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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:32 pm


"Tsk," Catching Suna's response, Piedra started to get a little annoyed, but that definitely wasn't enough to ruin his good moon, "I gotta full mind tah rip off my own testicles and shove them down yer own throat, brat," Piedra was pretty sure he knew what those were. They were those tiny little organs in your back right? Had two of them? Something like that. He was obviously thinking hard about what he'd said as Suna went on and Luna jumped into the conversation no top of her.

Piedra would take two steps towards the closest twin, Suna, and motion his hand towards her, palm skyward, and as if he were asking for something. Like he wanted her to drop something in his hand, Cross was a retard. A weak, stupid retard. But, dat aside, ya said that yous both have been stayin' in my territory, right? Well, then ya should pay me rent!" A totally human concept that Piedra found out about recently. Humans gave up money to other humans to stay on their land. Well, with the end of the world practically compacting many humans to specific places, the practice was a little neglected lately, but it was something done in the past plenty. If you didn't own the land you stayed on then you gave up goods and stuff so that you could borrow the given land to stay on. Well, if Piedra said this was his land and she admitted to just staying here, then he owed her stuff, right? Yeah. It made perfect sense to Piedra.

"Yer stupid half-thing can pay too, cuz theres two of ya, I want 4 times as much!" Because simply asking for them both to pay their own shares was too unreasonable. No. With two bodies taking up his preciously, newly acquired land they both needed to pay double and if they both paid double then that meant he should get four times the amount. It was of those times where Piedra's ability to add up small numbers actually followed through!

Though, as he was extorti-Being generously donated too, Manda's patience finally wore out and she decided to toss a few threats on top of his own and siding with Suna and Luna. What? Was Piedra supposed to be intimidated? Now that was just silly. Turning to look at Manda, dropping his hand carelessly, Piedra smirked, "Whats with all this talk about half a mind? Are the both of ya really retarded? Heh, and I thought I was jus way smarter than the both of ya," He said it almost sincerely, as if he'd never heard the saying in his life and genuinely thought that he was smarter than the lot here. Of course he was! There was no way that they could be anything but inferior to him in every which way.

"Airhead? No. I am Piedra; I am myself. Yer the one that doesn't know just who the hell you are dealin' with, idiot. Don't mis-in-ter-pr-et my patience for kindness. I'll beat yer face in sideways, but-" Piedra had a devious smile curl up on his face as he realized the current count of bodies that they had. Piedra had a certain nature to him. He had a nature that was built into him ever since the day he came to life in this world. That was of dominance and hierarchy. In a situation like this, where all the king's horses and all the king's men were dead and smashed, taking advantage of the leftovers was vital to the establishment of the next kingdom. Piedra had been avoiding others all this time up until now, but he suddenly had an idea pop into his head that he thought was pure and complete genius. An idea that none had successfully managed to recreate all this time. An idea that would finally allow him to assert his presence upon the world as the most glorious thing in all of existence!

"But, both of ya shut up a sec, I think I got an idea," Swaying his hands to gesture for them both to calm down and not speak right away, he wanted to tell them something. Looking over this place, there was nothing. It was empty and devoid of the life that it used to be overpopulated with. Even though most of all that was gone...It didn't mean that, with a little time, it wouldn't all return again. Humans still died and souls still could be corrupted. It was all a matter of rebuilding what was lost.

"There's enough here...Listen," Piedra would start, a playful smile spreading on his face. He was like a child that had an idea for the funniest adventure in town. "With our numbers here, we could make the next Espada. No more Cross, no more Areku, no more of that White Monkey; Hueco Mundo could become all ours. In fact, if you three become my underlings, we could emass enough power to control all the merged together worlds..." It was the best idea anyone could come up with. An recreation of the Renacer. Sure, even if they didn't like Piedra or if they were afraid of fighting the bad guys that did this to their former home, there was security in numbers. Instead of getting pecked off by the bad guys later, when alone, or some rouge Shinigami...They could band together to create a group in which their powers protected each other and, at the same time, spread Piedra's influence. The finer details could totally be worked out later, but these weren't exactly totally weak worms. They could be Piedra's stepping stones to the top! He'd even go out of his way to provide all his incredible strength, skill and experience towards keeping them alive. What would they have to lose in a situation of joining together? It wasn't like they themselves didn't have it integrated into their own history and prior everyday life. It was a fight to maintain their way of life and, potentially, take over an advantageous situation. Surely they didn't want to keep all this hiding in holes and wandering around aimlessly for eternity, right? Piedra was pretty sure that there wasn't a reason not to accept his offer!

on Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:03 pm


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
"A zombie must have ate your ear and brain cause you arn't listening you over grown parasite and it would be three for we form one being and not two moron, get your arrancar right and also let me make it clear...WE.....ARE....NEVER....GOING....TO....PAY....YOU...RENT... get that through the thick skull you nutcase and secondly we wll nevver EVER EVER! work for you...we will always refuse and we would whether serve manda over there willingly then spend one moment even attemptng to know how you even manae to exist and breath the same air as us..."Said Suna wising to move forward but luna wrapped her arms around her twin holding her back "He isn't wort it Suna, remember what master wanted....he wouldnt want this.."Said Luna.

"I don't care I am tired of this moron's existance."Suna exclaimed wiggling some as luna kept a good grip on her twin

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on Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:00 pm


"Chyyhh. A retard?" Cross thought to himself rubbing the back of his neck. His reiatsu was hidden fully, with a camouflage on his body, he blended into the sand. Having been there for the conversation, Cross looked over towards Suna and Luna, Looking them over. "Haha still listening to me even when i'm not there. Such good girls." Cross smiled softly, shaking his head from the thought to focus on the current situation.

Cross has been in Huenco Muendo and the human world for the last 24 years since his battle with Dhaos. Getting away with just a black buldge on his left arm, he hid for those years, making sure he was not seen alive. Cross actually agreed to Piedra's idea of bringing back the Espada. Given, Piedra was over looking things with his Ego, but that doesn't change that Cross did like the idea. Pushing back his black spiked hair, Cross took in a deep breath, letting the camouflage drop and his reiatsu presence spike. He walked from the edge of the hole near the group, remaining silent with his eyes on Piedra.

Cross wasn't one to hold grudges much, but He was slightly aggravated from Piedra's words. The man's body changed drastically over the decades. The very first thing most would notice would be his new mask fragments. Coming up from his sternum, a straight line went up from the middle of his chest, to the top of his foread,with a helmet branching off to his left side, keeping a slit for his left eye. His black hair was pushed back on his left side, while his right side was left spiked up. The sun showed his red eyes glare dead aimed at Piedra's. The chest of the man was more toned than before, being covered by a tank top and a hoodie that was barely zipped up. His right sleeve was folded up, while his left sleeve was left down. His pants were simple black cargo pants, with no shoes.

His blade was bent at the tip, with shredded edges. On his back was the biohazard sign, in golden fabric. The only thing that didn't change were the white headphones that head had on his head, blasting music that could be heard feet away.

Sonido'ing infront of Piedra, Cross stood infront of him looking down at him.
"You haven't changed."

on Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:10 am

Manda continued to sit there an listen to Piedra only out of courtesy. She was beginning to hate Piedra. Well, not him specifically, his attitude. When he suggested that Luna and Suna pay rent for living on “his” property, this made Manda very upset. Almost to upset to capture what he said next. She had half a mind to tell him off at first, but then she calmed down. She realized he was not worth her time. That was till he mentioned he’d take over and be in charge of the Espada. This made her mad knowing she indeed was stronger than he was, even still being banged up a bit she was. As she stood there her dress started to shorten, signaling she was getting ready to tear into Piedra.

As Manda’s anger grew it was Luna and Suna’s turn to speak. She took a moment to listen to what they said and actually smiled a little. Even if Cross was no longer around they’d wanna follow her over that peon Piedra. Seeing Suna jump to attack Piedra she smiled and saw her moment to get into the mix. She moved to where she was between Luna and Suna and the nit wit Piedra. She was still mad at him and, like Luna, wanted a piece of him and was about to give him a piece of her mind when Cross showed up.

Manda stopped in her movement towards Piedra once Cross showed up. She looked him over and saw he had changed a bit. 24 years will do that to a person no matter what race they were. She was somewhat happy to see another familiar face, even if it was Cross. She took a moment to calm down in order to allow Cross to work his stuff. She jumps back behind Luna and Suna in order to control her anger a bit more. As she began to relax her dress returned to normal and a storm stopped brewing above.

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on Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:40 am


"Uh huh, gonna say somethin' that's actually scary? Don't worry, I'll wait," Piedra provoked to the twins both, hands behind his head and leaning back as they thought they were tearing into him. Please. What would he be scared of a few barking puppies for? They were all talk. Everyone here appeared to be all talk. The fact that they hadn't done anything but go on and on about boring crap like threats proved that they were all just talk. If they couldn't play the role of someone strong, then they were not stronger than Piedra. They were children before a parent. Piedra watched as they let their own vices get the best of them an they tried so hard to intimidate poor ol' Piedra.

Retarded. Not only were they failures, but they were all retarded. "Yawn," Piedra would say with a grin after Suna and Luna finished, though he didn't even provide the effort to make it sound like a yawn. It was a flat out, simple, exaggerated word that was followed by a calm, short grin and that same, casual position. They also failed to see a few problems with their big plan. All Piedra would have to do is subjugate all of them. Then, it really wouldn't matter where they placed their individual loyalties, they all just needed to work towards the same, general direction. If they could do that, under his supreme, absolute, glorious guidance then he would put this place back together. Back together how he liked.

Piedra's whimsical grin immediately vanished when Cross just...Appeared out of freaking nowhere!
Piedra fell over, out of surprise of course, falling on his back after having lost all sense of balance and coordination. "What the heck!? I gotta be seein' things!" Piedra exclaimed. No! How could Cross be alive? He'd told so many other Arrancar how he beat the crap out of Cross! Had those Arrancar still been alive, Piedra would honestly be a little embarrassed right now.

Piedra would quickly jump to his feet, inspecting Cross suspiciously. Piedra would, if he could, reach to grab Cross face and stretch his cheeks. "I liked ya better when ya were like 6 inches," Piedra would have analyzed, absolutely sure that this was indeed Cross. It'd been forever since he'd last seen Cross. It had to have been at least 25 years. Cross changed forms so much too, but Piedra could tell. He definitely could tell.

He'd let go of Cross, had he even managed to grab the Arrancar, and would grow a conceited smile, "Listen...How about ya become my lackey with those retards over there. I'll make ya my General," Piedra promised! Piedra didn't plan too, but he'd definitely make that sort of promise and right to Cross' face too. Oh no. Cross would be a foot solider. Someone with a lot of power was best to use and bend and manipulate like that putty stuff you could buy at stores. He'd make Cross defeat all the strong, big bosses and the black spires and then take all the credit, like the good Arrancar that he was. General? Oh no. Cross would be Piedra's most loved peon.

There wasn't a better sort of situation. With this many Arrancar in one place, if Piedra could just make them all follow him then...Then he would have a great deal of strength. Even if the retard twins were useless alone, they could still take up two slots in the lower ranks and the other two were strong enough to take up a great deal more of the needed weight. This sort of group was something that made Piedra feel very comfortable. It was like he was a King looking at a bunch of young men and women about to enlist in his army. He would knight them, swear them to himself, then be sure to order them to go find him some humans to eat, simply because Cross hated stuff like that.

"I know ya heard my offer. How 'bout it? Recreatin' a new Espada-No, we'll call The Piedra Legion," Piedra only knew that word because of some humans reminiencing about a video game and, before he ate them, he forced them to explain what the word meant. From how they described the video game, it was the perfect word for what Piedra wished to create.

on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:55 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Luna let go when they both sensed cros looking over to him "maybe master will do soomething to put this air head in his placce before I replace his ball and give him boobs the painful way so maybe he would had some existennce as a cross dresser..."Growled suna to herself calm down.

Luna moved over to cross hugging him "We missed you and man have you changed alot just like us master."Said Luna sweetly looking over her shoulder at the air head while she let go. She moved over to the arrancar and studied him "easily I could hit three presure points before you take a breath and make you my puppet by manipulating your blood and make you dance like a sissy girl for our amusement...but you are no worth the effort of breathing a single inch of your are going to be the Airhead of Pie, my nickname to you cause i refuse to remember your name."Luna commented.

Suna watched manda move and how ticked she was getting as suna smirked "a woman's wrath is not something you want."Said Suna

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on Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:29 am


Cross did not react to his face being squeezed by piedra; He simply smirked. " even when i was that short. I still beat the shit out of you, Pie." His voice was husky, dark toned even. Change has happened to Cross, inside and out. Blinking slowly, he listened to the things Piedra had to say. Rolling his eyes slowly, Cross laughed. "Me, a lackey? I work for no one. You should know that by now" Cross usually is annoyed by the man's ego and words. But being gone and alone for so long, Nothing really struck his nerve. Cross knew that Piedra would keep running his mouth no matter the words that he says, or the action that he takes. letting out a slow breath, He shook his head.

" I don't plan to be apart of something that will fail and make others be killed in. Unless you have some sort of real plan, don't waste my time. I grew to learn that when you waste my time, I get pissy." Cross looked down to Piedra, shaking his head and nibbling down on his bottom lip. Cross really wouldn't take any deal from the man anyway. Seriously, from his boasting and lying, who honestly would? If they did, they were long gone. No proof could show that Piedra was a put together leader. Yawning loudly, he felt arms press into him in an embrace. Blowing air out of his nostrils and shaking his head, he tapped the girls' head, still looking at piedra.

"Seems like you two grew fairly well into your bodies, and that you didn't forget what I taught you. very good." Cross flicked the girls away, stretching hsi arms in the air, Cross's Left sleeve went up his arm, showing the black bulge on his forearm briefly, maybe allowing the others a quick glimpse.

" I want to test every single one of you. Either Free for all, or you three working together." Cocking his head to the sides, Cross rolled his shoulders, putting his hands in his pockets.


on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:16 pm

Manda remained in place behind Luna and Suna. She could still hear Piedra however. He was still full of himself and, now that she was calmer, he seemed to piss her off even more. This time he was trying to get Cross to join his stupid idea of a group. “The Piedra Legion” he called it. Manda only shook her head and was tempted to beat up Pie herself. Manda then heard what Luna had said and had to laugh a little in her head. She’d never show that at all to Piedra, that airhead. But Suna was right, Manda was pretty ticked and that was not something Pie wanted.

That all changed however when Cross began to speak. She had to admit she was a bit excited he was back. She did not, however, want to fight him. She heard what he had said and she shook her head. She took this moment to hop over to Cross. Once next to him she looked him over once more and she saw he had changed a bit. This did not change things however. Manda took a moment to look at Pie. This only served to make her more mad. She said to him, ”I have half a mind to pound you into the ground and think nothing of it. I’ll be nice for the moment however. I seem to have something else to take care of first.”

With that she turned her attention back to Cross. She smiled slightly, just enough to show she still had feelings other than rage. That smile faded quickly as she began to get angry at Cross. ”Where the hell have you been and why would you let some punk take over my spot? I could care less about my spot now, I just wanna know where the hell you’ve been. Second, why in gods name are you looking for a fight? I don’t mind if we gang up and cream that Pie face idiot over there, but what makes you think that Luna, Suna, and I are gonna attack you? Give me one good reason and I’ll go all out. If I don’t hear it soon I’m just gonna take my rage out on “The Airhead of Pie” as Luna so apply named him. So come now and tell me why I should.”

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on Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:08 pm


"A plan?" Piedra would say, moving a curious hand to his chin as black marks appeared on Cross' face where he so foolishly allowed Piedra to touch him. Piedra was calm and well put together right now. It was like Cross gave him a difficult math problem to figure out.

Between speaking with the female Arrancar and addressing everyone, those black marks would grow darker and Cross' face would feel warm. By the point that he had said something about them fighting him, the effect would settle and Cross' face would feel as if it were on fire. Scalding, burning heat from a scalding and burning ability. It would feel as if someone poured scalding water right on those black marks and it spread out seeping a great deal through Cross' face. Now, were Cross someone with a low density Hierro he would have had to worry about his skin being burned away by those black marks and, if he were any weaker than the brat twins, he'd have to worry about his flesh burning badly. Severe burns were fortunately, something that Cross' hierro would keep him from receiving, however there was still a matter of the pain. Piedra's acidic touch couldn't penetrate such a dense Hierro enough to break down the skin, but it was still capable of inducing pain all the same at the outer most exterior of the highest layer of the Hierro.

Short of having a branding iron placed to his face, it was more like a very dangerous sunburn that was being clawed by hungry talons. Cross would feel nothing but pain, being strong enough to resist all the corrosive effects of Piedra's ability, but that pain would be nothing to just shrug off, no matter how strong or pain resilient an individual was.

It was eye opening for most.
"Ya think that I didn't plan to attack ya the moment ya popped up, huh?" Piedra would have said, dropping his right, curious arm, and gripping his right arm with his left, immediately releasing all his power.

Piedra had been completely sure that Cross would have allowed such a pass. See, everyone here seemed to hold the exact same opinion of Piedra. They all thought that he was stupid and that he was weak. However, even if everyone here was 100 times stronger than Piedra or even 1000 times stronger than he was, Piedra knew without a doubt that he was strong. Even if he wasn't stronger, he was still strong regardless.

As he released his power, a tower of red spiritual energy erupting outwards, Piedra's body started to shift. It would be an instant. An instantaneous burst and release of power as his Resserection was made his full body. Piedra's skin turned red, his eyes yellow, and he had a long reptilian tail that lazily weaved to the left and right. Sharp, serrated teeth replaced his former human dentures, and he had spikes that ran down his back, enlongated forms of the horns that he usually had hidden in his hair. All his teeth were razor talons and his muscles became a bit more compacted under that red, tight skin.

Piedra would, expecting Cross to come in an immediately attack him at this point, perform the Vulcan. The Vulcan was a red explosion of corrosive spiritual energy that erupted a few feet from his body. Likely, Cross could avoid it easy enough, but he if dove into a familiar sensation of terrible burning would come back. It was like a perfect sphere of lava and, should Cross attempt to move into it, he would be physically burned by the corrosive raw energy. Even those stronger than Piedra were in danger of light chemical burns when they came to close to his body or his energy. Naturally, the burns would be so minimal on Cross, someone a great deal stronger than he was, that the actual pain of being burned was more of a big deal if he did try to rush Piedra with a speedy counter attack.

The Vulcan could only last a sparse moment, thus it would vanish as quickly as the protective sphere appeared. This, naturally, left him completely open to all sorts of nasty counter attacks and, unfortunately, Piedra couldn't exactly do Vulcan too many times in a row. He wouldn't even if he could though. It was uncool to rely on cheap tricks too much. "I am Privaron. I was Espada before ya was Primera, never forget that. Now, if yer gonna say all that crap then I guess yer jus gonna have to remind me about how strong yer supposed to be," If someone hadn't taken the time to attack him by now, likely in the middle of his boastful sentences, and decided to listen to him, Piedra would get into a basic boxing stance. That black tattoo labled "115" stood out and seemed to only confirm his claims. Arms at the ready, spiritual pressure at a constant, comfortable flow, and his powerful ability dazzling, he would smirk as his eyes would dart to the others after, "I'll gladly accept a freakin' Free-for-All," Or hell, even a Four-on-One. Piedra was still counting the twins as two separates, mostly because they were obviously two things and not one, and it didn't matter that it was not in his favor. Piedra was courageous. He was the sort of guy that would do outrageous things like this simply because he genuinely believed that he could. He'd survived this long on his instinct, pride, and his courage so why not keep up the game?

on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:25 pm


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
"So the itch for battle is strong in master....what a wonderful Idea...I agre to tis spar tofirst knock Pie off his little pedistal of hot air so maybe he will finally die off"Said Suna while she put her hands togather craccking her knocks before cracking her neck smirking "What do you say Maiden Luna....shall we take part in this firey exchange?"asked Suna

"I am not the maiden so stop saying that Suna...there is no peace here just shattered dreams."Said Luna sighing before she adjusted her hair, allowing it to flow free as the white slowly changed to a strawberry blonde. Her red eyes watched the group while her left hand reaced to her left hip pulliing out her blacken blade from its shealth. the blade glistened a black red as when the light of the moon hit her blade, it looked to almost move like literal blood.

"now your talking luna."commented suna moved her left hand over her right hould pulling out her snow white blade. She smirked before hitting the hilt with her wrist before her blade glowed. se pulled it appear while the glowing stop making two white blades. her rested her right blade on her white shoulder watching "weak you do not go into you true form at start."Saud suna laughing as luna watched silently

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