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#71 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:00 am


(Someone's looking for a fight lol, completely overlooked my words and actiosn that protected the humans)

Anamist stood up and shrugged off the fits of dizzyness that threatened to overtake him; with Nemuri in his grip, he began to heal. If this bount would not listen to reason, then he would have to get her away from the other humans she endangered with her bloodlust.
It was obvious that her target was him by now, she seemed to be judgemental upon race basis; not that she didnt have grounds for such thinking, but still. It showed Anamist that there was still quite the gap between peace from arrancar and others. It appears she uses sound as her ability.. in that case.

Double cero...

Dual ceros appeared his his right palm and directed straight for the bount, in an instant.. Anamist disappeared from sight as both attacks neared impact on the human. He appeared above the bount, right hand outstretched and dropping small cero pulses like rain; the pulsing balls of black energy floated around the bount and exploded upon impact with the dual ceros. Anamist landed farther away from the humans o purpose.

If it is a fight you want, then it is a fight you will get.. I will not allow reckless behavior endanger humanity, this fight has already been dragged out long enough today. Soul Society will take larger steps in apprehended those responsible if things do not end sdoon, and I wish not to be here when they do arrive, for they view the likes of me just as you do.

#72 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:58 pm

Kidou..i see

Senshu had not said anything but it is apparent that raiden was easily able to pick up what he was thinking based off of his facial expressions. As he rushed in , Senshu would pick up the rest of what the shinigami was saying as well. He figures that based on what he's heard and seen, these 'kidou' are very similar to how a hollow makes a cero or garaganta, by focusing their rieatsu to perform a specific task. However, based on what he's experienced, these kiou are much more versitile than any cero and must be dealt with accordingly.

Brace yourself espada


The Ant & the Dragon
As Senshu's leg comes in to strike, the commander murmmurs an incantation at great speed and a giant red ball forms in his hand. Yamaguchi, assumes this is another kido but since he is already in motion, he cannot stop his leg. Instead he changes it direction, bringing it upward so that it goes past raiden, causing the espada to spin around a bit. As he does, the ball is fired and it burns senshus leg for a few seconds. However, using his momentum already gained from turning around, senshu flings his zanpakto at the ball and its already glowing tip releases a cero at it, blasting senshu himself and the ball back. Because of the ball, the lion cloth that was draped over his bottom half is now mostly burned and so is the upper portion of his thigh. He ignores this however and as he is blasted back from his own cero, he sonidos to Raidens left side and swings his bone sword at the man, releasing several bala at his side, striking for his mid section as he does.
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#73 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:17 pm


A man a safe distance from the fight just watching it and he dressed in a red trench coat with white hair and a sword that hungers for blood strap across his back.
"Well i see this is turning into a nice little conflict so many different races so many conflict between them yes it seems that i have found a perfect fight for me to watch and have fun." All the while just standing there with the wind blowing ever so gently on him.

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