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#1 Senshu Yamaguchi on Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:22 am

Basic Information

Name: Senshu Yamaguchi
Gender: Male
Arrancar or Espada: Espada
Number: 2
Looks: Before senshu died, he was born a half black, half Japanese child, causing many of his features to resemble said combination. His nose is arched almost exactly to the center, making it neither too high, or too low. he has no facial hair on his lip . this is because he prefers to have it match his chin and since his chin cannot grow hair due to the fact that his mask fragment covers most of it , resembling a large, soul patch, or goa-tee, he just keeps a clean cut. his lips are bigger than the average Caucasian, or asain, but slightly smaller than the average African American. there is a thin scar going from the top of his eyebrow to the top of his lip on the right side of his face.his eyes are not that slanted despite his partially Japanese lineage. his eyes lashes are average length, and his cheek bones, are some what defined, if viewed in the right light. he face is more ovular than it is circular . his eyebrows have more hair in the front than in the back and there is a scar going down his right eye from his forehead to the top of his lip. he is completely bald, leaving no hair on his head. he has generally streight teeth, except for his apparent canines. his ears are pointed, unnoticeably more than normal. he is extremely well defined and quite muscular, but no bigger than say a pro football player. He is always seen shirtless, though he will wear his white espada kimono on occasion.for pants, he wears a blood red tatted loin cloth that goes down past his knees with matching red briefs beneath. On his feet are thin brown sandals that strap up to his ankles. he has scars all across his body from previous encounters of his.his expression and sharp facial features give him a fear-inducing villainous aura. Probably the most noticable feature of senshu however, is his pale white skin. Despite his race, his skin is ghostly white.some say it is not his real skin but the white ashes of the countless innocent he has slain. He also has a blood red tribal tattoo going up his torso, over his face and down his back.

Resurrection Information
Name: Bestia Dios (Beast God)
Represent: Lion
Family: elemental-non energy based

Name: Internal omnipotence
Description: The overall ability of senshus ressurecion is the manipulation of his bodies internal functions coinsided with the manipulation of the elements of the periodic table. This means that he can change the compound of anything inside of his body to any other compound of the periodic table. However, he can only change to one element with each part of his body. for example he cant change his bones into aluminum and carbon at the same time. although he would be able to say change his bones into aluminum and his pancreas to uranium since they are seperate, if he wanted to. For battle however, he only uses his power to manipulate his bones and use them as weapons. Senshu can increase the density of his bones by changing it's element to say, steel for example,thus making his body much more resistant to physical damage. He can also use his bones in great volume, and they can branch off of each other as if they were trees to create a sort of chain of attacks with one move. He can use the bones as long-range projectiles, being able to fire small enough portions as fast as bullets. The weapons he creates when released are also more versitle. For example, he can engulf his arm inbone to create a spinning bone drill. He can extend his bones much farther in this mode without them having to branch off of each other. He can pull or protrude bones out of any part of his body, such as his shoulders, legs , stomach, back, spine, hands,ect.Each bone he pulls out can either be as sharp and thin as a sword or as wide as a battle axe,depending on where it is pulled from. the bones that protrude from his body can extend at a moments notice and retract just as fast. he can control any bone he pulls out, as long as it is still attached to his body. So if he say extends a bone from his palms, but it isnt pulled all the way out, he can still manipulate it. He can also use his bone control to create extra appendages in a way, made of complete bone. So if say he were fighting two people, back to back, he could protrude spikes from his spine, in the shape of skeletal arms to fight the opponent at his rear.


Physical Condition~ 390

Speed~ 380

Reiryoku~ 380

Rieatsu Control~370

Damage Control~ 390

History and Personality:
History: Prologue: Prologue: Before there was senshu, there was cassius and chiyoko, the ones' who gave him life. Chiyoko lived in yoshikawa while Cassius lived in Georgia.The ill-fated lovers lived thousands of miles away from one another, yet were so close. Both grew up in poverty, and both lived in discrimination and suffering. Each of them didn't know there last names. chiyoko because her papers were thrown away when she was young. cassius because his parents were slaves and therefore didn't have one. Soon , fate would bring them both together. In 1900, cassius was forced to take part in the united states up and coming naval fleet as a soldier. he has just turned twenty and was one of the first African American naval soldiers, even though it was against his will. the first country the fleet traveled to was Germany. After arriving in Germany, a freak explosion occurred on the ship . Cassius used this as an opportunity to escape his forced servitude. after a year of traveling, he finally found himself in japans' at yoshikawa in the kochi prefecture. yoshikawa was a poor area , overrun with crime and starvation. One day while fishing for the only food he would eat for a week, cassius came across a woman. her name was chiyoko. cassius had noticed that chiyoko couldn't catch any fish. so he went up to her and gave her his catch and walked off."wait!". she ran up to the scruffy yet handsome man. "hm?" . he turned to her. "this is your only food, please i cannot take this..keep it for yourself". "no, it is yours to have, i couldnt live with myself if a woman such as yourself went hungry..". They shared a long gaze into each others eyes. after talking and enjoying each others' company for many weeks, they fell in love. Cassius and chiyoko wed, and eight years later, decided to have children. The second was a girl who they named sissely. the first was a boy. His name, was Senshu....

Chapter1 : Genesis
Senshu and his sister sissely grew up with little to no means of living, while having to endure discrimination. one reason for this was because they were half black half Japanese mixed-races, which was looked down upon. as well as the fact that chiyokos' father was an executioner, automatically making them all Burakumin. But despite all of this, the family lived a comfortable life for some time. at least until their parents monetary problems grew substantially from having to support four people on top of living in a poor area. And so, like a shark that's caught the scent of blood, the Yamaguchi sect of the yakuza came to senshu and his family, offering their financial help. in their current situation, they had no choice but to accept. at this point, senshu was six. after two years the yakuza came to collect their money. cassius had the money ready but hours before the yakuza arrived a thief snuck in and stole it. He explained this to the tyrants but they did not listen. they went to the oyabun(yakuza family boss), boss shinoda, and promised he would deal with the matter personally. hours later the oyabun arrived along with dozens of other yakuza dogs.they began to destroy their small house and wreck everything in site. cassius managed to fight off many of them, but there were just too many. boss shinoda then put his hands on chiyoko, he began to undress her. "wait , please , please just kill me!". The foul pig of a man licked his thin lips slowly. "heheheh, dont worry woman, itl be over soon enough..just enjoy the ride until then..". With a wicked gin, the man began to rape the wife of cassius and the mother of senshu and sissely as the other yakuza held their heads up and opened their eyes, forcing them to watch. after boss shinoda finished, he grabbed his pistol and shot chiyoko through the head. sissely began to cry. but senshu..senshu simply watched, as if he was analyzing, or memorizing something. the oyabun then moved to the beaten and battered cassiusand took out his katana, raising it high into the air. Cassius, aware these were his last moments looked directly into senshu's eyes and said, "in this world the weak shall parish and the strong shall son..". The blade begins to swing down. "give to them nothing.." . It nears his neck. "take from them..everything.." .Boss shinodas' blade goes through the ebony neck of cassius like butter, seperating his skull from his neck. content, the oyabun and his men set the house on fire, leaving senshu and sissely to die. before he leaves, boss shinoda arrogantly winks and gives a gun shot motion with his hand directed at senshu. "later kid..". . Senshu who at this point is in a trance-like state is awaken by his crying younger sister. he then grabs his sisters' hand and the two narrowly escape death. with his fathers words burned into his heart, senshu begins the rest of his life...

Chapter 2: When the Levee Breaks
And so senshu grew along with his beloved sister. they were taken in by a foster shelter and began going to school. throughout school senshu and sissely both were always picked on for being mix raced . this coupled with the events of his early child hood caused senshu to start to lash out and fight the other kids for what they said. at first the fighting was only in response to the redicule of the other children, but eventually he began to enjoy it. it gave him an elated high comparable to no other sensation. he fought those who even spoke to him in the wrong tone of voice. however, whenever it seemed like senshu was getting out of hand, his sister was always there to calm him down. he was the darkness while she was the light. yin and yang if you will. often people would attempt to rob senshu only to find them selves on the ground. everytime this happened, he would take everything that belong to the would be thieves, remembering his fathers last words, "give to them nothing. take from them everything". the years went on until senshu was sixteen. sissely was fifteen. they were walking to school one day when a group of three yakuza came up to them and told them to give up their belongings. sissely complied but senshu wasn't quite ready to . instead he insulted the group. "how about instead. i give foot in your ass" . naturally, the gangsters were not happy with this and attacked senshu. they managed to cut his arm but in the end, senshu would come out the victor. however, while he was fighting the group, two more had appeared with their sword to sissely's back. "senshu..i..".before she could finish her sentence, the blade cracked sisselys' spine and went through her stomach. senshu watched in horror as a single tear ran down his left cheek. "..sister.." immediately, he picked up the fallen yakuza's katanas and briefly clashed blades with the ones who had just killed his sister before impaling them. he had killed someone for the first time in his life. in his anger he finished off the other defeated but not dead yakuza. he then got on his knees and held his sisters bloody corpse in his arms. he hugged her and didn't let go for hours. her corpse began to smell but he still held her. then one of the foster home attendants found him and separated him from the body. he did not fight back because of his sadness. they assumed the yakuza had stabbed sissely so they didn't call the authorities on senshu. later that night senshu lied in his make-shift bed motionless. expressionless. all he could think about was what his dad told him as a child.." in this world the weak shall parish and the strong shall rule..give to them nothing..take from them everything..". that night he decided that he would take everything for himself. and gain his vengeance on boss shinoda, and his yakuza...

Chapter 3: Rebirth;The rise of Butcher Pete

August 01, 1918 ; Japan

The night is dark, yet the young man with no last name tries his hardest to look upon the pink sakura leaves that are falling so graciously to the cold unforgiving ground on this brisk fall night. Why do the leaves fall and look as content as they do the young man wonders. Is it simply because that is their nature, or because they are meant to because of the season 'fall'. Perhaps that is why they call it that. Sometimes, senshu himself feels like a sakura pedal, having no control over whether he falls or not. As he walks on this lonely unpaved road, he sees a light ahead, flickering like a wild dancer. Like a moth to an open flame, the youth slowly but surely makes his way over to it. To tell the truth, he has no idea why he is even outside in the first place. He simply found himself breaking into a ghostly sweat as he slept. His body picked itself up and decided to go outside. At least by leading himself to this cryptic light, he could give himself a good excuse to be out. He scratches the right side of his forehead. The young man makes his way to the light to see that it is a lantern attached to a small building. Next to the light is a sign that read, 'iyakazi's'. He walks in to see several wooden tables scattered nonchalantly across the place. There are several women in skimpy clothing serving beverages to half drunken men. Apparently this is some sort of brothel or pub. Deciding this place would be better than going back outside to sleep on the streets; he walks in and sits at an empty table. A hostess dressed simply in thin sleep wear strolls up to him. Her hair is long and jet black and she has an eye patch over her left eye. She holds a paper cigarette loosely between her soft pink lips and she speaks with a soft voice that at the same time seems to have age with it.

"Hey sweetie, what can i get cha?"

"Oh i uh..i have no money.."

The scantily clad waitress then looks the young man up and down. She chuckles slightly

"Yea, i can see that.."

"Tch, i dont see you dressed in the finest of linens and jewelry"

"Relax kid, im just messin with ya. So what are you 18?"


"Oh, well excuse me Look, i say your old enough, why don’t i give you a drink on me hm?"

"Uh..Ok, whatever you say lady.."

The sassy waitress goes and gets a round of sake and places it on the young man’s table. She decides to sit down with him.

"So what’s your name anyway kid, hmhm, you'd be kinda cute if you actually smiled for once"

"Its senshu..And arent you kinda old to be hittin on me?"

"Hey, im not that old, im 29. You gotta last name senshu?"


"Hm, well im temari shoten"

The two begin drinking and talking for several hours, senshu actually seems to be having a good time. After a short while, the both of them become slightly drunk and they look into each other’s eyes. Though it would seem they both want the same thing, each of them craves for something different. In temaris eyes is a wanting for belonging, bonding, and love. In senshus is a longing for passion, desire, lust. Almost hypnotically they look at each other, but suddenly their trance breaks. Temari breathes in softly, as if to catch her breath. Senshu smirks a little, almost menacingly, without even noticing it. The hostess speaks first

"So, do you have anywhere to stay?"


"Do you have anything to do?"


"Do you wanna fuck me?"


Senshu simply smiles and she grabs his hand, leading him up to her quarters. As they leave the table, suddenly, the door at the front entrance bursts open with an angry frustration. As wood chips would jump onto the floor, four men would walk in as if they had done nothing. they all seem to be about the same height, and they all are dressed in tattered old suits that looked like they had been bought from a second hand store. Two of them have katanas and two of them have old pistols. The one in the front exclaims that they are here as part of an entrance test into the yakuza. They say that at least one person will have to die, and all the money in the place will have to be given up. Immediately, everyone still in the place runs wildly in separate directions. Senshu jumps behind the bar with temari. dammit. I should take all of those ass holes out right now. No, no i vowed that i would never fight again. EVER. I basically got my F***ing sister killed back then. I’m not about ta do the same to the people here

Before the ebony skinned young man can finish his thought, one of the yakuza wannabe's grab temari by her hair. They probably say senshus head poking up from behind the bar since he is considerably tall at 6'4. Another would knock senshu across the head with his pistol and that suddenly triggers something in his brain. As if a the top of a nitro glycerin container had been opened, all of the desire rage and hatred lying chained in the back senshus subconscious begins to boil over . As he falls face first to the ground, his eyes twitch rapidly as if concentrated lemon juice had been squeezed in them. He picks himself up hearing temaris' screams, but soon all noise falls upon deaf ears, and there is only the sound of silence. hopping over the bar, and almost instinctively picking up a large butcher knife that had been placed there as if by destiny, he lunges at the young criminal with the sword , holding temari by the hair like a lifeless ragdoll. He slices at the side of the man’s stomach as he wizzes past him before turning around to put the cleft of the butcher’s utensil at the back of the man’s vertebrae, ripping it out. Within five minutes he would make quick work of the men, until he reached the last one holding a gun. He couldn’t be any older than senshu himself, maybe even younger. But still, holding his bloody tool of execution at his side, the butcher, well that is to say, senshu slowly walks up to the boy. Shaking as f his bare body had been tossed out into freezing rain, the nervous yakuza hopeful fires of the rounds at senshu, hitting his gut. And yet, he continues to walk, unphased. His eyes wide like owls, senshu kneels down, looking over the sobbing young man.

"P-p-p-please, d-d-dont, k-k-kill me.."


Replying with nothing more than the sound of silence, senshu puts the blade against the neck of the kid, and slowly begins moving his arm side to side, slowly cutting through his throat as if it were pork tenderloin. The bone cracks making a sound reminiscent of a pencil being snapped in two. But the butcher doesn’t stop there. no, he keeps sawing while the boy still breathes, and blood leaves his neck like red wine being poured into a glass. ~ker-thump~. The knife finally hits the wooden floor of the pub, having decapitated its victim. Suddenly, senshu snaps back to reality, sounds once again enters his ears. He looks around to see temari hiding behind a table. Apparently she hadn’t seen what he had just done. With a blank expression on his face he walks up to her and guides her to her feet.

"You've been shot!"


I..ive been shot..but why am i not worried..hmhm. i've been shot?! but why do i find it hillarious?. hmhm, and that boy, those guys. they're all dead? oh my GOD. DID I DO THIS?! DID I..FUCK..I BROKE MY WORD..GOD DAMMIT.. but WHY?.. why do i feel so..HAPPY?! hehaha.. why do i feel so..
re-JUVINATED..hmhmhmhahahah, am i actually enjoying what i just did? YES.I AM. their blood dripping like water from the tips of my fingers. THEIR BLOOD. and..and my blood. hmhmhm, im bleeding too?!!! FUCK, i feel so..ALIVE!. so aroused. the cracking of bone, the feeling of it, its just so entoxicating! the SOUND of their SCREAMS! its hauntingly soothing like a mad mans lubliby..hmhmhahaha!!..


Senshu accidentally laughs out loud and temari looks at him confused and slightly frightened. Senshu puts his lips to hers and kisses her not softly, but passionately as if he were trying to control her tongue with his. He continues kissing her as they make their way up the stairs. His wounds seem to be healing as the bullets pop out of his belly like popcorn at its ready. He rips of his shirt; his body covered in blood and throws his mistress on the small raggedy bed. Yet, she doesn’t seem to mind, in fact she likes it. He closes the door behind him and dives into a sea of desire.

October 31, 1918

After having aquired a job as a butchers apprentice, senshu life has been going pretty well, at least compared to how it was. He has been with temari, living with her at the old pub, and he's been making a decent amount of money for his honest day’s work. But one thing still has yet to escape his mind. The night that he killed those four guys. It wasn’t that he was feeling guilty, no, quite the opposite. He's been feeling quite anxious about it. The way it made him feel was just so...exhilarating. It was all so terribly relaxing. The carnage, the pain, even the taste of the blood that flew in his mouth tasted like liquid candy. On this day of all hallows eve, senshu commences his daily routine of closing shop, part of which involves, taking out the trash. He walks in the back and in the dark alley way, he barely sees a woman struggling to escape the grasp of a man. It’s probably a mugging. A grin uncontrollably crawls across senshus face like a spider onto a wall. This is it! This is his opportunity to feel like he did those couple of months ago. He goes back inside and grabs his favorite butcher knife, which happens to be the same one from the pub. He doesn’t bother to take his butches smock off since he doesn’t want to get blood on his clothes anyway. He then walks right up to the man, and the mugger shoots him. Senshu scratches his fore head, which now has a pretty big rash on it.

"My turn"

Senshu rushes at him and swings his knife low so that it stabs him at the bottom of his belly. He then slowly carves his way up the abdomen until he reaches the sternum. As if he had just gutted a fish, the mugger’s intestines fall daintily onto the cold ground. The young man licks the splatted blood from the corners of his mouth like catsup. He slowly turns around to find the woman praising him and thanking him for his help.


Almost uncontrollably, his arm flings upward, slicing through the pretty woman’s throat like butter. What had he just done?! He’s just killed an innocent woman. Killed her as if she were a filthy pest that needed to be exterminated. And he liked it.

"...What have i done. I killed them both..I killed two people..Those were human lives. They wont be overlooked.. Besides, who am i to pass judgement on them....No. No wait, maybe im wrong. This world is rotting. And those who are making it rot deserve to DIE..If i dont do it, who will? No one..Im the ONLY one who can do it!..with this blade and these hands.. I will TAKE this world..."

He likes it so much that he begins chopping up her dead body like he would any other piece of meat. Hacking, waking, slashing, he doesn’t care who sees him. He just keeps going until she is spread all over the ground. He does the same to the mugger. Oh, but now what would the butchers apprentice do? He would be caught by the authorities in no time. I know! he'll hide them in the meant locker. Skin them up and hang them to dry, just as he would any other grade A beef!

Over the next two months, senshu would continue chopping up women and men alike. He would even bring and extra butcher knife and give it to some of his victims to give them a chance to kill him first. Of course they couldn’t, they would simply wind up in the meat locker with all the others. Ironically, the meat shop he still worked at was doing very well, especially with all the extra 'beef' they had. Senshus deviant exploits would become so well known that he would even be known in the west. Of course he wasn’t known as senshu, but nikuya no piito (lit; butcher Pete) because of how he always left his butchers smocks at the scene of the murder. There was no one safe from butcher Pete. The men were told to watch their wives because Pete doesn’t care whose meat he chops. Single women, married men, old maids and all, they were all in pet’s sights. The streets of japan would glow a magnificent red from butcher Petes deliciously twisted obsession...

January 01, 1919

A new day has begun, as well as a new year. Butcher Pete has decided that he wants more out of this world. Sure, killing a few dozen people both innocent and criminal are fun but, there has to be more. He can’t help but keep remembering the words of his rotting father, 'give to them nothing, take from them everything'. He's already taken the lives of several, but maybe there is something more he can take. Yes, he can take their hopes, their dreams, their lively hoods, their money, their power. Take the sins of the rich and shove it down their throats. And he could start with the people who have taken everything from him since the day he was born. The yakuza. Senshu decides to wait until the evening and go to the base of operations of a well-known yakuza boss in the area. He is always noted for his lecherous and gluttonous ways and he wasn’t very subtle about it so finding him is simply child’s play. With his butcher’s apron on, senshu makes quick work of the man’s guards. He walks up to the boss, boss nakamura, and places his butcher’s knife on the desk the fat pig is sitting behind. Fearful and sweating like the swine he is, nakamura tries to call for his guards but they don’t come.Senshu stands with a blank expression on his face. He scratches his forehead which now has a large rash as well as cuts on it from him scratching so much

"..Who are you"

"Butcher pete..."

"...Hmph, butcher pete ay?"


"Would you like to join me for a game of russian roulette?..Come on, how about it son?"

Nakamura picks up a revolver and puts one bullet in the chamber

"If you win, I’ll give you the combination to my safe, that’s what you came for right. And hey, ill even tell you how to get women with one hundred percent success,heheh.."

"And if you win.."

"I want you to kill some one for me. got it .."

"Fine "

"..Tch, fine..lets do it then.."

Boss nakamura picks up the revolver and slowly puts it up to his head. His hands shaking, sweat rolling down his face, jumping off of his chin. Breathing heavily, he pulls the trigger and it clicks. He smiles and slides the gun to senshu.
He picks it up and pulls the trigger without hesitation. It clicks. Silently, he slides it back to him. Astounded, nakamura looks at senshu.

"I hate to say it, but you've got guts son...But theres no way im gonna die today. Or tomorrow for that matter! At least not until i run this whole F***ing town..It takes more luck than this game to run the yakuza dammit!"

Breathing even heavier, and choking on his fear, nakamura pulls the trigger again and the gun clicks. He laughs and slides the gun to butcher Pete.

"Eheheheh, im on a r-roll. Im hot! it looks like lady lucky on my side today.."

Silently, senshu picks up the gun and pulls the trigger without thought. Nakamura looks again in astonishment. He slides the weapon over to the boss.

"Whats a country..Who are the people? What are politicians..who knows..I just wanted to become a ruler..All i need is to hear the empty click of this gun..And all my dreams will come true!.."

He picks up the gun and pauses for a moment out of utter fear of death. He pulls the trigger and it clicks.

"Looks like you lose sun. Heheheheh. Sorry but a deals a deal.."

He slides the gun over to senshu, but not so he can continue. He believes it is over. But then, senshu picks up the gun and puts it to his head, pulling the trigger. It clicks. Senshu slides it back to the crime boss. The man looks at butcher Pete as if he were the devil himself

"This gun holds seven bullets. Im a professional..You cant fool me old man.."

"geh..You and i were both sick, the only time we feel alive is when we put our lives on the line! Its a sad reality but we people are never satisfied, well always seek a higher rush!..The history of japan rests within the walls of this institution! Its an old tradition that has continued since the rise of the first crime lord..And i want you to see it through to the end..The combination is 06 05 06..And by the way..Women are all the same!!"

Boss nakamura pulls the trigger and the bullet leaves the chamber, flying through his skull to bring his brain matter spilling onto the ground


Senshu goes to the safe and puts in the combination. He takes the money and then heads back to his residence, but not before leaving his trademark butchers apron on nakamuras cold body. When he arrives back at the pub, the time is 11:50. He walks in his room to see temari sitting on the bed sobbing with great intensity. Her nose is so red one would think she had just got punched.

"Wha..whats wrong temari?"

She looks up at senshu and screams. She begins to yell 'get away from me, get away you sick basterd!’ Immediately, he knows she has found out about his 'hobby'. He goes up to her, but she begins backing up frantically until she is against the wall. He grabs her arms as she tries to hit him

"Calm down, calm down. Look, those people deserved, it. They did, they didn’t see life for what it’s worth, and they didn’t take control of their lives. So i did it for him. They were weak.."

"Did the old women deserve it , did the CHILDREN deserve it??! Let go of me you sick F%CK!!I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!"

Temari then knees senshu in his groin and he bends over in pain.

"Ghh..fine.leave..LEAVE LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE..You just dont know GREATNESS when you see it!!"


Temari gets her things and starts to run out of the door but she trips and falls down the stairs, breaking her ankle. Senshu then rushes down the stairs and picks her up, taking her to another room and placing her on the floor.

"Oh my god..are you okay.."

"L..leave me alone..get off me.."

"Im just trying to help you..I just..want to make sure.."

Senshu then grabs a long broken off piece of wood, resting at the side of them. He then stabs it into her stomach.

"You’re OKAY!.."

Temari screams in pain as tears run down her face. His forehead begins to itch again and he scratches it like a flea ridden dog. He looks back down at Temari but sees the face of his dead sister instead.


"Why..Why are you doing this to me..i loved you.."

"Wha..shut up..SHUT UP!"

He punches her across her face, breaking her jaw. She continues to speak as she loses consciousness


Senshu scratches his head again. It itches so much it begins to burn.



He then stabs Temari in the eye, even though he still sees her as his sister. He stabs her repeatedly. Over and over, in her eye and belly and throat. Speaking out loud and she becomes unrecognizable

"WHY?!..I want the WORLD to know of my existence. That theres someone out there passing rightous judgement on the ungrateful. IM not sick, the WORLD is sick. Its filled with UNGRATEFUL,WEAK vermin.."

He keeps stabbing her. Her face doesn’t even look human anymore. But Senshu still sees his sister. He scratches his forehead again, peeling off some of the skin, causing it to bleed.

"I WILL CREATE A NEW WORLD. A world where only the strong survive and the weak PARISH...and i..I WILL BECOME THE GOD OF THIS NEW WORLD!"

He stabs her once more and scratches his forehead with both of his blood drenched hands. He scratches and scratches and looks into the mirror. In the mirror, he sees to small thorns starting to stick out of his head. He keeps scratching while looking in the mirror and begins to pull on the thorns. He pulls and tugs and as he does, his eyes begin to turn black and his pupils begin to turn green, the color of greed. He tugs and tugs his flesh ripping as he does until he pulls out two long bull horns from his bloody head. He continues looking in the mirror and begins to laugh manically. As temari completely fades from this world, the last thing she sees is senshu laughing with no horns, but simply a bloody scathed forehead


Chapter 4: Sympathy for the Devil
Years after his sisters death and months after his reign as butcher pete, senshu found his way into a growing sector of the yakuza. He went to his induction ceremony to be properly ordained. the ceremony begins. his trigger finger is pricked and the blood is smeared on a picture of a saint, which is then set on fire. the picture burns in senshus' hands as he reluctantly swears his loyalty to the family. From that moment on, senshu made his last name Yamaguchi since he didn't have one, and it was the given name of the yakuza sect he had just joined. Senshu smiled widely as he knew this was the begging of his vengeance and his rule. for the next three years, senshu would act as a bonafide yakuza. breaking the law, collecting protecting money and serving the oyabun faithfully. as he did this, he also trained, getting stronger by the day. senshu was now nineteen and trusted enough in his sect to work directly under the oyabun..boss shinoda. soon enough, the boss's birthday came .It was known that on this day, boss shinoda always spent the day and night with his wife and no one else. the time had come for senshu's will to be done. and so , the oyabun was in bed with his wife when senshu walked in the room. he had a smile on his face. "hello..boss shinoda" . the boss looks in confusion "you?.what the f*@k are you doing here. can't you see im busy?!". senshu takes out his sword and starts to walk towards him. "aww, dont tell me youve forgotten who i am". he walks up to his wife "dont worry woman, it'l be over soon enough..just enjoy the ride until then." , he then slices her throat , killing her. shinoda looks in shock. " killed you.. when you were a baby, i killed you!!". boss shinoda reaches for his gun and shoots it but no bullets come out. senshu had already snuck in and taken them out. "p,please dont kill me..DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IVE WORKED FOR THIS, HOW MUCH IVE SACRIFECED?!!" . "yes i do, and i want it all..". Senshu then takes out the very same pistol that shinoda shot his mother with and aims it at his head. " you ever read the bible boss.." . shinoda sits speechless. "There's a passage I got memorized, seems appropriate for this situation: Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you." . Senshu then empties the pistol into the skull of boss shinoda. hours later, he goes to the other yakuza of the yamaguchi sect who have all gathered for a celebraton and shows them the bloody head of their former leader. immediately the take a knee in honor of there new forced leader. the reign of senshu has begun...

Chapter4: In My Time of Dying
Senshu wasted no time in starting his legacy. He sent his men out to the streets to do his bidding , and in return like any good father, provided protection and good counsel to his children. But senshu was no lazy bones himself. he went from door step to door step along with his yakuza brethren, collecting protection money, recruiting new members and disposing of anyone who stood in his way. eventually, the Yamaguchi grew and caught the attention of the other sects. the sumiyoshi, inagawa, and the toua yuai all came to speak with senshu and talk about his role in the yakuza as a whole. the sumiyoshii offered to join forces with him so they could be more powerful and split everything equally..senshu didn't quite like that idea. instead he quickly unsheathed his katana and beheaded the leader of the sumiyoshi's leader. senshu's guards had already disposed of his men. and with that deed, senshu absorbed the sumiyoshi sect into his own. causing his numbers to grow vastly. the other sects. did not bother him..for the time being. two years later, senshu had turned twenty one . membership to the Yamaguchi increased dramatically to 184,000 members divided into 5,200 gangs throughout the country, making it larger than the Japanese army at the time. senshu was on top and untouchable. every decision he made was flawless, there was no territory in japan he had no control of. however he did make one mistake. he payed no attention to the rest of the smaller yakuza sects. they had grown tired of senshu's reign and temporarily teamed up with the Japanese, north and south Korean police in an attempt to bring senshu down. and so, one day during a celebration , they discussed their preparations for the upcoming overthrow. they assumed that senshu would be at his house celebrating and off guard so they could just take him by surprised. but what they didn't know was that senshu was a workaholic when it came to his empire and was focused as ever. even, so all of his men were spread out to the edges of japan on a mission, and only one remained in the area. this one member had heard of the other sects. plans and quickly rushed to inform senshu. senshu received the news but by the time he did, the army was less than an hour away. there was no time to call the others. so he began making fuedel-era traps along with modern ones around his compound to prepare for them. finally they arrived and surrounded his house ready to kill him. one yakuza yelled out, "senshu! your reign of tyrancy has come to an end!just make it easier on yourself and give up!" . "you want me , come get me you dogs!.". And with that, they all began to rush into the coumpound, but as soon as they did , trap after trap began going off. bamboo traps, dynamite traps, tnt rigs. they all went off and began slaughtering the army. their numbers had been cut nearly in half. but they were still vast. eventually they made thir way into the compound. senshu awaited them with tommy guns and small grenades. quickly, he unloaded a magazine on one group and moved across the hall to unload another. "you wanna play ruff? ok, lets play eh?! lets play!" . he took out his katana , slicing his way through the men. his enemies forces had been cut down to a quarter of what it was. senshu made his way to the main hall, were the rest of the army had gathered. there were still too many. senshu was out gunned, and out numbered. he had lost.. "oh..oooh ok. so yaw wanna kill me eh? haha, i see how it is haha." senshu takes out a rolled up piece of paper with tobacco in it. (the older version of a ciggarete). he lights it and takes a puff."but see you cant kill a killer. haha, you cant kill me, it cant be done.." . he then looks at a group of inagawa yakuza. "you, all of you, kill these idiots". they stand in silence. "alright then you, you toua yuai, take care of this for me". they stand silent as well. senshu throws his rolled paper to the ground. " dis loyal, fool made bitches.. you. you no good motherf***** wanna kill me? me?!! you cant kill me!! i f****n run you! all of you!! im the judge, the jury and the executioner!! im above you bitches!! you cant kill what you cant reach!! im f****n GOD mother******s!!!!. you cant touch me!!! KING KONG AINT GOT SHIT ON ME!!!!!" *as soon as senshu finished his sentence the entire group unloaded their guns on him, filleing his body with led. senhsu falls to the ground bloody with only seconds of life lef in his body. ".....give to them nothing..take from them....everything......" . the God grows cold. he is surrounded in darkness....

Chapter 5: No Rest for the Wicked
Out of the darkness and into the void. Null is he who lives in damnation..Senshu awakens in a daze. he tries to move but his upper body is tied down by chains. his lower body is nowhere to be found. he looks around to see that he is still in his mansion. everything is torn up . he looks at his body to see his bare muscle and a small hole in his belly.. his face is pale white. but for some reason, he doesn't care. all he can think about is his territory. he doesn't want anyone stepping onto it. he starts to scream as he cannot speak. he cannot shake this feeling of hatred and hunger. senshu screams non stop for a few weeks until he cannot take it any longer. he grabs the sides of the hole in his belly and starts to pull it apart. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH?!!!!!" . the chains which bind him start to dissipitate as a black light begins to emit from his mouth and eyes. he began to come out of the ground and in a great burst of black light , his body changed. his head now had some sort of mask-like coveriing on it. it was disfigured and resembled something of a dog and a human combined. the rest of his body was hunched over and looked some what human. still, only thinking of his territory and his hunger, senshu leaves his compound and goes onto the streets. it seems as if no one can see him. instantly, he jumps on to someone and begins to eat them. he doesnt know why he is doing it but this person. he tastes so good. after several years of eating, a rip oopened up in the sky. in a great leap, senshu jumped into it. he was now in a strange world filled with sand and darkness. yet, he was still unconcerd with this. as all he could think about was his territory and his insatiable hunger. a strange, monsterous looking being suddenly comes up to him with its mouth open and sylvia dripping from it teeth. before it takes another step, senshu quickly latches his jaws onto its shoulder and begins eating it with no remorse. after several years of eating these beings, senshu suddenly finds himself being sucked into a large mass of blackness. he can hear many other simple, yet loud thoughts around him."must eat" "must fight" "must save" "cake shop" "mother" "where" "must go" . But then, one voice screamed, it was louder, more forcefull than the others.. "I WANT IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!!!" . The voice belonged to senshu. suddenly, the large mass of hollow, known as the gillian began to bite and feed on its own kind. after eating dozens of his brethren, a red-ish orange light surrounded it and it began to transform, becoming smaller. it transformed until it was the size of a large wolf. it had the face of a wolf, and the body of one. "w..where am i...i feel..different.." he looks down at the sides of his body. "i look..different..what am i...what..what is my purpose.." . Almost like a slide show, all of senshus' memories begin to return to him piece by piece. "mother..father..sister!..SHinOda! betray me?! KILL me!.. everything is mine..ALL OF IT!!MIINE.. GIVE ME EVERYTHING!!!! I WANT IT ALL.GIVE IT TO ME.NOW!! I WANT IT AAAAAAAAALL!!!!!" . And with a wolf -like howl knew what he must do. his old terrirory had been taken from him. Now he must build a new empire in this strange new world...

Chapter 6: Malleus Maleficarum
With his memories restored, senshu set out to begin his reign but before he could do this, he knew he had to get stronger. Instinctively, he felt his strength would grow if he continued to eat the other adjuchas. And so, he went on to eat hundreds of adjuchas and hollow, growing stronger by the second. Eventually, he came to eat his five thousanth hollow and he began to glow. He started floating into the air and he felt power surging throughout his body. After several minutes, he passes out on the cold white sand. He awakens several hoours later in a daze. He is now standing on two legs again. "hm?. His entire body has turned back into its humanoid form. Senshu looks like he did in life, but with several differences. He feels a new found power, coursing through his vains. It is intoxicating. and he wants more...

Personality: The first word that comes to mind when senshu's name is mentioned, is greed . his life as a human is probably what most contributes to this. he will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing to gain what he desires..and what he everything. Yes, he wants everything and gives nothing. not mercy, not kindness, not warmth,not comfort. the only thing senshu will give is pain and violence. his ambition to fulfill his goal is undying and empowering. if he is near his end, he will look at death in the face and simply laugh. he will remember his goal and push on, no matter what the consequences. Senshu is extremely stubborn when it comes to his goal, which is quite simply really, to take over any and every territory that exists or ever has existed. if someone tries to convince him to stop his conquest of a curtain area, he will simply try his best to kill them with everything he has. he is also very stubborn when it comes to fighting. if he has engaged himself in a fight, he will try his absolute best not to stop until either him or his opponent is dead. however, when it comes to any other matters besides these, he can be swayed if he feels like it. Senshu is also very cold. he shows no mercy and enjoys bringing others down to their knees. however, he hates groveling. almost as much as he hates weakness. But what really makes senshu cold, is not how many people he kills, who he kills them or his mercilessness. Instead it is how he kills his victims. his methodological approach distances him from any feelings of remorse, making each kill only a means to further his own personal motives. there is only one thing to which senshu may show a bit of compassion , but even he doesn't know what it is. it simply lies deep within his sub conscious.
Senshu is not curious about anything. even, when it comes to things he doesn't know about. this is mainly because he does not care about anyone or anything but himself ~almost~. if he sees something suspicious he does not concern himself with it, he simply keeps walking. if he is given an order, he does not question it, no matter how strange it may be. he simply does. if it has nothing to do with him personally , senshu doesn't care. the only business he cares about is his own, as that is all that matters.
Now lets move on to matters of the stomach shall we? Besides, the raw flesh hollow, human or shinigami, senshu enjoys spicy and meaty things. he doesn't care what geographical region its from, if its spicy or meaty , hell eat it. From wasabi to chicken and Louisiana hot sauce, hell eat it. the spicier , the better. in fact, whenever he hunts for hollows, he often brings stolen spices from the espada living quarters with him to add that extra kick. when it comes to meat, anything goes. the meatier, the better. when your a hollow, have to eat allot of things your not particularly used to... so, nothings out of bounds.
When it comes to sarcasm, senshu is not amused. he doesn't understand why people use it , although he does understand what sarcasm is in and of it self. he prefers to be straight forward and un-mocking about things and when the opportunity to be sarcastic comes up, he passes. when others attempt to be sarcastic to him, he will either ignore it, or try his best to kill them. it all just depends on his mood..which pretty much stays the same at all times. Senshu is not very judgement in the sense that he does not decide how someone is when he first meets them. he does not care what someone has done~almost~ or what they stand for. the only time he judges someone is when he is trying to determine their formidability in battle as this is the only thing he cares about besides conquest ~and something else~. Despite his semi-serious demeanor, and two track mindedness, senshu can be quite happy and is content most of the time. the main thing that makes him happy is having a fun battle to the death with a strong opponent. the other thing is of course conquest. but there is also another thing. since becoming an arrancar, senshu has found himself attracted to his female comrades. and , whether he knows it or not, he is quite charming ~a ladies man~. he otherwise has a somewhat blank or distant look on his face if he is not faced with one of these three situationsSenshu doesn't care what anyone thinks of him..except for attractive women. if he is fighting a woman, he will often straighten up his clothes and smile when talking to her. hell even go so far as to speak slightly more politely when fighting a woman, right before he kills her... yea, hell pretty much kill anything that challenges him , or has significant power. he wont challenge the weak though. he sees it as a waste of time.
All in all, senhu is what most would call villainous. he often has the opportunity to be heroic, but he simply laughs and keeps on moving. he craves battle and war and would love to kill everything that has strength if given the chance. even though curtain events in his past may have made him what he is, he holds no regrets...

Role-play Sample: The artificial sun of los noches begins to set as darkness creeps into the sky. The warm comforting breeze of the sun quickly turns into a frigid wind which blows violently over the white sand of the desert. Two figures can be seen slowly treading up to one another . Their faces are not in clear view until they reach speaking distance of one another. Their eyes are full of killing intent and their blood is heated to the point of burning..

"Are you ready, espada..".

"tch, whatever. lets just finish this already".

The two figures meet fore arms and get into horse stances. Their rieatsu raises as they prepare to fight to the death for the position of the primera espada..

They immediately swing, clashing swords and sending each other back a couple of feet. they sonido infront of each other and again clash swords. they continue to parry for several minutes, moving all across the sandy feild. they seem to be evenly matched.

"heheh" .

Senshu's rieatsu begins to raise from out of nowhere. He sonidos' infront of del torro and stabs him through the shoulder. he then uses his free hand to grab del torros skull and throw him in the air appearing above him and slicing across his back to send him crashing to the ground, creating a small crator. Torro lies in his ruby red blood and coughs some up as well.

"egh..w.where did this extra power come from..i didnt think you were the type power as a trump card".

"ooh, nononono, please understand, i was saving it so that we could have more fun. But since this seems to be the limit of your strength, i decided to end it. your boring me".

Del Torro begins to get up and makes his way to his knees.

" ignorant cannot even begin to comprehend the depth of my power..root.."

Suddenly, wires come out Del Torros zanpakto. The wires detach and burrow into the ground. A small bonsai tree appears infront of the bloody espada . Among its leaves, it has one big blue one and one big brown one. Del torro picks the blue leaf off of the trees branch and eats it. Immediately, all of his wounds heal. Then 10 other small bonsai trees with the same leaves appear all around the area. senshu simply stands in place, uninspired.

"tch, is that it? you can make trees that heal you? hmhmhm, well it will take more than trees to kill me. stop wasting my time".

Senshu sonidos infront of Scrump to deliver what he believes will be the final blow. his blades swings down but when it reaches him, Del Torro dissappears. He rematerializes twenty meters behind Senshu. The brutish arrancar looks at his enemy and sees ten other Del torros split out of the original. Senshu moves his legs to run towards one of the ten Torros but his arms move instead.

Senshu tries to move his arm and his neck turns instead.

"hmhm, im sure your wondering why your body isnt moving the way you want it to.Its because as soon as you swung your blade , you activated my bonsais' pollen. It taps into the central nervous system and disrupts movement. it only takes a few seconds begin infiltration. youve been breathing it for several minutes..your body belongs to me now. Scrump eats a brown leaf from one of his bonsai's and faster than Senshu can see , appears infront of him to slice downward. Senshu who is just moving around random parts of his body, unable to really maneuver, recieves the slice but it only scratches his hierro due to Del Torros relatively low strinking power.

"Hmph! i may be immbole but you'll have to swing harder than that to cut me!".

Torro then sonidos into the air and then comes down with built up momentum to swing down on Senshu , cutting his collarbone and causing it to bleed. But instead of worrying, Senshu decides to continue his taunts, even knowing that the strike that just hit him was quite damaging.

"hahahah! is that really all youve got?! i barely felt a thing.".

"you're just begging for death arent you".

As Senshu continues to move random limbs, Del Torro walks over to a different bansai and eats another brown leaf. His zanpakto suddenly grows larger and a vine comes out of the hilt which wraps around the blade and large thorns come out of it. Del torro appears infront of Senshu and swings his blade down on him in the same spot. This time his entire collar bone is fractured and a deep gash is made.
The raging bull of an espada continues to swing, cutting senshu all over his body.

"aaaaaaaaggh!!Good, now keep it comming little man, that's more like it!!".

Del torro swings again, but senshu grabs his blade before it makes contact.


"oh confused are you? This whole time you've been slicing me up, you've been causin me pain. But i felt that pain in diffent parts of my body than the ones you actually sliced. After that it was a simple matter of matching up the pain with the part attacked. i figured out how to move what i want again. you didnt think i was just moving around randomly did you?"

Senshu then stads up with his hand still gripped on Del Torros blade and gets in his face. His rieatsu begins to increase drastically.

"oh yes..and that isn't the only thing.."

Senshu grins maliciously and headbutts his contender , sending him flying back several meters.


Senshu rushes towards Del Torro , but then thecarbon copies get in his way. Del Torro eats more brown and blue leaves and slashes senshu on his back after sonido-ing behind him. Senshu goes to attack another one of the copies' but is sliced at his torso instead.

"damm, there are too many of these copies".

Senshu then fires several bala at the clones. The clones dont move and the bala simply hit them and they seem unfazed. Senshu is slashed again and proceeds to fire more bala at the clones, and they dont move again.

These cant be flesh and bone replicas. clone or not, they are still living beings. and living beings instinctively react when something is comming towards them. but them. they didnt even flinch. they have to be illusions .but if thats the case, then which one's the...

Del Torro eats another brown leaf and senshu sees him, the clones simply stand there.

Senshu is cut once more, and begins to bleed quite profusely. Del Torro goes to ingest yet another brown leaf Senshu spots this once more.

How foolish of me to have just realized this, the real one is the one eating those leaves. it seems like his rieatsu increases everytime he eats one. meaning the illusions wouldnt need them..

Senshuappears to drop his guard and is almost sliced again but right before he is, he appears infront of the original Del torro who is preparing to eat another leaf. He then quickly stabs his opponent in the right lung while he is caught off guard. the blade goes through the lung and into his spine, causing him to loose breath and immobilize him.

"tch,your ability is quite clever..but your too predictable..its over".

del Torro bleeds heavily and slowly looses breath as he falls down onto the cold white sand

"d.dammit..mostrar las raíces (show your roots), bonsai.."

The remaining bonsai's are pulled back into the ground and Torro is pulled underground after the wire, and dragged to the core of the root system. From there all of the spirit particles within a half a mile radius in all directions underneath the suface of the ground are absorbed, after which Del Torro resurfaces. The lower half of his body has turned into a tree trunk, standing 10 feet high.

"So you've finally decided to release? Hmhm, this is more like it! Darles Nada, Bestia Dios!

A redish-orange Aura surrounds Senshu as his spiritual pressure increases. The ground starts to quake and the aura implodes on senshu. The smoke from the implosion clears, and Senshu's mask fragment now covers much of his body. He has ears similar to a lion and his canines have extended a bit. Wild black, mane-like hair sprouts out from his skull and stretches down his back. His sword now resembles a large fang with fur at the hilt. Senshu appears infront of Del Torro and slices both of his arms off. the arms simply grow back in the form of tree trunkswhich then turn back into normal arms. Suddenly, large roots come out of the ground and begin to attack Senshu. He slices the roots with his bone sword, but more keep comming in their place. Then about twenty roots come out of the ground and their tips begin to glow.

"You are a disgrace to Las Noches, now parish". The twenty roots all begin to fire twenty seperate waves of bala at Senshu . Senshu then gets in a strong horse stance and holds out his hands. The bala hit senshu though they seem to have not even made a scratch.He then appears in front of Del Torro and swings his freehand , which is now a lion-like claw down the espadas torso and he is split in half. After a few seconds however, Del Torro reconnects and heals. A large root then hits Senshu, knocking him back several feet. The mighty beast tries to sonido again, but right as he does, roots come from the ground and grab his feet, nullifying his ability to do so. as he stands there, a root comes out of the ground and inserts itself into his spine. It begins to drain his energy slowly. Senshu then cuts the vines removing himself from them, feeling a bit weaker.

"Did you like that, within a couple of seconds, i drained a third of your spiritual energy, two more left."

Senshu then jumps in the air but Scrump fires a cero at him . Senshu uses his sword to slice it in half and as he does, more roots come from the ground and bring him down. Senshu swings to cut them off, but more roots come out and grab his arms mid swing.

"Dont count on breaking free, they're now powered by the strong rieatsu you just gave me."

More roots come out of the ground and pierce Senshu's heart and the base of his skull. The injured beast bleeds heavily once more. As Senshu's life is slowly drained from him, three large and thick roots come out of the trunk that is connected to sprout and face Senshu. They begin to vibrate and glow. As this happens, senshu notices that a bit of his actual blood is being sucked in along with his energy.

"I would normally just let the roots do their job, but you..your below trash, below filth. and i want to make absolutely sure you are gone from this world. good bye..."

The glowing roots then form large orbs at their tips that resemble ceros, only at the rate they are growing, they are more likely grany reys.

I see.. So he's using my own blood to make gran reys..

The three branches continue to suck some of senshus blood and energy but as it does, senshus blood suddenly turns silver after a few tiny pieces of his rips break off and dizzolve. As the ceros reach their maximum charge, Del Torro begins to cough up a silver substance. All of the tree branches begin to shrivle up a bit and turn black.

"W-whats happening?!"


Shap bones then protrude from senshus spine, causing the branches in his body to break off. He gets up and begins to slowly limp over to Del toro whose cero are starting to dissappear.

" arrogant fool, it seems you have underestimated you feel that?"

Torro continues to cough up a silverish-red substance.

"That's pure liquid arsenic, im sure i don't have to tell you what that is..It's being pumped through your entire root system as we speak, which im guessing is directly connected you you.."

Del Torro , unable to speak grabs at his neck, panicing as he tries to think of what to do. Senshu steps directly infront of him, staring at his soon to be lifeless eyes. Del Torro manages to let loose his last words.


"I am..What the Gods have made me..."

A single bone then protrudes from senshus free hand and he uses it to stab Del-Torro through the throat so that he can suffocate to death in case he manages to survive the poison. The Ghost of Hueco mundo slowly walks into the distance, covered in the blood of both himself and his enemy...

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