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on Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:48 am


Cross tilted his head from side to side yawning and blinking slowly. "if you guys are too scared to d-" he stopped for a second, perking out his lips and touching his face slightly. "Burning chemicals.. really, Piedra?" It didn't hurt Cross from the burning it was just the annoyance of it that made him edge most would say. Letting out a low breath, Cross shook his head lightly. "Not even here for a few seconds, and yet you do something so sly like this.. I missed it to be honest." he stopped for a moment and looked over at the girls and Manda as the sphere started to come towards him.

"I am serious about this fight. I want to see how all 3 of you came to be while I was gone. Suna. Luna. You've never fought me like these two have. So you will have to gain some experience here. Don't take me lightly, Fight like you mean it." As Cross finished his words, he disappeared with a small sonido nearby the sphere that Piedra had launched. Taking his balde out of his shoulder, Cross infused it with his reishi, just a small slit enough so when he slashed, a wedge of reishi went for the sphere. Cross didn't know what i would do, so as soon as he struck his blade against the ground, he sonido'd again across the sand. His blade was in his shoulder again while he appeared behind Suna/luna, and Manda attempted to knocking Suna/luna's head toghet with his hands and taking out manda's legs with his ankles. hit or not, cross would be above Piedra now.

"Releasing already? I thought this was going to be a simple spar.." He infused his fist with some of his reishi again, Falling down at massive speeds towards Piedra. If Piedra did not move, he would experience some broken bones and major gashes from the release of the reishi on his body. If he did move, the impact from the hit would more than likely send everyone flying atleast 10 feet back from each other.


on Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:36 am


Piedra was slightly impressed at Cross' pain tolerance. Not many could shrug off and smile at their face being scorched as Cross' was. It wasn't a light sensation and when placed on the face of all places the pain should be a little intense, even if Cross hadn't been in any particular danger from that level of Acid Touch.

It wasn't that Piedra had underestimated Cross' hierro. No. Piedra knew just how far reaching his acidic touch was and knew the exact sensation that Cross should be experiencing. What Piedra had underestimated was Cross' sensitivity. Then again, maybe the guy was some sort of hyper masochist that got off on his face feeling as if it were on fire.

Cross was gone in time to avoid the Volcan and, rushing to give Piedra a warm, comforting hug was a slash of pure energy that ran from Cross blade. It collided with Piedra without the Volcan to protect or even weaken the attack. Piedra was blown backwards by the crescent of energy. It was lucky that Cross only used such a small fraction of his ability in that attack else it would have cut clean through Piedra.

Piedra landed on his back and quickly recovered, moving a hand to his chest where the slash met him. Ok. Even though it didn't cut and that Cross was holding back...That hurt! It hurt so bad that Piedra felt a weakness all the way to his feet. It was worse than being punched, thanks to how thin it was, and it crashed into him without mercy, yet also lacking the penetrative ability to cut him. That made the slash more like a whip of energy!

"Sssss..." Piedra hissed, holding the wound. He'd been so focused on his own injury that he hadn't even realized that Manda, Suna and Luna had all been attacked by Cross in succession. Piedra did notice Cross appear above him. Piedra had hardly any time to catch his breath even before that next attack was coming at him. Thinking about it, Piedra was in a very bad situation. Still, he wouldn't let it show.

Piedra inhaled as he clenched a fist and wanted to get into a fighting position. He wanted to look a little menacing and tough before Cross. He'd get in a fighting stance and then toss up a clever rhetoric that made him look like the genius that he was before getting a clever hit in on Cross. However, before Piedra could really even position himself he was already being hit?

The crashing force of the hit was heavy and painful and...Painful! Piedra was struck right in the chest and was launched back by a concussive shockwave that echoed throughout the area with indiscriminate ire.

Upon coming into contact with Piedra's red skin, Cross' hand would burn, the same as his face, though it was a little rougher now and the corrosive nature of the burning was more active. The attack was too short to receive even a first degree burn, but it would feel as if Cross punched something made of pure fire. If he could simply shrug off excruciating pain of that nature then Cross had nothing to worry about, but obviously hitting Piedra, or letting him hit you, was a dangerous dance. Too many strikes, or allowing too many strikes, and the pain would escalate to become burns and those burns jumping in severity as a battle went on. A long battle with Piedra was a dangerous one, even against opponents stronger than him.

"Urgh..." Piedra would groan, rolling on his side. Another disappointment, Piedra didn't have the pain tolerance that Cross casually demonstrated. Three broken ribs and his back running through the rough sand felt like...Well, three broken bones and skin being scratched up by dirt! Piedra wrapped a hand around his ribs a moment, feeling a sharp surging pain run through his chest and crawl through his skin. Each breath felt like needles were pressing into his chest.

"I can take somethin' like this..." Motivating himself, Piedra would slowly get to his feet and would roll his neck, dropping his hands to his sides. He took a deep breath, purposely making his chest hurt, so that he could try and adjust to the full extent of the pain. It was similiar to when someone with a sprained ankle put their full weight on the leg to see if they could walk. Piedra was stronger than a human though. A lot stronger. Pain that would make a human hobble and cry would only make him all the more prepared for the lesser wounds he planned to recieve.

Still...Piedra was now a little weary. He already lost all the will to attack Cross anymore. Cross was certainly still strong. Strong enough to break Piedra's released bones with just a fairly ordinary punch. Piedra's bravery was slipping away, but his pride was as stable as the warmth from the sun. Even if he was now way too afraid to attack Cross again, he could still attack those other whiny bitches a hundred times over!

"Heh...I was goin' easy on ya!" Piedra declared to Cross, not wanting the Arrancar to get overly excited after just throwing Piedra 15 feet away. "I'm gonna show ya jus what I'll do to yer face later!" Cracking his knuckles, Piedra prepared to attack his next target. The obnoxious twins. The moment he was able, Piedra would Sonido over to the twins and he would punch Suna, over Luna, right for her snotty little mouth. Punching Suna would feel so great and, despite the ache and gnawing coming from his chest, he could totally pretend to be just fine after that attack. If there was anything Piedra was great at it was pretending attacks didn't hurt!

on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:18 am


Manda watched quietly at Cross’s reaction to Piedra’s attack. His talk about wanting to fight was getting Manda frustrated. The main reason for this was due to her loosing her last battle. Her thinking about this is what caught her off guard for when Cross made his first attack. Manda had fallen flat on her back, making her even more angry. She got up quickly but still managed to miss the attack that Cross had done on Piedra. The only thing she saw was Piedra sliding across the ground. At this she had to giggle a bit. That giggle was short lived as Piedra began to attack Luna and Suna, well, mostly Suna. This is what threw Manda over the edge. She knew they were not as small as they used to be, but that was no reason to go overboard and attack them first.

Manda turned and looked right at Piedra. As she did her dress began to shorten to where it was just above her knees, allowing for her to have flexibility for attacking. She was not to mad at Cross yet. She didn’t feel the need to attack him, nor did she really want to. It was Pie she was after first and foremost. She looked at Pie and began to think of a way to attack and not get hurt herself. She then comes up with a great idea to get not only Pie, but everyone else. She jumps up in the air and begins to draw upon her elements and begins to create a large thunderstorm. The smile on her face turns a bit to the evil side as she looks down at everyone. Once the storm has built up she begins to cause a downpour. She then looks right at Pie and sends a lightning bolt right at him. She sends one at Cross as well just because he tripped her.

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on Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:48 am



[OOC: Yes; I still exist. Just been having a "fun" time irl ._.]

Limply, the young girl’s body hung at the edge of the chasm, just one slip away from a casual, uneventful drop into the void into a modest, bloody splatter onto the bottom. Her left hand and her fingers were wedged knuckle deep into the bone white, loosened earth; the area over her grip was lined with shimmering arcs of lime green energy, solidifying the sand at her fingers until it became like stone. Was this pretty precarious position? Eh, perhaps it was. But so far, nothing exciting was happening on this end and this so called dangerous position had not done anything to warrant a change of expression on her end, nor even a raise of the brow. The heroine of this story merely took a few minutes to adopt the quintessential ‘thinker’s’ poise, carefully and meticulously stroking her chin with the prim and delicate tips of her fingers. Right now, it was just her, herself, and her thoughts... just the way she liked it.

“Awkwardly jumping into an unknown without first assessing the situation developing around you beforehand. Not exactly your most clever moment, Miss D’Aubigue...”

No, it wasn’t.

Instead of taking the most insane option available to you, you could have went around to ask questions, gain some insight into things before you began your little ‘exploration’. You haven’t slept a wink in two days; Hunger is starting to nip at you; you’re running low on water so you’re a bit antsy. You figured you could find a few things to barter with down below and secure some supplies in the next settlement; I get that.

But at the very least, you acknowledged your mistake in the middle of your brazen leap and now, you’ve lowered your reiatsu output to a less detectable level and you’ve just been... hanging around, taking it easy and listening to the locals having their little spat. During your coffee break, a new player entered the field as well, possessing a presence that is simply overpowering, far outstripping the other’s within the area, even beyond what you could assert as well. But you knew all of that. You hung quietly, carefully tuning your senses onto the actions unfolding just over the edge. It just might be fun to take a peek, watch it all unfold and just... see what happens.

Our heroine’s head carefully turned from the side to side, seemingly scanning the area just to see if someone was watching her. Much to her relief and to the confirmation of what she already knew, there was nothing but dirt and the sparse bits and shards of smooth, white marble around her, once polished to perfection... now left to rot within the breach. Fantastic. Her hand wedged within the stone hoisted her upward, just enough so that the top half of her head was over the ledge and she could get a clear view of things. What she found was pretty much what her third eye had shown her - four arrancar fighting a single, powerful one for the sake of what was said to be a test. The punkish one with tomato red hair had even released his zanpaktou and turned himself into a red, tomato colored person as well. How neat was that? Pretty neat indeed. It wasn’t too neat when he got smacked down so easily though. His street cred got bumped down by at least ten points...

But at least it was beginning to rain a bit in the desert. Not naturally of course. Not in Hueco Mundo; never. That freakishly tall girl had the ability to control the elements and invoke otherwise unnatural phenomena like this out of nowhere. Well that was nice. The rain was refreshingly cool and there was a nice breeze picking up along with it. It was beautiful change of pace really, and it only helped her along with her assessment and her thoughts on the events at hand.

“Well... it’s sort of hard to root for the four from before when they won’t exactly get too fair realistically...” she mused, her head now tilting just a bit to her left. I guess I gotta go for the red one though. At least he’s smart enough to understand that he needs all the advantages he can get and released. It’s too bad that his fighting style is too honest and straightforward...


on Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:37 am


Lightning! There was lightning coming at him!
When the super hot, super fast, and surprisingly bright bolt of electricity crashed into Piedra he felt the damage surge from the point of impact into all of his body. It was like being tackled by crawling fire. The lightning rammed right into his left side, mostly focused on his lower left abdomen, opposite from the hand and side he was going to use to hit the annoying brat that totally deserved a punch in her smart mouth!

Piedra was blasted backwards. Though the lightning felt like it shook and battered all of his body a little, the point of contact with the lightning was sore enough to make him focus on that pain over the rest of his body. It really hurt. Being hit with a fiery hammer would have hurt only a bit more than having an unexpected lightning bolt crash into his side.

Although Piedra was blown by the short bolt he kept his footing, digging into the rough white sand underfoot, and hunched forward a bit after the attack subsided. It looked like, despite her original reservations, Manda was attacking everyone indiscriminately. It was a wide spread attack utilizing lightning bolts from above that were tossed down in a chaotic dance of light and force. Piedra wasn't impressed and he'd already felt like he could get around this attack. Worst thing about fast attacks was that they were, well, fast. When utilizing a skill that manipulated an attack as fast as a lightning bolt aim was imperative. If a target moved even slightly after the initial aim was fired it could miss the target completely, thus a moving target was to a disadvantage to a wild, unfocused spray of lightning bolts as Manda was depending on. That just meant that, so long as Piedra was moving fast, he could avoid the bolts by luck alone.

A cero, which was larger, could be shot in succession, and had a focused damage radius wasn't as easy to dodge as a thin, quick, bright lightning bolt so Piedra would have to also watch for Manda's charging for a different natured attack. If he was careful, and quick, he could bolt around this battlefield with consecutive cero and, while whomever he targeted was focused on the lightning, he could bring them down.

Who better to take down than Cross?
Utilizing Sonido at it's finest, Piedra dashed and darted about aiming to, no necessarily escape the range of the attack, but to dive right into the center of the attack around Cross and Manda. Piedra made sure to jet to the left and right, quickly making sure not to remain on the same path as to give Manda only dirt to toss a lightning bolt at, hoping that his sporadic tactic would keep her from guessing where he would appear next and throwing a preemptive lightning bolt to take him down, and Piedra would appear right in front of Cross and, with one decisive punch, he would strike down Cross with an explosive punch.

It would be perfect. The moment Piedra would hit Cross a lightning bolt would come down on his head, locking Cross' head in a deadlock with pain. After Piedra would punch Cross a heavy, loud shockwave would follow his fist, magnifying the force behind that thrash, and would drop Cross into the ground heavy enough to completely knock him out.

"Ha! That's what ya get! Yer next!" Piedra would triumphantly yell down to Cross before pointing an accusing finger over towards Manda. With Cross downed and the idiot pair standing around confused and conflicted by Cross orders, this became a one-on-one.

on Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:18 am


Manda smiled as Piedra took the hit of lightning. She smiled even more when Cross got hit as well. She had not expected to hit Cross, but he seemed to have zoned out. She shrugged and was about to attack Piedra once more when she realized someone else was nearby. She had sensed Remy and did not want harm to fall to her. It would not seem right to Manda since Remy was not part of the fight. She picks Remy up and moves her to a location where she can still see but will not drown from the water. She then turns just in time for Piedra to say she’s next. This started to make Manda even more mad.

Manda turned her full attention to Piedra. As the did this she drew out her twin wakizahi’s and says, ”Ok. Lets Dance.”

With that she draws her two swords together. She then raises them up in the air and begins to draw lightning down upon her body. The current is contained within and around her as it begins to spin in place, forming a whirling vortex of wind and electricity. The vortex soon takes on the shape of a dragons head and as it takes shape before her. She smiles and sends this vortex right at Piedra and hopes it will hit. She sends a few more lighting bolts as she sends out this attack to try to confuse Piedra or see if she just gets lucky. Either way, he’ll be hurting.

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on Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:19 am


It was against his original plan!
Lightning bolts were thin and their speed would have normally been to their disadvantage against a constantly moving target. That was the case in the situation of random bolts trying to fly about and strike Piedra. They were lightning let loose, thus their lack of direction and focus gave Piedra a significant, tactical advantage in a bad situation.

However, that was lost.
Whether Manda realized this and meant to correct it or if she were simply using a more powerful attack to harm Piedra more was an unimportant detail. Piedra's zig-zag path towards Manda was obstructed by a monstrous, violent, malevolent combination of lightning. The broad range and the destructive intensity would draw Piedra in, the attack too large for someone like him to easily dodge, and it would consume him.

Piedra was hit by fiery samba that was let loose with the twirl of a dress. The lightning let loose by the lightning rods for swords was enough to completely devour the red headed Arrancar and thrash him into the dirt as the shocking electricity painfully tried to short circuit his body. It was a good thing that guys like him had very strong hearts and very hard heads else the being battered into the dirt by a bustling and raging elemental dragon would have probably been the end of this story.

Piedra was blasted 25 yards away and was laid down on his back at the end stretch where the lightning dragon tunneled through the ground before it died out. Piedra's arms were outstretched and his eyes were closed as he laied there, motionless. At first, it looked like he had died. His clothes were charred and he was even still steaming. Honestly, the pain rushing through each and every muscle made him wish that he had been at least knocked unconscious.

Defeat would have been such a poor way to go out, though.
Piedra was strong enough to survive the dragon, being in his released state and with Manda outside of hers. However, this wasn't looking good at all. He'd clearly taken damage. He'd taken enough damage that he felt unable to move right away. He just laid there a moment as additional lightning bolts barked provokingly all around him, wishing for him to take another try at it. He felt like his muscles were hard and urged his mind to move them only to receive a numb, lazy attempt. It took him a long 3 minutes just to clench his fists.

Taken too much damage was an understatement. It was almost like he went passed broken bones and sore muscles. He felt numb. He felt that moving was difficult, as if he were teaching himself the basic motions all over again. It was a time consuming, embarrassing struggle and, as he forced himself more, he received a painful reminder about his injuries as he progressed.

Piedra would manage to get to his feet, clearly taking a long while to do this, and would wipe some drool from his chin, before nodding his head up confidently at Manda, who was even further away now than before. "That all ya got?" He asked, a dirty faced grin spreading after.

Her lightning was heavy and thick. It was almost like getting hit by a car and the substantial collateral damage from the wreck was enough to make his body beyond hurt and sore. He was breaking himself. He definitely couldn't win against her in a situation like this. He didn't have the means to make himself better off either. By the time he closed the distance she would have already fired off another lightning bolt or another lightning dragon. She was just too forceful. She held a force that he couldn't exactly defeat right now either.

Alright," Piedra would say, raising the white flag as his release instantly vanished, "Ya win. I think I'll pass on keepin stuff like this up," Because he would die! Piedra enjoyed a good fight as much as anyone, but he valued his own life way more than he did taking someone else's. Sure, it was shameless and cowardly to give up now, after taking an attack, but he was a realist. There wasn't a way he could win as he was, even with all his strength, so he wasn't going to die in vain. Piedra was too self centered to fight anymore.

"Fine, I'll follow ya. You can be the leader," He proclaimed, as if this had been that sort of situation at the beginning.

on Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:10 am


Manda was getting ready to attack once more when Piedra stated he would follow her. She stopped cold and the storm disappeared. She looked him over in disbelief. She remained on guard, but she did not want to fully trust Piedra just yet. Calming down a bit she kept looking at him. Her dress remained the same and a gust of wind showed Piedra just a bit of her fading number. It also showed the many scars she had from her almost fatal attack from Mizuko and Yuki. She moved herself down to his level so that they would be eye to eye. She then said, ”Alright. What gives? I’ve not even released yet and your already beaten? I’ve not really been even trying that hard. However, I will not fully question you. I do, however, have one question I’d like to ask you. Seeing as how the Arrancar seemed to have been destroyed and seeing as how there are so few of us left, would you like to work with me to rebuild them. I can use all the help I can get. What do you say?”

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on Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:20 am


"'Ey, don't try tah understand me, you'll hurt yourself," Stated as cool as if he were the victor. Then again, in Piedra's mind, he was always the victor. Though, just what did Manda expect of Piedra? She was honestly surprised that he admitted to a loss? Despite Piedra's tendency to follow after the strong? She didn't know Piedra at all. She was lost and confused by taking his face vaule seriously. Never judge a book by its cover!

"Listen, I ain't got all day, ya know? Jus take it as it is. I'll follow ya 'round for a little bit. At least, until I can't use ya anymore," Piedra explained, all the same as he did with his other former superiors. Piedra was a pretty loyal guy though, despite saying that much. "As fer the Arrancar, that's fine. We can re-make the Espada right here and now. Buildin' a large enough group we can take over this dump and remake it in my image," Proudly, Piedra was more than ready to remake the Espada.

"But, we gotta get more power first."

on Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:10 pm


Manda listened as Piedra talked. He was still arrogant, but she needed his help. He also was right. They needed much more that just the two of them. Even if Luna and Suna, both of whom had become rather quiet, joined them, they’d still need much more power. The main question is, who is left? The other question, where are those who are left. Manda was just not sure about how to find any of the other, living Espada and had no idea how to gather them all up if that were so.

All her thinking kept her quiet for a rather long time, one in which Piedra would think she was ignoring him. Before he would become to annoyed she would finally speak. ”Your right Piedra. We do need more power. The main question is where can we find this? Also, once we do find other Arrancar or Espada, how do we enlist their help? Any ideas or suggestions?” She would ask this of him in hopes he’d be helpful rather than try to take over. She watched him quietly, wanting to know what he knew.

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