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on Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:05 am


"Get it? 'n that is why I am the cat and yer the mouse," Piedra boasted, having taken the effort to make a exaggerated and unrealistic reason as to the difference between himself and the little Arrancar he found by the name of Enma. He went from various angles saying he was older and taller and stronger and she was so much smaller and more delicate looking. What defined a cat and mouse was appearance and ability, which he claimed his own as being top notch. However, there was another reason for this story.

There was a reason that Piedra was traveling with this smaller Arrancar and it wasn't simply because he bumped into her while he was [s]running for his life[/s] making a tactical retreat from the massive energy surges that had immediately infected their home. She reminded him of himself strangely when Aluze, another Arrancar Piedra knew, told him about how the Cat always eats the mouse. It was because the mouse was smaller and the cat was bigger. But, Aluze always told him another thing. If the mouse was smart, it could starve that same cat. Even a small mouse could be a threat, they just needed the instinct and experience but, most importantly, they needed to live.

Having made his way far out into the desert, a great distance from Hueco Mundo, Piedra was coaching the fellow Arrancar on how she would become strong, great, and amazing like himself. His words were quick, boastful, and almost obnoxiously prideful, "Yer lucky, ya know? I saved your small, round little butt jus now!" He would say, folding his arms behinds his head as he walked as straight up as he possibly could.

What was Piedra talking about?
Only a few seconds ago an extraordinary large power erupted in the middle of Hueco Mundo. This power was extraordinary and it was full of rage, thirst for violence, and some sort of sick, twisted sadictic thrill that he was boasting like rap music from some college kids car. Following that, that body of energy eradicated at least a couple dozen hollow in an instant before shooting it's overly obvious body over to Las Noches. Piedra grabbed everything he could, which happened to be Enma whom was close, and [s]fled[/s] decided to plan from a distance.

"First all dem improvisations to Las Noches and den a stupid ass attack from a man-beast...Things are getting ridiculous, man," Piedra complained, finally talking about something other than himself and his own conceited ideal about strength and what the Arrancar way was. Having slowed down a moment, his thoughts caught up with him and he couldn't help but be annoyed and frustrated by this turn of events. It was stupid and irritating that strong people killed weak people on a whim. Was he yet another weak person to just be killed off because he was in the way or curious?

Piedra lowered his hands and stopped his quick walking, likely stopping tugging Enma along as well, before he turned to the stranger that he only recently met and abducted, "What do you think about the Cat and the Mouse?" It was a strangely curious question he wanted to hear from her. His red brown eyes were darting about, looking over all her features, as he was trying to understand a number of things going on in his own head. What was strength? What was weakness?


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:45 am


Walking with Piedra, Enma was stoic. She didn't need to talk much. Piedra amused himself with lectures of cat and mouse philosophy. He always was going on about him being this large scary cat and she, a small little mouse. Never the less, she enjoyed his company.

He had just saved her from some strange blast of energy. Being her oddly curious self, she simply stood and watched the energy erupt. He, however was running away from it, the intelligent thing to do, and dragged her away from the scene.

He had brought up a man beast that had attacked their home. Honestly, she knew nothing on the subject. Her mind was wondering the possibilities, but came to a stop as Piedra turned and asked her of her opinion of the cat and the mouse.

She tilted her head and thought for a moment. I have never lived that way. She said very quietly. I always go near those much stronger than me, the cats, and I never question it. I have never feared cats.


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:06 pm


"Heh," Chuckling at the casual response, Piedra strangely felt insulted. As if he were clearly being made a child between the two of them. Piedra crossed his arms, thinking a moment, as he repeated her words in his head. It wasn't like him to think very hard about something, in fact the opposite was more likely, however what she said did slightly bother him for various reasons.

"But, yer jus followin' the shadow of another being. Shouldn't ya be tryin' to make your own and not just tag along another. Whether a mouse is a mouse or a cat a cat, ya should be able to stand on your own feet and fight. As a mouse, they look at us as things that can't put up a fight, things that aren't dangerous at all, but a mouse still has teeth just like the cat. I can't live in a world were I recognize something as stronger than myself. No way. I am better than any cat or mouse!" He decided, not all that eloquently, but there was plenty of emotion in his words. He spoke strongly, honestly, and completely believing in what he was saying.

"Why didn't ya attack me when I approached you? What if I wanted to kill ya? Someone like you has to be a leader sometimes too. Killing cats and mice. Not submitting thinkin' that the cat is stronger so there isn't anything that can be done. Yer not weak. Not at all," He would clench his fist as he was mulling over something.

Was running always the only way to survive? If pitted against a cat whilist in a corner was the only option to die in this universe? To die so that the cat, and not yourself, could live? Everything had to be an unequivocal dichotomy of the strong and the weak? Why couldn't Piedra stay and fight against something as strong as that man-beast?

"Agggh. This sucks!" He roared, turning away from her as he swung his fist in the air. He was starting to get frustrated all over again, getting agitated and angry over the reality of this situation. Looking at the Arrancar with him only seemed to remind him of the mortality of not only his life, but the life of all things within Hueco Mundo.

Everything was Expendable and nothing was cherished.


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:21 pm


Her eyes slowly drifted to the side. Yo need a reason t fear death. A goal yet to complete. Things are yet to be finished. Her eyes glided back to the man as he displayed his frustration.

She simply sat indian style and pulled out her shamisen, and started to play.


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:30 pm


"Alright, but ya agreed that you were a mouse that had no fear of the cats, right? But, in the end, a hungry cat could always betray ya and eat ya. Even if the cat cant be bothered at the time, even the slightest change in their bodies could turn you into prey. That's why confidence is power. And-Wait, ya said that ya had a goal? Whats that?" Piedra asked, turning back around as he gave his unasked for advice.

"Hey! Ya should be more serious! A whole lot of crap is goin' on right now. Don't ya care at all? Piedra was starting to notice this girls...Dispassion. She was almost apathetic. No worry. No pressure. No anxiety. Not even any overextended thoughts about the current situation of their home. She was as cool as a glacier and even relaxed enough to play an instrument. Piedra was starting to tap his foot out of lack of patience. He, on the other hand, was a little worried and he was definitely flustered by the going-ons. Someone that could easily accept that there were strong individuals in the world, that could kill her with a single finger, yet not be bothered by that at all?

Impossible. Piedra wouldn't believe that such a person existed.


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:35 pm


My goal is to exist. With this she started playing a faster song.

Her stoic disposition stayed, and her face lacked all expression. I have never met a cat that has tried to bite me. I do not know why. Maybe I do not deserve the gift of death.


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:59 pm


"To exist..." Piedra repeated, looking at the girl sitting neatly upon the desert sands. The music played and Piedra almost felt like it was making it worse. It was as if the music were playing upon his own heartstrings, each tone causing a sensation to jolt his body and make his heart beat all the faster. It was almost as if her music were having an affect not just on his mind but a grand, exaggerated effect on the environment as well. It was like something were coming. Something that was making Piedra anxious. The music that introduced a climactic, exhilarating event and Piedra felt strangely bolstered by it.

Piedra reached for her hand, the very one flicking the strings, to pause her instrument playing, "I got somethin' to say about that," He would say, looking directly into the fellow Arrancar's eyes, "How can ya exist if there are so many things that can end your existence? Without strength, courage and will, how can ya last? Even if ya got all the strength and courage in the world, ya will never, ever live with that sort of dispo-dispuh..." He said, looking away as he was trying to say the word aloud. It was a difficult word, one that wasn't usually in Piedra's vocabulary but he wanted to sound smart right now! He could have said character or personality, but the word that he felt would have the greatest effect was that very one he was struggling to pronounce.

"Disposition!" He exclaimed, yelling right in Enma's face, as he almost smirked as he felt he just defeated the human's stupid little dictionary of words, "Existin' and livin' mean that ya gotta care about yourself and the stuff 'round ya, but that also mean that ya have to care about the evils that can end you! Not carin' 'bout all them strong, ruthless cats is the very thing that will eradicate yer existence!"

Piedra would back up, giving her her personal space, as he paced back and forth. "Cat and mouse. It's always about cat and mouse. Forgetting about that is the very reason so many Arrancar are tossed aside. Are we just another pair of examples of that?" He was speaking to himself, but he was starting to distress over this. The appearance of the man-beast was starting to upset him, but it was that very appearance that had made Piedra realize the futility sometimes in resistance.


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:10 pm


Enma stopped playing the shamisen. The same way all things exist. She sighed. Not all "cats" are dangerous. Not all "mice" Want to be more. Her aura read melancholy. Detached from deep conversation she didn't feel interested in getting upset over a stranger yelling words he hardly knows in her face.

I do not live in fear, but this doesn't make me a coward. This makes my life serene. I feel no jealousy for power. I feel no spite for those above me

Her eyes looked after the pacing man. So why do you?


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:32 pm


"Because I'm an Arrancar!" He exclaimed, as if that were the most obvious answer in the world. "Self preservation is the number one priority! In order to exist, ya gotta not die when someone is just lookin' for a target to test their new skills on!" Piedra paused all his pacing and looked at the Arrancar again.

"I think ya missed the man-beast that just wiped out like a dozen hollow on a whim. That is the reality of this world. Not all cats are bad ya say? A cat needs to grow off somethin', and every cat here has had more than its fill of mice. Dats how they grow and that is how they know to live. They eat, kill, and absorb the weak to make themselves strong. Not having any sympathy or even care for this reality just shows your resolve towards your own goal. How can you exist without being stronger than anything else that could just wipe you out in a blink?" Piedra exhauled, gruffly, feeling his face heat slightly from frustration. He was getting a little red, in his warm tanned cheeks, and he felt as if he wanted to pull his hair out.

She was just so difficult to understand. So casual, composed and collected as if she were in a cliche movie where the gorgeous actress always lived. Not that Piedra could really complain. He really liked the movies that humans made. They were entertaining, bright, and optimistic. They were like this, here and now, where Piedra was trying to convince another Arrancar that her life and existence could easily be taken and that should incite fear in her someway or another.

"Yer gonna fail that goal with your mindset. Ya look up at the strong and just see nothing. Ya don't see potential danger, ya don't get anxious, ya don't question their motives, ya think that it could be a cat that actually likes mice. Ain't no such thing! The lions, the tigers, the leopards all hunt, kill, and destroy without cause or concern for anything but their own survival. If a mouse can't even carry that same sense of precaution, how are ya gonna exist? How will ya live if ya ain't caring about the very things that could take away your existence?"


on Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:44 pm


Enma felt sympathetic for the irate man. She lightly giggled. I guess I just don't think the same way you do. She stood up and dusted off her legs.

Dismay doesn't suit me. Her icy tone was slightly lighter. Every existence ends at some point. Your didactic view on this cat and mouse theory isn't how I see the world. It makes every living thing in black or white. Life just isn't so.

She cracked her neck, and looked up at the false sky above. Her eyes grew solemn.

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