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on Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:30 am


Cobalt paused after getting up, once again stopping because of Keoni. "I am not a performer. I told you, I am not someone out of the circus. You are confused about who you are talking too. Go home. I don't have time to baby sit. I have business," He said, though it probably sounded preposterious to someone that was reletively normal. Fortunately, Keoni was not normal in any sense.

"You've been in the way for most of the day. Go find something to do. I have adult things to attend too and you are holding me back." That was the final snip to the slipping thread. Keoni, as unfocused and innattentative as he was, had no place to misinterpert that. Cobalt contuined walking after that, not turning back for a moment. He wasn't going to perform for Keoni and, from his tone, would never. Keoni was barking up the wrong tree. Cobalt didn't care for Keoni's interest in him and he didn't care that Keoni could possibly get his feelings hurt. As of now, Keoni was standing in the path of progress and meddling in important affairs. There would be no sympathy for someone getting in his way.

"I have no interest in you." The last was practically heartless, backed by that deep, cold tone. Not even the slighest care. Keoni could just die right there and Cobalt wouldn't bat an eye. That was how his tone was. That was how his demeanor presented itself. Cobalt simply did not care. Keoni would never, willingly, get anything out of Cobalt. Especially all the things that he was asking for. If Cobalt refused to accept everything that Keoni was saying, how was Keoni going to get anywhere?


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:03 am


Keoni smiled brightly and shook his hand. "No. No. You are." Keoni insisted. This man could lie all he liked, but Keoni knew the truth; Cobalt was just a lite rusty and didn't want to disappoint Keoni! "We can go to my house. I brought a few swords you used online~" Of course, Keoni had no idea if the swords had actually been used by Cobalt, but... As long as he lacked the information that they were fake, they were real. "Babysit..?" That word took a few minutes to click in his mind. Once he knew Cobalt wasn't talking about sitting on babies, he let out a small laugh. Who was the one actually baby-sitting~? 

Awww~ Cobalt was such a caring man! With that rough American accent, he was trying to keep Keoni out of danger; the kind Cobalt simply didn't want Keoni to be harmed. Keoni sprinted after him and went to clasp Cobalt's wrist. If possible, Keoni smiled even brighter, his teeth crudely mocking the sun. "But I'm interested in you, Cobalt. With the way Keoni dreamily stared at the man, his obsession could have been mistaken for something else. "My Cobalt~" Keoni sound, letting out a small laugh; he loved the way the sentence sounded out loud. Of course, Cobalt would love the way the sentence sounded, how it delicately left his mouth, too. Keoni knew he would! "And... you are interested in me, you just haven't realized in yet." Keoni insisted. "You want to perform for me~"  


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:28 am


(Hope you don't mind if the friendly admin joins :D)

Kanashi had heard the commotion from over the bridge where he was singing so he could raise money of which he gave half of the 1000 dollars to a homeless boy. He began to walk over strumming his guitar and playing his music and singing The Day I Left The Womb by Escape The Fate."Mother... Where are you today".He sang this staring at the sky and strumming along nearing the commotion."You took a piece of me the day you went away". He smiled and continued playing as he neared the building. "No recollection no the smell of your perfume". A tear filled his eyes."You took a piece of me the day I left the womb". He continued playing as he neared the building.

He then continued strumming as he neared the area and sang "Musics Entity Emerge" and as he said this his guitar became much more awesome and he strummed faster. He sang softly "brother put your needles down" and as he did this he made a special strum and a blast cleared his path to the area of the two men. He was 150 yards away but they had noticed..."The best thing for you is to leave this awful town" He as he approached the men continued singing in tune. "Pretty soon... You'll have kids to feed". He continued playing as he neared them.He then looked at the sky and sang a little louder but still soft "If you see mother"... A tear filled his left eye and he screamed "TELL HE I CAN SING". Girls peaked around the corner.

He winked and wrote his number down and sent it flying over to them with the wind as he watched it land in there hands and they ran off cheering.He smiled and neared the fellows and was about 50 yards out."Please don't worry I am doing fine" his guitar continued strumming.He screamed this "Your much to busy to even find the time". He was tearing it up and people were noticing.He used emotion in his next scream and was right in front of the men "SO USE YOUR CHEMICALS AND TAKE THIS TO YOUR GRAVE... THE BOYS YOU LEFT ARE MEN YOU DIDN'T RAISE". He sang this and then stopped. "Oh hey sorry was I interrupting something I just felt your Reitsu and was singing so I decided to check it out". He smiled calmly and happily.


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:08 am


Cobalt would snatch his wrist. "I am not. Nor will I ever. I'm sure I said that already," Cobalt didn't like to repeat himself, though he was structured enough to know better than to lose his temper over something trivial. Cobalt wouldn't be bothered. "I don't want your swords. I don't want anything from you. Don't you understand that I am busy?" He said, surprisingly calm despite how the words sounded. "You should find some of your friends to play around with. You are being annoying," Cobalt would button the cuffs of his dress shirt after calling Keoni annoying.

"I don't have time for your games. I think i've said that enough. If you keep this up, I'll have to get rid of you buy other means. LIke the police," He said, though Cobalt didn't have the time for that. No. If it came down to it, he could punch Keoni right in the chest. Keoni could go running to the nearest adult if he wanted too, but he was still deserve the strike. Is this how the Japanese were? Harassers? Pests? Inconsiderate meddlers? This boy was a little over the top though. His tone was stranger than any talkitive fool that went on and on about things that Cobalt couldn't find the care for.

"I am not interested in you. There's nothing about you that's interesting. You have done nothing but slow me down, get in the way, and try to distract me with nothing but your ignorance. I have no need or want or desire to have you around if you are going to do nothing but hold me back. An animal would be more useful," He said, popping his collar as he straightened it. "I only have interest in things that will benefit me. You are not one of those things, I clearly see that," He said, completely demeaning. As if he were judging Keoni without even looking at him anymore. Though Keoni was practically staring through Cobalt, Cobalt didn't offer a single glance. He didn't share even a second of eye contact anymore.

"I'm not going to warn you again. I am busy and don't have time for you. Go away, or else-" Bang. Boom. Cobalt stopped and, for the first time today, he was genuienly surprised. Smoke was rising in the air as buildings were leveled, the ground was turned apart, and metal was blown straight through. Focusing a moment, Cobalt was easily able to see, about a football field away, someone was there. Passing him was a gentle breeze and, within that breeze he could smell the dirt and metal that formally stood. That...Was unusual. Definitely unusual. There had been buildings right there, right? Surely, he and the other gawking woman at the table weren't the only ones that saw, or didn't see, what happened to those buildings.

The clear singing was easy to make out, the man was enthuiastic to say the least. This was a chore. Something else standing in the way of the ever ticking clock, however...This wasn't the same as with this pesty puppy at his side. No. This was a great deal more pressing and, surprisingly, interesting. As the man was approaching, Cobalt was realzing that he wasn't as old as he looked from far away. He wasn't as young looking than Keoni.

"Who?" Cobalt started, before putting his hands on his hips as he paused again for the millionth time today. The question seemed so irrevelant for some reason. That's right. Because Cobalt did have something to do. However, even he couldn't easily brush off such a explosion of might, singing seemingly playfully, after having decimated everything in his path on a whim. Down to business, that was so like Cobalt. "Reitsu?" Cobalt asked, before contuining his questions, "Who are you?" He contuined, looking at the small child that was before them. To be honest, he actually thought better of this guy already than Keoni. Anything, at this point, was better than Keoni.


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:41 am


(Your thinking of Ika this is Kanashi he looks to be about 25 lol)

Kanashi looked at the man ahead of him and realized he was weak for a second and he decided to display his full Reitsu for a second to make them less aggressive. He smiled at the man over to the side as well and hit him self in the head. "Where are my manners I am Kanashi Ushimagu and you two fine chaps are"?He smiled as gleefully as possible as he looked onward and continued strumming his guitar and soon realized the one ahead had annoyed the shit out of the one in front of him.Bounto I am assuming due to your lack of Reitsu I suggest you leave as this man looks ready to tear your head off.He said this as honestly and without displaying anger or hostility. He then silently walked over to a chair and used Guitars Vibe to blow up a wall at the exact point where a chair would go flying at him. It worked and the chair hit his hand and he sat down.He then began to play another song.

He began strumming along to the song Second and Sebring and singing all the while and he sounded exactly like Austin Carlie with his screams and clean vocals and he was doing well on his guitar. "I believe it's time for me to be famous, And out of place". He smiled as he sang this. "He looked at the sky again and then began to sing in his sweet serenading voice "I believe it's time for me to move forward, When I break through.He continued playing and then he tuned his guitar just a little bit and if the annoying man was still there it would track him with 5 homing frequencies much like Bala in every way.He tuned again and the walls on the near by building began to crumble.

"This time I'll, make you, Proud to see me over, come on day light" he sang this and continued playing guitar and singing. He continued to look around as people gathered around him to hear him "Proud of, who you raised Your shelter, your peacefulness". He continued singing with a tear in his eye as he remembered his family.He stopped and looked over the area surveying the destruction. He was getting money for performing so he grinned like a maniac "Fun".


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:43 am


The singing went in one ear and out the other. With Cobalt present, Keoni could focus on nothing else. Here Keoni was, standing beside his idol~! The smile stayed glued to Keoni's face as Cobalt snatched his wrist away. His Cobalt was jut afraid of germs, that's all. Annoying? Aw, he was using American humor~

"Let me help you. This is my hometown. I can be your bodyguard." As if such an action would reassure Cobalt, he made a gun with his pointer finger. "Bang. Bang." He said before laughing. Keoni would protect Cobalt though. The "kid" hated senseless things and would rather stay away from a place where a demon attack was rumored, but... as long as he was with Cobalt. 

Police? Cobalt was joking; he had to be joking. Besides, no one could arrest a minor for helping out a crass foreigner, correct~? The time for police was when Keoni was stalking him in America. Yet again, Keoni was staring up at the man, his dreams and views messing up the meaning of his words. "This is my hometown. I can show you to that address, where the attack was." Keoni offered. He wanted to  grab Cobalt again, touch that face that spit fire and swallowed swords... Too amazing... "I just want to help you, Cobalt. I'm going to help you because you want me to~" And that was that. Even if Cobalt wasn't joking around, he surely was, Keoni could always play he helpless victim. According to outward appearances, Cobalt was an adult and Keoni was a child. 

Keoni's gaze followed Cobalt's. No... something bad was actually happening? Tightly grasping a pocket watch with a shaking hand, he took a deep breath."We... we should go..." Oh gosh, was Cobalt actually distracted with that kid? Keoni frowned and glanced back at the woman still sitting at the time. He really had competition for his obsession, didn't he? Keoni stayed silent, only giving the guy a small bow of his head in greeting. After all, he was sure the guy was talking to Cobalt. Besides, Keoni would rather go back to staring at Cobalt's face.

Hearing the guy addressing him, Keoni's gaze left Cobalt's face. "Keoni Launcelot Baltic." He greeted with a small smile, which he forced to stay on his face as he was addressed as a bount. Not knowing why this man knew, Keoni didn't react to the comment. Besides, he'd rather avoid trouble.


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:58 am


"Tsk," Very annoying. Grabbing Keoni's collar he didn't have time to think about the consequences of what he was about to do. Keoni probably wouldn't realize, or hadn't, the welling energy crawling on the ground towards them with the intent to bulldoze right through him, if not them both. Being side by side, something of the magnitude that the man had shot out was going to be dangerous to take on affront. So, Cobalt had to act quickly and defensively.

A simple jump, however, it was a high jump. A jump that tossed Cobalt's body up higher than your typical legs could push. Cobalt jumped twice and landed upon a building as the bala-esk concussion wave erupted and crashed upon the ground. Cobalt would have tossed Keoni on the ground. To Keoni, Cobalt would have practically flew up onto this 2 story building as he seemed to jump high and right on a building. Cobalt slipped a hand under his shirt, unclipped something, and as his tucked in dress shirt became loose and untucked, there was a loaded gun in his hand. Cocking the handgun and turning the safety off, Cobalt looked just who he was dealing with.

"I have more important matters to get through than your self concerned concerto. You have anything that you have for me other than blatant, unnecessary, foolish destruction? Because I don't have the time to entertain a fool," Insults. Those were usually unlike Cobalt, but he did have things to do and being attacked by some super powered freak was not on the list. Could this have anything to do with those demons? Was this person one of the ones that abducted the brothers? This could all be tantrum of chance and bad luck, however, Cobalt wasn't exactly sure.

"Lives are on the line. If you are just stretching your overindulgant arms, then you should find some other audience to entertain your eccentricity," Cobalt said, cooly. Though it sounded pushy and arrogant, he was really very level headed. In fact, the only thing that he was worried about was getting to that contract. His deep voice would never betray his intentions, so it did sound a little bold of him to say all that to Kanashi. However, Kanashi and Keoni were both unimportant. They were speed bumps that were only serving to anchor his full speed.

"Do you have anything to offer?" If not, then why would Cobalt waste his time contuining his talking with him? Why would Cobalt waste even a bullet or a second more of his eye contact. It was a waste of breath to speak with someone that couldn't offer or benefit himself. It was counter productive and pointless to waste his time do anything that would not reap signifigant rewards. Of all that, speaking to someone that spoke half in song would only serve to delay Cobalt further. It would all be easier if the two of them would just entertain each other.

A steady, slightly impressive orange aura started to flow from Cobalt. Unlike Kanashi's unrelenting spiritual pressure, Cobalts was very reserved and self focused. The orange spiritual energy didnt' span out far from his body and looked almost like he was on fire. It was his full power, though to his opposition it probably wasn't all that threatening, was it? A great deal of this power was centeralized in that gun that Cobalt was holding. "You," Cobalt would send a short glance to Keoni, "I'm leaving you here."


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:22 pm


"Oh sir you have nothing to worry about seeing as those attacks were aimed at Keoni and they are heat seeking so they will hit him very soon". He then noticed the gun pulled and he decided to hint them in on whom was stronger with his Reitsu. He flipped his mask on and launched a Cero at the man on the roof at an angle that weather he was hit or not he would be on the ground with Kanashi and Keoni. "I Have nothing to offer I do not need to as I have abundant amounts of power and I am afraid I need a warm up and as you can surely see (tier difference unless you act friendly your dead lol) I am much stronger than you two combined. He grinned "so if you don't hop down here and play nice I will be forced to kill you all".

When he said that he was smiling which probably scared the living shit out of the dude as right now his innocence and happiness much resembled Gin Ichimarus.Needless to say he sat back down and began strumming along normally just waiting for the man to run away and when he did it would be the last time he would ever move.He began to notice the people gather round him to listen to him as he continued playing his guitar and singing but monitoring the two humans.He made a powerful strum with his guitar and he leveled the whole area in front of him 50 feet wide and 150 feet long and no one would be able to tell it was from him.

He watched as he heard screaming and "Oh no what the hell happened" and people screaming buildings collapsing. What was best was no one could touch him not heaven not earth he was that strong and this was more apparent with the boss he had. Ika Mazi the leader of the new Vizards was his boss and considered Kanashi his right hand man. Kanashi was just as strong as even those in 0 division where he came from. Kanashi was able to kill 10 0 division members and escape as a Vizard and he escaped unscathed.If Raiden had been thinking like Ika told him 0 squad would faze them he welcomed Raiden to send 0 sqaud to there demises. Ika was more powerful then Kanashi. And with his Kidou he could kill them all and use him as his escape. Oh yes if Ika wanted he could kill everyone... But it wasn't in his nature.


on Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:07 am


Cobalt really was a circus performer~ A powerful, heroic man that snatched Keoni up by his collar and brought his to safety, on top of a random roof. Not minding being tossed onto the roof, Keoni glanced towards the ground. "You are. You are that Cobalt..." He whispered in awe. Even going so far as whipping out a gun... Cobalt was such a protective, heroic man... "Thank you~" Keoni said as he stood up and stared up at Cobalt.

"Like I told you earlier, I know my way around town. I can take you to that building." Keoni offered, the smile returning to mocking-the-sun level. With Cobalt present, Keoni couldn't bring himself to worry about the guy that attacked them unprovoked. After all, what had Keoni ever done to the man? He hadn't even meet him before! "So senseless..." Keoni mumbled as he stared at the ground. "Attacking others for no reason..." Leaving him here?! No! No! Keoni wouldn't let him! "Please, I want to help you, I need to help you-!" Keoni pleaded. With that gun and orange energy, Cobalt transgressed wonderful.

"Please..." Keoni fluttered his eyelashes for effect. "I... can help... She can help... Let us help you..." Keoni's shaking hand was still tightly clasping the pocket watch dangling from his neck. The begging was almost as senseless as that attack; Keoni would follow Cobalt without his permission, because Cobalt wanted him to follow him. Deep down, somewhere under the milky bones and gushy muscle, Cobalt didn't want to be separated from Keoni; Keoni knew that was true because it had to be true...

Fake, bright blue eyes widened as the man sent another attack at them. This... couldn't be happening-! Keoni was a good kid-man-whatever; he had never hurt anyone before. Maybe he'd accidentally stumbled into one or played a sport; However, Keoni was the type of guy to apologize endlessly if he accidentally caused someone harm. He could even remember when he played football, one of his various school trials, and after his first game... he had quit. Keoni couldn't bring himself to tackle another guy and sat on the bench for the rest of the game. Funny how the guy he'd tackled lightly laughed as Keoni helped him up and begin to rampantly apologize.

Aimed at Keoni? He bit down on his bottom lip and began tearing off skin. "Look... I'm sorry if I did something to make you mad, but... I just want to go about my day..." Keoni begged to the violent-for-no-apparent reason man. He tore the chain away from his neck, wincing as metal broke on his neck. That hurt a lot more then I thought it would.... Dropping the pocket watch, that had previously attached to the chain, over the side, he began to chant. "Wecken mein schones Schwein..." He whispered. After the watch touch the ground, it formed into an adorable teacup pig. Her nails were painted a dazzling aqua and cute matching rain boots adorned her feet. 

Keoni quickly snatched Cobalt's wrist and if the man didn't dodge the grab, Keoni would leap to the ground with him. 

As the two were flying towards the ground, Keoni refused to think of it as falling, the pig grew to the size of a bigger-then-average boar. The teacup irritatingly caught the two on her back. That was if    Cobalt allowed himself to be dragged off the building. After checking on the man's wellbeing, Keoni hugged the pig. "Oh, Loreli, whatever would I do without you~?" 

The pig huffed and would knock Cobalt off if he was still on. "Shopping spree." She ordered, because didn't the doll deserve one? 

"Of course! Of course~" To be honest, Keoni was sure he would have attempted suicide years ago I it wasn't for Lorelei. Losing his parents and then his wife... As a bount, he was predetermined to lose anyone he loved. Everyone except Lorelei. The circus was eternal though... Keoni's attention went back to the senseless musician. Eyes widening in horror as the blast found its play thing. Not that Keoni wanted Lorelei to also get hurt, but he subconsciously held her tighter to his chest. Oh wow... that hurt... He had expected the attack to hurt, but not that much. Keoni was blasted back, hitting a building that was nice enough to catch him, before he fell to the ground, Nothing felt or appeared broken, but he was sure his ankle was at least sprained and his body was covered with gushing scarlet and purple splotches. Forcing his body off the ground, Keoni walked forward... slightly limping.

"Play nice, right..?" He asked with a forced smile on his face. Keoni's hand were still shaking, so he picked up the pig whom had turned to a teacup pig, holding Lorelei tightly to his chest. With such a crowd... Keoni would really think someone would notice and call the cops... People... This man was harming people so crassly! "Please stop-!" Keoni begged. There was no reason for this man to be harming people... No reason at all...

 Lorelei lifted her little hands up and tugged at the corner of Keoni's face. "The child said he would play nicely. Now stop being the humans into this." Lorelei told the man in a no-nonsense tone.

"Lorelei's right~" Keoni said, trying to make his voice sound as friendly as possible. "I'll play nicely. I promise." Then holding the beautiful doll with one hand, he 'crossed his heart'. "I promise~" Keoni said with a half-hearted smile, a little traumatized how someone could attack people like this. Moving his way through the downed crowd, slowly making his way towards the man.


on Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:28 am


(Its like a wave like blast equal to a Cero...)

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