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on Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:35 am


(There, I edited. The edit should be in the ninth paragraph. :3)


on Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:04 pm


OOC: He knew Keoni's name?

IC: "Wha-" Cobalt was stunned. He had never seen anything like that huge cannon of energy and it came from that man so easily in fact. How? Where? What was it? Cobalt was tackled and, before he knew it, the loud explosion of a building being blown to smithereens screamed in his ears. The loud shearing of metal and the explosion of brick and wood were all behind the strange whipping sound that cannon the man fired.

Pig? Cannon? What is all this? Cobalt was not familiar with seismic sound waves and magically growing pigs. Being shook off, Cobalt landed on his back. He didn't feel it so he just looked up at the musician. He was looking at him upside down before slowly rolling over to keep some eye on him.

What happened next was so fast that Cobalt had to take a second to replay what he thought happened. Before he could even look back at the flying Keoni, buildings were erased all around the man sending a slight gust to push against Cobalt, which he fended by blocking his face, gun still in hand. Cobalt was pushed back almost 10 feet from the shear pressure of such a extravagant blast.

This was a little more than impressive. This was absurd. Destroying handfuls of buildings on a whim and even throwing back Keoni. It didn't sound or seem like Keoni had done, or remembered doing, anything wrong. For some reason, Cobalt felt that it was sincere. The boy had saved Cobalt after all. There was a weight now. He now owed Keoni.

"You have," Cobalt said, looking over his shoulder at the limping Keoni. He looked back to Kanashi, "Anything to offer. Then I have no reason to speak with you. I don't know what possesses you now, but I am not interested in this blatant destruction. It is counter-productive. If you are not looking for me or the boy," He sighed, "Then you need to find business elsewhere." He had lowered his gun. Pointing it at Kanashi was also counter-productive. It wasn't going to do anything if he shot another of those canons or whatever sound-like wave he was crushing, smashing, and obliterating objects with.

Despite his ignorance in this world and this style of combat, Cobalt could still clearly feel the difference between himself and this crazed musician. The difference was a hill to a mountain and not one to be testing waters with. The number of collateral damage was a clear enough indication of that. Cobalt definitely couldn't do all that with his barehands.


on Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:56 pm


Kanashi decided it was time to end this "time to remove a few humans from this earth he began singing after launching another blast at them. "Nightfalls" He said this and if uninterrupted the whole area went dark "and I'm running in circles woahhh Woahh". If he was still uninterrupted a dark tornado would rush them with the power of a Gran Rey Cero.He then sat up and Soon his six strings launched out of his guitar attempting to tangle stab and lacerate the men in front of him. "entangle legs". As he said this the strings went to wrap around either Cobalt or Keonis legs and attempted to lacerate them with power equal to any other Bankai Blade.

He then flipped his mask on and with a grin he Sonido'd towards them and made a simple point at the man and launched a Bala. Kanashi stepped back and realized a piece of gravel had cut his finger "no point in wasting good blood".He formed a Gran Rey Cero in the hand and fired at the men. As he did this he Shunpo'd overhead and then Sonido'd behind them and launched a Cero and then He tuned his Guitar again and launched a super sonic wave at the foes equal to a Gran Rey Cero as it exploded in there area.

The blast was great it most of the right side of the town and he knew that there would be hell to pay if he didn't escape soon but he wasn't escaping just yet.He wanted to have fun and for some reason the piggy mocked him (lol) he didn't know what it was but it did.He Sonido'd above them and made a deafning scream that would force them into the concrete and make them deaf for a post if it connected. He then Sonido'd back to his feet "what a fun time". He chuckled as he then launched 3 more Bala.


on Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:24 am


Defending him... Cobalt really was a kind man; Keoni had never doubted that. The only reason he sounded rude some-amount-of-time earlier was because of that American accent. Sure, when Keoni had taken a trip to Nevada, not everyone spoke like that but... a lot of people had.

Insane. That man was insane! Neither Cobalt or Keoni had done anything to him and he was attacking them like it was enjoyable. Who in their right mind would be ruse enough to attack people innocently conversing? Now how was Keoni supposed o get Cobalt to perform for him. "Please." Keoni pleaded as the lunatic rudely unleashed an insane amount of attacks. "Please stop." Keoni insisted, hoping the man would return to reality and realize what he was doing. Even if this man was also a bount, that didn't give him the right to apathetically harm humans.

"Why?!" Keoni shouted as the man continued to harm humans like he was playing an extreme game of 'Ring Around The Rosey'. A deep frown appeared on Keoni's face. Today was suppose to be amazingly wonderful! Never before, had Keoni been attacked like this. Then again, Keoni had only ever meet one bount before. The kid didn't associate with that world nor did he have the knowledge to.

Seeing all those attacks, Keoni knew he was going to end up shattering his hand. Taking a deep breath, he allowed the image of the wall of his house fill his vision. "Do you have a cell?" Keoni asked Cobalt, panic obviously present in his voice. "Call the cops. Call the fire station. Call someone..." How pathetic... the way his voice was shaking... But if the cops arrived, the musician would have to atop his attack, right? Killing and/or harming cops wouldn't turn out nicely for the musician. Bad things tend to happen when someone assaults a police officer.

That wall... Greedily stealing another mouthful of air, Keoni used his ability. A one story wall appeared in his hand. Squeezing his eyes closed as if it would shield him from pain, the wall quickly smashed onto the ground. Although the bones in Keoni's hand made a hideous shattering sound, he was happy. The wall was standing up and... at least it could cushion the blow from all those "Please," He went back to begging. "I'm not gong to fight you..."


on Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:57 am


Cobalt realized that there would be no compromise. He aimed his gun at the oncoming wave of energy, the initial one before he said "nightfall" and Cobalt fired a spiritually powered bullet from his weapon. It flew like an orange fiery arrow through the air. Channeling all that collected spiritual energy in his gun it resulted in a heavy explosion that broke the blast apart from the high speed, small, spiritually dense bullet nullifying them both.

The sky was dark and Cobalt was distracted enough to look up at it. What...Was all this? This impressive power seemed to be dominating the very skies overhead. It was after the sky grew dark that Cobalt knew he wouldn't be able to counter any of the upcoming attacks.

Entangle legs
The words were clear and the spiritual power in the form of short strings could easily be felt. Cobalt would deal with those, at least. Despite what he thought before, he had to try right? Cobalt didn't really have to aim, not that he wasn't an exceptional aim in the first place, as he fired the gun right at the greedy guitar strings. He shot bullet for bullet at each of the strings. However, that wasn't all he fired upon the strings. As the massive impact hit the strings it should throw them back for a moment though, unfortunately, with their amount of spiritual power Cobalt wouldn't be able to destroy them. Simply keeping them back and blocking the attack was his best for now.

Cobalt moved his free hand to his neck, where a certain necklace was, and he pushed it down. The necklace, unseen by all, would be pushed right into his flesh.

What? Before Cobalt knew it, he was flying. He couldn't feel the pain and the feeling of being thrown in the air wasn't all that strong, but he was launched hard by a bala that caused him to land a few dozen yards away where he rolled. He managed to keep ahold of the gun in his hand. Cobalt was completely fine, being immune to pain, but he would have a few bruises in various places from such a quickly launched attack.

Cobalt noticed additional cero coming and going and, not wanting to waste any time he jumped up to evade the one overhead, however the one at his back would connect, this time throwing Cobalt much harder into a building. Cobalt would hit the building hard, though he wouldn't feel it. He couldn't feel it. Blood was leaking from his arms and legs. From hitting it as hard as he did on top of being struck point-blank by the last cero he was all sorts of scratched and there were likely more than a few broken parts here and there this time around.

Cobalt sighed, hand gripping that gun tightly.
He likes that guitar... Cobalt realized, face scratched and leaning forward as he braced himself on a building. He braced himself not because he was hurting, but because he was simply trying to really take all this in. Fast. He was very fast. He was throwing energy blast after sound wave one after the other. Though Keoni somehow handled the cycling vortex of energy, there was still the matter of trying to harm this monster.

The moment he shunpo'd up above to shoot that deafening scream, Cobalt fired a bullet straight for his mouth. It wasn't just one either. He shot 4 of them at Kanashi and they would hit him right in the mouth if he tried to continue that loud, screeching cry. My mind can keep up...But my body looks like its haven't trouble with his movements... He was fortunate though. A bullet would make it up to Kanashi's mouth before that scream, where as Cobalt would be far too slow.


on Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:07 am


With a thundering roar a massive spiritual pressure came crashing in to the human world. Winds blew pinning down everyone. This reiatsu was great enough to force Cobalt and keoni onto their knees. gasping for air. A gate opened and the COmmander came walking out. and as the gate desolved into nothingness. The commander adjusted his gloves a bit. uttering the words. Why are you fighting young musician? What has this man done to your His words carried a firm tone. As if almost scolding the young man with the guitar. All this destruction and fighting is nonsence. If you continue. I might have to step in to teach you a little lesson. Raiden jumped down to the street and his reiatsu lightened. so that the humans could breathe again.

(OOC Please Ika dont bring Himhere give me a victory once in a while too. I wont kill him )


on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:26 pm


Kanashi's scream blew back the bullet with sheer power alone and he finally stopped "You Humans are no fun leave or die" he yawned as he said this.Kanashi laughed "Watch your tone Captain Commander if I called Ika down here as you recall the man who would quite easily demolish you you would be a dead man". He stepped out with his guitar in the pitch darkness. I am in no hurry to fight a losing battle as you can see I am outnumbered though less likely to be out powered even by you Captain Commander as you know I can be quite crafty.He grinned "like this" he hopped through a Garganta he opened in advance.

on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:34 am

In the near distance a tall shadowy figure can be seen slowly making his way towards the bount the human and the shinigami. As he gets closer, His pale white skin can be seen covering his muscular body. A blood red tribal tattoo covers him from torso to back and his claw like hands remain at his side. He stares with killing intent at the shinigami gettting closer and closer to him. He sniffs the air a few times with his beatly nose and knows that this is the man. It is Senshu Yamaguchi, come to finish what he started several weeks ago. The espada finally makes his way up to the group of three. A few children minding their own business run into the street to catch a ball. As they do a car whizzes by, ready to hit them. Senshu holds out his legs and the car crashes against it, stopping the car and saving the children. After a few seconds, Yamaguchi catches their scent completely and picks them both up. He takes large chomps out of their necks and torsos ad tosses the rest of their bodies to the side. He needed a quick snakck. He licks the blood from his lips and speaks.

"Captain Commander. I have come to finish what i started.."

He darts his eyes over to the other two briefly.

" Stay out of my way or you both shall know my wrath as well.."

Senshu leans his neck to the side , cracking it to get ready for battle.

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on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:42 am


Anamist opened his eyes slowly as squinted as his pupils adjusted to the light of the sun from the human world, he had intended on opening a very small Garganta... but it had been such a long time since he had even been in the human world. His Garganta was enormous and basically announced his presence to anyone capable of seeing it within the city.
He released a large yawn as the garganta shut behind him, he stretched his arms above his head and twisted his body in an odd manner, causing the most horrendous popping sound. He could feel several vast rietsus nearby; it had been what had drawn him from Hueco Mundo.. his first visit to the human world in 100 years.
He straightened his white arrancar clothes and dusted the sand off his trenchcoat and made sure his two swords were snug against his shoulder.
He floated leisurely closer to where a current battle was being staged, a vast amount of property damage had been done to the town; he laughed slightly as he thought how much trouble this would cause Soul Society. Then he saw the people, it seemed Soul Society were already there, along with some humans. He sat down on the corner of a building and looked half-iunterested at them, he would rather be asleep, but the rietsu releases would cause too much attention in Hueco mundo if something was not done soon.
"Jeez, why can't these people ever get along.."
He yawned again and rubbed his eyes, finally he was starting to wake up from his nap.


on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:52 am


Oh My the espada. Raiden speaks with calm words. He turns around to face him. Id apreciate it if you were to not eat the inhabitants of the Town. Raidens voice became firm. and sounded scolding. His reaitsu flared up a bit. when he stepped out wiht his right leg towards the arrancar. I don't think i have ever introduced myself properly. I am the Shinigami Captain Commander and 9th division captain Raiden born in the Shokakku Family. Pleased to meet you. His last words didnt even sound sarcastic. For Raiden has respect for his adversaries in combat even if they are arrancar. Raiden adjusted his combat gloves again. The reenforced leather knuckle guards lined up with his knuckles perfectly again.

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