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#1 Jota Juujo on Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:56 am

Who are you?

    Name: Juujo, Jota (儒所, 徐た; His first name is Jota)
    Alias: Jojo
    Technical Age: Unknown
    Apparent Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Vizard; Youkai (Cat ears/tail)
    Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance: From a human, and in fact, a humanoid perspective, Jojo can actually be called quite cute. His face is round and androgynous, leaning more towards feminimity. He is relatively short, standing only at the height of about a hundred and sixty centimeters. His straight silken hair is a grayish black color worn long for a boy; going down mid-neck. Jojo has a slim build, and naturally carries himself to look bigger. His skin is olive in color. Jojo is also not an ordinary soul, but what one would refer to as a youkai possessing catlike features including two fuzzy cat ears which sprout from the top of Jojo's head peaking through his hair, and a long cat tail which ends in a Y shape mysteriously poking through his clothing despite not having a hole to stick said tail through.

    Style/Clothing: Jojo has only one set of clothing, and yet despite this, if his cloths are dirty one day, they won't be the next day, unless you see him immediately the next day. Jojo wears a well fitting moss green buttoned down dress shirt, the collar popped up and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Worn over this is a tomato red tie done in a half-Windsor knot. The dress shirt has a lined texture which runs evenly through. This dress shirt also isn't tucked in, worn simply over a pair of stone colored skinny jeans. He also wears a shiny pair of black loafers with a brogue pattern running through the seams. Curiously, he also wears what appears to be a captain's haori over his shirt sans the number and squad symbol as well as the sleeves which appear torn off. Sometimes, covering his ears is a black fedora.

    Tattoo's/Scars/Etc: At the direct center of Jojo's forehead, there is a vaguely almond shaped mark which may either be a birthmark or a scar. Its background remains a mystery, though Jojo seems to have always had it, pointing more towards the hypothesis that it could be a birthmark. There is also a long scar which runs down his left forearm that does have a traceable history, which states that Jojo got it after having a sword fight with a rather strong shinigami who believed Jojo was an arrancar, attacking on sight.

    Personality: While talking, Jojo can be very mellow matching a James Bond type personality. He is very passive and inactive, usually going with the flow others perceiving him as being calm or serene. In everyday life, Jojo is actually very tranquil, wandering and wondering about, though he never seems to really be bored of anything. Concerning relationships, he seems to love every individual, and does so freely. This being said, Jojo puts his trust in people easily and doesn't seem to stop trusting anyone even if they do something untrustworthy. In this manner, Jojo is also very well trusted and agreeable, at least when such a thing is possible. Despite his appearance, Jojo is actually very heterosexual, and very masculine. He will also flirt with a girl as soon as possible.

    Jojo tends to keep a good peace of mind. He rarely keeps to himself, and therefore he can be a very interesting person to talk to, though he may not understand every topping he is talking about, meaning that he will often make things up as he goes along. While it leads to the more well informed to believe he is stupid, it can also make him seem a more comfortable person to being around, seeing as how he will listen to everyone who is there to listen to. Even while he likes to make things up, his favorite game being make believe, Jojo keeps a very pure essence about him, never able to truly tell a lie to hurt someone.

    Speaking with Jojo seems to inspire some people. Perhaps it is the entire eccentricity of his personality and mannerisms, or perhaps it is something much different. Not only is he inspiring, though he tends to be very hopeful, despite the bleakness of all things. He stays very optimistic, never putting faith out of something, even when everyone else sees such a thing as failing.

    (For Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, etc, go for 1-3 sentences per point, more if you wish.)


    • For whatever reason, Jojo has a fondness of sprouts, specifically those that grow in Spring. This is perhaps for their tender and carefree nature.

    • The ocean is also something Jojo enjoys. Specifically, he likes looking at the ocean and wondering what's inside it. Although he doesn't know how to swim and is technically part cat, he would like to be inside it one day.

    • Reflecting the ocean is the sky, another one of Jojo's interests. He likes to look at it and give shapes and names to whichever clouds he sees.

    • Make believe is Jojo's favorite game. While he is perfectly capable of being a warrior, he would rather play fight than do it for real in all its seriousness.

    • Jojo is also very fun loving, spending a lot of time simply partaking in the act of fun. He has no real motive for doing it, he just likes fun. There is no real aspect to it either, his definition of fun being whatever makes him happy.

    • More abstract than the idea of fun and make believe is the idea of dreams. Jojo, like a normal human being, spends a lot of time sleeping and so he spends an equally proportional amount of time dreaming. Because dreams are generally another form of game, Jojo also also enjoys dreams. Even the nightmares are fun sometimes.


    • As the kind of person who enjoys simply living, Jojo dislikes it when something is being destroyed. When something is destroyed it is very difficult to put back together, and even harder to see it in its former glory.

    • Death is another thing which Jojo dislikes. As previously stated, Jojo enjoys life, and so having such a thing deprived of an individual is difficult. While Jojo is not afraid of death, he does not like being around when it happens.

    • As much as Jojo likes fun and love and generally being alive, he also dislikes excess. When there is too much of something, it can never truly be good.

    • While Jojo doesn't hate sea food entirely, he dislikes eating crustaceans. While he'll still be around when someone else wants to eat it, he won't do such a thing himself because the animals are bottom feeders, and such a thing can't be good.

    • Combat is something which Jojo despises. He will still partake in the act, especially if it is just for fun, though he does not enjoy fighting in all its seriousness even with something dire on the line.

    • While fun can sometimes come from misreading or simply not following all the rules, Jojo dislikes cheating, especially if it is for the sake of ambition. This being said, Jojo hates those who cheat in order to advance with selfish reasons.


    • Jojo's main priority as an individual is to find out the true purpose of his existance. Most of his memories seemed to simply appear, leaving behind no true evidence of a childhood or any friends who had really met him.

    • It would also be very reassuring that Jojo knew the nature of his abilities. While he does not like combat, his very abilities seem to be created solely for fighting.

    • His tertiary objective is philisophical, finding out why the universe is the way it is and how everything has come to be. He is curious as to why he sees the world has a lot of ugly in it despite not knowing any other world.

    • With no real family, Jojo would also like to know where he had come from. While he knows who found him and basic things such as reading and writing, he really wants to know his origins.


    • Jojo is apparently part cat, and so naturally he possesses catlike abilities. The most prominent is his catlike flexibility. He will often try to impress people by putting both his legs behind his head.

    • In addition to catlike flexibility, he also has the reflexes of a cat, being able to detect something even a second befor it happens. These reflexes are rather handy, and are more than practical in combat especially when dodging his opponent's attacks.

    • Because Jojo likes playing games, he has developed an interesting strategic mind. He likes to use the ability predicting his opponents next move, and will often, in the heat of battle, predict his opponent's next line, and do so verbatim putting said opponent in shock.

    • Being very playful also makes Jojo very fun to be around. This being said, he attracts a lot of friends to him and people often trust Jojo.

    • Though Jojo isn't very fond of fighting at all, he seems to have a talent for it. Most blatantly, these talents are seen in the way he naturally carries himself with his legs shoulders width apart, his back straight, and his hands always at his side.

    Fears & Weaknesses:

    • Jojo's worst fear is becoming something he hates the most; he's afraid of becoming a monster. He's seen hollow before and he's hated everything about them since the first time he's seen one. Knowing the nature of his own abilities, Jojo fears that he may become a hollow.

    • Jojo will always have mercy on an opponent, regardless of who or what his opponent is. That being said, he will never try to kill making it very difficult to win. He will only use his full strength on request, though being used to holding back, his full strength isn't much an improvement.

    • While Jojo loves the ocean and water, he has a crippling incapacity of swimming. He isn't afraid of water, however every time he touches water, he can not float and his body drops like a stone, despite how light he appears.

    • Coupling his squeamishness, Jojo has a deep fear of death. He hates the sight, the smell, and even the sole thought of death. Like his fear of water, he is unafraid of dying. Unlike water though, he dislikes being around death, and scorns it. He rejects death for all that it is. Even seeing the cycle of rebirth, he dislikes death and will mourn for one every time he sees.

    • Bellicosity is also one of Jojo's weaknesses, or rather the lack of. His soft heart makes him prone during times of war.

    Battle Tendency

    List of 'Known' Skills:

    • Shunpo

    • Basic Reiatsu Detection

    Fighting Style: Jojo's fighting style clearly reflects his fun loving nature. It is very fun and playful yet also very straight forward and to the point. He hides very little in a fight, and makes his attacks very big and flashy sometimes even posing between attacks. Another strange part of Jojo's fighting style is that he doesn't assume a stance, reflecting that his style is mainly offense to an extreme degree. Because of Jojo's dislike of death, he will not strike a fatal point except on accident and will purposely miss attacks if needed.

    In regards to swordsmanship, Jojo is actually surprisingly decent. HE can fight an opponent, firmly holding his sword in only one hand, while also holding the sheath in his other hand.

    Personal Abilities:

      Name: Unbreakable Diamond (ダイヤモンドは砕けない [Daiyamondo hakuda kenai])
      Effect: Jojo possesses a very versatile technique; that is the ability of restoration, mainly that of objects and organisms. The main purpose would be to repair damage and heal injuries, which this ability does by reverting its history, and utilizing the same ability, Jojo can also revert an object back to its original components. For instance, he can change a wooden table back into a piece of wood or lumber. The ability can be used in a wide range of interesting and crazy ways, including trapping an enemy by restoring a broken safe while the enemy is still inside. In addition, the ability does not create matter, rather it reverts it making the ability useful for tracking, as a torn piece of a person's shirt may try to find its original components, the shirt proper. There are two great restrictions, howeve; the first being Jojo can not turn the dead back to life, though he may be able to make the corpse look as though it were alive; the second being Jojo can not use the ability to heal himself. He somehow gained the ability naturally using his own spiritual energy to create a sort of barrier.

    General Techniques:

      Technique Name: N/A
      Technique Description:

      Technique Effect Chart:

      *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
      Opponent is One Tier Lower:
      Opponent is Equal Tier:
      Opponent is One Tier Higher:
      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:

    Shinigami's Partner

    Zanpakuto Name: Asobi Sekusu (遊び時[せくす], lit. Fun Time)
    Zanpakuto Element: Water
    Sealed Weapon Appearance: Asobi Sekusu
    is a no-nonsense katana sword roughly eighty centimeters from butt to tip. The hilt is wrapped tightly in a clean white cloth around the blood red ray skin peaking out in the shape of triangles along the hilt. Along the hilt there are roughly twenty triangle patterns folded. At the center of the fourth fold up is a small wooden peg which appears simply like a wooden cork or a circle which does not stick out through the hilt, almost as though two dimensional on either side. The butt, or pommel of the sword appeared to be made of some kind of metal, plated in gold. The hand gaurd also appeared to be gold plated, and made into the shape of a heart with a smoothed rectangular hole through the top half where there is an indent. A little strip of rice paper with a wish written on it is tied to this indent with a string and a bamboo shoot.
    Spirit Appearance: The appearance of Asobi Sekusu is a complete mystery, with even Jota not being able to see it. Jota describes it solely as being "scary" and "unfriendly". It also seems to give off an aura of evil, making Jota not wanting to be around while his spirit is.
    Spirit Personality: Asobi Sekusu is very vague and mysterious. It speaks very little, but when it does, its words always sting in a figurative sense. Its almost as though Asobi acts as a foil for Jojo, being very stern, depressing, and serious. Their only apparent similarity is their dislike of excess.
    Inner World: Jojo's inner mind is an infinitesimally large ocean, where only the immediate ground which he stands on can even be stood on and even so, Jojo is still knee deep in water. It is perpetually dark in Jojo's mind world, reflecting his unknown background.The water seems to change color depending on Jojo's mood.

    Shikai Release Phrase: Let's go
    Shikai Appearance: Immediately after saying the release phrase, Asobi Sekusu is enveloped in a bright white light, after which it is changed. While is still takes the shape of a katana, Jojo's Asobi Sekusu appears as though it were made entirely out of plastic, almost like a toy true to Jojo's childish disposition. While in this form, it stil keeps most of its features, including the note attached, which is left unchanged as it is not actually part of the sword. The plastic covering it is completely white, with a smooth texture all around it. Seven hexagonal prisms also appear behind Jojo, forming a sort of ring. They have the same texture and appear to be made of the same material as the sword. The true purpose of the pucks is unknown, however, due to the fact that his attacks only work fourteen times- twice the amount of pucks he has, he assumes that they represent the capacity of his abilities, and believes another will form when he gets better at using said powers.
    Shikai Abilities:

    (Shinigami may start with ONE shikai ability; you may have two shikai abilities only if you can get the tier of 1-2 or stronger. If you have two anyway and fail to get that tier, you will simply have to remove one of the abilities. Shikai abilities are only usable in Shikai - they do not apply in bankai or your sealed form.)

      Name: Mizu Asobi (水遊び Water Fun)
      Effect: Mizu Asobi is the initial ability brought forth by Asobi Sekusu, and the first one out of the two possible which Jojo has discovered. He has yet to know what the second is. Mizu Asobi allows Jojo to produce water from the hexagonal pucks that circle around behind his back. This can be in the form of drinking water, or pressurized to be a more lethal weapon. While the water Jojo creates is usually room temperature, there is no reason why Jojo can not change how hot or cold the water is. In theory, therefore, he could create sheets of ice or shroud himself in mist, however, he is unable to do so at this current moment.

    Shikai Techniques: (Shinigami are allowed to start with no more than SIX shikai techniques)

      Technique Name: Play (遊ぶ; Asobu)
      Technique Description:The command, asobu, is the most basic technique that Jojo is able to use. That is, because the technique does not even utilize the zanpakuto's element, water. Instead, Jojo simply points his sword at a general direction of his target, and a puck flies toward said target at about the same rate as his own punches. Because of its simple nature, Jojo can use the technique many times in quick succession, the only exception is using the technique right before a shunpo, if he moves away from the thrown puck in which he waits at least a turn depending on how far he moves.

      Technique Effect Chart:

      *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Will cause broken bones, internal bleeding, external bleeding, or even a slight chance of death. Jojo will, however hold back on this ability, regardless, so death is not a big issue.
      Opponent is One Tier Lower: May cause all of the above, however, to a lesser extent. Bleeding and bone fractures may still be an issue, however.
      Opponent is Equal Tier: Can fracture bones and cause bleeding, but would hurt no more than falling onto concrete. Prone to cause bruises.
      Opponent is One Tier Higher: Like the above, prone to cause at least a bruise, but will do no more than break a bone.
      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Unless the attack hits a fatal spot, there will be no more pain than that which amounts to a mosquito bite.

      Technique Name: Squirt (噴出; Funshutsu)
      Technique Description:Utilizing the primary ability of Asobi Sekusu, Jojo can shoot a burst of pressurized water toward his opponent. Like Asobu, the command Funshutsu is a very simple technique. It fires said water through one of the hexagonal pucks Jojo uses, however, he can not use the ability while also shooting a puck. It takes about a turn before he can use the ability again, and he can only use it up to fourteen times in a row.

      Technique Effect Chart:

      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Like being hit with a lazer beam. Jojo will not often use the ability on opponents unless they really want him to, or Jojo thinks the opponent can handle it.
      Opponent is One Tier Lower: Prone to cause a broken something. Generally will hurt, and might kill but all in all not really too lethal.
      Opponent is Equal Tier: Like being hit by a fire hose at full blast. It seriously hurts, especially if you stand point blank.
      Opponent is One Tier Higher: Feels like being hit by a normal garden hose at full blast. Doesn't really hurt that much but still stings.
      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Essentially a glorified water gun that simply gets the opponent wet.

      Technique Name: Climax (上塗 [いく]; Iku)
      Technique Description: Climax Asobi Sekusu is the final and finishing move of Jojo's zanpakuto at the current moment. It is a very flashy technique, where Jojo will send all his pucks toward his opponent, having them surround the opponent, encircling the target a few times as Jojo gives his victory monologue. After he's finished, all seven of the hexagonal pucks will fire a pressurized stream of water.

      Technique Effect Chart:

      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: A guaranteed kill, hypothetically. Jojo will never use the attack on any opponent unless he really wants to finish them off, and so such a thing is not a possibility.
      Opponent is One Tier Lower:The opponent drowns to death. While not as bad as being too much weaker, it will still be lethal.
      Opponent is Equal Tier: Like being hit with a fire hose, but not much more. It will definitely hurt and may break a few bones, but is not very likely to kill.
      Opponent is One Tier Higher: Might feel like being shot at with a high pressure water gun. It might sting a little but won't really kill unless the target drowns.
      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: At most, like being shot on all sides by a low-flow shower head. It won't hurt a lot, mainly accomplishing the task of getting the opponent wet and not much else.


    Bankai Name: N/A
    Bankai Release Phrase:(What is the phrase called out to release your Bankai?)
    Bankai Appearance:(What does your Bankai look like?)
    Bankai Ability:(What is your Bankai's Ability? Is it an enhancement of the Shikai ability or a whole new one?)

      Ability Name:
      Ability Description:

    Bankai Techniques: Limit 6

      Technique Name:
      Technique Description:(Include any cool-down or charge times needed. Times are based on posts.)

      Technique Effect Chart:

      *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
      Opponent is One Tier Lower:
      Opponent is Equal Tier:
      Opponent is One Tier Higher:
      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:

    Behind the mask

    Inner Hollow Appearance: Strangely enough, Jojo's hollow is seemingly less frightening than ihs zanpakuto spirit. It introduces itself as "Estrella" and takes the form of a common house cat with a forked tail, white fur, and a yellow star over its face.
    Mask Appearance:A round almond-shaped mask which just barely covers Jojo's face. It is smooth and featureless except for two holes where Jojo's eyes are, and another two smaller holes where his nose it. Over the mask where Jojo's mouth would be, is a line indicating a mouth with lines going up giving the impression that they are seems. A large and flashy yellow pentagonal star is marked at the center of the mask cut off slightly by the nose and eye holes.
    Mask Duration: The mask lasts no longer than ten turns at best.
    Mask Techniques:Limit 4 (These will be things like Bala, Cero, Sonido, or your own variants or even knew techs altogether.) Vizards do not get Hierro, Gran Rey Cero, High-Speed Regen, or Pesquisa.

      Technique Name: Tal Vez (Perhaps)
      Technique Description: Essentially just Jojo's variation of the cero, however changed to be more of a physical attack rather than a burst of energy to be shot out. He has to touch his opponent, usually by throwing his right elbow to strike the opponent, as for whatever reason, his cero shoots through said elbow. Through his elbow, Jojo sends a burst of cero energy into his opponent, causing a ripple, the effect of which varying with the opponent. Jojo can only use the attack one every time he attacks, and will shorten the time of his transformation by one turn.

      Technique Effect Chart:

      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: It will hurt. Such an attack may cause the afflicted area to explode on site.
      Opponent is One Tier Lower: Like the above, may cause the opponent to explode, but less likely so. Will still hurt very badly nonetheless.
      Opponent is Equal Tier: The target much less likely to explode, but therer is still a chance. Will cause severe pain.
      Opponent is One Tier Higher: Will definitely hurt, but won't explode.
      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Probably going to leave a bruise, but won't hurt after a little bit.

      Technique Name: Cero
      Technique Description: The standard cero that all hollow are able to use. Jojo shoots a high powered beam toward his opponent through his elbow. Like all his techniques it's flashy. Asides from that though, it's nothing special. Because of the nature of the technique, Jojo won't use it very often. It takes one turn to charge and another to fire. There's no point in using it again after the first as the effects mask would have already wore off.

      Technique Effect Chart:

      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Will most likely blow a big hole into the opponent.
      Opponent is One Tier Lower:Will pierce into a target, causing bleeding and the disintegration of bone. Very likely to kill.
      Opponent is Equal Tier: Not too likely to kill. Will hurt the opponent and cause a large wound, but not much after that.
      Opponent is One Tier Higher: Might cause a burn scar but past that, nothing very fatal at all.
      Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Maybe it will itch, or maybe it will scratch an itch. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt that bad.

    Specialty: While donning the mask, Jojo uses ten times the ammount of energy he usually does, making him stronger and faster though within a period of four turns, he will feel his body break down.

    Tell me your story...

    History: The apocalypse came to the people of earth without warning. It seemed like some kind of nightmare plot, with two worlds colliding and becoming one destroying themselves. Something was definitely strange. For one family who lost their parents, they were left alone to fend for themselves. They were a lucky few humans without any powers of their own except what was physically capable for a normal human. It was two sisters; Yuriko was the name of the older sister, Kaede the younger sister. Their surname was Juujo, aged sixteen and eight respectively.

    One day, they were playing together in what little wasteland was still mostly green, until they saw a snow white cat and decided to follow it. It was then, when the two were attacked by an unseen enemy, the evil spirits known as hollow.

    The two were about to die, swallowed by a ghost that they were just barely able to see before being swallowed whole. Then, they stumbled back, the older sister tripping on something on the ground. That something, happened to be Jota, who awakened just in time to save them.

    The mysterious boy with cat ears had awoken, putting his hand over his face. "TEAR!" He screamed as he made the proper motion with his hand over his face. With a wave of black energy, an awry, somewhat insidious looking mask appeared over the boys face. He held a sword out with his left hand, unsheathing it with his right, then throwing the sheath to the side. The monster leapt into the boy with malicious intent. "I'M GOING TO EAT YOU!" declared the monster. The boy simply held out his sword, the monster unable to get through.

    "Let's go", the boy muttered then with an authorative voice, he yelled "ASOBI SEKUSU!" The sword became completely veiled in light. The light parted revealing what seemed to be a plastic sword resembling the real thing. Hexagonal pucks appeared behind the boy's back, floating in a circular motion. "Play, Asobi Sekusu!" The boy pointed out his sword as a puck flew toward his opponent who blocked, swiping the puck away with one arm, but not before the boy was able to jump up and catch his opponent by surprise, swinging his sword into the monster's mask.

    As the mask began to crack, the boy leapt away. He pointed his sword at his opponent once again. "Climax, Asobi Sekusu!"

    After finishing off his opponent, the mask broke, the boy collapsing to the ground.

    The girls quickly rescued him. When they asked him his name, he said he had no clew. The girls therefor gave him one, the oldest suggesting "Jota", believing he was removed from the place he was originally from. His origins of course, being a mystery. The younger sister, however, playfully called him "Jojo".

    The girls asked him how he got his powers, however Jojo had no clue to even what his powers were, before the girls told him their story and presented him the sword. Jojo thought it was pretty, though had a child-like understanding of what it was for.

    Then, when the three were in trouble again, Jojo had no choice but to use the sword. Not knowing how, he nearly got the three killed. However, in time, one of the girls reminded him of his release phrase, at which Jojo was able to gather enough power to defeat the enemy.

    In time, Jojo became both a play mate and protector for the two girls. This would however, change when they were met with a particularly strong opponent; a half-hollow abomination known as an arrancar, which ate the two girls alive. Jojo witnessing this was put in shock and awe to the point he blanked out. In time, he recovered and found himself in the same place, thinking it was all a bad dream. He was disillusioned when he was missing the girls.

    Twenty four years after, Jojo kept the same child-like attitude, however was able to get rid of his fear of loneliness. He trained himself extensively in the use of his abilities so that one day, he may protect and save someone so that they don't die like his friends did. He keeps a peace of paper tied to his sword's handle; a wish that he could be with his family again.

    Rp Sample:
    Jota Juujo sat alone, laying on a dead patch of grass. He moved his hand around on the dried foliage. The sky was black with cloud, though Jota would have loved to believe they were clouds. It was night time, and yet the stars were no where in sight. There was only the light of the moon, which desperately tried to reach the Earth, barely eaking out a dim glow behind the dense smog. It was also very warm, the air somewhat uncomfortable.

    When the sun finally died out, the little red color in the sky gone, Jota laid down, crying. "They're gone now", he began to say on the verge of tears, "it's been twenty four years." his eyes were beginning to burn, his throat feeling dry. He quickly wrapped the white cloth around him, despite the warmth of the air. He wasn't cold, but simply needed something to hold. While something bigger would be nice, just his white cloth would suffice. Directly under was his sword- a constant reminder of why he has to be on Earth, and et also, a strange sign that means he still has a lot to learn of his origins. While Jota was training himself for two decades, he still feels as though there's something wrong with his abilities. Not only that, but just recently, he discovered the new power to don the mask.

    The mask was confusing. It made him believe that he was evil. The mask itself was evil. Even what lived inside the sword was completely evil, and yet when he tried to talk, neither would do harm to him. Perhaps they were afraid of him.

    Slowly, Jota tried crying himself to sleep, until he finally heard a noise. His eyes popped open, as he rolled over. It was another hollow. "No! Not now!" Jota despised fighting, but he knew he had to do it.

    He was still depressed. Having the girls tought him how the days and years work, he had been counting days ever since they died. Today was the twenty fourth anniversary. Jojo had to pick flowers and leave them on the spot where they died- the very spot Jojo was sleeping on.

    Now was not the time, though. He had a fight on his hands.

    "Oh look, a tasty little morsel for me"

    While it seemed scary, it was just a basic level hollow without much strength on its own. It can't really do much at all. The battle would be easy.

    Jojo unsheathed his sword, tossing his sheath to the side. "Let's go Asobi Sekusu." The sword changed to its released form, a plastic form of its proper self. "ORAAAAAAAA!" Jojo rushed toward his opponent, the blade reverse wielded in his right hand.

    The hollow blocked, leaving a deep cut in its oar like arms. The monster attacked, pounding the ground, letting out a small earthquake. Jojo switched his hand position on the sword, jabbing it into his opponent, who knocked him off.

    Jojo made an air recovery, then slashed the sword in the air putting it back on his side before posing with his left hand pulling his collar to the side revealing part of his chest, his right arm holding the sword. Jojo smiled, treating it simply as a fun game.

    "You insolent fool! You dare insult me?" The monster was quite miffed.

    The monster roared and charged toward Jojo, who dodged, making a slash over his opponent's shoulder. He then posed once again. "Squirt, Asobi Sekusu!" Jojo pointed his sword toward his opponent, a puck going in fron of the tip of the sword. A wave of pressurized water shot out, hitting the target rather hard, sending it back to the ground.

    The monster leaped into the air. Jojo did the same. "ORA!" He shouted as he slashed the monster's legs, sending it falling once again. He quickly moved back, before it could fall on him. "Climax, Asobi Sekusu!" The seven pucks surrounded his opponent. The battle was over.

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Name of Character: Jota Juujo
Race: Vizard
Ready for Approval: Yes
Changes Needed: None
Comments: Very well written. I can’t wait to see you rp.

    Tier Assessment: 1-2

      Appearance: Good +2
      Personality: Good +2
      Combat: Average +2
      History: Good +1
      RP Sample: Bonus Given +1

Go ahead and post your stats. You have been approved. Post you stats here and in your signature. Once done, i'll lock this thread.

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you have two sets. which one is which?

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While donning the mask, Jojo uses ten times the ammount of energy he usually does, making him stronger and faster though within a period of ten turns, he will feel his body break down.
You are fine with him being able to use his mask for 10 posts, Pallas? Otherwise, if the mask only lasts 4 turns then shouldn't this boost of strength?

Also good job, Jota.
You were quick. When you work on a character you work on a character.

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Thanks. Also, I fixed my signature.

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Cole wrote:
While donning the mask, Jojo uses ten times the ammount of energy he usually does, making him stronger and faster though within a period of ten turns, he will feel his body break down.
You are fine with him being able to use his mask for 10 posts, Pallas? Otherwise, if the mask only lasts 4 turns then shouldn't this boost of strength?

Also good job, Jota.
You were quick. When you work on a character you work on a character.

Well, you do have a point here Cole. I did miss this. Just fixe it to where it is for 4 posts instead of 10 and I'll lock this Jota.

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Alrighty. I got it.

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It is still not fixed Jota. Please fix it so that I can lock this thread.

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Sorry XD
Now it's fixed.

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