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on Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:29 am


"Tsk..." Piedra smacked, hearing that laugh at his expense. She was laughing at him? He was getting all worked up too! He was trying to help her out, naturally it was unasked for help, but he believed that no matter who she was or what her mindset was, the reality of this world was always the same.

"We aren't humans ya know? We could easily live forever if we are cautious." He said, though it was held back a bit, almost to himself, trying not to get laughed at again. "I've heard someone say that before, about black and white. But, ya know, there is always good and evil. Every action, every decision, it either good or evil by somebody. Everything is exactly black and white here, in Hueco Mundo," Out of instinct, he looked up at the white sands and the black trees and the dark sky. Where was the color then? Where was the peace? Where was the tranquility? When the leaders of Hueco Mundo needed to build a wall of anti-spiritual energy just to keep the possibilities of being stabbed in the gut as they were resting, where was the serenity? This place was a eat or be eaten world and thinking that there was someone truly good here, in this place, was naive. How could you find a hero among monsters?

"Well then," Flushing a little more deep and clearing his throat as if to change the direction of the subject, "What do ya think about this world then? Ya think there is some good in Arrancar and Hollow? Think that there won't come a day when you are slaughtered by somethin' ya had faith in? Ya think that ya ain't apart of the twin groups that govern everythin' in our world?" Now, he wanted to hear what she had to say. He wanted to see just how strong she felt about her ideals. She said that everything wasn't black and white, and that there were shades of gray. Piedra could probably agree that was true in other races, but Hollow were different. Hollow already lost their hearts long ago. There wasn't any place to assume that they had the potential to be anything but either evil or dangerous.


on Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:40 am


She giggled again. Exhilaration moved through her bones. Living forever. Now that seems silly.

She put her hands on her hips and looked across the vast world around them. The peace is in Lord Arekussu. She looks at the angry man. There is no black and white in my eyes. Who decides what is evil and pure? Are we evil? Why are we one or the other?

If you are the one pulling up fights, chances are you will get slaughtered before I do anyway. As for faith, my faith is in the moments I survive.


on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:30 am


"Agh! Stop laughin'!" Piedra exclaimed, his right palm quickly meeting his forehead. He was a slight mixed of embarassed and flustered that his inward, deep thoughts were casually being laughed at and, from his point of view, hardly considered. It was as if his words were being stepped on.

"I think the fact that we get off on eating souls and each other is pretty damn evil. If you think that's good, yer twisted. But, I ain't complaining about being evil. It's ingrained in us. 'Sides, that was only one step. The fact dat all of us are corrupt, dangerous monsters is what ya should be worrin' about. Cat and Mouse, not yer goodness," Come on. She couldn't be trying to stray from this lesson, was she?

"And yer Lord is a panzy. I could kick his ass in two seconds. But, if he was all 'bout peace, why would he build that big ass wall? That is a weapon to maintain dominiance over all others! He's just another Primera. The sooner ya get that the sooner you'll start understanding your place as a mouse,"

Piedra slipped his hands behind his head, thinking a moment, "If we were born with the potiental to live forever, we should use that all up. We shouldn't even let death come to our door. To do that, ya gotta understand how to survive. Yer survival gear is all kinds of twisted broken. I bet if ya were to go up to that monster, that cat, and tried to treat it like any ordinary being, you'd get smashed and thrashed for no reason at all. But if ya stayed away, far away, ya live. That is our world. It's eat or be eaten. Everyone is an enemy, a threat, and something you can use if ya got the skill. It's all about besting your opponent or keeping them so far away that they can't touch ya."


on Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:02 am


Her face suddenly looked very serious and she looked at him very focused, and said. Wait... You gt off from eating souls? That's really weird. She followed this by laughing again.

I like Arek. He wouldn't lose to a fool like you, he just wouldn't fight you. If you could manage to piss him off enough to fight, I would love to watch him tear you apart. She said coyly. As for my place, you need not worry. I have that all figured out. Which makes it so funny that You keep trying to tell Me where I fit.

With that she put her hands on her hips and gave that " I'm a woman, don't even play that game with me" look.


on Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:17 am


"Shaddap! Ya know what I mean!" Piedra retorted, grumpily, when she turned the soul eating back around on him. "He's a weak Primera. He's practically a mouse in a cat suit. Hollow pretending tah have human qualities are jus tryin' tah be somethin' they aren't." Saying it as if it were something he'd proven himself, despite having only met the current Primera once.

"Sometimes, ya get something that is so disillusion that they don't really know the depth of their place. Ya get a mouse that can't distinguish herself from the other cats and the mouses. But whatever, I bet you'll see just what I'm talkin' about soon. Yer living in a bright pretty rainbow dream simply because Hueco Mundo has a shitty Primera," Piedra scratched his head before turning around. Piedra felt almost like he got something off his chest in this conversation. Something he'd been wondering about for ages and, despite that his feelings weren't shared but conflicted, he felt strangely satisfied having the conversation.

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