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#31 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:18 am


And, he was slammed down into the ground again. This time, he was thrown down a few inches, smashing his entire body into the hard pavement underneath. It...Didn't hurt, to be honest. In fact, he didn't even show any signs that it hurt or that he even cared about the attack. Unlike when he was thrown into the building, he wasn't scratched up and bloodied. No. This time it was a little more internal as his ribs and arms were pushed down into the hard pavement the strongest. It was a concerto of twisted snaps, cracks and pops as many ribs were broken, hopefully not too badly, and his elbows were slammed down into the hard street.

When the sound was done, the first thing that Cobalt realized was the loud sound in his ears. The sharp ringing as if someone had shot and airhorn right next to his ear. Cobalt moved his hands to his head, his ears bleeding slightly. Hopefully, that wasn't from permanent damage.

Standing up, Cobalt's vision was a little off. Probably from the slight brain rattling and the body stomping, but he was fine. Well, he was fine because he didn't know just how damaged and hurt that he really was. Cobalt staggered a moment, before fixing up his step.

Thinking back, the very air wasn't the same. There were more...Bodies. Was it right to call it that? Bodies around the air. As if the attacker that had put so much effort into destroying them had summoned up more? Was this a bad thing or a good thing? Was it going to be some sort of group beat down or were these things here just as fickle as the guitarist? Cobalt fixed his shirt, which was dirty and, surprisingly, not ripped or damaged. Fixing his collar, Cobalt paused.

Cobalt wasn't seeing things, was he? That...Extremely pale man just took a bite out of those children, didn't he? Just like that? The smashing of the car wasn't even all that big of a deal compared to his eating of those living human children. Why? What was he? What were any of these beings?

Stay out of my way or you both shall know my wrath as well..
Huh. To be honest, Cobalt wasn't the type to argue with that. He looked over in the direction that the man was looking, noticing there were three of this Captain Commander. Actually, everything had some sort of trail behind it. Everything was in triples too. Cobalt stumbled back a bit, feeling a strange vertigo hit him as his body was being smothered by it's own pain. To think that he was injured this bad? Cobalt moved a hand to his forehead, looking down towards the ground somewhat.

Cobalt held his gun tightly in his hand. To think, attack after attack, he still managed to hold unto that weapon. Despite being flung around and blasted all over the place his grip on that life saving device was firm. Guns. The ultimate in human weaponry next to explosive ordinance devices, yet it didn't seem to do much. Magic...It felt so stupid to compare all this to that, but some of them were walking out of portals and others were emitting this undeniable spiritual power.

Cobalt sighed, bringing his head back up. Two were preoccupied with each other, apparently. Cobalt wasn't going to get in their way and, despite that he did have some business to take care of, it would just be plain ignorant to just let all this fly by without knowing what fully happened. Cobalt did need answers, because if being in Japan meant he was going to thrown around by super powered freaks then he at least needed some back story. Dying here, simply because he was lacking in information, would be the worst sort of inefficient. Not wanting to step inbetween those two about to clash, especially the baby-eater, and with the attacker a crazed, fleeing lunatic, there was really only one body left.

Cobalt lifted up his gun, his spiritual energy welling in the weapon, and fired right at the building Anamist was on. The bullet would fly, like a brilliant orange arrow guided and empowered by Cobalt's spiritual power, it would crash into the ledge of the building, at it's front. It wasn't even close to hitting Anamist, but maybe that was because Cobalt was a little tipsy right now? Bullets probably weren't all that scary to these...People, however, Cobalt wasn't using it to be threatening really.

Cobalt would wave his hand, to call Anamist over.
Did he get the Hollow's attention?

#32 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:31 am


Cobalt had fired that shot at the worst possible time, Anamist had his eyes squinted shut in a yawn and was leaning forward. The small blast rocked the top of the building and the concrete under him crumbled, he fell flat on his head and lay there a second as he sighed and re-oriented himself.
It was obvious that the human had missed him on purpose, possibly he wanted to speak to him? It was a gamble.. but whatever.
"Hey! Next time warn someone and let them know you wanna say something instead of firing your toy!"
He didn't bother drawing Nemuri, he felt no malice from this person. He shoved his hands in his pockets under his coat and glanced at the others standing around; it was a tense situation, and he was quite out of place. He despised the arrancar who had carelessly taken the life of the humans; he would pay for that, guaranteed.
He approached Cobalt and stretched out his hand in the traditions humans used to greet each other and shook his hand.
"Im no enemy"

#33 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 2:47 am

Senshu extends his left leg foward to form into a front stance. His face is still scowling with the malicious determination that always seems to inhabit it. He listens as the captain calmly introduces himself and geets into a stance of his own. Yamaguchi nods ever so slightly at this gesture as he has now found an at least basic level of respect for this Shinigami. To Senshu it does not matter if you are human, shinigami, vizard, demon or some other species, as long as you show the will of warrior he will respect you at least on the most basic of levels. This man, Shokakku Raiden seems to understand the warriors code, the only sort of guidlines Yamaguchi follows in life. He still however does not believe in pleasantries or anything past stating his name and title.

"I am the Espada, Senshu Yamaguchi..This battle begins NOW"

The espada holds his claws out to his side and starts running at full speed for the shinigami, ignoring everyone and everything else around him. He is now in complete battle mode, although he is always battle ready anyway. Not using sonido, Senshu makes his way up to the captain and uses one hand to punch at his chest and the opposite to follow up with an open swipe towards raidens jugular.
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#34 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:36 am


Cobalt! Keoni hadn't told Cobakt to get behind him! Keoni glances over his shoulder, scrutinizing pain in his crushed hand forgotten. "Cobalt-!" Keonin cried out, at a lost for words. He finally meet his idol and this was happening. "Please-!" Keoni cried out, but his pleads seemed to be falling on deaf ears. 

Flying? Was it just Keoni or was Cobalt flying? Thinking the musician was behind Cobalt's levitation, his gaze locked on the wall. "Are you al-" However, Cobalt answered the question by shooting bullets at the man. So cool~ After showing Keoni this, Cobalt would definitely perform for Keoni. 

Gravity betrayed Keoni and the young bount found himself on his knees, his face buries in the ground. This wasn't so bad though... At least this hadn't hurt as much as that bala earlier or having to resort to crushing his own hand. Hopefully, the musician wouldn't take this chance to- Wait... that voice wasn't the musician's! Despite the fact that breathing was difficult, Keoni was hopeful. The man who just arrived was scolding the musician. Hopefully, Cobalt was alright. Gravity lightened it's hold on him, and Keoni pillaged a few more breaths.

Oh God... a man had actually killed two young children. Shaking... The lose of oxygen was long forgotten as his shaking body held Lorelei tighter to his chest. Keoni wanted to run away with Cobalt. Traumatized... Today was horrifying... Even Keoni's previous wife's death hadn't been as horrible as all the deaths of these humans. Keoni's beloved had painlessly slipped away with loved ones by her side. Didn't everyone deserve that kind of death..? More senseless fighting; however, the stumbling Cobalt was Keoni's top priority. These people fighting each other without obvious reasons were now inconsequential. Except... he did have something to say. "Why?! Why are some of you attacking innocent humans?! Do you lack morals and a compassion for fellow people?!" The kid shouted at the top of his lung before yanking his crushed hand out from under the wall. Keoni sprinted toward Cobalt and stood by the man's side, giving the non-children-munching espada a smile.

"Hi~" After all, there was no reason for Keoni to direct his new found bitterness towards this man. Turning his attention to Cobalt, he went to grab his wrist with his good hand. "I'm sorry... I never knew something like this would happen... I'll take you to he hospital." Sure, Keoni was adorned with bruises, cuts, a sprained ankle, and a crushed hand... However, Cobalt's well-being was all that mattered to Keoni. "Please let me. I'll have Lorelei take you."

#35 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:55 am


Cobalt sighed when he heard a certain boy walking over to him. Cobalt answered Anamist's offer for a handshake by obliging him. Never again would Anamist ever make that mistake.

His hand. Anamist's hand was stabbed with what felt like millions of small, hot needles. The pain was hot, sharp and ran through his arm as the poisonous stingers in Cobalt's flesh dug their way into Anamist's flesh, right through any possible heirro that he may have possessed, and infected him with the stinger cells. His flesh would start to almost burn as the venom from the singer cells was skewering his cells. Cobalt would hold that hand tight and the longer he held it the worse it would be. Of course, if Anamist would snatch it away, which any sane person would, he would be free. The pain wouldn't just vanish after that however. No. The pain would persit long after the direct contact was lost. If Anamist would look at his hand he would see blistering, raw flesh that had came into contact with the dangerous skin that Cobalt had. Thousands of the stinger cells had been ejected into Anamist's palm, stabbing away at that.

"I can't exactly say that I am not," Cobalt said, his deep voice looking away a moment, "Care to explain what all this is? Being blasted and smashed into the ground has been a humiliating waste of time," Cobalt said, though there wasn't any anger in his voice. Though Anamist's hand probably felt like it had been cut open by a searing hot blade dipped in corrosive acid, the poison wouldn't extend much further than where Anamist's hand came into contact with Cobalt.

"You, beings, seem to be good for simply destroying. Are you monsters or-" He started, though he didn't even know what to refer to himself as. Super humans? That would sound so...Cheesy. So typical and childish that he almost regretted even the thought about the word. "Something else? What is your purpose?"

"Mind your business," Cobalt would say, sighing, as Keoni offered to take Cobalt to the hospital. Cobalt could walk just fine. Well, fine was probably a slight stretch, but he wasn't paralyzed. Besides, Cobalt wasn't entire sure that all this wasn't Keoni's doing. After all, Keoni shows up and then demons and monstrous mortals start showing up. Thinking back, who was the guitarist focused on? The guitarist even knew this Keoni's name, saying it aloud almost in a familiar way. Why would Cobalt trust this boy anymore than he would the fool that so openly shook Cobalt's hand?

Rising spiritual power. This pressure on his shoulders was heavy. Cobalt didn't look over to see who it was, having one of them right in front of him, but he could feel energy of that self declared Senshu Yamaguchi.

#36 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:57 pm


Anamist withdrew his hand in a consistant manner, though it was painful.. it was not un-bearable; likely it was a passive ability that this human had and thus, Anamist didn't hold it against him. It was his fault after all, for being so careless in greeting him.
That's quite the interesting ability you had there, I bet it comes in handy.
Such a naive being, to think he was so concerned for this other human and yet they were ibviously stil in the middle of a fight. He wondered how long it wqould be until the guitarist or the soul-cravig espada would retaliate. He smacked Kioni upside the head
Hey, you should be more concerned with your enemies still at hand; you won't be able to take him to the hospital if your carelessness gets him killed.
Anamist drew Nemuri, instantly he felt sluggish and hazy, but he also felt his spiritual power rise. He turned his back to the two humans and pointed to the Espada, Senshu.
Return from where you have come, Espada; or else you will have me to answer to for harming humans.
He didn't bother to address this crazed musician, he could sense the bloodlust for battle radiating from him. He glanced over at the shinigami, he really needed to talk with him; though moving too much might make Senshu or the musician to attack. Instead he bowed slightly in respect to the shinigami.
I can't say I'm too pleased to meet a shinigami so soon after my awakening, but it seems we have a common enemy.

#37 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:08 pm


A warm smile graced Keoni's face. "I am minding my own business." Keoni insisted,'guilt present in his voice. Why was the all happening; and, was it Keoni's fault? He'd never been attacked like this before or wind up in such a circle of senseless violence. "Your well-being is my business. Let's at least have a doctor look you over..." Keoni pleaded instead of suggested. 

Not catching what was going on between Cobalt and the new arrival, Keoni was allowed to believe that the handshake had been a friendly gesture. After all... who was friendlier then Cobalt? Smack! Keoni blinked in disbelief. Sure, he was better beaten up but... man, one of the three friendly ones, had actually smacked him. Pouting, Keoni placed his hand where it was tender. "Ow-!" He cries out, just for dramatic affect. Once the pain started to finish, he glanced up at the espada. "They aren't my enemies." Keoni informed him."Guitar Man attacked us."'How else he suppose to explain that and him had been having an amazing, friendly wall before randomly being attacked?

#38 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:12 pm


Shinigami. Espada. Enemies. He even casually reacted to Cobalt's power. Definitely not normal. But, he made it a point to avoid answering everything that Cobalt asked. Perhaps, Cobalt would have to figure this all out himself. It would be more work on his part, especially with human resources, but it would probably be more detailed in the end.

However, Cobalt wasn't easily pushed aside. Even with the new arrival's withdrawing his weapon he wouldn't. That hand that Anamist shook with, which is typically the right hand, would be pretty sore and likely swelling up by now. He did still have those stingers in his flesh and their venom too; as impossible as it was to see with the naked eye, the blistering wouldn't be all that difficult to see in his hand. That was a handicap, though whether it was an unimportant one or a dangerous one Cobalt couldn't tell. After all, they apparently weren't normal either. Cobalt didn't realize, until Anamist drew it, that he even had swords. Who runs around with swords now-a-days?

Apparently...Quite a few. Looking over at the Espada Senshu and the Shinigami that Senshu was most likely attacking, they weren't using guns. "Why are you bowing to that one?" Cobalt would ask Anamist, pointing over to Raiden. "Why don't you explain to me who you are, and I can do the same." This was slowly starting to feel a waste of time as the one he drew over was more interested in the others here. Troublesome really. Cobalt was probably asking for Anamist's attention deficit because he ignored just about everything Keoni had just said.

#39 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:43 pm


Raiden spoke on a tone that everyone around him could hear. It was functioning as a warning. awarning for the espada to not take him lightly and for the humans and the other strange being to get out of the way. Luckily for you espada. Raiden stopped and looked directly at the charging enemy. I am prohibited from drawing my sword. From the corner of his eye he saw puzzled faces. With questions as to why not. Raiden decided to awnser these unasked questions. For i would whipe out half the town in the proces. So instead of drawing his sword. He just stood there. Waiting for the espada to reach him. He was reaching for Raidens throat. he moved his head to the left of the arm and was now directly facing the espada. He had changed his stance in an instant. And he spoke on a firm tone but with respect in it: Hakuda first Punching technique. Ikkotsu!(single bone) Raiden launched his right fist at the espada's abdomen with amazing speed. ANd in case it missed he had his left hand ready to block most frontal body attacks

#40 Re: Cruelty 'n Ignorance CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:41 am

Just as the espada had hoped, the captain commander manages to dodge his strike. Senshu hears Raiden uttering something after changing his stance, but instead of doing anything about it, the espada takes the punch to the gut and is sent scooting backwards several yards. A bit of saliva spews from the arrancars mouth as this happens and he holds his gut with one arm after his motion stops. He breathes a bit heavily for a bit from the pain but then looks up and reveals a miniscule smirk. Senshu stands upright again and shakes the punch off. He had taken the hit so that he could get used to the mans striking power and the pain associated with it. Normally a fighter wouldnt take the risk of being seriously injured, just to 'get used to the pain', but Yamaguchi is no ordinary warrior. He has been called the God of War itself.
Still, as the espada had anticipated, this man being the leader of the shinigami does have some power to him and is probably several levels above yamaguchi himself. Had that punch connected with a bone, it might have done more damage. Even with this in mind however, Senshu just becomes more excited by the thought of fighting this man, especially since he has unlocked his ressureccion thanks to the fight with the vizard boy.

However, the fact that this shinigami isn't 'allowed' to draw his sword annoys the arrancar. He does not like being fought on unequal terms so he'll just have to force the commander to draw it without using his own. Senshu gets back in his battle stance until he senses someone elses blood boiling with fighting intent. This isn't a power of senshus, more of an instinct built and honed over the course of several battles. Senshu glances to his right and notices his fellow espada pointing his sword at him.

Return from where you have come, Espada; or else you will have me to answer to for harming humans

Senshu sonidos back a bit so that he can see both the captain commander to his left and the espada to his right. His usual scowl becomes meaner as it is filled with disgust. Yamaguchi sniffs in the direction of the espada to get a sense of his rieatsu level.

"And who are you to order me Espada? I've never seen you before but from what i can tell you are no higher than me in terms of power, perhaps even a bit weaker! And from the looks of those humans you have an even weaker heart. You must be one of the fools iv'e heard about that actually sympathizes with humans. hmph! how pathetic.."

Senshu does not know this man although he does fit the description of someone he's heard of. Regardless, the espada knows that he cannot take on a high ranking espada with his sword drawn without drawing his own. However, he does still want to fight the commander bare handed. this should be fun. The espada opens his right palm and a thin 5 foot long bone slowly slides out until it pops out into senshus grasp.

"Lower your weapon espada and run home to the security of your room while you still can. But if you really want to test your strength! stay right where you are!..just know that i will not stop until the blood of you, the Commander and anyone else in my way stains my lips!"

Senshu's left hand begins to glow a dark orange as he stands at the ready in a strong horse stance, waiting to see what happens, although regardless of what the espadas decision is, Yamaguchi already knows what he is going to make happen.
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