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on Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:49 am


Oh God! Now the girl was attacking the friendly, human-living arrancar... Sure, she was reasonably frightened; however, wasn't the friendly arrancar getting harmed a little too much by the people he was trying to help? "Please, don't-!" He cried out to the young girl. "I'm sure he isn't going to attack you!" Keoni winced and looked over at Cobalt, concern dominating his face. Without caring about such an inconsequential thing as personal space, Keoni went to snatch Cobalt's wrist. "You need to get out of here!" Because... what would Keoni do if Cobalt meet an untimely death..? If the man didn't struggle, Keoni would attempt to drag Cobalt towards the police... like a penguin with broken flippers.


on Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:12 am


Keoni essentially grabbed acidic needles that stabbed through his palm. Needles that cause the nerves in Keoni's own palm to scream in anger as the venom was shot off directly into Keoni's exposed palm. Often, the sudden exposure to the venom could cause strong muscle spasms and that chance was much higher if Keoni kept his hand on Cobalt's wrist. If Keoni held on the pain would grow worse. It would spread and the fiery agony that was in his hand would spread outwards the longer he held it.

Letting go was the smart idea, the usability of Keoni's hand was at stake, and even when Keoni let go he would see the blistering flesh where the cells had been injected into his body. It would look like he was burned, just as Animist had been. It would swell, slightly, and it would be extraordinarily tender, not that the sharp pain would dwindle much. That was a pain that Keoni would be forced to endure for a long while. It would likely be a new expirence for a Bount with extraordinary restorative powers. Becase, even if Keoni's body tried to heal the wound the stinger cells would still be projected into his body.

To add insult to injury, Cobalt would use his free hand to push at Keoni's face, getting him away from Cobalt. "Move," Cobalt would demand shortly before the hand was going to push against Keoni. Taking the stinger cells to the face would hurt. It would hurt bad. Worse, his face would be disfigured as the contacted area would become red and the stinger cells would borrow into his head destroying the cells in his face just as the stinger cells in his hand were. Burning. Super hot burning and that searing, sharp, focused pain that was on par with an electric shock.


on Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:33 am


Scrutinizing pain exploded in Keoni's hand. "C-Cobalt-!" Keoni cried out. Surely Cobalt didn't realize what be was doing. The human just had strange stinging powers that were still unrecognized. "Cobalt... you're hurting me..." Keoni said, his voice shaking and threatening to crack. Never before had Keoni experienced suu physical pain. "Please, Cobalt... You're hurting me..." Keoni whispered, a few tears of pain leaking from his eyes. Not even that blast from before had hurt this bad;'Keoni glanced down at his shattered hand... not even that hurt more than this... Cobalt was unintentionally doing this, so Keoni would suck it up and pull him to safety.

What a gentle action~ As if apologizing, Cobalt reached for Keoni's face. Forgetting around the hand that felt like it had been held in a glass of acid, Keoni moved in to the tender touch. His dream-like state crumbled to the ground as the same pain exploded from his face. Keoni jerked his head back, wincing. [I]Can't cry... No... I have to get him to safety..." Carelessly, Keoni web back to attempting to get Cobalt away from the hectic violence. Such horrifying pain... But soon the pain would vanish and the young boing would heal; so worrying over such things was as senseless as munching on children.


on Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:48 pm


He has been right to keep an eye on the Bount, he felt the violent action as soon as she had intended to harm him. He spread both arms out wide and took both shots directly to him torso as he covered the humans, incase they would be hit.
You are still a human and as such, I'm obligated to protect you; however if I was your intended target, then it was a mistake to attack me when im this close to other humans.
He drew Nemuri and took a defensiv stance between the Bount and the humans.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:32 am


Cobalt would snatch his hand away, making sure there was no possibility that Keoni was still holding him. "I would have thought it was a clear hint," Cobalt would say, motioning towards his clothes that were repaired completely. The beautiful orange haired girl had fully healed his entire body as good as new. There wasn't a single injury or any clear indication that he had ever been injured. Keoni too would have been fixed up perfectly.

"I do not need your help or," He would say over to Animist to make sure that Anamist would hear, "Your protection. I don't feel the want or need to be forced gracious to individuals that were meddling in affairs that they were never allowed to do. A plane was destroyed, so what? You are over-reacting to something that's already done with. Go find something productive to do, the both of you," Cobalt would have turned to look at Keoni, "Away from me." Cobalt would pop his collar and look over to the human girl.

"Despite my wishes, I do owe you something in return. I will call you and discuss it at a later date. I still have more than a few things to tend too and this distraction has done nothing but held me back," Stuffy, slightly big-headed, and completely serious. Sure, he was pleased that Orihime had stepped in to heal him, but he wasn't happy that he may have to give something back to her. When in business, it was the worst thing to leave a gift unreturned. In the future, it would always come back to you as You owe me and Cobalt couldn't afford taking on a burden in the future unexpectedly.

As far as Cobalt was concerned, he didn't owe anyone else anything. Keoni had helped him, but thinking back Cobalt did the same and the boy was possibly the cause of his injuries in the first place. Anamist was sought for information he didn't even part with, so he was absolutely useless. Even now.

Cobalt looked over at the last unknown. A woman, if that was the right description, with enormous power. Cobalt looked over her features, trying to get something out of it. He forced his eyes to remember the details before he turned away to leave. This time, he would jump in the air to do so, making sure to stay out of the path of any fighting Captain Commander.


on Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:38 am


Blinking... Cobalt's current condition sinked in. The man was like a puzzle whose pieces had been put perfectly together. Taking a few more seconds of realization, he noticed his hand was no longer shattered. "Oh." Such a crud smile graced Keoni's face. "Thanks~" He said as if Cobalt had been the one who healed him. Popping his collar..? It was like one of those old American movies. Keoni giggled. This was the real Cobalt, not the business man who wore fancy clothes. As Cobalt left, Keoni made sure to follow after him. "Wait~" Keoni insisted as he took a camera out of his satchel and took a picture of the fleeing Cobalt. Might as well follow him~

on Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:03 pm

ooc: sory for the slight deay. caught up with thanksgiving n what not :]

Raiden twirls is zanpakto at great speed which actually shines a bit when senshu slashes at him. As he does, the espada notices him uttering what sounds like a phrase of some sort. Yamaguchi jumps back after this and raises a brow in curiosity at this action. That light didnt appear when he started the motion of spinning, but only after he murmurred the phrase. What kind of attack is this, is it the power of his zanpakto or something more. The Captain Commander suddenly jumps high into the air and fires a blast of white lightning at the espada. Again, Senshu notices how the man uttered a phrase before firing the attack, only this time it came from his finger, not is weapon. This being the case, the maneuver could not be a power inherant to raiden himself, but perhaps shinigami in general? After all, Arrancar and hollow all have specific powers that they can all generally preform despite their ressureccion, so why not shinigami? Senshu tries to guess the power of this attack and in response he focuses a bit of rieatsu around the tp of his blade and spins around to slash the blast in half, causing it to strike down on the ground at his sides.

What is this technique he's's power was nothing special but the speed in which it was initiated..that could prove to be troublesome...perhaps this is a standard practice for all soul reapers...

With his back turned to raiden temporarily from his spin move, something spectacular catches the arrancars eye. Directly across from him he spots the same girl he had barely noticed before, bringing her extended hands back to her body. He watches as the last of the humans injuries miraculously heal, only it is even greater than that. Even though Yamguchi only gets to see a bit of it happening, it would appear that the body parts injured were actually reverting back to their original state, as if time itsel had been reversed. Senshu puts two and two together since the girl had her hands held out near the boy and his wounds healed immediately after.


After about ten seconds of watching this, senshu snaps out of it and focuses on the battle again. Normally he would not let anything distract him from a battle but seeing someone do something like that is most certainly...interesting..The espada turns around ready to fight again but after he does, he feels his body starting to vibrate including his already charging foot as ringing bells can be heard. It would seem as though yet another guest has arrived. Senshu ignores him however as his only target is now /raiden. As the smoke clears senshu flies through it while blasting several dark orange bala at the man as he nears his location. When he finally arrives, he launches his now glowing vibrating foot at raidens ribs and brings his sword above his head, its tip begins to glow. He extends his bone sword in his left hand behind him and its tip glows as well.

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on Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:09 pm


Kidou is the word you are looking for Raiden spoke as the espada came running at him again. Even though most likely his words would fall on deaf ears that didnt care for them. He went to briefly explain it anyways. Its a technique that all shinigami are tought. You focus your reiatsu to form spells similar to this. His words wenent harsh but they werent friendly either. With great speed he switched his sword hand from left to right. and had the sword now on his left hand. as he dropped his left. his right arm rose to aim at the charging espada. Raiden checked the direct vacinity of the espada and once more determined there was no one he could hurt exept the espada. He also had time enough for a full incantation Brace yourself espada. Raiden focussed. and spoke at high speed as he had done this a million times before. e lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!" A red ball formed at his right hand wich was around 1 meter in diameter due to his skill. reiatsu and the incantation Hadou no Sun Juu Ichi (31) Shakkaho (Red Falme Cannon) On his word the ball fired. It was a a very powerful blast concidereing the Captain commander held back when he created this attack just now. and was held back by the power seal. In total this was around 15% of his total power. but was still eneough to obliterate a large appartment building. It flew out on the path set out to seriously injure the charging espada


on Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:55 am


Taking both shots he get flung past the humans and goes flying back very far. (this was a attack from a 0-4 in while she was in her strongest form. So this would be a painful impact.) The bells catch up to him as he is flying back and spin around him. He would fill his entire body vibrate. He would eventually pass out from the vibrations. "TAG YOU'R IT," she yells. She smiles, but she knows this is just the beging. She keeps her invisible guns up.

With the direct hit of the bullets there should be internal damage, her attacks use sound waves witch means the bullets should flow through the object. The impact of the wave was what hit him, but the base waves would travel through him. Even with a strong shell these bullets should do the trick she thick about this as she keeps track of the espade and possible enemies. She keeps walking towards him but will not get close to him keeping her distance.

As she keeps her guns pointed at him she says "Bang Bang" again. She keeps watch for him to do counter strikes. She stays ready to react to anything that may happen. She can see the slight sound waves of peoples movements. The path she takes to walk towards the humans is around the humans, it's not a direct path to the espada, but her goal is to still keep distance.


on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:51 am


(skip orihime she is just hiding in a building)

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