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on Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:07 am


Laughing at the the shinigami's words If I got rid of my emotions... You would be in little pieces all over the place. I could likely kill you with my thank my emotions for your life I respond quickly and without care for empathy. Moving back towards the shinigami looking her over and gauging her reiatsu. My head tilts to the right as I address herWhy are you here? the question was vague for a reason and that reason could cause blood to be shed


on Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:42 pm


i hear the 7th division said i look closely at the female shinigami i then ask in a cool tone of voice. "When did you join the 7th squad Bururmun just out of wonderment for i was from the 7th squad but had to leave and i was sure that i known every face in it." i watch her closely trying to see if there any hint of untruth on her face.


on Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:29 pm


"Now now guys, you're ruining the festival. I came here with some of the kids so they could relax but then this fighting broke out" A familiar voice said as Joshua approached the sceen" For christ sakes I know it aint your fault hollows showed up, but why are you fighting with some random object afterwards. Then tension in the air here is as thick as frikin pea soup or something. Now Amaya I know you wanted some personal time with Elyse so I think you outa move along, especially since everything in the immediate area seems to have scared her. I know there's a goldfish catching game around here somewhere she might enjoy. Don't worr 'bout aizem, me and Anna are taking care of him.

Taz, you should relax a bit too. You've been working too hard lately. Hell I rarely see you these days unless you're asking me to do something buissiness like. Take a breather man. Take in a little positive energy, overwise all the negative energy will take over. Sides I know a certain someone is wanting to ride on your shoulder again"

As soon as Joshua said that, Jack would apprear on Tazuma's left shoulder, laughing
"Tazzy, Tazzy, Tazzy" She chanted, laughing before looking a bit down" Where Tazzy been. We rarely see you anymore. We're lonely"

Smiling slight Joshua turned to Kieran
"I don;t know why you're here mate but since you are you might as well relax and enjoy yourself. Take a day off or something. Lord knows we all need a vacation"

Finally Joshua turned to Burumun
"I don;t know what you're problem is but I don't think we need random talking objects telling us what to do. If you have issues with emotions I'd say you're better off killing yourself. things that resemble humans but who are less then human are not needed in this world"

Having said all he wanted to Joshua vanished into the crowd again, rejoining Anna, Raizen, and Amelia


on Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:10 pm


I feel Josh join us and hear his words to me.... He was right afterall,i was so involved with protecting everyone I had forgotten how to smile and have fun. Then I feel Jack leap on my back, I look up at her and saySorry Jack Jack,i have been really busy.....i'll try to stay around for you and your sisters and brother.... Lets get funnel cake! I say as I look upon the crazed female shimigami[color]Good day to you......we now take our leave of this[/color] and with that all the tension in the air vanishes. My eyes flash briefly white with an odd red symbol running down the middle(dark aria) but return to normal in an instant.


on Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:47 pm


Burūmūn sees the new come and listens as he addresses the others. Then When he turn and told her she should just kill her self that draw the line. Burūmūn eyes flared as she draw her sword her agian.

" I already killed myself how the hell do you think i got here, I put a bullet in my head right in front my only friend" she looked at the man then spoke agian. " Now after hear that tell me to kill me self agian with a strieght face. Then she turned to the man that had the child on his shoulders. " and you i'm not stupid i know if i fought you i'd lose, but not without taking the lives of those childeren first" Burūmūn siad these and shunpo'd back to the building she was on earier.


on Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:21 am


Raiden POV.

Just watching what happening i just shake my head and think. Kill your emotion there no way to fully do that for numbness or indiffence are emotions as well I then gently move my sister away from the site of a possible fight, pulling out some cash i give it to them and say go have fun. turning back to watch how this unfolds.

Kieran POV.

Hearing what josh then Burumun say i then reply with. "that a little harsh don't you think. and josh i do have fun but i also watch the people i sweared to proctect and that threat that she just made. I think it best to keep the kids together for now to protect them." looking at taz and amaya waiting to see what they think.

on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:22 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Amaya's eyes flashed a white before turning to red "I will have you nailed to a wall before you can lay a finger on my childern, that I assure you...It seems shinigami today have forgotton who really ran the seritei before corruption made its home in their hearts."She commented before smiling holding on to tazuma with her free hand "you are lucky, i am in a good mood, cause my partner wishes for blood."she commented darkly as she kissed elyse head.

Raizen was excitingly looking around as anna held on to him and held amelia's hand as they looked around

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on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:47 am


As Amaya lets the shinigami have it I just smile as Amaya holds on to me. Looking back to Jack I whisper to herJack hop down. I don't want you to get hurt....stand with your mom and Anna. Bring out the mist....i feel like sending a message. kneeling down to let Jack off my back. I stand again channeling reiatsu I begin to speak againSeven seas and winter raise up and stand. Defend those in your charge.....Barrier of seven walls! From my left hand which was seven inches from Amaya a barrier of pure white reiatsu grows and forms a square around Amaya and all those around her in an area of thirty feet. A floor and roof forms on the top and bottom of the barrier finally purple reiatsu coats the entire barrier completing the barrier. Those inside were actually protected by my reiatsu. The white is my personal reiatsu and the purple is my hollow reiatsu-a far more violent reiatsu thats why it coats the barrier acting as a deterrent to those who wish harm.

Smiling now I speak to the shinigamiYou threaten my daughters and newborn son! My wife is in a good mood.....too bad I am not. Kieran, do you remember the blood we shed and have shed for the soul society? Amaya and Josh, do you remember all our fallen comrades? This shimgami speaks to the ones who have paved the way with so little respect I can not allow this anymore. Come down now little one see the path that leads to the light. a slight pick up in the wind blows moving all loose clothing


on Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:09 pm


Burūmūn felt the mans reiatsu. she hears the mans words.
Shonpu'd back to the group and tapped the mans shoulder.

" i'll correct you on one thing, i did not threaten were family i only siad i would take the advantage if given to me" Burūmūn said as a savage smile formed on her face and giggling begian.

"Lets hope for the kids sake they can't see my face right now" she siad as a blood lust forms in her eyes she turns and looks at the barrier and licks her lips.

Then shunpoing to face him she draws her blade and puts one foot in front of the other her hand out in front of her tilt her hand so the blade faces the ground and her other hand behind her back.


on Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:26 pm


As the girl lands and,takes a combat stance I grin as she speaks about getting to the children I wouldn't try....the barrier would eat you whole and do you really want to,fight? I said see the path that leads to the light. If you wish to do this with swords and bone we can it is your fate. I say not moving an inch even though a sword was drawn in front of me.....i knew what was inside this shinigami afterall

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