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#1 Barrier of Seven Walls (Vizard Kido) on Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:11 am


Barrier of Seven Walls

Name: Barrier of Seven Walls Translation 7壁の障壁 7 Kabe no shōhek
Number: Not numbered is a unique Kido
Category: Bakudou (Vizard only)
Incantation: Seven seas and winter raise up and stand. Defend those in your charge Translation セブンシーズ、冬は上げと立 つ。あなたの担当者を守れ Sebunshīzu, fuyu wa age to tatsu.Anata no tantōsha o mamore
Effect: This kido can only be proformed by a vizard who has full mastery of their inner hollow as it uses both types of reiatsu to power the kido itself. The user does the chant and focus' his or her reiatsu into an outstreched hand. The reiatsu forms a sphere and as the user wishes the sphere will open and spread forming first the four walls of the barrier then the floor and roof forms to encase and protect thoses inside of it. Finally, the last wall forms from the casters hollow reiatsu forming the final wall of the barrier which covers the entire barrier acting as a deterent to those who wish to do harm to the protected inside. If a nonvizard attempts this spell it will work up until the final wall is to form. Instead of forming from the hollow reiatsu it will form from the users life or soul energy possibly killing the caster.

Damage/Effects Guide
2 or more tiers lower The inner barrier can withstand upwards of 20-30 attacks before it begins to faulter. The outer layer acts as a razor wire like field slicing and expelling the element of the casters reiatsu causing relevent heavy damage.

Equal Tier The inner walls can withstand upwards of 15-17 attacks before it begins to faulter. The outer wall damage remains unchanged.

2 Tiers higher
The outer inner wall can withstand 7-9 attacks before it begins to faulter.

Special Note

If the protected are either Shinigami or Vizard they may from the inside boost the inner for shinigami or both types of wall by placing their hands on any of the inner walls.

Do to the nature of this kido the castercan not use any other kido or kido like ability for as long as the barrier stands unless more then one of the protected inside the barrier is helping my channeling reiatsu to the barrier and even then no spell of number 50 can be proformed unless 5 protected are boosting the barrier.

Rp Example

As Amaya lets the shinigami have it I just smile as Amaya holds on to me. Looking back to Jack I whisper to herJack hop down. I don't want you to get hurt....stand with your mom and Anna. Bring out the mist....i feel like sending a message. kneeling down to let Jack off my back. I stand again channeling reiatsu I begin to speak againSeven seas and winter raise up and stand. Defend those in your charge.....Barrier of seven walls! From my left hand which was seven inches from Amaya a barrier of pure white reiatsu grows and forms a square around Amaya and all those around her in an area of thirty feet. A floor and roof forms on the top and bottom of the barrier finally purple reiatsu coats the entire barrier completing the barrier. Those inside were actually protected by my reiatsu. The white is my personal reiatsu and the purple is my hollow reiatsu-a far more violent reiatsu thats why it coats the barrier acting as a deterrent to those who wish harm.

Smiling now I speak to the shinigamiYou threaten my daughters and newborn son! My wife is in a good mood.....too bad I am not. Kieran, do you remember the blood we shed and have shed for the soul society? Amaya and Josh, do you remember all our fallen comrades? This shimgami speaks to the ones who have paved the way with so little respect I can not allow this anymore. Come down now little one see the path that leads to the light. a slight pick up in the wind blows moving all loose clothing

#2 Re: Barrier of Seven Walls (Vizard Kido) on Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:19 am


it all good man nice draw backs for such a powerful shield type kido.

Approved man

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