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on Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:22 am


"Grrrrrrnnnnn" Fuji tossed and turned on his lavender colored memory foam futon. A translucent slob escaped his mouth dampening a tiny area of the futon. He tossed and turned a few more times inadvertently smacking the wall. He wasn't trying to hit it but he was just such a wild sleeper.The aggravating alarm clock was persistent though it ringed endless for hours. Fuji's narcoleptic eye scoured his apartment for anything to use. His eyes found the large clock in the front room. The time was eleven forty two....

Jumping up in a frenzy Fuji began to look in every which direction. A quick shunpo to the fridge he grabbed two waffles out the freezer. Next another shunpo to the toaster. "Alright time to get dressed. The life of an asset is pretty tough." He snickered as he shunpo'd here and there putting on some pretty mismatch clothing.

His favorite black jacket with white stitches, underneath that he had a neon green long sleeve button up on. He put on some matching neon green jogging pants and a pair of lavender panda house shoes.

He stuffed various forms of ID and his cellphone into his pocket and finally shunpo'd back to the toaster. He caught the two waffles but a little syrup on one and sandwiched them together. Out the window he went with his soul slayer tied on to a thin yarn string he wore it like a back pack.

All of sudden the world got blurry, he forgot his glasses. His lost time was made up with another shunpo into his own. With his glass, sword, and waffles he raced through the sky. Fuji scarfed down the waffle sandwich and made his way to an abandoned building.

"Bloody Informant better still be there." Fuji prayed for the informants sake.  Cool


on Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:00 am


Ooc is this thread open to all or just you and Ika

on Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:06 pm

(OOc : he said that any one can join this topic) ^^

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on Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:50 pm


Ika Mazi was supposed to meet a new subordinate and decided to stop by his house since he was late he found glasses so he took them and Shunpo'd out the door back to his meeting spot.He was almost there when he sensed the man and sped up to over top of him. He winked and to make a seen he Shunpo'd over him and went to land on him and smash him to the ground. As he did this he knew the dude would either crash into the ground and land or he would have to land so Ika smiled and waved like an innocent little boy. "Hello mister Fuji I am your new leader". He made his Reitsu felt which would make Fuji barely be able to breathe and most likely drop to a knee.

He looked at the man and released the pressure and let him get his breathe "how are you today mister Fuji I am Ika Mazi leader of the new Vizard order". He smiled as he said this and extended his hand for a hand shake and if needed a good ass kicking if he was a dick about it.So I hear you are in need of work my good sir well I think I could provide you just that a house car and some new clothes".He did not say it but the man looked like a fashion disaster. "what would you say to that"?


on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:53 am


Fuji raised an eyebrow as he felt it something like a shinigami. How long had it been since he felt such a radiant reiatsu? Fuji turned his head to follow the reiatsu as it jumped from here to there. From the scheme of things it felt like he was at Fuji's apartment. Fuji folded his arms and stood where he was, this person obviously looking form him. When he appeared over head Fuji was immediately disgruntled, he was nothing more than a human with massive amounts of reiatsu or some sort of rule breaker.

Fuji raised his arm above his head to allow this man to land on it and push him to the ground. Once his feet touched the ground he stepped back to allow Ika to land. As if flaunting a normal amount of reaitsu wasn't enough he wanted to show off. A drop of sweat trickled from his head as he tried to cope with the copious amounts of reiatsu. Inadvertently he released some of his own meager reiatsu so he could bear standing in front of this person.

"My new leader? Are you a captain without an haori or any dignified manner of clothing?" Fuji questioned as intelligently as he could. The man before him, Ika, went on to talk about vizards and that sort of stuff. When it came to it Fuji shook Ika's hand and looked him in right in the eyes. "I'm not interested in being a groupy. But it is nice of you to offer. I am honored as it appears you already know my name. I am Fujioka Auditore for iteration." He subtly introduced himself and declined Ika's offer.

Taking the time to hear the rest of what Ika had to say he started to scratch his head. "If its money, cars, and clothing you wish to give me I might reconsider. What is it you would have me do?" He asked politely with a piqued interest. He was a greed and a glutton when it came to killing for hire. If Ika wanted to enlist him for fights and stuff like that he would make a friend out of Fuji.


on Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:08 am


"He laughed I am not going to make you a groupy I would make you a member of a high powered organization known as the Endless very similar to the Espada".He noticed the man was interested and smiled as he Shunpo'd to the car dealership up the road. "Pick three of these that you want and they are yours". He then spoke "I have a nice house on the side of town you can use.He then Sonido'd to the sky "And I have 3000 dollars for you to buy whatever clothes you want. He then smiled "And its 10000 a month for being in the group and doing as I say".He then realized how high he was but he then ignored it.

"Now your probably wondering where I got all this money and I will tell you it was for killing as a hit man very easy work and a lot of pay but no matter". He lit up a joint and began to smoke it and looked at the man "You have a very firm handshake by the way and I can tell you have a Captains level Reitsu". He Smiled "Believe it or not I was the former Captain Commander and 0 squad leader but now I told the Soul King to kiss my dick and left". He smiled and took a puff and exhaled. What was sad is how true all these statements were.


on Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:20 am


Fuji kept his eyes locked on Ika's to show respect. After they were done introducing themselves he put his hands down at his side. He had to think about this pretty precarious opportunity. He didn't have long this man, from Enders no Endless was recruiting him here and now. Before he could give him his answer this generous fellow was off to steal cars. He chose the least expensive and luxurious car out of the group and just left and didn't mention anything else.

Fuji followed him around with his average shunpo to show that he could keep up. He was interested but he couldn't exactly stand there looking like shtick or a nerd. Fuji was cool and relax and so was Ika, things were gonna be great. The money was interesting and this guy was an ex-commander. Fuji wasn't a man of expense or he didn't require many material objects so he decided to accept Ika's offers.

Fuji smirked in his own cutesy way looked past Ika. "Alright you can count me in. Ex-Onmitsukido lieutenant of the second squad. As for rules I'll follow them at my discretion." Fuji said accepting Ika's offer verbally. He eyed the joint in his mouth and flicked air at it. Though it was a simple flick the joint would be knocked out of his mouth and explode if Ika didn't move. "Please don't blow smoke in my face. Assets have a knack for smocking and I hate it." He had to let that be known.

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