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on Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:55 pm


this isn't our home....this is the guest house pointing towards the large waterfalls that accent the perfect center of the valley at the huge castle that runs the entire length of it.Our home is could be your home as well but we should speak first walking into the building I enter the main hall and turn right into the first of fifteen rooms, this one was a sitting room maintaining the Japanese feel sitting down I motion for the others to come and sit down with meLet us sit we will answer what questions we can.I will answer you when everyone joins me waiting I look around and divine light begins to escape my eyes lightly but visibly..... No evil is felt from the light though as it is not an attack just s side effect of raising a building such things had a cost


on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:42 am


He was surprised to hear that the building that appeared right before his eyes were the guest house. Never in his life, had he seen a guest house before, nor had he seen one that looked like a palace. The male then pointed towards his house, which overall looked like a castle. Rich man the shini thought to himself. He then heard the man say that the house could be his as well but this was to his rebuke...

Even though the people were somewhat nice, he never had thought that living in the valley of screams was a good idea. Living in Soul Society was good enough, and he had friends there. In a flash, he disapproved living here.

They then entered the building and sat down. It had a japaneese feeling to it, the atmosphere and all that was somewhat very compelling. He had never seen an interior this gorgeous before. He then waited for "everyone" to come.

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