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on Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:57 am


Kyo stared blankly as her shot landed. I did it I did it, the words raced through her head. She rarely ever can land a succeeded shot, and on an enemy so powerful nonetheless. Despite the fact that he didn't know of her existence she still managed to hit from a decent distance away. The celebration in mind came way too soon though.

As Piedra gets up from the blast Kyo gasps, breaking from her inner victory. "Whats next, what do I do now? That was my big move there... what do I do if he shoots back at me...?" thoughts raced through her head as she watched Piedra look at himself and move to her with a sunido. His speed was amazing, though it wasn't that much faster then her own.

It was abnormal for her opponents to be faster then her, meaning in order to do anything she would have to step her game up and get in a few more sly attacks. She began to plot her next move as Piedra began to speak. "Take it off" he said "Everything, take it off!"

Kyo looked puzzled for a second. She had not been able to grasp why he would want her to disrobe. He seemed insane. "I can't make any mistakes... none at all" she though as she tightened her grip on her blade. Her next move was clear to her. She had to manouver a way into a dead lock, going for non-stop close combat attacks. If they broke the conflict she had to re-engage instantly. She felt if he began using Cero's he would realize she is useless at long distance combat.

"As! You! Wish!" She said, grinding out each word in anger, and ripping off her Gotei 13 uniform and throwing it at him all in one motion to attempt and block vision. The uniform was only the top half, and it was half shredded, making it unwearable even if he wanted to attempt to squeeze into a petite woman's outfit.

Had he been able to see prior to being blinded he would see the fact that beneath her uniform she wore a torso protecting light armor. It was only wrapped around the torso and not covering either of her arms. It appeared as a black roll of tape spinning around her body, almost mummifying her.

As the cloth pieces flew through the air Kyo smashed her hands on the ground and a red smoke engulfed the surrounding area, permitting extremely limited vision. Kyo's ability to mask spiritual pressure would be another difficulty setting it even harder for him to find her.

After a second of time "Ta Kurōn!" could be heard for a split second before Kyo appeared to swing at Piedra. Had Piedra attempted to dodge the attack even slightly he would be successful, had he attempted to attack, his attack would faze right through her clone, and had he just absorbed the hit, the clone would pass through him dealing no damage.

After the first attack came in another one would come from his back, attempting to catch him off guard. This one would follow the same parameters as the first as it is indeed another clone, but a split second after this attack one would come from his left, presuming it is his weaker side, and Hebikiba would be directed at his rib cage attempting to hit and damage a vital part of his body, and also paralyzing it from her Shikai. This attack would be the real thing, though passing the attack the smoke would clear and three more replicas of Kyo would still be there.

on Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:04 pm


His wounds began to heal... His burning body remained it's shape... Actually, Cero didn't hurt him much...

The angry shinigami stood up at the smoke and whispered. "Vaienri" This word collected all near reishi, and the healing power, that were already used to prevent the damages of Elian, turned into pure brute power. The green flames surrounded shinigami, just like Kiyoni flames... but it was different... these flames were repsentation of the wounds of him. So, in other words... It would cause several wounds to Piedra.

Flames moved faster and faster. As Elian pointed to the arrancar, the flames moved swiftly. Like a snake, the green fire squirmed toward the target. A Cero would be useless against it. It devoured the air, the oxygen near the flames.

Green fire drained power all of the time from Elian, but it was worth of the attack. The most strongest combination heady drug, burning fire and strong kido flied in form of the snake. A big one... and it was also swift, almost unable to dodge.

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on Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:21 am


Mithras looked at the battle up above in a tree. He thought about joining the fray, He was matched with he Elian kid, Shinku looked unpredictable, but he could take him. In his Resureccion he could take Kyo, which made Piedra the only one he had to watch out for. All this, and he could cont. his search for Queen Verda, or Adriana, as she was rumored to be. "Terrorize, Gurrero Dragon." He felt the armor plating, sliding across him, his three swords in his sheath. He flipped from the tree, landing on the ground with an impact, and drew his swords. " All of you stop moving. Except you, Piedra, I have no business with you. Elian, come over here, slowly. I am currently stronger than you and your shikai won't make that big of a difference and you don't know how to release your bankai. Unless Piedra here will guard you, I will kill you if need b."

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