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#1 Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:51 am



1180 Hours Ago

    There was a report of man that was able to manipulate the hearts of others. He was said to be a human and he was said to hold a skill that could bring about great power in others. This information found its way to the ears of Esper. This man was said to be a human with tremendous power and ability. Investigating this man, Esper found that he not only held great power, but assumed engorged financial assets. This man would be a fine member for Esper should the organization manage to find him.

960 Hours Ago

    Whispers of the man appearing in Northern Japan were spread through a series of informants. Apparently, the man was an older gentleman and for the most part. He left marks of his abilities. He wasn't using them wisely or kindly upon others. The ground was torn apart, men were torn asunder, and in some cases entire groups of villages were whipped out by this individual. This man went from an advantage to a threat to Esper. Still, even with Esper's advanced and accurate information channels and capabilities he was too far to reach and always seeming to be one step ahead of their trackers. It was almost like he was aware that he was being followed and, only now, was making an effort to stand out by performing crimes.

692 Hours Ago

    The man was found by three Esper agents. These agents were ordinary mortals. They didnt' have any abilities nor did they approach the man with anything but care adn patience. He slew them uncaring and set their bodies on pikes as he lit them. They were clearly left there as a warning. Or perhaps they were left there as a declaration of war with Esper.

460 Hours Ago

    Four more agents were taken down by that man and this time one of them held ability. A powerful Fullbringer was brought down, his insides torn out and each organ and tissue mass was stapled to a building. Written in his blood was the name Yoon In Gyi. The incident shook the investigation department and the logistics were completely unable to find the man, despite his attempts. Later that evening, a member of Esper defected. He was working for that man all along. That member killed another Fullbringer, utilizing poisons where his own lack of ability was disadvantageous. He managed to sabotage a great deal of equipment and burn vital assets before he was apprehended. That individual, clearly brainwashed and under duress, eventually committed suicide within Esper's ranks. His job was one of the highest under Yoon when it came to logistics and was one that was familiar with her. It was very obvious that he was chosen to get close to her. With Esper having taken hit after hit it was defintely time to put the man on a priority list.

220 Hours Ago

    The man appeared on the radar again. He was an old man, though a great deal of his information wasn't known. There were the manufactured files that Esper's own agent had doctored and then there were a few connecting incidents. Having found some lost records within the Shinigami property it was clear that this man held the attributes of a Demon, however what exactly that was really depended on the interpretation of those reading through the documents. From the start he set out to infect Esper and, it was almost clear that in going through with his investigation that he may have potentially led them to the discovery of the files within the ruins of Seireitei. He was plotting something and, although very quiet, he was luring all of Esper towards some point. It was estimated by Esper's finest that it was likely a trap. That those that involved themselves would fall pray to the designs that this Demon, as sinister as he was, plotted. He was interested in Esper and whatever he wanted from it would likely lead to lost lives and more suffering. Many were intimidated by his show of force and others were all the more motivated to crush the Demon right then and there. Knowing he was a Demon, a method of tracking his movements was in design.

175 Hours Ago

    Another spy was found within Esper's ranks. He destroyed those involved in the design of the Demon Tracking System and all blueprints of the machine. This individual stressed to the higher up so Esper a hint at what the Demon was looking for. What the Demon wanted was Yoon In Gyi herself and if she were willing to meet with him then a certain trail could be found in old Beijing, China. Yoon almost had no choice but to follow if she wanted all this treachery to stop. It would come a point when a leader had to handle things themselves, else lose more than allowable. If the Demon called to her she would be a coward to turn away. All her organization was resting on her shoulders and she either had to step up or fail all her people. That didn't meant she couldn't plan.

48 Hours Ago

    After rummaging through dead bodies, obscure hints, and deadly traps Esper would be directed towards the highlands of China. Deep within one of the forests would be the very spot where the man would be awaiting them. The Demon. As far as Esper's intel would read, the man changed his form. He was no longer old. No. He was young and slim with golden blond hair and bright, deadly read eyes. He wore a long flowing black cloak, tight slimming black jeans, and a gray sleeveless vest with a y formation of zippers at the front. He carried an elegant sword with him of unknown nature or finding. He looked younger now. His age was estimated somewhere between 15-19 and not a single second younger. Whether that was his true form or another of his mirages wasn't clear, but it was absolutely undeniable that it was him.The time to clash had come.

Yet another ice spike came from under Yoon, aiming to skewer her clean in the chest. Dodging it or blocking it, she would find a tree explode and enormous splints, as large as she was tall, fly at her. The splinters moved fast and they were sharpened by a demonic grip, though they were still all wood. Coming to impaile the human all over she would have a better chance of outright avoiding all of them rather than dealing with them and that really take her being as fast as possible considering that ice spike that almost skewered her just before.

With each step following another spike would jet up. The spikes came up individual before jetting up in pairs and as triplets and quadruplets all with a deadly point wanting to stab right through Yoon. Left, right, forwards or backwards would result in more of these hardened blades shooting from the ground thirsty for her blood. She could try jumping into the air only to have a few dozen shoot up at her rapid fire as if they were spat from an automated weapon.

The pressure was on to move. To move and to keep moving.
Moving straight for him.

He was still a few ways ahead. If she continued with a high speed, dipping and waving around those fast, yet crafty attacks, she would find a line of trees separating him and her. They were the only thing in her way of finally facing the man that wanted her as badly as he did. The man that went through so much effort to make her suffer and others suffer for her. The man that sought to ruin everything she intended to create and exuded corrupt evil and unwarranted brutality.

That Demon.

When she met with the treeline all the trees would explode sending splinters, high speed razor sharp leaves, and whipping roots in all directions with a heavy release of energy. Causing them to tear themselves apart was completely within his geokinetic ability. It simply took force, pressure and will to rip apart earth with earth. That power, this ability, sent daggers raining all over the place in an wild and chaotic spray that would definitely draw in Yoon. All she had to do was survive it. To muscle through this attack and she would manage to push through the final few steps to where he was. He made it so that she would have to rush here. He would attack everything she protected herself with and aim to destroy anything she tried to hide behind in order to force her into such a situation and he yearned to see how she skillfully protected herself from that final defense of his.

If Yoon In Gyi was able to reach the Demon and all his tricks and traps, she would see him standing there atop a rock with that sword on his back. He'd be leaning on one knee, on hand on the ground and the other watching the direction she came closely. Even if she had been hiding her presence or obscuring her movements it wouldn't have escaped his sight. He would have caught every step, seen every flick of her hair, and heard every breath. There was no escaping his perception.

Not here.

The two of them were in the forest. They were in the forest in the heart of China with nothing but wood, trees and moist dirt all around. Soft dirt that the Demon had no trouble turning into deadly, hardened spikes in a flash. There wasn't any civilizations for hundreds of miles and there wasn't a single animal in the same distance. The forest was quiet and empty aside the two of them. The sky was pleasant, as if to contradict the tension likely to boil between the two. Warm, storm drawn skies were calm and a softer hue of their apocalyptic hue.

His demonstration of power had only just begun. He could do so much more too, but that was for later. Right now, the two of them were offered that moment of pause where they would speak before this battle truly started.

He did bring her here for a reason, after all.
"You took far too long," The demon stated, standing and raising his head to look down at the human girl, "I am not one to wait," His voice was strong and laced with threat, despite coming from such a teen appearance. He looked frail enough to barely house that sword at his back.

"The Djinn of the Esper, tell me, why might I have called you, a sole mortal, to speak with me to the extent that I have?"


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#2 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:57 am

OCC:(just so you know, Yoon does not use Riaetsu in her adherent abilities; thus nullifying any form of sensory ability through conventional means)

This... man

This... demon- had done atrocious things to her beloved organization... terrible things... It had to end, this demon had caused her and her people way too much trouble. It was true that she had others within her power to handle this threat, however...this was far too personal; it was time for the head to bite the heel and end the rivalry.

Her sources had tracked this demon to the heart of the Chinese forests- richly know for their bamboo and trees, very thick and wild... no civilization was around- a perfect setup for an all out fight to the death if need be. However, Yoon knew this forest, she had traveled around the world many times over with her masters as a child. The heart of the Chinese forest held a special place in her heart; that would not stop her from destroying it though. She snugged down her gloves that she had always trained with, again they would be forced to battle- and again they would probably see bloodshed.

She had began to step in between the largest of the trees, those of which were wide enough to compete with a school bus- and their height was non-comparably except with the trees from the Menos Forest, which were no more.. of course. A fate that the human world would not succumb to- she had ventured to the area of Hueco Mundo to see what all the fuss had been in the past, but little remained from its previous glories. A tragic tale indeed. Few were the hollows who dared to even consider attacking her in their very homeland; it was a shame that they had been ravaged the most- the hollows, the vilest of creatures... struck the hardest by the apocalypse... karma perhaps?

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the sudden shift of the earth, all of her training had saved her life- just as many times before. She had tensed up and become alert, a state of calm consumed her split-frantic mind; she jumped straight into the air as the ice spike came from beneath her. Logic dictated that she should evade to the side with a roll, but there was more to the attack than met the eye- she had studied this man's habits of killing... particularly within the bodies of her fallen comrades; they held secrets that only one familiar with every part of the body might be able to understand. Had she pursued a path as detective, there would be few to rival her ability to solve a murder, whether by weapon or not- regardless of spiritual or human-made.

Just as her gut had told her, as she had jumped upwards at an exceptional speed- a tree had exploded to her right side and released a volley of spear-like splinters; easily capable of passing clean through her with their augmented momentum, a demonic trait she clearly saw in the brief instant. That crucial first-contact encounter was always the best- her Accelerated probability always kicked in and it seemed time slowed down significantly as she played various outcomes in her head. Several of which involved her taking a great deal of damage to either defend against of try to evade- only three options were the solid answer she had been searching for... only three? On such occasions, she had always found at least fourteen viable options- three was quite the low number, another sign that her opponent had gone through much trouble to make her fight every inch to him.

The first option seemed the best, time seemed to speed up as she determined to use that method; the manipulated the air beneath her feet to allow her into a downward summersault- back straight towards the ascending ice spear. Her initial vault away from the deadly weapon hard brought her a good distance away from it, now that she needed it form a counter, she had gladly accepted the distance between it and her. She grabbed the spear, not with her hands... but her right leg- used her left foot to maneuver the opposite end of the long spear as she held her position upside down midair, using the soul of air to give her balance and standing on her hands... quite the site to behold.

With the flick of her leg muscles and double-jointed skeleton, she brought the spear between her and the assailant splinters; a quick twisting motion of her hands brought the spear at her feet into a twirling motion and batted the deadly barbs away. The ice spear shattered as the last splinter was batted away, some imbedding themselves into the thick bark of trees, while others jump falling uselessly to the ground.

She dropped to the ground as the ice spear shattered, cascading her in the evening sunlight in a breathe-taking view of prismatic colors of the rainbow. She has little time to enjoy the slight reprieve however, as soon as he foot had touched the ground firmly; another ice spear ad exploded from the ground- aiming directly at her head. A single side-step evaded this spear- only to meet the demands to dodge as another erupted from the soft, moist soil. This time she was prepared, instead of taking another step, she leveled out her central gravity and then flung her legs in a parallel motion with the newest spear.

She did not weigh much, an excellent advantage in such situations- the momentum of the augmented spear took her clean off the ground as she wrapped a slender yet powerful leg around it; a free hand caught the high branch of a tree not too far away from the tree-line, where she could visibly see the demon watches her movements. Likely as impressed with this "humans" abilities as he must have been disgusted that a human could do so well against his clever attacks that would have skewered some of the most crafty martial arts masters.

In that moment, she did a very brash thing; the sight of the man waiting calmly provoked her always calm nature. She boosted her speed significantly by using Bringer Light to perform a high-speed vault straight towards the demon man in a deadly tackle, where she would lock his neck in her powerful grip and twist his head backwards when she sailed past him & crushing his chest with his following knees.

That opportunity was ill-met however, when she suddenly sensed the ominous intent within the tree line; the demonic energy imbued with them was so tangible that it left a bitter taste of salt in her mouth. She knew her mistake as the trees suddenly began to glow as her fast-sailing form zipped between them; the tree line exploded in a shower of splinters and bark. Whether it was dumb luck or folly on her opponents part for not putting enough 'umph' into the trees- that her high-speed vault took her clear of the path of destruction before it could properly set its deadly course.

The pure kinetic explosion however, off-set her vault ad caused her to land a good 15ft in front of her target; she seemingly dropped two sharp wedges of wood that surely would have been as deadly as any dagger to the back. Whether he was skilled enough or not to see her grab the wedges milliseconds before they had punctured her skin- she cared not. Again her respect for her opponent had grown considerably, he was quite crafty; as the wedges of wood dropped to the ground, she vowed that she would not lose her calm again over this foe.

She stood up straight, tall and proud before the crouched demon- her long golden hair whipping about behind has as if some ill-omen that foretold the approach of doom. Her eyes burned with a deep fire- a passion she had felt only once before when fighting another non-human male... this one an Espada, with beautiful red hair and an elegant atmosphere. This "man" was different however, his presence was dark and foreboding.. not at all desirable. Despite the graveness of the scene, he allowed herself a slight blush as she thought to herself- that the arrancar, Anamist Souigetsu, was the only man for her. That and his adorable human daughter, Rui- her innocent and sweet smile brought a warm smile to Yoon's face; though likely seen as a demonic smile in of itself to this demon.

Her appearance was dramatic, as was her tasks to reaching this point; yet here she was, unscathed by this demon's dark magic and ingenuity. She stood proud & dignified before his dark presence, she folded her arms in clear distain as he spoke of being displeased at waiting for her to navigate through his deadly maze.

Perhaps you would do better to create less obstacles for a lady to overcome- I'm not used to having to work for the attention of men- always they groveled at my feet, trying vainly to prove their fleeting love to me.

She paused as she let the weight of her statement descend upon the demon, even in human terms; she was a powerful social & financial figure, she was not simply brute force & skills; she was at the core... a lady, refined and the best quality of any. After but a few seconds, she held out a accusing finger directly towards the demon like a stake ready to drive through his probably lifeless heart.

You have caused my organization nothing but trouble, killed by precious friends and threatened to devour all that I have worked for thus far. As President of the Esper Organization- I sentence you to judgment- the sentence I shall carry out personally.

his last statement had stolen some of her bluster, but she still felt that her proclamation still held sway over his hungry eyes- words alone would not be enough to stop this foolish demon from its senseless destruction.

Your actions are full of deceit & treachery; why then do you think I would trust your words? Few things ring more clearly than the sound of two souls exchanging fist for fist and blood for blood. if you have words yet after I had broken your corpse into ruin then I shall hear them at my leisure.

Her words were a subtle provocation, designed to cause reckless behavior while also undermining the foe's confidence; thus creating increased openings within their thoughts and attacks. Regardless of her foe; no trick or technique was of too little value to overlook, everything had a place & reason, it was simply her responsibility to find the reason and seek the answer to every mystery within the fluid flows of martial arts. She steadied her breathing and took up a defensible stance before her opponent- signifying she was now ready t fight to the death if necessary to prove her point.

Esper was not to be trifled with.
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#3 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:42 am


"Ah," A bemused expression colored the Demon's youthful face. With a slight grin he seemed more pleased than intimidated by Yoon's little word play and acrobatics. She really thought she was the forerunner of this conversation, despite having been dragged here with her wire thin leash and collar. The Demon was only impressed with her as far as he already believed her potiental to lead. If, for some moment, she thought he would thinks he higher than the lowly insect that she was born or for Cubix to offer her commending praise as an extraordinary human she would honestly be heavily disappointed.

Not to say that Cubix didn't think she was interesting enough to direct his attention towards. After all, Cubix spent quite a bit of time in crafting this situation. It was more like a project of his in order to play with a certain experiment rather than out of any respect towards Yoon.

She was just another human. Food, sustenance, amusement, a small flicker in a large pool of lights; this woman held worth that was only as significant as Cubix decided to define for her.

"I will go on speaking with myself then," The Demon easily offered, waving a hand dramatically, "What is the weight of a mortal heart? What is the worth of a life's worth of tribulation? What worth does the warmth that drives you to take step after step; what motivation is each breath warrant?" Waving his hands as he half paced, turning one side before the next after a few short steps, he spoke in the air about something irrelevant and seemingly nonsensical. What was the point? Apparently, to this Demon it was the heart of the matter as to why she was here and whatever purpose she was to serve.

"In this world one's heart warrants either strength or weakness. Strength that makes you prevail or weakness that entitles you to fail. It is the inability to maintain the stability of such a small organ that causes greatness to fall to decadence and misery to become glory; however, why? If such a force could be manipulated, forcefully, couldn't all be capable of accomplishing everything they wanted or, in the end, a weakness simply a weakness? I wonder," He said, playfully mulling it over as he watched her, his blood red eyes always attentive.

"Is your heart a weakness or an advantage, human? Do you really know this answer?" Cubix would ask and, with a flex of his fingers, the ground under Yoon raised. A rectangular platform shoot up, directly under her, 3 feet infront of her and 3 feet behind her, with a length of 25 feet to the left and right. The platform, being large and somewhat wide, came up with enough speed as to attempt to crash into her from below all the while disestablishing her stable footing she held only moments ago.

"My name is Cubix, and I intend to see just how far your heart can extend and twist itself," As in, he was going to make this incredibly difficult and, most likely, painful for Yoon. Her agility was a great aid to her, but it was not something Cubix was really worried about.

Cubix started to gather his Demonic power into his palm, focusing it and creating atomic compounds in his hand. Elements were being crafted, bound together by his abilities, and interconnected into a hard, unnatural, stoney formation. What he was making in his hand was another skill, though it was still hardly something that could be called his ace or his trump. It was simply an ability built out of preference.


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#4 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:44 am

His words sounded with valid logic- the heart was a burden; something that could not always be relied upon & often betraying its owner or their allies.

The heart is a fundamental weakness of humans- something that one cannot overcome all-together. However, it is that weakness in of itself that allows humans to strive- to bound over obstacles in the way... the improve past what thought possible- climbing to ever newer heights.

Just as she had finished her solid conjecture- she felt the ground shift beneath her. The sudden volatile rise in the earth beneath her screamed that this was no natural elevation- instantly she called upon the ability to manipulate the souls of the matter around her; she also saw Cubix charging some kind of energy while she was left to counter his strange traps.

The ground around her erupted into the air, swallowing her up from view as the ground beneath her feet softened into cushioned matter- creating a counter-counter from his sudden attack and protecting her from what might be in store next. Against such a strange & unorthodox foe; she knew that waiting would be her doom- she had to stay on par with this opponent to keep up her standing. It was always difficult in a fight for one to go on the offensive once they had succumb to defending themselves.

My heart remains adamant! it will not waver, twist or fail me in this trial! My heart and spirit are one for this just cause!

Instantly she used the kinetic force & surrounding matter to redirect that built-up energy into a directional attack- a well placed punch from her fist sent multiple chunks of earth directly towards the stationary demon. The attacks were followed by sheer blasts of Ki- shrouded by the movements of stone; regardless if the opponent destroyed the stones or raised a defense, the ki blasts would still topple his counter. Multi-layered/matter attacks were a difficult thing to counter, a double counter was in order to just repel the onslaught; a triple counter to once again take the offensive.

The shockwave of her fists destroyed the risen platform around her, providing defense through the falling debris from ranged attacks. The best defense was a stronger offense however and she was not through yet. A single downward kick from her foot brought two large Ki blsts to follow behind her first two waves of attacks- a well timed triple counter to a double counter. The most confusing part to this however, was that there were now two images of yoon had done the attacks simotaneously and creating the two attacks together- making it impossible for Cubix to ascertain which was the real one.
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#5 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:11 am


She sought to prove her worth by brutality and successive attacks.
Mistakes followed those that acted brashly and those mistakes could, in this situation, prove fatal.

Cubix managed to flick his hand and that object of man-made earth presented itself in full form. In an instant, a large rock formation met with a pounding crash of flying rubble that Yoon threw. The multiple chunks of earth crashed into a very large, levitating cube. The cube was 25 feet high, 25 feet long and 25 feet wide. It was no cheap, calculated tactic that Yoon probably already prepared for in mind, though it was not one that would really stand up to her following Ki blasts.

The large cube of rock and stone was just that. It was made up of rock and stone. So, even though her primary attack was met with just as resilient might, her follow up was more than enough to break the very large wall that was between both Cubix and Yoon. Though, for that moment, that slight instance, in which Cubix did release and finish creating the Cubio, separating the two visually, he used his high speed moment, known as Celer, to distance himself from the heavy assault she decided to unleash in his direction.

It was not hard to use Celer to, in a high speed U formation, appear at Yoon's back side, sword at the read and already midswing. There was a trail of grass blades following his movement, pinpointing where he appeared in a curved line. They spiraled and danced, spinning in the air due to just how fast he had left them, with more than a few of the grassblades spinning around Cubix. The smell of lush soil and old trees would likely register far slower than Cubix's following attack. The grass around Cubix appeared with each high speed moment and those around him, all 24 of them, pointed at Yoon as if they were tiny little blades as well. That moment in which Yoon wouldn't have been able to see him was the moment that Cubix had the chance to attack her. She could try a close range attack, meeting Cubix's charge with her own quick footed martial arts, however Cubix was already prepared for such a tactic and made preparations to ensure her back, which was currently her front, would be more than preoccupied.

The right Yoon at least, had a Demon only a few feet from her. Though, that was not the full weight of her worries.

When Cubix summoned the Cubio, the very large cube made out of stone and rock, it carried every characteristic of rock and stone down to the t, despite being manually created by him and his own Demonic powers. That meant it wouldn't evaporate or vanish or dissipate after she struck it. After Yoon sent the initial Ki blasts towards Cubix, which would have struck the Cubio, the very large square broke apart. It was a feat to break apart a 20 plus foot thick anything, espeically with a quickly performed ranged attack, but that was all in the plan after all. Now there were jagged, random pieces of earth and rock, in the hundreds, now all flying like rockets towards both Yoons.

There was enough rubble that each Yoon had a least 75 individual attacks to consider as the large spray of rock and stone was flying towards them. The rocks, all with their most jagged parts pointed at the woman, were of varying sizes. Some were large, others were small, but most of them resembled blades or daggers, although they were still misshapen. These attacks would have closed the distance to Yoon equally as fast as she fired off those Ki blasts, now putting both of her images in a very tight place.


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#6 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:47 pm


OOC:(So I typed out my message and meant to put it on Yoon, but it did it here instead; so I had to repost it on Yoon- now I can't delete my first post haha)

#7 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:50 pm

Cubix's sword swing aimed true; or did it? As the normal eye would see it, the blade had sliced through her torso- then her body had faded away as a phantom image. Only those of a higher tier could have seen her high-speed motion. Her image reappeared beneath Cubix's swing- upside down and already performing a twirl kick aimed at his ribs.

The "Other" Yoon focused on the assault of spiraling objects; it seemed that she was not the only one capable of quick successive attacks. Instead of using a Tae kwon do style kick, which would take too much precious time; Yoon performed a brutal over-head, double handed fist slam on the ground- creating a massive shockwave on rubble & sheer Ki blasts. Both Yoon's were close enough together to be effectively countered from the deadly assault- the shockwave obliterated the small and moderately sized objects, the ki blasts and larger rubble knocked the incoming large objects off course; conveniently aimed on both of Cubix's exposed sides. If he were to move sideways, he would take damage from her twist kick- if he jumped backwards or forwards, he would suffer from the two debris aimed at him.

The other Yoon vanished as well as a phantom image; normally a smirk would be on someone's face after seemingly getting the upper-hand on an opponent.. though no emotion or thought seemed to cross Yoon's face, she was in her mediative state- the intent to kill.

Suddenly another Yoon appeared above the first and in between the two flying jagged rocks; she too was upside down with her legs up, but her legs were already working a different angle. Instead of going for a kick, her nimble legs wrapped around Cubix's extended arm. Her flexible body bending at her command, wrapping around into a clean elbow slam to Cubix's under chin if he did not free himself quick enough.
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#8 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:42 pm


Cubix slashed through her, though practically expected her feint. Cubix arched his blade, in a quick overhead fashion, in order to bring his sword in front of his body and, bracing it with his left hand, he blocked her follow up twirl kick, which he managed to hold his ground to. He utilized the flowing momentum of his intial swing to bring his arm back. A full rotation of the shoulder, as fast as he was, allowed him to block her follow up attack in time. What should surprise Yoon, however, was not Cubix's skillful swordsmanship, but that he reacted perfectly to her secondary attack. It was as if he knew it was coming, contrary to her speed.

Cubix smirked. She was underestimating him.
Cubix remaind where he was, at the back of the wave, where a wall of rock shoot up to meet it. The wall crumbled before the wave, though it had been thick enough to weaken the wall to the point that it was just a heavy gust against him. The rubble would simply fall down as Cubix simply willed them too. If Yoon hadn't realized that Cubix controlled earth and rock by now, she was going to just keep failing to hit him by throwing rocks at him.

As Yoon took the moment to catch Cubix's arm, a wooden spike shoot up to meet her. It would stab Yoon right through her neck should she continue towards his arm with her daring try at a grapple for his arm. Following that single spike was a circular, 360 degree formation of them. It resembled a jagged crown all around Cubix, shooting up close enough to cut at his clothes and skewer anything that was within their reach upon ejection.

"I know your abilities already," Cubix would take that chance to speak again, "Not in the sense that I know what the future holds, but because I have watched you as carefully as I have. Further more, I don't think you have realized something about my power," Cubix decided to explain to her that, in in this battlefield Cubix held such a terrible advantage over her. Cubix realized that she was pretty much just attacking and attacking, relying on Cubix being unable to see her attacks coming, which he clearly did. So long as he could see her attacks coming, kicks and throws weren't going to easily reach him. Maybe, perhaps, if she were to do something incredible to completely overpower him, but that was probably not going to happen while she restrained her true powers.

"I am clairvoyant," Cubix would state, wanting to get that out in the open. Why? It wasn't exactly clear why Cubix would offer up information about his ace ability in this confrontation or why he was going to detail the complexities of it right now. There wasn't any reason for him to do that. Perhaps there was something Cubix was trying to accomplish here other than a simple bout with Yoon. That much was probably pretty clear with his orginal statement.

Why exactly was Cubix so interested in Yoon?

"I possess a Geomancy that allows me to divine information from the World itself. Whether from solid land on the ground or the dust you continue to create in the air, my abilities extend too all forms of geomatieral in all it's natural states. So, even if I can't see you with my eyes, the trees witness you and the dust tastes you. Each step you make upon the ground tells me details that my eyes could never have accomplished. In this forest, I always see you. I always hear you. I always can sense you. Your speed doesn't matter if I can see you through the trees with each step you take, understand? If you wish to harm me, you will need to be more direct and aggressive in your attacking style. By that, I mean you must make it pointless that I know where you are, by you not relying on that tactic yourself. Attacking me, with fists and foot, continuously," Which was honest. Although Cubix held great ability with the sword, it was not greater than Yoon's fighting style. Even if Cubix knew where she was at all times, regardless of her tier, due to his clairvoyance, if she attacked him directly and with more intent she would be able to hurt him. That was assured. She was stronger than Cubix when it came to close quarters, naturally.

"But lets hold that for a moment," Cubix would suggest, holding up a finger as the spikes around him fell down. "And return to our primary discussion," Cubix suggested, still stringing along some unknown, mysterious purpose. Cubix would look at his sword a moment and smile.

"You say the Heart is a weakness, am I right? That being cold, calculating, and detached is strength? Is that what you truly believe is true? In the end, is trying to hide and cover something that is inevitable truly strength or, perhaps, is that your weakness? You should realize that understanding, compassion, and acknowledgement of your enemy, your opposition, could actually prove to be something other than weakness. I understand you. I've watched you for many days. If dived into the Earth, with my ability, to see your birth, your upbringing, and how hard you struggled to become stronger. I know you fairly well and that allows me to hold a slight strength over you, as you know nothing about me, understand? Cubix would say and, as he did, his sword started...Glow?

Cubix's sword started to radiate a large quantity of energy. It was radiating a dark, malevolent demonic power that seemed, at this moment, greater than Cubix's own power. The power built on itself, growing larger and larger, and Yoon would feel a slight tug towards it. As if it were pulling her.

The ground started to rise up, all of it collecting on top of Cubix's blade. A spiraling vortex of sand, dirt, and even rock was being sucked in at the tip of Cubix's sword and was compressed into a very tiny formation of matter. It was like Cubix were commanding all the earth to spiral and become compacted at that one point above his weapon. Whatever he was doing, the amount of demonic energy he was displaying was dangerous.

"An ignorant heart is not strength, Yoon In Gyi. That is the wrong answer," Cubix said as entire trees were ripped from the ground and all the solid and grass he stood one was being forced into that one point at the top of his weapon.

A solid black orb of matter appeared at the tip of Cubix sword. He moved in a sword form where the sword was pointed in Yoon's direction, his left arm raised for balance, and his poise appearing as if he were going to jab the sword quickly towards Yoon.

"Do not dodge this," Cubix stated, wanting to make sure she understood what he was doing, "Take my strength and defeat it. A Heart should endure and show not disallow. If you truly wish for strength, to be strong, then you must experience the hearts of others and come to understand them. You must take my attack and overcome it."

Cubix would then prod the small sphere and stab forward.
He was too far from Yoon to likely cut her with his weapon, but, should she have the patience to allow him to speak as well as to allow him to charge his attack [As in, you can attack him at any time and prevent the latter from happening] a large wave of destruction would explode towards Yoon. There was enormous force behind the wave, almost as if an hurricane were launched at her. High speed debris was flying towards her in a blurring, high speed, volatile storm. The strength and speed behind this wave was enough that using a mere shock wave to block it all probably wouldn't be as effective as the first couple times. It was like someone threw an entire forest at her with how much land Cubix compacted and forcefully released in her direction. Dozens of threes, couple tons of rock and a couple tons of dirt with plenty of grass flying so fast that it could even cut her should it rush passed her.

"This is a test of your heart, Yoon In Gyi," Cubix thought, trying to settle on a name for that last attack. It was new, something he just created now. It wasn't as if he hadn't thought up the concept before, though it was ordinary hard to accomplish using his geokinetic abilities. He managed 4 times the amount of land in that attack, 60,000 lbs of land, and launched it all towards her guided by a superpowered thrust of the compacted, life threatening mess of an attack. There was no way to dodge all of it, even with Yoon's speed, and hitting every piece of rock and stone in there was hardly going to happen easily, even for her. Though, her enduring it, surviving it, and conquering it was the task here, not trying to escape. Cubix was sure that she was up to the challenge. She was misguided, though her heart did have potential.

"Abutor Terrarum," Cubix decided, thinking the name fit exceptionally. Now was Yoon's turn. How she would develop in the next few moments would determine how Cubix intended to handle her further.


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#9 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed May 01, 2013 6:24 am

Yoon was impressed, she did not initially believe Cubix had the ability to counter such a close range attack- instantly the second Yoon used her high-speed movements to perform a 180 degree turn underneath his arm; her already arcing reversed elbow catching him in the ribs and exploded with the augmented Ki Blast. However simply blocking her original twist kick would not be enough- the impact had caused the expulsion of her Ki Blast which stung Cubix's upper torso.

Yoon was quick to follow up after her original twist kick with a Gentle Palm-thrust as she had leveled back out with the ground: a clean double-handed flat palmed attack would surely crush Cubix's torso- however her assault was stalemated but he sudden spikes skewering dangerously close to Cubix's own flesh. Yoon jumped and flipped backwards instinctively until she had a comfortable distance between them.

What was this demon's goal to taunt her so badly; to spite her by killing her friends and trying to ruin her business and organization.... yet he was seemingly trying to show her the fallacy in her own thinking- trying to help her improve her powers maybe? For a normal person, such lines of reason would cause a person to falter in their defense or attacks- however Yoon had learned that when fighting an opponent, you never relent.

When fighting an opponent you acknowledge as strong, you do not show them disrespect by second-guessing their resolve or going easy on them. You misunderstood me before- I acknowledge my opponents and show them respect despite what they might have done.

She talked despite her body's alertness and warnings that this next attack would be beyond her ability to simply repel with her weak Ki Blasts. Despite the vastness of the demon's attack, he would use provocations to make her inclined to a frontal assault?

Black gloves and boots appeared over her body, encased by white hollow-like bone; extremely sturdy, flexible & lightweight. Furthermore, her body was clad in a form of white fire, heating up the area around her in a radius of 10 meters to considerably "hot" temperatures.

Yoon's counter had already been planted, and as she took on her Pre-Evolved form, the two spots where she had stroked Cubix previously(chest & ribs) exploded from Ki Blitz. The two blasts were devastating to those weaker than her; if it di d not cancel out his spell, it would surely hinder it and cause the attack off balance as he cast it towards her. She would not wait around and see if it completely sailed past her though, never relent on your opponent- as a melee fighter, to create openings in your attacks could prove fatal.

Fifteen balls of fire appeared instantly in her 30 foot proximity, a wave of her arm caused an unusual sight, bone remained were her arm previously was and took shape into two giant boomerangs, much like Songo's off of Inuyasha. Eleven fireballs sailed past her to meet Cubix's head-on attack- each fireball consistent to that of a Hadao #54 Haien. The other four fireballs attached onto the tips of the boomerangs- effectively turning them into blazing razor boomerangs with double Haien's on each one.

The eleven swirling fireballs combined at the epicenter of the "Abutor Terrarum" creating a devastating explosion in a linear path straight towards where Cubix stood. The explosion and sheer impact of the attack would be blinding and push both contestants backwards, but her giant bone boomerangs aimed true in their destined course; just behind the terrible explosion that could be seen from miles around. If the boomerangs would catch Cubix off-guard, the boomerangs would likely crush his sides and catch him between four intersecting Hadao #54s, effectively surrounding Cubix even before the boomerangs made impact.

The remaining brunt of Cubix's mighty attack was off-balanced from her first counter and cleanly destroyed the center of the attack where she now stood. The attack impacted the ground all around her, the kinetic energy crushing the earth's crust around her, she staggered at the tremendous force of the impact; she brought her arms up to her sides in a effort to defend herself. Two giant shields formed on her arms and encased her in a cocoon from the rock, wood and dirt. if Cubix had managed to pull through her attack and tried to assault her shield-form, he would be met with bone-spikes in every direction that shot out with precise and dealy speed.


Original twist kick & reversed Elbow->
Technique Name:Ki Blitz
Technique Description:Upon physical/Ki contact with opponents, her Ki is expelled to add extra force- this Ki being expelled enters the opponents body and explodes when in contact with the host’s rietsu.
Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Will lose body parts or their life(NPC or death enabled thread)
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Will lose body parts or their life(NPC or death enabled thread)
Opponent is Equal Tier:Will lose body parts, life if connect to vital spots(NPC or death enabled threads)
Opponent is One Tier Higher:Deep wounds and possible loss of body parts.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:Moderate wounds and possible loss of body parts.

Used when Cubix charged the attack-->
Technique Name:Pure Fire Form
Technique Description:Focusing on her Ki and calling upon the soul of fire- her body is clad in white fire. Heating up the area around her in a 10meter radius, she is capable of instantaneous combustion within the set field- creating a maximum of three enormous fireballs(1 post charge) or fifteen ordinary sized fireballs instantly. Her body glows a slight white Hugh in this form.

Large fireballs are capable of destruction similar to Hado #33:Sokatsui

Small fireballs are capable of destruction similar to Hado #54:Haien

6 post time limit, 3 post cooldown

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:Will lose body parts or their life(NPC or death enabled thread)
Opponent is One Tier Lower:Will lose body parts and severe wounds to the torso/abdomen
Opponent is Equal Tier:Will suffer severe/deep cuts, gashes or bruises to the affected area of their body.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:Will suffer moderate cuts, gashes or bruises on affected area of body
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:Will suffer lacerations, slight gashes or bruises on the affected area of the body

Technique Name:Bone Form
Technique Description:With her Ki and the darker essence from her origin of power, she is able to form weapons and objects made of hollow-like bone. Lightweight, sturdy and flexible- just as sharp as any blade or strong as metal, still capable of growing in size in her hands.(Can be used with her Pure Forms)

Sword, pole, bolas, Yontok, nunchaku, kama, boomerang, javelin, claws, senbon needles, Tonfa, balls, fan, chains, 3-ring section staff, whip, Sais, daggers, & Kwan Dao are just a few she can form and wield effectively.
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#10 Re: Heart on a Sleeve CLOSED COMPLETED on Sat May 11, 2013 10:31 am


It appeared she was taking him completely serious. Though, Cubix was never one to misunderstand. No. He wasn't. Words she said and action she performed were clear and he wasn't one to misinterpret something that was clear and very obviously stated. There was still the matter as to where this was all going, which still had yet to be completely revealed, but Cubix probably made that enough for her to attempt to grasp at. His intentions were her and more, though at the sametime, she wasn't something he needed. She was an interest; her whole existence was merely a curiosity.

Though still, she did hold quite the ability when stacked as it was. She even managed too, in the split instant before his spikes shot up around him, jet her ability into his body. The attack itself was a bother, but didn't exactly hurt him overmuch. Cubix knew better than to overlook it, but there wasn't any point in worrying over it too much while he was executing his Abutor Terrarum. That was why he continued with the attack regardless.

Then, somehow between the Abutor Terrarum release, the ki blasts attacked his body yet, still somehow, didn't interrupt the attack that he had already executed and, at the sametime, hadn't yet reached her despite it's speed and strength. In fact, after the ki blasts she was summoning up fire and heat. Either she was really fast or Cubix was, no matter how concise, was too slow. He had been unable to see or block a simple follow up strike.

Having received a devastating attack to his chest and ribs, Cubix lowered his sword after the attack shook and jostled his body, greatly impacting upon his front. If this was his body he would have probably been in a little pain or, almost, even worried. Cubix was looking down at his clothes. The ki had blasted through him well enough tear from him his shirt and even blast away skin and muscle from his chest and the sides of his abdomen. Blood ran down from the lethal looking wounds as the bony whites and fleshy pink could both be made out through all the gushing red.

Cubix had been distracted looking down his injuries long enough that he'd been left a sitting duck between two different attacks. The linear fiery explosion managed to overcome and even push back the very broad and very open destruction radius of the Abutor Terrarum with a single, combustive push while, moving around, the boomerangs flew around towards Cubix's backside, far too fast for his to evade them, apparently. So, this left Cubix stuck between two very powerful and, in his current situation, potential lethal attacks. Thus, as the flames ran him over and the boomerangs tore through his body, he was ate up by the pair of attacks.

Silver remained after the flames died down, leaving only trails and smaller blazes that ran through the very barren dirt. The bony boomerangs would have swung completely through Cubix's body, splitting him into some messy, bloody pieces. It was unfortunate, though Cubix's very mortal body could not endure such a pair of merciless attacks. That wasn't to say that he could not survive them and, from the remains of the mortal body, resurrect his true, unhindered, form that possessed the mortal from within.

Standing atop a metal cube, which was compromised of various other, smaller cubes, was Cubix. His body was burning with demonic fire which went from orange to red to pure black in the places where the mortal body had been severed. Having burned it completely away, there was nothing left of that innocent he had claimed as his own. Cubix released himself from within them appearing in good enough health seeing as now and only now was he at his true, unbound, power.

He was adorned in armor, which was black and very slimming. His hood was curved, appearing like a beak, and his bright demonic red eyes looked away from Yoon a moment to look over at that same sword that was in his hand. He had managed to keep ahold of it amidst all the destruction.

It was a wonder he wasn't blasted away by the ferocious waves following the force of Yoon's flames, especially when he'd been minced to pieces by the boomerangs that traveled clean through that mortal puppet. Unleashing his power and manifesting this very tall and very heavy metal cube, Cubix was unfettered by the attack of the past. He'd braced himself with the cube, causing it to appear in a flash, and managed to stand atop it following Yoon's destruction. Now, as his full power radiated throughout the area, Cubix continued to hold his usual charisma. Even dying wouldn't unsettle such a depraved demon such as he.

"And now there's a time limit," Cubix admitted, now disappointed. He was limited in this form, while outside of his home territory, and there wasn't any way to get around that now. At least way out here where ambient Demonic energy was practically null. This form shift was temporary and, without a mortal base to return too, the consequences would be incredibly inconvenient. He would be forced into a state that he once was, long ago, with this world as broken and corrupted as it was. He would be unable to maintain a physical presence for a very long time. He hadn't anticipated that outcome, but now it was inevitable. There wasn't any point in crying over it. It was a little interesting to have to return into that net from many ages past even if inconvenient.

"Now I'm rushed to say what I wish too," He said, playing embarrassed even when he hardly was, "Hydrargyrum," Cubix would casually say as a single cube he was standing on started to move itself upwards into the air and the rest of the cube all melted into a silvery, wet ooze. "Though, not to discourage you too much," Cubix said, as the liquid metal started to spread out to fill the area up to about 35 feet outwards in a perfect oval shape. A spark ran through the Hydrargyrum that was very bright and impossible to not have caught.

Bubbles appeared directly under the Hydrargyrum. These bubbles, mere millimeters long, were in the thousands and each was probably the same size or just barely larger than Yoon's eyes. They would all, in high speed flash, all fly towards Yoon in a very straightforward formation. It was like a forward wave of the thousands of very small bubbles. They were so small that there wasn't any way to see or even count them all and, as they flew, they solidified in the air to become solid, dense objects. The thousands of small orbs would beat and batter Yoon and were flying with the force and intensity to tear through her body should she be as frail as an ordinary human.

"At least you can hurt me officially now," Cubix would say, standing over the large, flat metal oval that was about 6 feet under him now. It's large form likely blocked Cubix from view considering how far it stretched out before firing bullet spray at Yoon's front. Should Yoon try to dodge them they would follow her, tracking her movements, until they rammed her and, should she try to blast them away with a Ki blast or with another round of fireballs, the orbs would dodge instinctively to move around or out of range of her attack, her bones spikes, and fly right at her to pound and beat her. She may think it was Cubix deciding where they went, however it was not. The metal itself was alive and alert and would, independently, keep itself going and attacking and, it being split into pieces wouldn't dilute that ability in the slightest. It would act with great speed, clarity, and intelligent to block, counter, and avoid her counter attacks. It wasn't an attack that was as straight forward as it looked.

Cubix mentioned that she could hurt him officially now because this was his true body. His wounds would heal, unlike when he was in that mortal box, but fatal wounds like being incinerated or cut into pieces would certain be the end of him. Cubix would rather avoid dying, but he could exist even if he were murdered while in this form. He was a Demon, one of the highest caliber and order, but losing everything now meant having nothing for a very long time. If she managed to injure him again, as she had before, it would be over. Though...Fortunately for Cubix, she would find that was a great deal more difficult.

More sparks ran across the body of the silver sphere that floated in space. That silver oval that gave birth to the small metal bubbles was preparing the next attack. It was going to be one that would put Yoon in an excruciatingly miserable spot. Even with her lovely speed and her talented grace, Cubix intended to make it so that she was desperate. Truly, genuinely, assuredly desperate. Though, even though that was his intention, Cubix attacked her with the tiny spheres alone. He didn't send attack in between attacks or attacks instantly after attacks or even manage to build, cast, and project multiple attacks and throw them at her. Cubix was skilled, though not skilled that he could move instantaneously or build up all his attacks inbetween the electrical signal of heartbeats. Cubix built on his attacks, utilizing few-in-many, and that may be a severe weakness that Yoon may be able to exploit being able to instantly perform an uncountable number of actions, calculations, and accounts all once, between his steps. Though, Cubix would best her by simply offering very large, very powerful, very well rounded strikes.



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