitsu, one she had not felt in a very long time. She then felt it spike a bit as Cross began to build the new home. Curious, she began to head towards him. As she did she then felt Anamit’s reaitsu. She smiled as she sonido’d towards where the two were standing. Soon she saw the two figures of Cross and Anamist. She then saw a third figure, a Shinigami. She’d not seen one in quite a long time, not since her attack from Mizuko. She sighed at the memory of the attack and rubbed her leg a bit where her faded and scared number is. She then moved over to near where Cross and Anamist were standing. She listened quietly to what the Shinigami had to say before she felt it was time for her to speak.

”Sorry to interrupt this little party, but I do wish to join. Cross, it’s been a while. Good to see you again sir. Ana, so nice to see you again.” she said, greeting the two Espada first. She then turned to the Shinigami. She then says, ”No disrespect to you kind sir, but I will keep my guard up around you. I’ve already been through enough with your kind to not to keep a close eye on you. Do as you like, but bring no harm at all to us.” Manda’s tone towards Ryuusuke was cold. Because of what happened with Mizuko she’d come to hate all Shinigami and always kept her guard up around them. She could somewhat tell that he meant no harm, but she dared not take that chance just yet.

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on Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:24 am


Cross smiled softly while he heard how well Anamist has been. Raising his hand off his shoulder, Cross looked at the sand and sighed briefly. “I know I’ve been gone, and I know I should of told someone, but everything is going to be just fine, ok? I know a lot of people died. Dyos.. he shouldn’t of died that easily from how I heard. I didn’t leave him Primera to fail everyone else like I did. I am sorry you have dealt with this with only a few people. But I’m back, and I plan to stay..” His voice drifts off for a moment while he shakes his head, gaining thought again while looking up at the structure. It was almost complete, at least enough to live in. Backing away from Anamist slightly after he snapped his figners, Cross watched the ribbon go up to the base and wrap around it slowly while he listened to Anamist’s explanation of the reason of doing this. Cross simply blinked and perked out his lips, he didn’t know that Anamist’s abilities could compliment his so well. Putting his hands on the collar of his shirt and pulling down slightly, Cross leaned forward and chuckled, nodding his head. “That is actually well done. Didn’t know that you could do that, Ana-kun. That’s something you should of showed me long ago, I could of used that for doing stuff in the human world.” He chuckled while smiling softly once again. Cross honestly missed doing stuff with the people he cared about.

He thought of the Espada and most of the arrancar he met as family, or some string of a family. He cared about them and would protect them until the very end if need be. Taking a final look upwards towards the new Las noches, Cross turned his attention back to Anamist. Walking near him, he cocked his shoulders and took in a deep breath closing his eyes while his right hand started to glow a bright green. Opening his eyes slowly, his hue was bright white, even glowing outwards slightly while he slowly extended his hand outwards. He tilted Anamist back slightly while his hand entered his skin at his naval, Slowly etching the number “3” in green reiatsu that glew just like his own. Cross took in a deep breath and pulled away his hand slowly, having blood dripping off of his finger tips into the sand. “I know it probably hurt, but I think you deserve this rank. You are more than loyal and your abilities do compliment mine. Welcome aboard, Tricera.” His usual soft smile returned while he lowered Anamist’s arm from his chest, and started to walk towards the shinigami. “There is no need for that Ana-kun. I trust he means well, and if wanted to start something, he would of taken out the hollows that stand at the edge of the desert. Let him speak. He may have something useful fo..” he stopped speaked once the shinigami picked out the little green object talking about how he is going to destroy the zero divison.

“Are.. Are you serious? You’re going to wipe out the whole zero division with that? For what Cause?” Cross tilted his head with a somewhat serious tone. He tried not to provoke or seem hostile, but it’s not every day that someone walks into your realm and say they are going to wipe out a place. Shaking his head, Cross looked over to the other figure moving towards him. A small smirk came about his face once he heard the voice. “Manda-chan!” he yelled while he rushed towards her and grabbed her waist, picking her up and spinning her around while he placed her on the desert again. “It’s been a while!” the large smile of his never disappeared while he looked down at her leg. “Wait a moment..” Doing the same movement as he did with Anamist, he kneeled down to her leg and pressed his hand into her skin, drawing blood while he etched a “2” into her skin, and pulled away briefly. “No one needs to be hostile here. No one means harm. Just relax.”


on Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:53 am


"My cause? My cause for destroying the Zero division? I have my own reason, but there is one specific reason." Ryuusuke bit down on his teeth. "They are nothing but wolfs hiding as sheep. How could anyone sit from above and watch as the entire Soul society was destroyed. They do not deserve the right to be called the Zero division. I will bring them the same pain that they let the Soul Society go through. Then after the deed is done. I will recreate the 13 squads, and restore the Soul Society to its former glory. Then I will recreate the Zero division." Ryuusuke could ramble on, and on. That's what he came to Hueco Mundo to do though.

Ryuusuke smiled again, "I know this all may seem a bit rash. I have many goals of my own, most were schemes against the Soul Society, but do not get me wrong. I have always cared for the people of the Soul Society." Ryuusuke grinned, someone could find this grin a bit uncomfortable. "That does not mean I am totally nice person. I can be ruthless to get what I want and need." Ryuusuke leaned back down into case, and then pulled out a black seed looking ball. "This is the weapon, you might believe me, but there is something much larger in this tiny ball than you might think. This is filled with a gas that turns beings like us into something god aweful. If you have been to the Soul Society you would know." Ryuusuke bit down on his teeth.

He saw the women walking past him. She spoke to Ryuusuke and he understood. He did not expect anyone to fully trust him, and he himself was on guard. Ryuusuke had been ready to act, if it was necessary. Now though, he was letting his guard down.


on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:51 am


Anamist nodded his approval when Cross tattood Manda wit the new Espada rank- her power had grown much since their last meeting- he did not mind being third; so long as he could serve Cross. At Cross's words, Anamist lowered his guard somewhat around Ryuusuke- still, he did not trust this shinigami... then he heard the shinigami's proclamation.

That's quite the heavy statement to make right in front of us- especially since we are mortally enemies? Do you think we would go along with such a plan just out of spite for your whole race? What would be in it to benefit us?

He left the subtle meaning linger, he was actually quite surprised at this shinigami's goal- it differed from his own desire to destroy Soul Society- though it varied somewhat... Anamist was certain they could use this shinigami for some means to reach his goal.

He glanced over at Cross, he had not yet been able to explain his scheme to Cross, but Manda knew about his plan- and was likely eyeing Anamist for a moment to see what he would do. Anamist kept his calm though, he would just remain silent and watchful; quick to gain an upper-hand o this stranger when the chance presented itself.

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