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on Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:04 am


The endless task presented to the hard working man was to find the two contractors that he'd spoken to on the phone about the unification and production of the next product. Of course, Cobalt wasn't alone on this one. There was the Director of Production and his assistant here as well as a Representative of the CEO that came to document the findings. Just like business heads, they were lazy and hypnotized by the little technological devices that they brought with them.

The tension was building with the language barrier they were having, though Cobalt was not, with the natives and the contractors specifically. They couldn't be found and trying to find someone that couldn't be found in a foreign country is nothing short but a headache. However, Cobalt could read and speak the language of the common man and decided to take it upon himself to speak to an agent that worked for one of the subsidaries of their company and that she would meet with him out front of a coffee shop to solve this problem. Being the lazy sort that they were, his companions remained in their hotel rooms behind the secure walls of their WIFI and catered dinners.

Cobalt was dressed in fine, formal clothes. He had been in a full suit with light, teal pinstrips running up from the pants and up the jacket, but he lost the top and now walked with tucked, white collared shirt and a lose neck where he'd freed his tie. His wristcuffs were free, breaking the formal look somewhat, and he was walking down the street with his hair combed back as usual. He was easily spotted for a foreigner with that hair color.

However, there was something that did come to mind as he was a little ways from the hotel. Ever since the airport, he's had this ominous feeling that someone was watching him. Following his every breath and planning against him. It could be the different air getting to him, though he's traveled a great deal in his life, or it could be just from all the strain this situation was putting against his schedule...In any case, he pushed the feelings aside and decided to keep his headed towards the coffee shop.


on Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:08 am


To think that Keoni had taken all the trouble of booking a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. Following Colbalt around had went beyond the trip. Now... Cobalt was in Japan~! Visiting his current hometown was great. This gave Keoni the perfect opportunity to talk to the wonderful firespitter and sword swallower~

Click. With the hundredth picture of today, he sneaked out of the bush he'd been hiding in; finding hiding places while kindly following someone was a difficult task, especially in this town. Obsessively, Keoni ran fingers through his blonde hair (dyed). Click. With a bright smile on his face, he walked towards Cobalt. Like a cliche idiot, he accidentally-on-purpose bumped into the foreigner.

If Cobalt was bumped into and even if he jumped away in time, Keoni would place a sweet, apologetic smile on his face. "Sorry. Sorry!" He cried out in heavily accented English. Let it be noted, that Keoni was a horrible actor and his sorry was obviously fake; however the thick accent might have hidden that. The smile brightened as Keoni stared up, transfixed, at the man's face. "Are young foreigner~?"


on Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:24 am


Cobalt was walking a casual pace, step after step, down the street. As he was walking, eyes forward and hands at his sides, he felt someone bump into his side. It wasn't any small, brushing passed you bump either. It was practically a tripped up stumble into the man. Cobalt didn't say or do much, other than stop walking, as he looked over to the side that this mysterious person had struck him.

Who was this? Definitely, no one important. Cobalt hardly had the time or patience to worry about someone that was not absolutely important. Cobalt gave the boy an up and down look before turning away to resume his walk, "I'm very busy, boy." The words were cold and harsh. They were lower than what a stranger would say to someone. There was absolutely no interest or kindness in this words. They were as sharp as a razorblade and they were backed by an incredibly bass voice. His voice was deep, heavy, and almost threatening in the sound alone. He wasn't angry or trying to be aggressive, but that voice of his was like the steady growl of a bear or a tiger after it was woken up from a happy sleep.

The man, Cobalt, wasn't overly tall. But he was pretty built muscle wise and nothing about him screamed "i'm friendly and would love to converse with you'. He honestly just brushed off Keoni like a bank manager to a beggar.


on Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:45 am


Very busy? No, that couldn't be true! No... Cobalt hadn't meant to sound rude; it was just that American accent. Yes... Cobalt only sounded crass because he was American. No doubt existed in Keoni's mind that Cobalt wanted to get to know him. After all, no one appreciated him as much as Keoni; he was Cobalt's biggest fan. And of course Cobalt was busy! Such an amazing, important man would surely have a busy schedule... "Heeey..." Keoni mumbled in thought, as if he just noticed something and hadn't been following the man around for a few months.

"Are you not that business man..?" Keoni asked in bewilderment while titling his head to the side. The man might brush him off if he asked about the circus! No... Keoni would suck up to him before forcing an autograph out of him... No... Keoni had worked too hard to walk away with only an autograph. "I... read an article online about this successful, young business man..." He said, his eyes still gleaming. Keoni was talking to Cobalt, his Cobalt.


on Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:17 pm


Cobalt's ability to listen to this boy was growing shorter and shorter. There wouldn't be any reward or any payment listening to this boy's idle chatter and pointless questions. Cobalt had so many other things to do and this was just an obvious waste of time. Despite his opinion on the meeting with Keoni, Cobalt's near infinite patience allowed him to take it all in with a level head. He wasn't going to get frustrated or agrivated that Keoni didn't catch the...Obvious hints.

"Congratulations," He said sarcastically, that deep voice booming, "You can read." Not denying or accepting the claims, Cobalt just contuined walking down the street intending to keep Keoni at his back. "Shouldn't you be in school or going about chores?" Something else. Didn't he have somewhere else to be? What was he looking for anyway? Not many High School students were running around looking for business men. Cobalt was unfamiliar with this sort of situation. It's not like he was popular on a social level in a different country. Sure, he was somewhat well known in the business heirachy, but he humbly always understated that. It was unusual for someone to be refering him to that business man. The boy had to be mistaken.

Cobalt's pace slowed a bit when he saw the name of the Coffee shop only a dozen yards ahead of him. There was an outside eatery that was under a awning and there, reading a newspaper, was his source. He had to get to that woman, find out what he needed too, locate the contractors, and start the reason that he came here. Cobalt looked over his shoulder a moment, checking to see if the boy was still there. Was Cobalt not being direct enough? Really. Was he honestly going to have to try to get this boy to go and do something productive?


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:31 am


A blush spread across Keoni's cheeks. He was complimenting him; Cobalt was complimenting Keoni~!" It was requiring all of Keoni's self control to stay on the ground and his hands off Cobalt; however... didn't Keoni deserve to touch him? After all, Keoni was the only person who actually cared for Cobalt. Everyone else, Keoni was sure, just pretend to care about Cobalt. They all really wanted the young man to jump off a a bluff, but Keoni didn't. "Thanks~ They teach English in school." Cobalt was complimenting Keoni on his ability to read an English article, was he not? "Not good English though, but I've vacationed at lot's of English-speaking countries." He prated.

 As Cobalt walked, Keoni did what was expected and followed after him... like a misinformed stray that thought this man was going to take care of him. "School? Chores..?" Keoni shook his head. If he did chores, how would he remember where he kept everything? School... Well, that got boring after awhile. "I take online classes~" Keoni quickened his pace and walked besides the man, opening and closing his fists to prevent himself from touching. "Actually.. I lied." Keoni said with a brightening smile and gleaming eyes. "I saw you at the circus once and you were amazing. I was awestruck~"


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:12 am


This was dragging on now. The boy was certainlly not adept with hidden signs and implications in speechs. Was Cobalt's tone just running over the boy's head? Cobalt paused again, turning to look at the boy with an almost concerned look. This boy had to be crazy. Why was he being so attatched? Cobalt didn't know what he was going to do if being vauge and non-direct was having no effect other than being direct. As Keoni was explaining that he didn't attend public school, which was a little abnormal for an Japanese Citizen, Cobalt decided to cut it short there.

"Mind your business, young man. I don't have time for this, so you should find something productive to do. Going around bothering adults is not what you should be wasting time doing. If you have this much free time, then you should find somewhere to work," He stated, about to turn around and start walking away.

Lied... The words that followed froze Cobalt a moment. That brought him back. Brought him way back. A flash of memory hit him from times with friends to times where he worked hard. Almost dying, more than once, and throwing swords and fire into the air in an elaborate dance that tested his limited physical capabilities. He worked hard then. Nothing was easy and he was always in danger, yet he managed to tone his skill and focus his effort into something that brought money and people in an efficent flow that was his daily routuine. Circus. When was the last time Cobalt had spoke with any of them? Thinking about it, Cobalt turned back around, sliding a hand through his hair a moment.

"You have me confused with someone else. I work with a business firm as a financal director. I don't work at or with a circus," He said, cold and gruff. He wasn't considering Keoni's feelings, especially if the boy was that enthused about the circus. There was no possibility that Cobalt recognized the boy, there were so many faces after all. But, even if it was a flash from the past, that life was over with and there wasn't any reason to entertain this excitable boy by acknowledging his accusation. There wasn't any money in it. In fact, it wasn't something that would bring him anything. It wasn an unimportant chapter in Cobalt's life.

With that, Cobalt turned around and started to leave again towards the small coffee shop. If Keoni didn't get in his way, Cobalt would sit right down with the woman that had the newspaper. She would lower it and smile. She was an older woman, likely in her early 50s, and she was Japanese. She had completely dark hair, though deep crows feet and her face was very lean. She wore a suit just as business like as Cobalt's.


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:31 am


Keoni shook his head, his spirit not wavering. "No. No. I'm fine with walking with you. I have no business to attend to~" If Keoni didn't understand the saying or if he just didn't realize the rudeness behind it was unknown. The thing was, Cobalt wasn't rude. No, a crass young man wasn't Keoni's vision of Cobalt; that wasn't how he imaged him. And, because Cobalt wasn't crass, his words were sympathetic. Adult? Cobalt was too young to be an 'actual adult'.  Right now, the young man was only a wannabe adult.

Amazing, stunning. Keoni was transfixed as the ex circus performer was lost in thought. Not being able to help himself, Keoni gently touched his upper arm. "Are you alright, Cobalt..?" His concern had defeated his brain. "No-!" Those memories had to be so precious, so amazing that Cobalt wanted to selfishly keep them to himself. But... Keoni wouldn't let him. Cobalt would share because Cobalt wanted to share. "You did. You did!" Keoni insisted. "I have videos and pictures and your autograph and... and..." A dreamy smile spread across Keoni's face as the memory, still so fresh in his mind, replayed itself. "You were so amazing..." He mumbled dreamily. As Cobalt attempted to attend his meeting, Keoni followed right after him. Seeing the woman and knowing she wasn't Cobalt's girlfriend because she couldn't be, he bowed at the waist. "Konnichiwa~"


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:04 am


Cobalt put an annoyed palm to his forehead and sighed, "Sit down," He would say as the far too uppy Keoni just invited himself to the private meeting. Fortunately, it wasn't all that serious of a meeting.
"Konichiwa," The woman said in response, a casual smile on her own face, "An intern?" She asked Cobalt and he dropped his hands slowly to cross each hand down on the table. He didn't look all that pleased.
"More like a misinformed fan."
"How popular," She mused, folding the paper cloesd as she moved a hand to a warm cup of tea and brought it to her lips. She closed her eyes and hummed pleasurably as she tasted the tea. "Well how are you, Mr. Baltic?" She said, surprisingly saying the name completely correct despite speaking the more common Japanese (formalities in Japanese too).
"I am fine. When I contacted you, information was promised. I have been looking into the Lohai brothers of the Urakamaichi. They were the opposite end of this Turn-Over Contract." Cobalt was straight to the point, even with Keoni there.
"Well, I do have the information that you are looking for, but it's nature is a little strange. I wouldn't expect you to be familiar with Folklore and Mythology, however there are tales here in this town," The older woman said, bringin up her tea again. Despite showing no obvious emotion, Cobalt would rather avoid the tangent. He had things to do and hearing a bed time story that she was told long ago was just going to be a waste of time. Cobalt appeared polite and he could hold his tongue forever if need be. He was patient and he could work around an extended meeting later.

"This has to deal with the Lohai brothers?" Cobalt wanted to clearify, maybe he could slip out of the story session.
"It does. I'm afraid, the two you are looking for may not be easily reachable. This is going to sound strange, however I believe they have caught the eye of something. They have not contacted you because, by some possibility, they have been made unable," She said, sipping her tea again.
"Any ideas what this may be?" Cobalt said, completely composed. She basically just said these two were behind held hostage somewhere. They could have very well been killed. All for the prevention of this development. There were various other corportaions that could do this or, a little less likely, certain groups that didn't want the massive corportation Twenty-One to establish their next station here.

"I do," She said, looking up at Cobalt, "But before I say, I wish for you to be completely patient with me. What I am about to tell you is far beyond the normal and stepping on the border of fantasy and impossibility. Are your ears still focused?" She asked, carefully. Her eyes thinned and she raised her chin.
"I am."
"The two have been taken in by a dark demon. I do not know what kind or what its intentions are, but it is not and was not man that caused this. This was and is something far beyond what our reality is capable of," She said and Cobalt shook his head.
"That is a very far fetch," he started, but she pushed the paper on his table.
"I was given this. This is tomorrow's headline. My sources have already looked into the information with their own eyes and ears. There is no falsification or fabrication in this headline," She said, watching as Cobalt looked it over. The entire paper was not full, as an ordinary paper would be. It was a rush print, likely only covering select, specific issues that she wanted to see. After all, this was no ordinary woman.

Cobalt read through the story. The two brothers disappeared today, coincedentally. Their rooms were trashed, but there was a witness statement. The witness saw one of the men pinned to the wall, 4 feet high, but nothing was holding him there. The two were snatched clean out of the window. The ripped clothes and their blood was found on the glass of the broken windows and strange claw marks were found here and there. There had been a struggle, but whatever they were struggling with was not human. It was strong, invisible, and able to overpower two men in one room.

"So, there really is a demon then?" Cobalt inquired, taking the news reletively well. Looking at what this was, he had no reason to doubt it. After all, he had to consider the legitimacy in his source. The woman looked at Keoni, shared a smile for a moment, and her eyes flashed green. For a moment, it almost looked like she grew younger. Those crows feet weren't as deep and those eyes weren't as dark.
"Yes," She said, looking back over to Cobalt. "There's no way that there could be any other. I'm not sure if you truly believe in demons, Mr. Baltic, however the evidience is very clear. Information is as far as I can go, unfortuantely. I don't have a location yet, though should I find one it could very well be too late. Mr. Baltic, how important is your business to you?" She blinked frequently.

It was a good question. This wasn't a situation that was just some fairy tale, as Cobalt had first thought it would be. This was quite serious and the situation was just going to get worse. This was an important business venture and, though not as important, lives could very well be at stake. So then, what was Cobalt to do? Leave them, ensuring that his own life was secure, or save them and take advanatage of their potiental gratitude? There were various venues he could travel, however, what would bring him the most money right now?

"Any idea on where they last were?"
"Only their home. The two brothers lived together. I can tell you the location, but, just to be clear you have to make sure that you understand what you could very well be walking into. These are demons. This is an entirely different matter than an ordinary abduction. Chasing this could lead to more trouble than you could have hoped to wish for."
"I fully understand that and I have no qualms. I will accomplish that task. Thank you for the information," Cobalt would say, standing up. And there was Keoni. Keoni who was sitting in the middle of all this. What was Keoni thinking? It had to be a lot to grasp, or maybe Keoni was already all too familiar with this sort of talk? Cobalt was rising, off to play detective then rescue against some ominious demons. Didn't that sound far too dangerous for Keoni to tag along into?


on Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:54 am


As Cobalt conversed with the woman, Keoni watched him. The way his eyelashes fluttered when he blinked and how his mouth moved as he spoke... That mouth could do such more amazing things then simply talking; Keoni would love to see his act in person... again. Once wasn't nearly enough! Kidnapping was always a possibility. Surely Lorelei could make Cobalt performed; Keoni doubted that was needed. No...Cobalt was definitely itching to perform for Keoni. A few words of their conversation made it to Keoni's ears but he was too focused on Cobalt to pay complete attention. 

Keoni's mind was snapped back into place as the woman smiled at him. Being polite like a good Japanese youth that respected his elders, he smiled back. Wait... that green glow couldn't be good. No... Keoni wouldn't allow another special human to steal Cobalt away from him. Young... she looked far too young for a split second. "He's mine..." Keoni whined in Japanese. His obsession with the circus and it's performer could be shared, Keoni was fine with that; however, he refused to share the latest target of his obsession. Besides the woman probably couldn't make Cobalt appear young when he actually transmuted into an adult. No... Keoni could do so much for Cobalt.

"Cobalt... are you sure this is safe..?" Keoni asked as he stood up and pushed his chair in. Of course, he'd do his best to protect his Cobalt but... "Instead... why don't you perform for me~?" He asked, pulling on a sweet smile and moving to lace his arm around Cobalt's, trying to link the two by the arm. "Please~?"

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