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on Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:57 am


How interesting. I might need to put more force behind the next punch. my compliments for aking a punch that would have killed a normal hollow or low level shinigami Raiden clamly spoke. He got in a stance and noticed. the other espada had drawn his sword Raiden adressed him. I do not know you. But you seem to be helping the humans. So for that my thanks. But i urge you to stay out of this battle. For i don't want to hurt a rare human helping Espada. please stay right there. I will be there in a moment. He now looked over at Senshu again. And niticed he was charging reiatsu. Raiden simply responded by just standing there watching. He wans not frightened nor was he interested. He came to feel something else towards this espada. Something he hadnt felt for a long time. He felt Pity for this espada. because it picked fights with beings far stronger than him for no reason but to just fight. Raiden on that moment decided. He was going to take this fight seriously. He was going to finish it no matter what


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:55 am


Anamist spat the distaste of fighting onto the ground in a form of disrespect; no being who thought so little of life would recieve any respect from him. This was beginning to be a problem though, even though this arrancar had managed to rouse him from his laziness, he couldn't cut lose in the city. The shinigami had asked him to step down from the fight, he would comply.. however if the musician took an interest in the fray, he would intercept.
Because you asked and not demanded, i'll let you handle this pompous fool; however, if he causes too much damage to the humans, I will strike him down when he is pre-occupied with you.
Anamist glanced over his shoulder at the humans and then up at the musician, what would be their next moves? This was quickly turning into a sticky situation, if this dragged out too much longer.. more shinigami would show up and many of them would consider him an enemy, while more hollow more likely to be drawn by the spiritual pressure being released.
Be quick before that musician jumps into the fray, I need to know what is going on asap.


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:57 am


OOC: Kanashi, the musician, left already.

IC: "Impossible. The entire city? Preposterous," Absolutely and completely preposterious. Sure, that last boy had destroyed a few builidings and shot out laser beams out his mouth, however, an entire city? This wasn't some small amusement park. No one could have that much power? That was equivalent to an atomic bomb if not even worse than one. That sort of power-

Humans. Humans. Humans.
Why was Cobalt being referred to as a human? Espada. Shinigami. The words came back to mind as he was starting to put puzzle pieces together. They were all pretty arrogant, especially the loud one with the white paint for skin, but were they all really not humans? They looked like humans. They acted and spoke like humans too.

Spit. That stole all of Cobalt's rampant thoughts. So undignified. Dizzy. A spell of dizziness hit Cobalt as his oh so many broken bones were starting to cause slight, yet dangerous, complications in his own body. Cobalt moved a hand to his head as he felt a strangely off balanced somehow. Like he was standing on a wall at a 90 degree angle. Unable to feel pain, numbness, unable to experience a fever or discomfort internally.

Cobalt looked up at Anamist as he was asking him questions? Cobalt was technically still waiting on the answers to his own questions that he offered Anamist. "What is going on?" Wow. This guy was asking the wrong person. "This boy," Cobalt would say, a hand motioning in Keoni's direction, "Attracted the attention of that musician from before. He attacked him, I saved him by taking him to the roof, then he attacked us both and, well-" Cobalt was standing on the border of human logic and supernatural blather. How did it really sound to say that he shot laser beams, produced a scream that was practically supersonic, and seemed to teleport all over the place? Looking at the speed of Senshu, it was probably a lot less crazy that it sounded.

"So, you all show up. Mysterious 'non-humans' that interrupted that insane guitarists. I am this human that you all seem to be talking over, but what exactly are you? Demons? Monsters? Super Heroes and Villains? Perhaps, I hit my head and was just knocked unconscious..." Cobalt would say, lowering his hand from his own head. If only that could ever be reasonable. Cobalt knew he was completely conscious. This was far to vivid and his senses were running haywire with each second that these individuals stood here.

"Japanese are insane..." He muttered to himself, adjusting his collar. When he moved there was a loud popping sound that came from inside his body. "I'm going to the hospital," Cobalt would say, moments after a black necklace appearing in his hand, which he held palm up and fingers slightly curled. The necklace, his totem, was black with a blue cobalt crystal and a symbol of a jellyfish with many arms. "On my own..." He would stress, giving Keoni a very sharp and critical look.

"You can all play this ping-pong game on your own time. I think I've wasted enough of my schedule on this wasteful half-hour." Looking down, he would start to walk, leaving the area. There wasn't any reason to stay here while a fight was starting between whatever the hell they were. Level a city? Killing humans? This was a little much for him right now and enduring anymore was just going to breed even more complications. Pushing this to the back of his head and going along with his productive itinerary was the best he could do now. Had to be...


on Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:20 am


Despite Cobalt's attempts to ignore the kid, he didn't seemed phased. Concerns and suggestions about the hospital still filled from his mouth: "You really should get looked at, Cobalt." Why would Keoni give up and grow silent? There was no reason to, because Cobalt was too nice to say to Keoni's face that his accent was too difficult to understand.

Bright blue eye were tight closed as the shinigami unleashed his attack on the child munched. From the bottom of his heart, Keoni was hating this senseless situation and the violence going on. How sad... that the man claiming he wouldn't draw his sword had to use violence to protect others. Keoni appreciated the man's kindness, but it was sad that was the type of world they lived in. "Why is everyone fighting?!" Keoni yelled at the top of his lungs. "And you..." He muttered in disgust as he pointed at the child muncher. "They were just babies! They had people who loved them and a bright future! What in the world makes you think what you did was alright-?!"

That image of young children being viciously eaten would never leave his mind; it'd be you'd there forever. Couldn't this man spit them back up and glue them back together..? "If we all have problems with each other... couldn't we just talk about them..?" Smiling warmly, touched that Cobalt was taking his advice, Keoni followed after him. " I'll make sure you get there safely~"

on Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:07 am

I will be there in a moment.

Senshu raises his brow at the captains nonchalaunt statement. He may be stronger but does he believe it will be that easy? Yamaguchi grits his teeth a bit at the shinigami as his left hand glows a bit more. At this point the espada is beginning to feel like taking everyone in the area including the two people that appear to be human. To senshu the only thing that matters is strength, battle and conquest. That and his pride. And for the commander to just brush him aside so easily, it is an offront to his pride. Yamaguchi opens his charging palm and prepares to attack the shinigami until he hears his fellow espadas last words..

Because you asked and not demanded, i'll let you handle this pompous fool; however, if he causes too much damage to the humans, I will strike him down when he is pre-occupied with you.

There it is again! 'while he is pre-occupied'. Such dishonor! The espada is starting to remind Senshu of the vizard that he had fought a little bit ago. There he as about to fight Raiden when the brat decides to just attack him after having established his side. Such impudence! And to top it off the arrancar said he would 'strike him down'. As if it were that simple. Senshus scowl slowly turns into a madmans smile as his eyes outstretch to their widest point. He then looks over to the espada, The veins in his neck pulsating as he does.


Senshu hold up his glowing left palm and aims it at the espada to his right. The bright orange energy surrounding it suddenly turns orangish-red.


Yamaguchi suddenly turns his arm in the direction of a skyscraper to the far left of Anamist in the distance while closing his hand into a fist, extending his index finger. He then fires what would normally be a cero, only it is all condensed into a thin beam with the radius of a boa constrictors body. Because it is so small, its speed is breakneck and its explosive power is increased, or at least it is for the area that is hits. It goes through the skyscraper still inhabited by people and with the sudden spontaneity of this course of action, anamist and the captain would not be able to stop it in time. It goes through the building creating a compacted explosion that instantly kills hundreds of innocent people and in the next second it goes through about three other tall skyscrapers lined up directly behind that one, creating an orgy of human death numbering around 1000 or more. The entire action happens within a few seconds. Before he can even listen to Anamist scold him , Senshu just flys right towards him at full force, gripping his bone sword tightly. His hand begins to glow again and he points it towards Raiden.

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on Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:08 pm


Anamist had already begun to sheathe Nemuri when Senshu fired his cero and then charged him; he underhand whipped out Nemuri from his shoulder and slashed downward at the on-coming espada.
Radius cero
Just as Senshu's blade reached Nemuri, the street around Anamist exploded into black rietsu; engulfing both Anamist and Senshu. Stray whisps of rietsu reached out from the half-circle on the ground and carved deep lines in the ground around them. He knew the sudden defensive cero would catch Senshu offgfuard and he would have to escape soon or he would recieve too much damage. Anamist grabbed Senshu's other arm, while their swords were already clashed.
We may be around the same strength, but I am very old and have a lot of experience.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:10 am


I think you missunderstood me Espada. Raiden spoke to Senshu.I never stated that i thought this would be an easy fight. Id wish it to be so. But it most likely will not Surprisingly even though Senshu just blew up half a city block the captain commander did not lose his temper. But inside his mind a few clouds of anger started to form. But were quickly removed by reason.You have given me enough reason. Raidens Right hand moved to grab the top of his sword's hilt. The hilt's pearl white wrapping with black Ray Skin *** wrapping was soft in Raiden's palm.Everytime Raiden grabbed his Sword it felt like he shook the hand of a friend that had been with him for all his life. Wich was true in a way. Whilst He raised the sheath up in his Sash( the belt) a bit to prepare his blade to be drawn he spoke. Espada san Referring to Anamist he continued Please withdraw from this battle. He slowly started drawing his sword. speaking to senshu now I am prhibited from releaseing my sword. ( this got Cobalts attention most likely) But drawing it and using it in its sealed state is not prohibited The point of the mirror finished perfectly maintained blade exited the sheath. And with an arc over Raidens head was pointed towards Senshu. Raidens left hand was positioned under his right. His right leg moved forward. His left foot turned 90 degrees left. He was now in an overhead battle stance. As this was happening he spoke on a calm and controlled voice as he had during the entire encounter so far. Your actions are rendered inexcusable. In the name of Soul Society. You will be dispatched of. ( The name Souls Society must have cought Cobalts attention once more.) You should feel honored to lay eyes on My sword. His name is Jujikakaze (Crucifix Wind). Carve this image in your mind for i will make it the last image your eyes witness. He jumped at the espada low over the ground with the speed expected from the captain commander and spoke the same way he had with every attack. As if teaching a class of shinigami at the Accademy. naming every thechnique he used. First Zanjutsu Technique: Sweeping Slice! ***2. It was executed perfectly as would be expected of the Captain commander. During the entire Ordeal here just now he started giving little bits of information to the humans there. So that they could learn about the soul society where they so sadly would end up eventualy. Wether by Age or the blade of this espada. The last Raiden was here trying to prevent with all he had in him. He was now seriously trying to kill this espada But was holding back a bit too as it was tradition in combat. But little did that espada know that he was being held back by the limit all high level shinigami wear in the human world. This was his trump card. Notheless of his confidence in his skill Raiden was carefull. Trying to anger the espada didnt seem to be of use to Raiden. for he knew most enemies fighting skill is reduced by angereing. It seemed to be the oposite here. He was confident but cautious. For he knew this espada named senshu was a force to be reconed with indeed.

*** ( the black squares on the hilt for all you non sword experts )
***2 the technique yamamoto used to defeat Ayon. It is a highpowered very fast basic technique.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:32 am


"Talk about problems?" Cobalt said that part aloud, this boy really didn't know how the real world worked, did he? Keoni didn't understand that there was no talking. Compromise was a privilege, though nothing set in stone. If you had power, you don't need compromise. With enough power to destroy an entire plane of innocent humans who would stop him? Those police...Wait...

Just as you would expect, the Japanese Police Force was rounding up around the area. Unfortunately for them, Arrancar and Shinigami were magically invisible. Cobalt knew at least that much and that he was absolutely visible. As the flaming shrapnel from the obliterated airbus hit the buildings off on the sides and various flaming bodies and pieces came with, the people had more than enough reason to worry. Shooting his gun off before, which would appear to be at nothing, before being smashed into the ground probably raised some questions. Things were becoming complicated now and there was no easy route to escape.

Cobalt turned around as a bright, heavy explosion was released, causing the cops to be pushed back and a few cower out of fear. They wouldn't have seen the colors, but the force of Anamist's attack definitely carried over. Cobalt looked over his shoulder at the police, then at the other hollow. Giving them the attention anyone would someone that's causing you the worst sort of problems, Cobalt did manage to catch every single thing that the Captain Commander was saying.

Soul Society? What is all this? And why all of this now? Cobalt pointed a lazy gun at Senshu. The root of the problem, apparently. Get rid of him and all problems would be solved...Well, other than possibly being shot and filled with more bullets than he could hope to count by the neighborhood police.

Cobalt would drop his gun, right on the ground and slowly raise his hands, the occasional pop would sound. "What's a Soul Society" Cobalt's words likely fell on deaf ears as everyone was in the middle of a fight with this one man. Looking everything over and coming to the general realization, Cobalt pretty much glued the matching pieces to one another. These beings were powerful entities from a world unlike this one. A world where their powers and abilities was normal.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:59 am


Orihime being part of the crowd just pretending she did not see things. Look over at Cobalt, she thinks he been beaten up quite a bit. She stands amongst the people running about. As the bright explosion happens Orihime says loudly, "Hinagiku, Lily and Baigon I REJECT," forming her Santen Kesshun witch blocks the shock wave. She stands there as many people get blown back.

This was getting back innocent people are going to be hurt and are being hurt. She could no longer stand on the side lines watching this. She would help in any way she could. She runs to the injured man Cobalt to see how badly he has been injured in the fight.

I hope it's nothing to bad, but I am sure this is the best way for me to help. She runs as fast as she can to Cobalt staying aware that she may be making her self a target. She hopes she is not to late. Wind gusts and the damage of the shock wave can clearly be seen.


on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:08 am


No one was listening to Keoni's plea for a civilized conversation. To be honest, he knew his pleas had only been wishful thinking; however, was there anything wrong with wishful thinking? No... Keoni decided for himself. There's nothing wrong with that... Keoni stared at the ground, eyelids closed, as human pieces and a horrible scarlet color rained down from the sky. "Why..?" He muttered under his breath. Why did that arrancar have to be so disgustingly violent?

Sirens~! A massive, goofy grin appeared on his face. They would surely notice the invisible attacks causing destruction and death, and, more importantly, they would take a few humans that were only injured to the hospital. "Go to them, Cobalt." Keoni said with an encouraging smile. "I'm sure there's an ambulance."

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