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#11 Re: Yorudan (Arrancar)- COMPELETO! on Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:11 am


Soma's Application Review

Things to Improve On
I get that Yorudan is kind. But that's about it aside from he likes experimenting. What I'm trying to say is, I feel that you could develop a better personality description. Include things like oddities in his personality, how he acts in certain situations, etc.

Hyper Accelerated Regeneration
Limbs healing in three to four posts.... I'm fine with that. Organ's on the other hand I'm a bit iffy about. A six to eight post regen time isn't all that bad. My issue is the lack of listed organs that can be healed. Keep in mind that things such as the heart or brain, really shouldn't be able to regenerate, though they could from portions of the cells remaining. But in my opinion major organs that are required to live shouldn't be able to be regenerated(i.e the heart and brain.)

So far I'm alright with this ability. Aside from two things. Offensively, since you said the vomit can crumble concrete or stone, it needs a damage effect chart to list how it would do vs opponents. Secondly, the holding aspect will need to be listed(how it works vs various foes). And finally, the 4th state of matter, plasma, explain why, how, and what makes the vomit becoming plasma so special.

I'm kinda iffy on this one. Mainly because you don't explain how the limb remains fully functional, nor how you can still control it. The only thing stated is that this ability was gained via experiments.

Reverse Reaper
Stopping lower tier opponents attacks I can see. Even equal tiered to an extent. But stopping a higher foes attack? Here's what I suggest, since you state this ability depends on Yoru's Reiatsu Control, instead of having it work via tier difference, have it work based on the stat gap between Yoru's Rei Ctrl and say, the opponents Phys COnd or Rei Ctrl.

Stabilizing Interaction
Essentially the same thing I stated about Reverse Reaper. This technique would be better done if the effect was listed compairing Rei Ctrl to the opponents own, or their reiryoku levels. Other than that, I don't see you simply swatting away even a lower tiers cero. If anything, in my opinion unless your own reiatsu control overpowered the opponents, trying to swat away a cero would cause it to blow up in your face.

Stabilizing Split
Just note that the more something splits, the weaker each part would be.

I can't believe I just noticed it, but ALL of your techniques are missing cooldowns. Please apply some.

Ressurreciono Ability
Aside from Yoru appearing to be a glutton due to this. I have little idea of what the purpose behind this ability is. I request you expand on it, or re-word it for easier understanding.

As it is right now, your history is on the shorter side. I've also noticed you have a section that is marked as 'will be revealed later'. I suggest doing this section now. Its a section that you could put another 800 years worth of stuff into. Include things like training techniques, mastering abilities, his new form, etc.

Final Notes & Tier Assessment

My final thoughts, all in all an alright app. You just need some work. As it is currently I can see this app being in the lower 1-? tiers. Perhaps 1-3, if expansion, and re-work is good enough to allow it. I have to agree on one point with Dhaos. Due to your characters age, I was expecting more for the history.

#12 Re: Yorudan (Arrancar)- COMPELETO! on Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:43 am

More of this brief overview will be revealed during actual RP

The Past, The Present, The Future.. What is Your History?

History: Perhaps due to brain damage suffered from his life as a human, Yorudan’s only memory from it is a scene from his death. How fitting that his form as a hollow was that of the last thing he’d seen while dying; a sea cucumber.

3,000 Years Ago
His early days in Hueco Mundo were spent scavenging, looking for the remains of hollows previously killed by others who actually possessed the ability to fight. He would scurry underground behind groups of hunting Arrancar just low enough to avoid detection and then crawl above ground to eat when it was safe. For nearly a thousand years, he existed in the afterworld living like this, scavenging. Tracking groups of hollows, waiting until they battled others or turned on each other, and then surfacing to eat the scraps that remained. The hate for his condition and himself that he developed as a result would be inconceivable to any whom were free to walk Hueco Mundo without fear. Still, there was one benefit gained by living this bottom feeding lifestyle; Yorudan developed skill with hiding his reiatsu. Learning to hide his reiatsu meant he had an easier time following hollows because he could remain at a closer distance; lose them less often. As disgusted as he'd grown with himself, he'd grown accustomed to this. He couldn't help but wonder how he would fair were he part of a group above ground, more specifically, how long before he would be killed. Regardless how large the group he tracked was, they would always be wiped out within a few centuries.

Though he pressed on, he knew that were he above ground, he'd likely die within days. No one would waste their time forming a group with such a useless hollow.

2,000 Years Ago
That is until one day he was discovered. He was pulled up from the ground by an Adjucha in charge of his own group of hollows.
“How interesting…” She said. “A sea animal, like I was when I was younger. Except this one is even more useless.” The long transparent hair like appendages hanging from her head wrapped around his form, injecting him with her potent venom. She dropped Yorudan. “Not squishy like I was, but far more gross.” She laughed as Yorudan curled up from pain caused by her venom. “I don’t even know if I want to eat this one. Who wants it?” She said in constant laughter.

“Well we can’t eat it now. I don’t want to eat any of your poison. I don’t even think I would eat it if it even if it wasn’t poisoned.” The hyena looking hollow of her group chuckled. “It looks like a giant pickled piece of poop.” Everyone laughed hysterically.

The jokes and laughs at his expense continued until their leader kneeled down beside him. He was no longer squirming in pain. “Now that’s impressive.” She said.

Yorudan attempted to escape underground. One of her group grabbed him. “He’s alive? But. . .no one has ever been able to live for more than a few minutes after being injected.”
The hyna sniffed Yorudan’s body thoroughly. “Joba, I don’t smell any poison.”

A wave of gasps came from the group. Frightened, a wave of thick liquid came from Yorudan’s body and landed on the nose of the hyena. The group laughed as strange creature was dropped and kicked away.

“It threw up on me! Oh…OH! That’s fowl!” The hyena shouted.

“Let’s hope it’s vomit.” One of the group yelled, causing yet another wave of laughter.

Yorudan needed to escape, never had he been pulled above ground before. If only his form was different. The hyena approached Yorudan yet again.

“No, get away.” Yorudan shouted.

“It can talk?” The hyena said grabbing at its vomit covered nose. “And it’s puke. . .it’s hard! I…I CAN’T FEEL MY NOSE!”

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises. You just found yourself a group to travel with.”

1,000 Years Ago
The leader of the group called herself Kalita. Yorudan found that her group wasn’t exaggerating when they referenced the potency of her toxin. She’d believed that her poison made her invincible. Though unintentional, Yorudan taught her that this was not the case. Kalita was thankful for this, so thankful in fact that she not only took Yorudan into her group, but also under the proverbial wing. She helped him to understand that he was more battle capable than he anyone had original assumed. Within the span of one hundred years Yorudan gained complete mastery of his abilities, and a certain level of understanding.
The group faced their toughest battle within this timespan. A group of three fought their group of twelve and mowed them down to a mere five. The enemies they fought were all Adjuchas.

“Hyetro!” Kalita screamed. His head was removed from the rest of his body by the giant jaws of the leader of the opposing group. Nearest they could tell, the beast was some type of large lizard. Its fire covered form made it impossible for the group to rely on their leader’s special toxin. This same lizard used its fire to prevent Kalita from taking out its teammates.

“There are but five left.” The lizard laughed. “Something tells me that a group this group won’t be enough to make us Vasto Lords. In fact, their weakness may cause us to revert to Gillians again.” They laughed as they bit, pecked, and ripped away at the hyena, until there was nothing left.

Yorudan had grown attached to this group. As weak as he still considered himself to be, he refused to sit idly by and do nothing. His slow movements made it difficult for him to catch up to the burning lizard. But now that they had been so distracted by the hyena’s corpse, Yorudan finally managed to catch up. His belly, or what one would assume was his belly grew exponentially. Within seconds he’d grown tripled in size. This increase was due to his desire to produce more vomit than he’d ever produced before. He didn’t care if he’d explode from his attempt. All that he knew, was he had to show how grateful he was to his host party.

His size continued to grow until he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He was nearly twenty times as large as he once was. Still, this much vomit wouldn’t be enough. If only there was a way to cover the lizard completely. As the vomit surged from his mouth, the liquid converted into a fast moving gas.

“What the hell is this?” The lizard said as Yorudan’s cloud engulfed it’s burning tail, back legs and eventually shoulder blades. Its on these areas dimmed before going out completely after Yorudan caused his gas to convert once more. This time into a sticky liquid.

“Kalita!” The sea cucumber yelled. “His fire on his-“ He had no time to finish his sentence. The lizard swung its mighty tail in an attempt to silence him. Kalita saved him just in time, knowing it wasn’t necessary given his rapid healing ability. She carried him up into the sky, flying through the air skillfully, as if it were water, dodging wave after wave of cero and fiery burst.

“No Kalita!” Yorudan pleaded. “Now is your chance, avenge the others! The fire on his-“

“Yorudan.” She interrupted. “I knew that you would be useful. I want to thank you so much for joining us.”

He grew confused. Was she saying goodbye? She never spoke like this to anyone. Why was she speaking to the newest member of her party like this? She spoke so softly.

“I gave the order for the others to scatter after Hyetro was killed.” Aside from you, he was the only other one of us to ascend into the next stage of evolution.”

“I. . I don’t understand.” He muttered. Was she saying that he had evolved? Further still, by sending the others off, had she given up on them?
“It’s just you and me now. Hyetro would have joined us if he’d stuck to the plan.” She continued. Yorudan began piecing things together. It would appear that three of the group, and only three were even capable of evolving. He didn’t even know that he’d evolved. She had no intention of turning on the others, just sending them on their way so that they don’t wastefully consume what could be used to help those that still could, evolve. It had always been said that hollows who have the potential to become Vasto Lord were a rarity.

“It would appear that hollows that have the ability to even become Adjuchas are rare as well.” Yorudan cut in. “I understand now. But Kalitra, if we allow a group like this to stand in our way to ascension then-”

“They won’t” She laughed. She took a nose dive down. “Now that their leader has been taken care of, the rest should go down relatively easy.”

Yorudan squirmed in excitement. As they made their way down to the desert floor the lack of enemy fire confirmed his suspicions. She knew she didn’t have to save him from being attacked, she saved him to distract the lizard from what actually happened. She administered her poison. She released Yorudan once they reached the ground. Sure enough the lizard laid stretched out on the ground, motionless.

“Get away from our meal!” Kalitra shouted, drawing the attention of those enemies that remained. Yorudan’s size was once again exponentially larger than it should be. He unleashed his gas once more which instantly covered their enemies. He converted it into a thick sticky liquid and then eventually, a solid, stopping them in their tracks. Though not for long, it was enough time for Kalitra to administer her poison to each of them.

Yorudan was given the leader of the group to consume. He was the only one of the group to fear nothing from her toxin. He developed immunity to its effects centuries ago. He didn’t know how long it took for him to consume the giant corpse, but when he did, he saw a new hollow in his wake. A pristine white face mask with cut outs for bright purple eyes sat on this new entity.

Her form was completely transparent. Tendrils from her head wrapped around her humanoid form. She was dangerous looking, and this is what made her beautiful. He knew that he had nothing to fear from this newcomer.
“I have reached my goal.” She said. It was definitely Kalitra. “Now to help you reach yours.”

900 Years Ago

900 Years Ago
“What is it?” A long serpent like Hollow said, poking at a focused Yorudan with his tail. A hundred years had passed since he last saw Kalita. Even though he’d faced plenty of foes, some weaker, some stronger, he never once forgot the direction he was heading during his long journey. It was his drive that fueled him. He would see Kalita again, or avenge her death.

“It’s clearly a hollow, but I’ve learned that squishing things tend to be poison things.” A bird hollow screeched as it landed. “Who wants to chance it?” It squawked.

Yorudan felt the pull of regression tug at his core. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten. It’d been a while since crossing paths with another hollow. Should he regress, there was no telling what would happen to his mind, or his memories of Kalita. He stopped in his tracks. For a second, he wondered if forgetting about her would be for the best. He wanted to slap himself for even raising that question. Then again, slapping himself with entrails would be a waste.

He twisted his squishy body until the two were in sight. The stream of vomit that proceeded shot from his mouth and transformed into a chaotic cloud of swirling energy similar in intensity to the human world’s sun. The two didn’t even have time to scream before their bodies were engulfed. The plasma cloud settled quickly into a harmless gas which disbursed rather quickly, leaving behind the crisp darkened bodies. This was a trick he picked up when the first Hollow he met on his pursuit of Kalita dared to get in his way. As his anger consumed him, so did the burning fury of this very attack.

The eerie feeling of regression vanished the moment he bit into the neck of the serpent. What he wouldn’t give to taste Death God again. Whatever took Kalima was clearly stronger than the God of Death they faced in the human world. It would appear that Hueco Mundo is an even bigger danger than the human world is for Hollows. Especially with that thing running around.

He thought about its form, it’s power constantly. It said that it was both Gillian and Arrancar. He’d come to the conclusion that if it were being honest, that what he was, this ‘Arrancar’ was something else, entirely different from the usual evolutionary trail Hollows take. He was a Gillian yet had only part of a full mask. It actually looked as though large pieces of his mask were broken off, or removed purposely.

“Is that what an Arrancar is?” He thought as he turned to continue along his path. “If he is a Gillian and achieved that power by removing his mask. The power that I could achieve as an Adjucha would dwarf his own.” He’d also considered that possibility the reason Kalita was taken was so that she could have her mask removed. He rarely entertained that idea, being that she never returned to look for him.

“No. . .if her mask were removed and that made her an Arrancar, surely she would have enough power to overcome him. She would have returned.” He continued his long and difficult journey. At the very least, he’d toughened due to hardships faced.

“Then again. . .” He thought as he reminisced about the time that Kalita decided that it would be just the two of them. “ She discarded them so easily. But, that’s because they couldn’t become Vasto Lords. I can.” He said self-assured. Doubt quickly followed. “But what if she didn’t think that I could become an Arrancar?” He had half a mind to attempt to rip his mask off. He didn’t want to risk being wrong though.
“Perhaps if I just remove a small piece and-“ His thoughts were interrupted by the approach of a very strong spiritual pressure. It approached him quickly. He hadn’t come across such speed since that day one hundred years ago. As it grew closer, his suspicions were confirmed. It was the creature that took Kalita; the Arrancar.

He quickly burrowed beneath the sand. He erased all traces of his reiatsu, just like he use to when he scavenged from below the desert sands. The Arrancar had arrived. “Just a bunch of bones?” He said. He was of course referring to the bone remains of the two that Yorudan had eaten. He was ready to attack. This was the chance he was waiting for. With his new power, not even this Arrancar would survive his assault for long. H would torture the truth out of him, and if necessary, avenge Kalita.

“Look at the trail it left in the sand you idiot.” Another voice shouted. He found it strange that he couldn’t sense the second presence, he however, had no time to question why. The trail in the sand it was referring to was the one he left.

He sprung up from the sand and immediately locked eyes with the very same foe that took Kalita from him. The intense fury he felt from that day came rushing back. He poured every single once of it into his searing plasma cloud. It engulfed the Arrancar. “WHAAA…WHAAAT IS THIS!! IT BURNS!” It shouted.

Next Yorudan needed to deal with his ally. It stood on air. As it looked down at him Yorudan froze. He no longer questioned why he couldn’t sense it. Its reiatsu was so large, that it engulfed his senses without him ever even realizing. This one was shaped like a female. Its forehead was covered by a bony plate, it had a sword fastened to its waste, and long yellow hair. Its skin was as pale as starlight. It laughed. “HOT!” That crap was hot!”

“No!” Yorudan yelled as he looked over to his longtime foe. He fanned the cloud away revealing nothing more than a couple of red blisters on each cheek. “That was my strongest attack. . .no way he.”

“Oh forget that you giant piece of crap!” With that, the Arrancar was on top of Yorudan, blade drawn. “We don’t need you. I’ll kill you here.”

“Nope nope nope! Savago” The feminine Arrancar overhead laughed. Yorudan’s mind raced, bombarded with the impossibility of it all. He knew that voice. It changed slightly, but it was Kalita. Did she really trade Yorudan in for this Arrancar? “All strong Hollows are to be brought back to the doctor for the proposition.”

“Ka…KALITA!” The sea cucumber shouted with all of the force he could muster. “Why. . .why didn’t you come back for me?”

“ way!” She laughed in response. “Yorudan?” In a flash, she was at his side. She snatched him from underfoot. “No…way…Yorudan, it is you!” He could now see her bright purple eyes. They were new. “We have so much to catch up on you!”

“Yeah, that’s great, you know each other. Time to head back now.” Savago interrupted. “Right, of course. We can talk along the way.” She laughed. “Or not.” She said. It took Yorudan a while to realize that they were in a completely different location. They stood beside a large cube structure. It’s size was only matched by some of the pyramid structures he’d seen in the human world.

This cube stood on a single corner yet, it was completely stable. “Savago can catch up.” As she approached the cube, a small split in it appeared. Yorudan was met with a scene of chaos, and excitement. A rowdy crowd of dozens of Arrancar flooded this space. The spiritual pressure was almost too much for him to take. There were Arrancar fighting. Arrancar eating and drinking, Arrancar dancing.

“We’re going to see the Doctor. NEVER thought I’d-” A metallic cube shaped hollow with a misshapen head and body made its way to her way to the two through the crowd.

“My darling Kalita.” He spoke jovially. “What have you brought for me? This must be what our sensors picked up.”

The two began talking. Yorudan could barely wrap his head around everything that was happening. As the two went back and forth in their dialogue Yorudan was able to piece together just what was going on. They made their way over the crowd and eventually came to settle in a room lit by red light.

Kalita was here by choice. She’d been helping this man, this ‘Doctor’ gather Hollows so that he could build an army; a formidable force to match what he called Seireitei. This Hollow was hoping that Yorudan was a Vasto Lord, but his sensors were imperfect, so he had no way of knowing. After seeing his form he knew that he was not though.

Kalita placed Yorudan on a long smooth stretch of metal. There was a table beside him. A top it were chunks of boney mask plates. It appeared as though Yorudan was right. Arrancar were made by having their masks removed.

“Ok don’t move Yorudan, it will feel like no time has passed at all when you wake up?” Kalita said. Smiling. She then nodded to the cube. One of its sides opened like a door a cornucopia of wire, cords, needles, knives, and who knows what else sprung from his body.
“Wha…what is this?!” Yorudan shouted. He began to squirm.

“Just keep him still until I can administer a sleeping aid.” The cube asked Kalita. She quickly complied. “You’ll thank me for this Yorudan. All of your struggle is going to be-” Once his would be operator was in reach Yorudan covered his opened side in a spray of vomit. It instantly solidified.

“What in Hueco Mundo is this?!” It shouted as it began to lose its balance and fall to the floor. “What have you done you fool?!”

“Doctor, no, it’s alright. He’s just nervous.” Kalita said calmly. “You’re not damaged, you can still perform the operation. He just needs to liquefy that stuff.”

“Make him do it fast.” He replied. “This is for his own good.”

“I know. Yorudan. Trust me. You will never have to worry about regressing or fighting for your survival anymore. The power you’ll gain from this will-”

“Trust you?!” Yorudan had heard enough. He did comply though. The cube Hollow was once again airborne, dripping with Yorudan’s secretion.

“Good, now, onto the operation.” The Doctor said, clearly frustrated.

“No! I will remove my own mask. If and when I choose.” He said as the final stage of the hardening of his heart passed. Kalita disgusted him. For her betrayal he wanted nothing to do with her, or her allies. He would not forget what she put him through. But for now, he was powerless to do anything against her, or anyone else in the entire compound for that matter. This wouldn’t always be the case though. He needed to learn more about this process.

“What are those? How does it work? What kind of Hollow are you?”
The cube stared for what seemed like an eternity before finally breaking out in laughter.

“Kalita, you know him. Why didn’t you bring him with you the first time you arrived?”

Kalita joined in on the laughter.

“In all my years, never has one so curious laid on my table.” He chuckled. “Fine, fine, I’ll explain everything to you. Let me begin with these.” He said retracting all of his gadgets but his tiny blades. “These are obsidian blades. Obsidian provides the sharpest edge imaginable. When harvested correctly the edge of an obsidian blade reaches molecular thickness.”

“Obsidian? As in the product of human world volcanos?” Yorudan responded.

“Yes, yes…oh Kalita, this one is a fast learner.” His laughing ceased. “I like him.” He said putting his little knives away. “So be it. If you don’t want to become an Arrancar you don’t have to. But I have a feeling that sooner or later, you’ll realize that you’re missing out on something fantastic.”

“You don’t say. Then why aren’t you an Arrancar yet?” Yorudan responded.

“Witty, a fast learner, and perceptive. You’ll have a special place here.” The cube said turning his back to Yorudan and Kalita. “I am not an Arrancar yet because I have yet to perfect the process. When I do though. I will ascend into the ranks of Arrancar. For now, Kalita is the closest I’ve come and I believe that this is because she’s a Vasto Lord. I am not.”

“I see…then what are you Doctor? I can sense that you barely have more reiatsu that the average Gillian. Perhaps you’re in between Gillian and Adjucha? And what kind of form are you. I’ve never seen a cube shaped animal in the human world, and we do tend to mimic those forms in Hueco Mundo.”

He caught the Doctor off guard. This was made clear when he quickly turned, clumsily knocking over some of his instruments on the wall closest to him. “Now that’s interesting. Only my electronic sensors would be able to pick up on a reading so specific. You may be of great use to me, depending on how developed your sensing skills are or how well developed they can become.”

800 Years Ago

Yorudan studied under the Doctor for nearly one hundred years. He was preview to technology that the human world was several centuries away from even being able to conceive of. During this time he learned of science, he learned the different realms, he learned of rare Hollows like the cube whom were not animal based, but concepts and ideas somehow made corporeal. The wonders of the world were infinite. There were worlds that changed his perception of self and others, worlds of wonder so unreal that they caused his mind to become lost just pondering over them. And yet still, there were worlds he had yet to see.

All of this knowledge and experience wasn’t given for free though. He was tasked with helping the cube refine his research methods using his sensing ability. This in turn lead to more reiatsu sensitive sensors that could give readings evern more precise than Yorudan’s own. Most importantly to the Doctor, he believed that he found the way to perfect the Arrancar making process.

What he discovered was that as the mask was removed spikes in reiatsu and spiritual pressure caused splintering of the sections of the mask cut, even though they were being cut with the thinnest blades in existence. These splinters most likely lead to damage in the development of an Arrancar’s reiatsu circulatory and expulsion systems. This meant that even if the result yielded a powerful Arrancar, a single split or chip created irreparable damage and that Arrancar will never be as powerful as it could have. Training may make them more powerful, but they their power would have increased more for the same amount of training had the damage never occurred. Even though a patient is put under, for pain, their being unconscious only lessens the level and frequency at which the spikes occur. Further still, because they are unconscious they can’t put any effort into controlling their reiatsu; not that they could during the painful procedure.

He also discovered by, with a group of Arrancar so large with their power so much greater than the cube that ruled them, why no one ever rose up against them. He’d convinced them that he had some type of special power. The ability to instantly kill anyone that he wanted. In truth, he would implant an explosive behind an eye near the brain after the operation. Since they didn’t know when the actual operation was over, they were none the wiser. It was genius. It took Yorudan decades to catch on.

The time had finally come. Yorudan had decided to undergo the operation. He’d he spread the rumor that he’d come to the decision to not only remain awake but not use any pain killers. This impressed Savaga, Kalima, the doctor, and every other Arrancar that heard of his decision. This was of course a lie. He’d developed a drug that eliminates physical pain while keeping reiatsu sensitivity intact or heightening it when taken in certain doses. He hid this from the Doctor as well. He didn’t fear the pain. Instead he feared what would occur if his assumptions were wrong and he weren’t able to complete what he had planned to afterward. Still, pain may screw up his attempt to perfectly control his reiatsu. As he lie on the operating table

Kalita approached his side. The two barely spoke in the century long gap. She was always looking for more Hollows for experimentation, and he usually kept to himself when not in the Doctor’s presence, not that she ever went out of her way to look for him. “And to think I almost came back for you after I recovered. I was wrong to have assumed that you’d died. After all, you had seen me in battle countless times prior, it only makes sense that you picked up something, at least enough to survive.”

His anger soared to new heights. To think, that her faith in him was so easily tossed out. He ripped through anyone that challenged him during his hundred year journey, only to find that the creature he admired, thought so little of him. She would pay, dearly.

“Good luck Yorudan.” She said, leaving the room.

The operation started the moment the doors slid shut. He was ready. He’d been preparing himself for years. Any touching of a Hollow’s mask causes a spike in reiatsu regardless of how minute. His own mask sensitivity spots were mapped along with whether a spot caused a spike of dip in his spiritual pressure or reiatsu. The cutting patterns and order in which mask sections would be removed were studied daily. He couldn’t be any more prepared.

As the cube hacked and carved away at Yorudan’s mask he followed the plan to the ‘t’. A hack near the outer most point in section A meant lowering reiatsu expulsion, where as a hack in the very next space adjacent meant exerting it to the fullest to compensate for the dip that would occur otherwise. There were few sections in between where he could let his reiatsu emission remain normal, but these were far in between and short in comparison.

“By the moon…” The Doctor laughed. That was unexpected, and NEARLY caused Yorudan to lose his concentration. But at this point it didn’t matter. There was but one section remaining according to the plan. The mask fragment that would remain would be minimal. Suddenly, a series of loud cracks and thuds echoed from his body. His form toned as bone and muscle sprouted from it.

“BY THE MOON!” The Doctor shouted. “One last needle and we’re done.” Yorudan’s new eyes shot open. A short, focused, and intense burst of reiatsu shot from his head and cut the mechanism from the Doctor’s body.

“That won’t be necessary Dr. Cube.” Yorudan said sitting up.

“What….what are you doing Yorudan, lay down.”

“You don’t have to fear me betraying you doctor. I will be eternally grateful.” He said, making his way over to the nearest reflective surface. He looked at his new face. The only part of his mask that remained was a thick sliver which ran from his new hair line down to the tip of his rounded nose. “Unless you betray be that is.” As he finished he noticed something. He held an object in his hand. A zanpakuto. It was similar in design to what figures in many of the hieroglyphics he’d seen on his travels to Eastern Africa held. It was a khapesh style blade, made of not metal, but obsidian from the look of it; just like the cubes own surgical knives. A sharp cracking noise came from his face. The boney plate piece that remained from his mask crumbled and fell to the floor.

“By…the…moon…” The cube repeated. There were a few choices of kosode hanging on the wall. They had no way of estimating what size he would be after becoming an Arrancar. He picked one that fit him loosely yet comfortably.

“I don’t feel like I need the recovery time that our other patients have, but I’m going to rest just in case. We can run test in the morning.” Yorudan would keep his word, but he would also be sure that now that he had power, he would begin plotting on ways to get revenge.

That night Yorudan woke to the sound of an intruder in his room. “Kalita. Sneaking around now are you?” He said, not even bothering to sit up from his bed. “Were you sent by the Doctor?”

“Yes” Her voice rang in the darkness.

“He wants me alive I assume?”


“So he sent his most powerful Arrancar to capture me….alive?” He laughed. She didn’t respond. “And if I’m not alive, then he will take it out on you?” Again, no answer. “I need you to leave. Tell him that I won’t count this as a betrayal on his account being that he just doesn’t want to let one of his creations go. You have nothing to fear though Kalita. You are his strongest. He wouldn’t just kill you with his so called ultimate power.”

“You mean that little bomb I removed nearly a century ago?” She laughed. “You would think he’d make a special transparent bomb for me since it was likely I’d have a transparent release.”

“Release?” He said springing up only to find that she was standing on the ceiling over his bed looking down at him.

“Yes, an Arrancar release.” She said pointing at his zanpakuto. “Show me yours.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

She grabbed both him and his zanpakuto. Her movements were still incredibly fast, but now, Yorudan could see a blur which at least indicated the path she was taking. In moments they were outside, standing about a mile or so away from the cube.

She grabbed hold of her sword. “Picadura, Medusa” (Sting, Jellyfish) she said, plunging her own zanpakuto into her belly. It was instantly absorbed into her form which turned almost completely transparent. Her heart, brain, and lungs were slightly less transparent.

“This is a release.” She said. Her voice was slightly gargled, as if her throat was filled with water. “Show me your release. Search your mind and heart for it. Use your instinct to find-”

“Pervivir, Gloton de Fondo” (Survive, Bottom Glutton) He zanpakuto melded to his body and clung to it, transforming him. He collapsed to the ground. Though his torso remained, he had no legs to stand on His form was squishy and the bones he did have seemed flexible.

“You’ve got to be joking.” She laughed. “I’ve never seen an Arrancar release without legs. What is this? You must have other skills. Try stranding in air.”

Though he’d just become an Arrancar, focusing energy into his bottom half to become airborne seemed simple enough. And it was. Manipulating reiatsu in this form seemed to come naturally. It was extremely easy. At this rate, he could master what took several centuries to master in previous form, in mere hours. The two did just that. They spent hours going over techniques like bala, cero, and sonido, which was something he couldn’t actually master.

It was just like old times. He questioned whether or not revenge was worth it. She didn’t care about anything but having fun and being free. Kalita was no different than the teenage girls of the human world living carelessly and in the moment. She simply wanted Hollows of her own caliber to do it with. He quickly pushed the thought from his mind. His vengeance didn’t have to be so extreme. He could instead ruin her fun.

“Kalita. I changed my mind.” Yorudan said, catching a weakly charged cero she’d fired a second earlier. “I changed my mind.” He suspended it before him, and watched its usually unstable form dance before him.

“Tell the cube that I’m treating his act as an act of betrayal.” He crushed her cero to what could only be described as clumps of glittering dust.

“Are you leaving?” She asked.

“Yes. I hope you don’t get into too much trouble.” He said descending. Without having to explain how to revert once released, he did it.

“Aww, he’d have never found out about his bomb otherwise.” She said joyfully.

“Good bye. . .this time.” As he walked off he could make out her mumbles.

“We live more than once. . .”

700 Years Ago
He discovered the avocado and various other fruits. He watched the green thumbed masters even produce new or more desirable fruits buy mixing and matching branches from similar fruit trees. Actually, he brought an orange tree back to Hueco Mundo with him. While in the human world he replaced many of the branches from one orange which grew oranges with seeds with branches from an orange tree that grew oranges without seeds. The seedless tree's roots were dying, but near he could tell without the Doctor's equipment, the rest of the tree was healthy. This was how he discovered the process of grafting. This technique would of course be used later to climb the ladder and make strides towards achieving his main goal.

After a few decades of roaming the human world, Yorudan had moved to a part of Hueco Mundo he’d never been before. He took all of the knowledge and skills he gained from the cube with him. He walked, and walked, for the most part ignoring curious on looking hollows. His hunger was present, however he hadn’t felt the pull of regression since the day he changed. He could now eat whenever he wanted to and could find food as opposed to absolutely needing to find food to survive.

There were many nights where he’d sit and look up at the moon and compare it to earth’s own. The Doctor once told Yorudan that Hueco Mundo’s moon and that of the human world were once the same until the reflection the their moon was took on a form of its own. He didn’t buy it. Though they looked the same, the feelings that he got from viewing each one was different. Perhaps it was due to the memories associated with each realm.
“Why does our moon seem more vibrant than theirs?” He laughed at the silly question. What in Hueco Mundo was he doing and what was his purpose? A brief glint of something caught his eye. It was coming from the moon. “Did you hear me?” He laughed harder. His laughter continued until he saw what it was coming at him.

It was a giant squid approaching from the sky at breakneck speeds. “What the hell?” It was on a collision course with him and showed no intention of slowing down. He could hear loud shouting coming from it. He lept back, and showed a skill he previously though he could not master given the circumstances under which he was being taught; sonido. The crash sent a tsunami like sandy wave across the desert.

When everything settled he could hear the shouting more clearly. They each had distinct voices with one common trait. A trait he’d never actually been exposed to prior. It wasn’t until about seven hundred years later until her understood that this trait was a HEAVY British Accent.

“Oy, whadda’ya mean I’m tellin’ ya we shoulda’ taken the first royt not tha first left! Bloody hell you’ve done got us lost now you have.” It was a shark looking hollow with legs and arms. His allies were a turtle, an octopus, and a whale. Oddily enough they all had hands and legs. They had to be Vasto Lords. If the shape of their bodies weren’t enough evidence, the amount of spiritual pressure they were giving off was all the proof one would need.

Should he reveal himself to them though? He decided he was going to just leave. “Oh…oh my. Bloody hell what’s that smell?” It smells bloody amazin doesn’it doesn’it?” The sea turtle Hollow shouted. It’s coming from bahoyened that dune yea it is.”

“I may have to fight. Though, their collective power is greater than my own, separately they’re easy pickings. I’d have to take them down one by-”

“Gawt him gawt him. . .it’s a cute littelle Black man it is.” The octopus said as it made its way around over the sand dune. He was fast. He didn’t see speed like that since his days with Kalita, before she was an Arrancar. The octopus released a cero at Yorudan. It was easy enough to dodge, but the sea turtle was waiting for him. He was thrown to ground where the whale awaited.

“Oy, what’s a human doin all the way wayeva we ah? He smells loyke one a those littelle yummy sea cucumbahs our predatah cousins in the human wahld eat all the toyme. ” The whale laughed, kicking Yorudan towards their giant squid Hollow. It swatted Yorudan towards the waiting jaws of the shark. “Ah we in Hueco Mundo again?” A barrage of bala got the best to close its mouth, but the turtle was on him again before he knew it.

One by one they took turns knocking Yorudan around. It was a British game of badminton and Yorudan played the least desirable role of birdie. There attacks weren’t hurtful, but they were extremely annoying. “DAMN IT!” Looks like one of them did have the ability to hurt Yorudan. It was the giant squid they travelled on. Yorudan’s back got stuck on its razor tooth lined suckers. It pulled Yorudan towards its mouth. He’d already begun charging a cero. He didn’t release it until he was inches from the great beast’s behemoth mouth. It’s beak broke. It released Yorudan immediately.

As he stumbled backwards he found that he’d fallen into yet another combo based trap. Except this time, the attacking sea turtle was focused on the squid. Everyone was. They couldn’t take their eyes off of it. It coiled up to protect itself from harm. They all rushed to check on it. Yorudan began to run. He paused for a moment and began charging a cero. He could finish at least one of them now if he wanted.

They were so concerned with the squid and comforting it. He decided to run instead. He lept from dune to dune using his sonido often to put as much distance between himself and them as possible. He wasn’t doing anything but wondering, seeing the sights, when they attacked him because he smelled good. He was reminded of the theory the cube taught him in relation to how the human world and Hueco Mundo mirror each other in terms of a life based hierarchy. It’s not just a Hollow eat Hollow world. No, other factors come into play though. After all, in the human world, the sea cucumber is a bottom feeder. Yorudan however, is an Arrancar. Yet still an Arrancar that’s attacked by would be predators were he an actual sea cucumber? This was odd to say the least. Regardless, why should he be hunted or looked down upon because of what he is?

This was something he’d change. Here began his journey from bottom feeder to apex predator.

590 Years Ago

It took only a decade to begin his attempted rise to the level of apex predator. His idea was a simple and interesting one. In theory, it would work. All of those at the bottom of the proverbial food chain had skills to defend themselves from those that would otherwise harm them. These were usually abilities that the creature hunting them did not possess, though if they did, they would have less fear of the others that in turn hunted them, and were higher on the food chain. Why? The higher up on the food chain, the less sophisticated a beast’s mode of defense. From the ability to sprout bone, or even make the skin poison to the touch, to brute strength and oversized claws. The natural abilities of the animals grew less impressive the further up the food chain an animal was placed. Of course, there were humans and their need to rely on invention to subdue others, but Yorudan already had this. He only sought to bring his physical self to the same level as his intellectual self.

He would combine the abilities he could, the abilities of others at the ‘bottom’ , with his own. Such a creature in the natural world would have nothing to fear. Predators of the past would avoid and even fear it. Of the ten years that past, it didn’t even taken a year to fine tune just how he would achieve the abilities of others. In fact it was the easiest part, taking only a few months. The principle was inspired by something he’d learned from the Doctor so many years ago.

Spiritual beings with inherent regeneration shared a common spiritual marker undetectable without aid from technology. In the case of hollows, there were fewer still with advanced regenerative capabilities which shared a similarly mutated marker all their own, or rather the development of a second. The purpose of the second marker, or what it repaired most efficiently depended on its placement alongside other markers which determined things like form, or special abilities. Further still, there were three known charges of spiritual markers depending on spiritual race. So called malignant races like Hollows each had the same type of charge. He was a malignant being. This was one factor which limited the candidates who he could even gain an ability from. The next factor which limited who he could gain an ability from was based on marker sequencing. His own sequence was placed in a way so that his mutated marker sat beside markers which determined where his insides would be placed. This was why he could regenerate his organs.

This was why he had no choice but to limit his collection of abilities to those who possessed regenerative abilities related to the internal physical being. He’d met one that met such requirements when he studied under the cube. A salamander Hollow with the marvelous ability to maintain movement of his lost limbs. Returning to a man that attempted to kidnap him and plant a bomb in him would seem risky to anyone but Yorudan. He knew the hollow though. So long as Yorudan gave him what he wanted, he would have no issue with allowing Yorudan to use a member of his would be army. It wasn’t Yorudan that he wanted, he respected his protégé to a point. What he wanted was the secret to Yorudan’s own perfected Arrancar state.

Returning to the Doctor’s fortress took the majority of this ten year span because he’d traveled so far from it after his departure. He wondered what he would find there. Would Kalita still be playing loyal servant to the Cube? What if the cube already learned the secret to perfecting the Arrancar making process?

His questions were all answered within moments of arriving. Kalita abandoned the cube half a century ago. The Doctor hadn’t yet perfected the process and was more than willing to trade Yorudan information in exchange for his secret. The cube even threw in all of the supplies that Yorudan and a small regiment of Arrancar could carry. It Doctor hadn’t a care in the world now that he knew how Yorudan accomplished what he did. He would soon become a perfect Arrancar. Yorudan took full advantage of the offer and all of the Arrancar that left with him were just happy to leave the confines of the cube for a mission other than a mission.

Yorudan began setting up his own base of operations several thousand miles away. The Arrancar were free to leave. To thank them for their help, and to brush up on his surgical skills, he used his new equipment to remove the explosives that were placed in their heads. A few vowed to stay with him due to this. He in turn vowed to show them the worlds. His next task however, needed to be done alone. He would search for the Arrancar that inspired his journey, the salamander. During the surgery, this Arrancar suffered not only a dangerous drop in reiatsu, but its invisibility was triggered near the end. A small miscalculation when the cube was trying to insert his explosive device lead to the salamander developing brain damage. The cube didn’t even bother activating the device. The resulting Arrancar was a failure and the Doctor didn’t bother attempting to repair the damage, not that it could be fixed.

The cube set him free. There was no space in his army for such a beast. His last known location was a cave in Menos Forest. It didn’t take Yorudan long to find this “Creature”; a name given to him by the cube. Yorudan could see why the Doctor gave him his name. This could hardly be called an Arrancar. His form was hardly humanoid. It wasn’t amphibian either. Creature stood well over ten feet in height, this wasn’t including his tail. Near half of his mask remained intact. His long oversized, overly muscular legs and arms caused him to walk in squatted position. Unbearable pain coursed through his body each time he attempted to stand up straight. He’s been forced to live a horrible existence for almost as long as Yorudan was gone. Yorudan would have attempted to fix this, especially considering that it was partially his fault for Creature’s misshapen state. Had he shared his secrets from the start, things would have turned out differently.

Creature could barely form a complete sentence, but after a few exchanges, he agreed to follow Yorudan without putting up a fight. In exchange for his help, Yorudan would look into his pain, possibly cure the thing that ailed him. After returning to his makeshift laboratory, Yorudan examined his form very thoroughly with his own reiatsu sensing skills and his new machinery. It was just what he thought. The misplaced bomb was lodged in a part of his brain that controlled motorfunction and another that aided in sensation. It was causing his pain. It was removable, but the brain damage couldn’t be fixed by any method Yorudan knew of or had yet to discover.

He didn’t repair it right away. He had no wayof knowing whether Creature would keep his word. The first thing he did was extract what he needed from him: tissue from his tail, finger segments, toes, feet, all of his removable limbs. The tissue was replaced instantly. These tissues then had the remnant reiatsu condensed. The closest living reishi particles surrounding them crystalized in an attempt to cling on to life. These were then grafted into his own body in the exact same areas, relative to proportion. The crystals dissolved once the condensed reiatsu fizzled out. They didn’t fizzle out automatically. They slowly fizzled, as was planned, to give the living, yet crystalized reishi time to become confused and believe that they were never separated from the reiatsu of its original host. This was only possible due to their similar mutated healing marker and Yorudans own reiastu control which allowed him to match the frequency at which the condensed reiatsu dispersed. The process wasn’t much, but it would have been a brilliant site to any scientist or surgeon viewing it closely under a microscope. They weren’t forcefully absorbed. His living reishi found a new home, but did his abilities follow?

The process took months. During which time, the amount of focus required prevented Yorudan from operating on Creature.

He grew angry. He lost his temper just as Yorudan was preparing to operate. Creature no longer trusted him. In fact, when instructed to lay down on the operating table, Yorudan was met with an incredibly quick and powerful back hand. The force of the giant hand shattered his ribcage. The bones instantly burst out through his back.

“CREATURE!” Creature shouted. The shockwaves from his burst intensified the already ridiculous amounts of pain Yorudan felt. “CREATURE…PAIN! LIES!”

Yorudan landed on his back after what seemed like several minutes of plummeting through the air. He coughed up more blood than he’d ever done previously. Those Arrancar that stayed with him instantly rushed to his aid, cutting in to Creature with their zanpakuto.


Yorudan attempted to watch the battle, but after blinking, it was over. Creature began to make his way towards Yorudan, still grounded, laying on his stomach. He was in pain, and there was no way he’d be able to beat this beast; at least not in his current form. The aspiring apex predator rose his zanpakuto and began his release. But something felt different. “Pervivir, Gloton de Fondo” His zanpakuto didn’t cling to his body.

Creature rose his hands. This was the killing blow. Yorudan rolled onto his back. Creature brought down his hands. The sheer force threw Yorudan into the air, though Creature didn’t directly touch him. The pain he felt instantly trigged a memory of the first time he’d entered his resurrected form. This was no different. His old release didn’t feel right because it didn’t come from his heart, it came from a memory. The next set of words did come from his heart though.

“Reinado, Quimera!” He said placing his zanpakuto to his lips as he began falling. A wave of intoxicating energy washed over him. His zanpakuto liquefied. He instantly swallowed the thick black substance. His body began its transformation just in time, because Creature was there waiting for him. His form liquefied, poured like rain onto the beast. Those drops rolled from his grotesque body and crawled across the white sand and formed Yorudan’s twisted new form. He looked like a smaller, more toned version of Creature, though his form was black with gold specks.

The new power he felt was exhilarating. He was so distracted by his accomplishment that he’d forgotten about his attacker who quickly grabbed him and flung him across the sky ripping a leg off in the process. The pain was instant, but new bone sprouted from it instantly. Muscle, tendon, and vein stretched over it slowly. He’d been airborne for nearly a minute and his new leg was almost complete. More importantly though, he’d realized that he accomplished his original goal. He could feel his old leg as though it were still attached, up until the new one was finished.

“Excellent.” He said as he regained his balance and stopped his senseless flight. He stood in midair. Creature was nowhere in sight, but he could still sense him. He widened his mouth dislocating his jaw in the process. He turned to greet creature with a tremendous wave of pinkish vomit. It grew sticky as he lept over Creature’s attack while continuing the flow. Creatures movement’s slowed as his arms began to stick to his sides and his legs began to stick to one another. Soon his movements stopped all together. Only his head remained free of the pinkish sludge. Those eyes looked upon his captor with untamed rage and fury.

“Creature. I know that you barely understand me. But I promise you, I have not gone against me word.” He said as Creature began falling from the sky. “I am like you. I don’t like to be betrayed either. Trust me Creature. I will fix you.” His genuine words appeared to have reached him. The rage subsided. Yorudan converted the holding agent into a gas, freeing Creature just before they reached the ground.

The two just looked at one another for what seemed like ages before Yorudan reverted back into his sealed state. “Come with me Creature.” He said, beginning the journey back to his laboratory. Creature complied.

The surgery went smoothly. Though Creature, or C as he renamed himself, was free to go, he to stayed with Yorudan.

580 Years Ago

He'd seen and dealt with his own Death Gods, curiously spoken with and fought Quincy and Bount. Yorudan moved even further away from the Doctor’s cube fortress and eventually settled. He and his ever growing number of assistants worked to build a more established laboratory complex. It wasn’t as extravagant as the cube’s own, but it was more than acceptable considering what he was intent on doing with it. His underground fortress was just as large as the expansive cube and set within a few hundred miles of a newly emerged group calling themselves the Espada who began building a fortress that became known wide and far as Los Noches.

All the while Yorudan not only worked on mastering his new resurrection, which as far as he was concerned was a near blank canvas given his goals, but also searched the endless deserts of Hueco Mundo in hopes he’d find other Hollows whom fell into the same category that he and creature did. At first he was unsuccessful, despite the ever growing number of Hollows who allowed themselves to become test subjects in exchange for the Arrancar surgery. Eventually, he did come across a starfish Hollow with the power of bifurcation. It was an interesting skill. If it chose, instead of regenerating a lost limb, it could regrow multiples. It was a willing participant at first.

Yorudan could see the benefits of having his name spread far and wide like those of the Espada. It would enable his quest to become more widely known. Hollows with abilities that may fit what he’s looking for would instead seek him out so that they could be tested as candidates. He however saw this becoming a potential problem. Hollows constantly formed war parties of their own, and frequently challenge the Espada. For this reason, those whom left after their Arrancar surgery were asked to at least try to keep his name and what he desired out of conversation.

After being asked to join the Espada once, and refusing, he saw that the Espada too could potentially become a problem. He instead offered his expertise on subjects if they ever desired it. The few scientist among the Espada took issue with such an offer, but the final say always went to the Primera. Yorudan was simply use to being dismissed each time he offered a helping hand.


The entire complex shook violently. “Yorudan. . .our sensors are picking up.”

“I already know.” He interrupted, cutting off a new assistant. Though he picked the technical aspects of the job up relatively quickly, he was a bit slow compared to others who picked up on Yorudan’s great skills with sensing. “A huge battle is occurring in Los Noches.” He sighed heavily.

“What an interesting reiatsu for a Hollow.” He adjusted his kosode and headed for the exit. “No doubt someone fighting for the position of Primera. Best to be present in case a new one is crowned.”

"Is Yorudan serious. . ." The new technician asked another as Yorudan left the room. "He'll be killed if he finds himself on the wrong side of a cero in this battle. No way someone with his spiritual pressure can even stand in the presence of those giants. He barely has any of his own."

"Newby. . .look around you. What do you see?" He did look around, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"Notice anything?"

He shook his head.

"You wouldn't. Everyone but you is just continuing on with their work. Most of these Arrancar have worked under him for hundreds of years. He knows what he's doing. And the reason you don't sense anything is because he doesn't want you to."

Unfortunately, until he achieves his dream he had to at least appear to be semi submissive.

RP Sample: The thick debris filled air coupled with the darkness and pain filled screams made obvious the quick precession of events that occurred an incalculable amount of time prior. His complex had been brought down, leveled. Yorudan couldn’t feel his right arm. Something likely separated it from the rest of his body. He’d been awake for two or three minutes and though his arm was one of the things on his mind, it wasn’t his primary focus. Just what happened? No one but him was working because everyone else had left the laboratory to witness the event that Yorudan knew would never actually occur. But what if it did? What if the Nosferatu were successful in their attempts to merge the worlds; combine heaven, earth, and hell?

Had he been wrong in assuming that the odds were more than just disproportionately against them? Was this catastrophe with his lab the result of the Enclave destroying the veil separating the worlds. “No!” He thought to himself as he forced his mind to a paramount state of clarity. “We were probably attacked .” He lifted his remaining arm and condensed all of the malignant reiatsu he could muster into it. He held the beginnings of a cero firmly in his hand. The resulting golden glow illuminated the ruins that were once his lab. This included the large pillar that found its way to his right shoulder. The screams he was hearing were from his freed test subjects. The weakest among them were being devoured by the strongest.

“Enjoying the scenery Yorudan?” A gargled voice echoed from his right. A large headless figure with rough exterior and four sharp limbs began to crawl down the pillar. Its exposed brain pulsed periodically.

“You managed to escape from being devoured by the others?” Yorudan said calmly.

“For now.” It responded. As it crawled downward, a fifth and then a sixth limb, like the others, sprouted. It was a starfish hollow. “Unfortunately, you will not.”

“Why is that?” Yorudan said, dimming the light emanating from the cero in his hand.

“Don’y you know? You seem like a smart Arrancar, surrounded by all of your fancy tools and gadgets.” The creature laughed, etching its way even closer. “As slow as I am even you are no match for me now. Devouring an Arrancar will surely make me a Vasto Lord, or get me close to beco-” The appendage it grew just moments earlier exploded in a cloud of light after Yorudan took aim with his attack. Its brain tissue was once again exposed. A second attack dug into the creature’s core and sent it plummeting to the ground. It landed with a loud thud next to Yorudan.

“You’d have better off trying to battle the others who didn’t have a chance to study your weakness.” He said as the creature flailed about. “For example. Your rapid healing isn’t fast enough to protect you from an assault of bala. And of course there is the issue of what a blow to your brain does.” Its sporadic movements stopped as it passed from consciousness.

“What a waste?! The power of bifurcation would have been mine!” He shouted as the sounds of explosions and burst of light filled the ruins. His laboratory assistants had returned and begun rounding up the experiments. “Over here!” He shouted.

A group of three Arrancar lept from the battle over to Yorudan. “What happened? Who attacked us?” He asked.

They each looked at one another, as if trying to decide just how it was they were going to break the news. “Well?”

“Yorudan!” They shouted in unison. “We weren’t attacked! The Enclave were successful!”

His eyes widened in response. "Hurry and free me. I also need a reiatsu supplement to recover my lost arm."

They began blasting away at the pillar that crushed Yorudan’s arm to mush. Once freed an assistant leaned over and injected the entire contents of a syringe in Yorudan’s neck. As the softly glowing red liquid entered his body, he could feel his power reiatsu returning. Bone quickly shot from his arm and stretched until the new beginnings of an arm, hand, and fingers were completely formed. Veins, nerves, muscle tissue and finally skin, grew from his shoulder in procession.

“Luckily we were here to help you.” An assistant said as he placed the syringe in his pocket. Enrages, Yorudan lept to his feet and grabbed a firm hold of that same assistant’s head.

“Luck had nothing to do with this. You were offered this opportunity for your usefulness.” He released him before jumping into the air and flying towards the exit. He flew over the battle occurring between the lab technicians and their experiments paying it no mind. He had to see this for himself.

“I…I don’t believe this.” He muttered, falling to his knees while placing his hands into the sand beneath him. This sand was no longer just the white sand of Hueco Mundo. It was a brown color. He looked out and saw that the moon of his onetime home shared the sky with earth’s own, and it too now pulled at the ocean’s tide.

“But how?” He thought. “There were powerful Arrancar against them, not to mention Seireitei.”

This new world created by the Enclave made from combining three older worlds was sure to present many new opportunities. But for now, Yorudan’s amazement over the accomplishments of the Nosferatu was all he was preoccupied with. How will he fair in this new world? Will he once again fall to the level of mere scavenger?

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