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#21 Re: Dream-Makers, Dream-Takers CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri May 03, 2013 7:05 am


OOC:( Okay, I was pretty certain I read al of it, but it's possible I misunderstood, that's why I clarified lol)

#22 Re: Dream-Makers, Dream-Takers CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri May 03, 2013 9:43 am



The original ability said to be only used on NPCS it will remain that way, and if it was changed before you tried it it's voided and Saelin is allowed a hit On Revenger. You CANNOT use anothers blood inside from their body, even if you have physical touch as a grip. That's way too OP, and I will shut it down.

#23 Re: Dream-Makers, Dream-Takers CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon May 13, 2013 9:41 pm


(OOC: As there has been no further word from Revenger and more than ample time given for a response on his part, I shall be taking that free hit and ignoring the effects of the blood crystals)

Each and every time that Saelien entered this form, his true form, it was a reminder of how different it was to have the full scope of his power at his fingertips. How limited he was when the power of Cocytus was sealed away. He had chosen such limitations, of course. He had seen how those with easy access to mighty powers could be swept away in the storm of their own superiority, and how it could so easily dull their edge, their technique, their mind. His sealed form was limited in order to optimize his skill and ideas, to force him to be able to overcome great threats with limited options.

But now, he could apply his skill whilst having tremendous power. Revenger did not know what he faced. There were few souls within any of the worlds that could stand face to face with Saelien in his true form, and fewer still that could actually wound him. Oh, he was not the most powerful arrancar in terms of raw strength or even destructive nature of techniques - but he didn't need to be the most powerful, only the most dangerous. With Silentium in hand - and his other hand now ablaze with blue flame that even now spilled over to lick at the ice forming at his feet - Saelien was a man with answers.

And Revenger didn't have nearly enough questions.

When Saelien saw the ice below him cracking from the vast blow dealt by his opponent, he simply allowed events to play out. Oh, he could have stopped Revenger right there and then - the man was within the radius of Heat Death, after all. Saelien could have manipulated the ground below them quite easily, but no. There was no need. As the ice cracked and fell away, Saelien merely stood upon solid reishi, like any spirit that wished to fly, and so he was unaffected by the sudden destruction of the ground.

Then he began to walk. Slowly, almost lazily, towards Revenger, Silentium held at his side and his other arm still covered in blue fire. He was still smiling. With Silentium out, the winds had ceased howling, but in their place, there was suddenly a growing sound of wailing coming from the swords at Saelien's sides. There were factors at play that Revenger could not even begin to understand - there was a reason why Saelien could go from acting and thinking fast to being almost casual in his approach. True, there was no small amount of arrogance born from the use of his release - Saelien felt akin to a god when he assumed this form, after all - but there was also justified confidence. Indeed, the use of his release had enhanced his ability of Mors Anulus, and now he knew for certain that what he suspected was truth.


Revenger made use of his blood and regeneration again, and Saelien simply...waved a hand at it. He respected the ability to manipulate blood that Revenger possessed - it was unusual, potent and dangerous. However, what he now faced was a simple matter of power investiture that would bring ruination upon his technique. The fact that the now expanding cloud of blood did not immediately freeze upon entering the sub-zero temperature of the air meant that at least a little reiatsu was invested within the technique. The question was, how much was really invested? Saelien could answer that.

Mors Anulus told him just how strong Revenger was as a spirit, after all. It told him that in the game of raw reiatsu, he'd struggle against the average Espada, let alone Saelien, and a technique as easily used as his blood?

Well, the end result was simple. In waving a hand, Saelien released a burst of blue flames into the blood cloud, and sparked off a chain reaction as the flames engulfed, expanded, consumed, and converted. Where the flames spread and touched blood, the blood transformed to a pale mist that soon floated away. Saelien's flames could easily flash freeze high-level attacks on contact...mere blood was nothing. Oh, Saelien did not get rid of all the blood, but he didn't need to. The act of sweeping a hand at the blood told him that it was useless before Ardor y Alcozar, and by keeping the flame burning in his hand, any blood that came near him would cease to be.

By the time Revenger's sonido came, Saelien had closed what little distance there was between them, and he was quite ready. Saelien used his own sonido to follow the reiatsu signature, and at that moment, his pesquisa told him a curious thing, confirmed by his eyes. Revenger had seemingly split into three identical clones, down to the signature that could be detected by all arrancar. Saelien had seen clone techniques before, but this one deserved no small amount of praise - it was potent enough to deceive both Saelien's eyes and pesquisa.

However, it was neither of those that drew Saelien to his target. Mors Anulus told him the presence, the sum of reiatsu and the identity of Revenger - and no clone could fool Mors Anulus, for the ring worked off what was injured. It tracked souls that escaped death, and a clone was a paltry, feeble thing to be ignored.

And Revenger had most certainly escaped death earlier in this little skirmish.

His sonido carrying him behind the real Revenger, having made short work of the obstacles the titan had tried to slow him with, Saelien simply stabbed him through the back with Silentium, the sword adding the hierro to memory and slipping through without a sound, blade aimed at the heart. However, with the low level of reiryoku that Revenger possessed, his soul was ill equipped to deal with Silentium. What would have been a fatal blow to another spirit - an elegant cut through the heart - would be much more to Revenger. His spirit would be sundered - Saelien believed that it would feel as if a chunk of Revenger had been torn free, with his heart, spine, neighboring flesh and pieces of his lungs included in the bargain.

He didn't doubt that something as tough as Revenger might be able to survive the attack, but did doubt that Revenger would be capable of acting in such a state.

(OOC: As which clone Revenger was has not been specified in the previous post, I have struck prior to the actions of the clones, interrupting the attacks that followed.)
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#24 Re: Dream-Makers, Dream-Takers CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed May 15, 2013 2:01 am


( Cross, you can decide what's overpowered in a fight, but you can't give people free auto-hits. No rule permits you the authority to do this; moderators merely carry out the judgements of higher ups, not produce the law themselves. I've alerted Udar to the situation and hopefully he'll void your silly decree.

Saelien - in the past, stat customization did not take effect in threads in which you are already present, so while it may effect all fights started after your customization was approved it does not effect this fight. Your stats are the same as they were prior, meaning there is no sizable difference like the pseudo-insurmountable gaps described in your posts.

I'm also not going to recognize those auto hits, nor would they even begin to negate the entirety of Revenger's assault. You can wait and see if Udarsha lets it slide or vetoes it - but I'll tell you right now that I'm not entertaining this nonsense, so you can either give me a legitimate post (ignoring the blood crystals is something that is acceptable, although ironically Cross was one of the ones who approved Revenger's ability which I find funny, only because I can't really argue with that) or we're done here. )

#25 Re: Dream-Makers, Dream-Takers CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed May 15, 2013 3:17 am


(OOC: I assumed the stats from before customization were in effect, actually. Which gives 400 reiryoku in release (minus 20 from one post release) vs 320 reiryoku - the judge for the total 'power' of a spirit - and 410 reiatsu control against that same 320 reiryoku - as given that reiryoku is the measure the soul, for an attack that hits the soul, it would make sense for that to be the governing stat. A sufficient gap for my post content to be justified.

Respectfully, I'll wait until further word comes from the staff in regards to editing my post - but should the auto-hit be declared invalid then the post will be edited as required).

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#26 Re: Dream-Makers, Dream-Takers CLOSED COMPLETED on Fri May 17, 2013 2:25 am


Technique Name: Silentium (Silence)
Technique Description: Silentium, Saelien's true sword and most terrifying power, can be summoned to dispatch those foes that simply refuse to fall before his normal swords of ice. The sword itself appears similar to Saelien’s blades, but longer, and less sharp, more akin to a regular nodachi – its durability is nothing like a normal ice sword, however, and breaking it is next to impossible. Its summoning process is quite the spectacle – the sword forms from pure ice in Saelien’s hand, accompanied by a sharp drop in the temperature of the surrounding area, and the utter silencing of the winds formed through Saelien’s release.

This is merely a by-product of the weapon, rather than its true ability. Silentium has an edge as sharp as any normal shinigami blade, but lacks the cutting power of Saelien’s usual weaponry. However, against all materials that it can cut, it does not in fact leave a mark – Silentium cuts the spirit. There is usually no difference between a wound delivered by Silentium and a normal sword in terms of the damage – a severed limb is a severed limb, a pierced heart is a pierced heart – but there is no visible wound. A wound to the soul will heal over time, depending on the severity of the wound, but healing via simple techniques like physical regeneration is not possible for the body itself sustains no injury. Due to this, the wounds of Silentium can be considered less immediately threatening than a normal sword wound, for death by exsanguination
is impossible.

Defensive techniques and other similar phenomena are capable of blocking a strike in much the same way that they could block a normal blade. It is here that the power of Silentium reveals itself. That which Silentium cannot cut is most at risk from the blade – on striking a technique that cannot be slashed or pierced, Silentium will begin to glow, and that technique or material is added to the memory of the blade. Only one memory may be present at a time within Silentium – contact with another substance it cannot normally cut will cause the memory to be set to that instead.

Materials and techniques that are present within the memory of Silentium are considered to no longer exist – they are silenced, so to speak. Silentium still cannot cut them, but instead ignores them entirely until the memory of the blade is reset. It does not cut their spirit – rather, it phases through.

The risk of Silentium is tied directly to its strength and comes from making contact with that which it cannot cut. Each time something is added to the memory of the blade, the glow of the sword becomes a deeper blue, and the cold associated with the sword grows even more biting. Whilst this can affect everyone nearby, Saelien is still the one holding the sword, and despite his natural resistance to the cold, there comes a point where even he simply cannot hold Silentium. Setting the memory of Silentium five times is enough to render the sword unusable, and the blade will not return to normal until Saelien seals his Zanpakuto once more.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Silentium does not just cut the soul where it strikes – it sunders it completely, crippling or killing the target depending on where they are cut.

Opponent is One Tier Lower: Silentium cuts the soul along the line of the cut.

Opponent is Equal Tier: Silentium cuts the soul along the line of the cut.

Opponent is One Tier Higher: Silentium cuts the soul along the line of the cut.

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Silentium only damages the soul along the line of the cut, as the soul will resist the usual effect and weaken it – an arm 'severed' by Silentium will feel weak and stiff, but will still function, for example.

This technique caught my attention- I believe this technique is borderline reality control/manipulation. This ability allows you to nullify anything at your whim.. I accept over-power differentiation and unique skill implementation, however I cannot overlook "Phasing" abilities. Please reconsider this ability's fundamental value.

As far as blood manipulation: I have been under the impression for a long time that controlling another's blood is the same as controlling that person; correct me if I'm wrong, but that is also godmod. Both of these abilities I have stated and prior-stated need to be further looked in to and settled by administration to further make a consensus between the two of you. Custom stats take affect after a topic, but not during a topic as well.

Mod: I am putting this topic on hold until the issue is settled. I do not want an escalation of disagreement or hostility.

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