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#1 The Little Fire Fly CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:36 am


Although it was night, the city was still lively as ever. The street lights were on, and cars crowded the streets, as men drunkenly clambered on from the bar back home. There was a chorus of noise, which made a slow decrescendo as mid night drew close, until eventually, there was silence. Breaking the darkness was the sound of insects, and in place of street lights, fireflies rose, and once again the night was lively, not with humans, but with animals.

Hotaru laid down on the seashore, directly on the sand. His shoes were kicked off, lying next to him away from the water. His head faced the ocean, but his body faced the moon. Hotaru at the moment was wearing a long sleeved blue shirt with a pair of jeans- it had been Saturday, but now going onto Sunday.

It was after work, and so it was evident that Hotaru was tired. Yesterday would be free though. He had no place to go. With no more parents, and with the mysterious death of his grandmother, he had no where else to live. No one would take him in, and the  foster homes were all full. With not a lot of money to support himself, he relied on working to get food, and stayed at the beach so that he may shower in the morning.

Next to Hotaru's shoes was a sack, in it contained twelve changes of clothe- enough for two weeks. Fortunately, getting to a laundry was cheap enough. From his bag, he puleld one of his favorite possessions- a ouija board. He was after all, getting bored and needed a stretch. Quickly, he chanted "Ouija, are you there?" And awaited an answer with his hand on the pointer.

#2 Re: The Little Fire Fly CLOSED COMPLETED on Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:06 pm


On your Application the weapon section was left blank. This Ouija board seem to be a spiritual weapon. Please post its abilities and techniques etc etc to be approved before using it in combat or rp...thank you

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