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on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:24 am


Cobalt's attention was turned to screaming. It was screaming and yelling that stood out of all the random cries of pain and fear. Something about a reject? Cobalt turned around, slowly, to see a young orange haired girl running out towards the group.

The cops had missed their chance to catch her and keep her behind the lines of operation and now opening fire would be dangerous for her. Just who was she? Whoever she was, she was putting Cobalt in a favorable position. Looking at the confused, alarmed, and angered cops only gave Cobalt an idea for escaping.

"I am not going over there. Doing that would only give them a reason to hold me in custody," Keoni probably didn't know that because he was young. Sure, in America your injuries came first; but even in America a criminal was a criminal. Being caught by the cops would be too disadvantageous for him.

"Who are you?" Cobalt would ask. If she ignored his question, Cobalt was just going to give up talking. The question 'who are you' had been ignored enough today. You'd think they could at least explain a little before they went around blowing up buildings and destroying airplanes. Who goes to someone's house and starts breaking crap for no reason without even word that was, for the most part, sane?

on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:09 am

As anamist slashes downwards, senshu replies by slashin upwards via bone sword. As soon as they connect however, the espada murmurs something an a blast of radial energy is released from him that seems to build up with each passing second. Senshu tries to get away but before he can, the kind hearted espada grabs his other arm. Unfrotunately for him, he apparently didn't notice that that other arm that was pointed at the captain commander had been glowing and now energy is completely charged in its palm. With that other arm now in point blank range thanks to anamist himself, senshu releases an orangish-red cero directly at the upper half of his body.


The espada uses this opportunity to allow the force of the cero to break free from anamists grasp before sonidoing out of the range of this radial cero. When he reappears, he accidentally crashes into an incomming ambulance, causing it to catch fire.

The espada gets up out of the crashed vehicle and dusts himself off. He has a few burns from the cero but for some reason it is mainly his back that was scorched. As nhe walks, he makes his way directly past a human girl with a large chest and orange hair. She appears to actually notice yamaguci and he looks at her for a bit as he sees a barrier dissipitating that she seems to have created based on her posture. Senshu considers confronting her but he writes her off as probably just another weak human with a bit of spiritual power. He cracks his neck and prepares to attack again until he hears Raiden walk foward and speak.

You should feel honored to lay eyes on My sword. His name is Jujikakaze (Crucifix Wind). Carve this image in your mind for i will make it the last image your eyes witness.

"hmph..its about time.."

Battle Ignition!
A small smirk appears on the espadas face as he gazes slightly at anamist to see what he will do. Regardless of what he decides however, yamaguchi will continue to attack him as long as he remains in the area. Senshu grips his bone sword but notices most of it has been destroyed thanks to anamist's attack. He then slides another one out of his left palm and grips it and then slowly draws his actual zanpakto.

"This is Bestia Dios ( Beast God). He will be your judge jury and Xcutioner this evening.."

The sun completely sets as darkness creeps in on what used to be the financial district of karakura town. A suddle winds blows across the make-shift battlefield as Senshu and the captain commander glare at each other for no more than a moment. Senshu Jumps for the commander who does the same at him and in the blink of an eye, they briefly cross swords. The commander however executes his attack with great speed, so much so that all the espada is able to do in that moment is use his bone sword and zanpakto to block. As he appears across from the captain they have their back to each other. Raiden had managed to cut senshus bone sword in half and leave a long gash across his torso that would likely scar. However, instead of worrying about it, senshu immediately sonidos directly infront of the commander, slashing his sword wildly. However, at close glance one would notice that they are not just random swongs at his body but precise slashes at his sternum, liver and solar plexus. His left foot begins to vibrate and glow as another bone sword starts to slide out of his free hand.

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on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:14 am


She hears him, "We don't have much time, my name is Orihime, but right now I need to know how badly you are damaged," she replies quickly. She can see blood all over the place. She tried to stay focused. This was no time for her to run around to try to fix everything. She would focus on this boy. When she shows up she is fussed with her doll.

"Ayame and Shun'ō, I REJECT," she yells loudly two fairies fly quickly to either side of Cobalt. A yellow like shield forms around Cobalt and his injuries slowly disappear, as his body returns to a form before it was hurt. "Boy, keep a look out while I tend to this man," she says friendly with a smile. Such a young one to see all this blood, I hope he is ok.

Orihime wonders how did all this happen, and why was this man in the middle of everything. She would be done healing him soon, his wounds where not deadly he was far from critical. As he was still standing. She uses the corner of her sight range to watch out for further attacks.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:36 am


The ringing of bells can be heard off in the distance as Glass walks in on the battle 20 of her spiritual bells spinning around her. The week humans around her and in her path fall down being K.O. by the ringing of the bells. She is fused with her doll so no one really recognizes her. She is wearing a black cocktail dress with a red ribbon. She Approaches the fight from off in the distance. You can see the things around her vibrating tho with the bells.

She sees the destruction around the town along with the shinigami and others. She is not sure who is the good guy in this situation, but in the past Espada have been even more evil then shinigami. So despite her fear of the shinigami she would help them this time. She also notices the humans, there not going to be a problem in this fight. That one girl just seems to be a healer and the boy is in shock covered in blood.

She assest the battle field examining where she can hide and the qualities of the land. Mapping running paths, formulating different strategies. While she does this she uses Re direct. So that the group of humans and the shinigami will not be harmed by the sound of her bells she makes sure, it just sounds like regular bells ringing, but as she gets closer to the espada there bodies start to vibrate.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:14 am


Anamist nods in agreement to the shinigami, it pleased him somewhat how he had been addressed in a friendly manner; he would leave the espada to the shinigami. Meanwhile he would focus on removing the humans from the battlezone, for an instant, he half opened his rietsu level; knowing that the spiritual pressure would render normal humans unconscious for a couple hours.
One by one, onlookers and panicked citizens collapsed to the ground, fast asleep. Anamist used Sonido to quickly gather the closest humans and lay them about a miles distance south of the battle, he began to do this with every human he saw. Some humans were in vehicles and some were either pinned under debri or hiding insidide buildings, he wouldn't stop until all of them were removed from the raging Espada's path.
Moments later, all that were left were a couple humans still conscious; obviously they werent normal and he would leave them to attend to themselves... however the female with orange hair had shown a particular ability which he took interest into; an ability he had no seen in a very long time. She was attending the the human known as Cobalt, he sonido'd over to where they were and kindly but firmly placed his hand on Orihime's shoulder.
Would it not be best, to treat his wounds away from the battlezone?
The sudden sound of bells and the increased bibrations catch his attention and he ascertains in which direction the vibrations come from. A female Bount had shown themselves, this was beginning to be quite the eventful day.. and it was only his first day being back in the human world in a very long time.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:39 am


Did Cobalt actually think he'd get arrested? The man was obviously injured; so why would people amuse that he was the violent sociopath killing and eating human? Was that the way America was..? "No... no... You're hurt. How could you have done this, if you're hurt? Go, please." Keoni insisted, hoping the man would take the advice and go towards the police. Keoni couldn't do that himself, unless he wanted to wind up in a hospital. No... his injuries would heal too fast for him to place himself in the hospital. That'd also lead people to realizes the young man lacked a social security number...

Keoni looked over at the girl. She was stunning, awestriking... and Keoni detested her for it. Massive boobs; long, silky hair; and beautiful, big eyes. Did she not realize that she could take Cobalt's attention away to the performance Cobalt would soon be doing for Keoni. "Keep watch..?" This girl could see all this crazy violence too? "Okay. Make sure he's... as wonderful as he is~" Of course, what he said didn't make sense; it didn't make sense to Keoni either.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:08 am


Cobalt took a step back, about to aim his gun at the approaching human, but she sent some sort of orange lights around him and her attack was already performed. Cobalt's reflexes were really lacking. Like his arms were too sluggish to quickly go through the motions his brain was screaming at them.

However, it was completely unnecessary.
Cobalt couldn't feel the effects of her restoration abilities, though he could see the his clothes being fixed and minor scratches and bruising fading away. Healing? Cobalt wasn't the most perceptive when it came to restoration or, for that matter, injury. But, the difference was clear as day. His body was practically being turned back as if he were as good as new and even his clothing were stitched up.

"Impressive," Cobalt was surprised. He was more surprised by her abilities than he was the massive lasers that the musician spat. Someone he truly owed a great bit too. Cobalt wasn't going to say thanks, but he did actually, somewhere, appreciate the gesture. She did go out of her way to expend energy on Cobalt. Were it Cobalt, he wouldn't have went out of his way to do such a thing.

Cobalt was so focused on the young girl and her practically impossible level of restoration, that he didn't fully notice the other newcomer with extraordinary power. Power that did manage to exceed all the others here, considering the shinigami's powers being suppressed. Cobalt would sheath his gun, "The best course of action is distance. I'd rather not sustain additional thrashings," Though, then another came by. Cobalt would cross his arms.

"Battlezone? You mean this open street?" Cobalt said, shaking his head, there was no helping it though. Cobalt then, and only then, saw the woman with the auditory ability. He remembered her, just like he did the many others, and turned to leave again. Espada. Soul Society. Shinigami. Swords. Powers. I'll have to look into all of this another time. A time when I can afford the stretched effort.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:34 pm


Enkosen! ( Lunar Locking Fan) He had cast this kidou when he dodged the first three slashes from Senshu's blade.Bakudou no San juu kyuu (39) He used the after incantation technique wich made the kidou spin faster and grow larger thus blocking more strikes. He jumped back and looked to see if the area was clear around the target. He established that it was and he jumped up. Reaching the top of his planned 6 meter high jump he pointed his left index finger towards the target and spoke Hadou no Yon (4) Byakurai ( pale lightning) The blast wasnt very powerful but could easily kill a normal hollow. That was actually not what it was intended for. Raiden wanted to see how the espadad would react to kidou. After he fired and got back down He got ready to defend an incoming strike from the arrancar. His sword was over his head in his signature stance. His eyes fixed ont the place the espada should be. he quickly looked around and found no human injuries had occured. He was glad but got right back to the battle. as he saw the smoke clear


on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:56 am


Orihime feels the touch of Anamist hand on her shoulder. She is at first tariffed, but she excesses he does not have the power of an espada. She needs to get away from him put distance. She was a target, but he was part of the battle. She also remembered the time she was captured. She would never let this happen agin. She would not need to be rescued agin. This time things where different.

Orihime spins so that his hand is forced off she then jumps back. She yells at the top of her lungs and as quickly as she can " Hinagiku, Lily, Baigon and Tsubaki I REJECT!!!!!!" Shiten Koshun Shield of Four Heavens' Resistance forms between the arrancar and Orihime. The shield forms while she is still in air she lands and starts running to a collapsed building.

If I can just make it to there i should have enough distance from everything but still be able to run out and help. I don't want to get killed, and I don't want to play captive either so the best thing is for me to stand back for now. She runs as fast as she has ever with her shield she was well protected she could have just walked. She would not become the thing that people risk there lives for.


on Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:14 am


Glass sees the arrancar amongst the humans, the girl screaming and the boy covered in blood. That arrancar better back off those humans she thinks before she see Orihime scream Glass's blood pressure building. "OH HELL NO," she says, as Orihime screams. She points both of her arms at Anamist her bells go flying at him and her hands glowed with spiritual pressure.

She forms to invisible guns, "BANG, BANG," she screamed, two sound bullets go flying through the air (tec: Tweet). The bullets speed past the bells, the bells where going fast but the bullets moves at the speed of sound because they are sound. The Arrancar would have to be pretty quick to doge. She kept an eye on the surroundings for any counter strikes.

Her Sound barrier was up for she was in this form, but she did not want any surprises. She would try to keep her distance right now, but she knew they would eventually get close. She builds up her pressure, waiting for the next move watching the humans to make sure they stay safe. She was not going to let them be victimized .

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