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on Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:47 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
"One who serves has who rules does what he want withourt orders...much like you both I have and don't have orders...and you caught me on a very day i am suppost to be happiest destorying my kingdom is not apperiated and ou just better hope my husband is in a better mood then I am."She commented shunpoing from the area of the trench as she crouched in utter shock of what had happen to all the soul that were utterly destoried in that blast "Not good...and the keeper was near that."She said in a whisper to herself as she turned her head to them watching in shock on why they did that.

"Why the hell did you do that...You Monsters! They done nothing to you...the blanks did nothing and neither did any of the souls..."She yelled over to the man before she hear the first figure laughing. She balled up her fist as she stood up "How dare you, come into MY home and DESTORY all that I and my famil worked to achieve....and if i am such a craz crazy bitch, then i will act like one and call forth hadikazuki...She been waiting for years for blood."She commented adjusting the blade in her hand. She was interested in the cloning multiplication process "Interesting colbolt's demon lovers seemed to do that." She said more to herself.

She barely had time to react as she managed to pull back as he slashed upward soon followed by the clones that seemed to be opposite of eachother. She could feel an extrem source of heat from the clones as she jumped high into the air flpping before she stuck he landing. Some of the trim on her dress had began to lightly burn "this is one of m favorite favorites."She complained.

Anna looked towards Aki coming towards her as she kept amelia, jack, elyse and Raizen close. She have about ten scream butterflies with her just incase she did have to escape into the human world. She had her orders from her sister and she was going to keep the Royal childern safe from this invader. Anna was still worried for amaya's safety "you shouldn't be fighting arn't fully yourself your body hasn't had time to fully recover even with tazuma's magic..."She said to herself "Please tazuma...wherever you and the other elite guard the queen."she said in a light prayer to herself. she waas trying not to show wory and had to keep elyse and raizen both calm even though the both wanted amaya and jack wanted tazuma.

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on Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:27 am


I was in deep meditation in the spot that i found and visit regularly to calm my nerves and gain control over any reiatsu that started to run lose. then the blood oath tattoo started to send me images from Amaya i quickly get up and spin towards the castle. "Wait for me i am coming and those that harm you will feel the wraith of the lightning Nomad." i jump into a shunpo with a crackle of lightning pulling out my soul splitter and letting it grow to it full length and my divine cloak into the armour of the harbinger of conquest.

when i am near enough i pull on my vizard mask and appear next to Amaya and say in the mix of my voice and hollow. "If i were you my queen i think i would leave the kid to me snice he got clones and what not i got reflex like lightning." with that said i take a step and using the soul splitter like a pole volt i aim a kick at one of the kids while swinging me soul splitter around to hit the same one.


on Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:18 pm


Immediately after Dyaus had formed his new landmark in the Valley of Screams he heard the female shinigami shout out at him, Why the hell did you do that...You Monsters! They done nothing to you...the blanks did nothing and neither did any of the souls..." As she had spoken that Dyaus's attention had already begun too wane until another being had shown up. Dyaus had felt reiatsu similar in base feeling to this males once before, and soon the knowledge of the Chimera told Dyaus that the man was very much a Vizard. Of course Dyaus wouldn't need to be told that, as the man had dawned a hollows mask. "Interesting beings you are.. how did you merge with the hollow, male?" Dyaus would question Kieran as the male took a step and aimed to attack one of the copied Zypher's.

With a smirk Dyaus reached over his back, grabbing the massive jagged toothed spear upon his back, before unleashing an unbelievably fast strike from over his shoulder directed at Kieran's midsection. Whether the strike were to fail or not Dyaus would convert his body into light, instantly teleporting behind Amaya, striking at her with a horizontal crushing blow to the midsection. Finally Dyaus would once again use his Instant Translocation technique to appear roughly 50 feet away, his spear held at the ready.


on Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:27 pm


Zeyphr smiled as he heard the crazy woman speak. "Listen here. Just because you think you're safe hiding in your own dimensino doesn't mean you are. Someone always finds it. someone always destroys it. Nothing lasts forever. Nations fall. so will armies. Look at the history of the world lady. Everythign Crumbled. Just like Las noches, The Society, The human world, and this place will. It will all end soon. It will all become relevant to you. He stopped talking as he looked up, seeing the vizard near her. Glancing at him for a brief moment as he launched himself to one of Zephyr's clones. Before he could hit him, All the clones brought their hands to their faces, as well as the roginal Zephyr. Copying the vizard mask and voice.

The speed he gained stacked to his own. He would know the basic techs of the vizard as well as power his own moves.

"You idiots." He stated. Appearing above Amaya as he pointed his left gun towards her behind her back. "Sun..Ray." He whispered. The beam that shot out was much wider than before, much faster thanks to the copying skills. The clones then barraged towards Kieren. "You won't stand after today." They commented, With one clone copying the soul cutter. Extending it out towards Kieren's torso, The others would shoot rapid bullets towards Kierena nd Amaya.
The temperature would rise in the area slightly. Still having the buring effects.


on Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:54 pm


Guest enemies were at the gates of my home...the empire that I had built and was sworn to protect and lead. They come and attack my queen and oldest friend. The insult my wife and threaten my son. I could not stand for this insult and allow it to continue. Then in my head I could hear a whisper at first but then it grew into a scream. It repeated the same phrase over and over again Tazuma,let me free! It echoed throught my ears. I quickly dismissed the voice and looked out over to the gates and witnessed the damage caused. I could feel that Raizen was there when the shots started to ring out. That is called a frature event.
[size=07]A fracture event is a single event that causes a break or fracture in the mind of a person. This event is responsible for the creation of an entirely new person within a person. In this instance, the sight of the location and knowing of the destruction. Knowing his son was there has caused a fracture in mind creating another.[/size]

My senses spun out of control for a bit as I look around confused at what just happened. I had a dull head ache and my ears rang. I regained my senses after a short while then a flash of light and a loud explosion rings out. The light reflecting in my eyes then say softly There you are. walking over to my bag I reach in and grab something cold and hard. I pull out a seki seki stone mask carved with silver lines swirling around the mask and the mouth hand bars over it in a bound sort of design.

Removing my cloak I hang it up on a near by rack. Calling a nearby blank to me and merge it into a red divine cloak. The back had two arching lines like half moons on the bottom edge. Putting on the cloak I slowly place the mask onto my face as it does I use reishi to adhere it to my face. My reiatsu shifts to a more violent and,dangerious type but still it was my reiatsu deep under it. Walking to the window I leap out of it and using shunpo I head towards the battle.

I land at the battle grounds with a thunderious boom. Looking up I see Amaya and Kieran. Scanning more I see a child male and a male attacking. The child had guns and there were quite a few of him so,obviously he was a cloning ability and he prefered longer ranges but may be quite good up close to counter act his weakness. The other held a spear and it appears to me as if he was the one who used light.

Why have you come here? I ask slowly drawing my zanpacto. The long blade clearing my shoulder flawlessly in one smooth draw. The red and silver hilt wrappings greeted my hands like an old friend being united again. The silver musika note charm shined and chimed a soft D sharp note.

[ooc. *stepping out of a TARDIS* Am I late for the party?]

on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:47 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
She laughed hearing kieran's hollow voice within his his own voice "Be careful Kieran...I dont think they are like the foes we all have faced over the years."She commented looking towards the enemrgy. She then noticed the older of the two enemies had suddenly dissappeared and their reiastu reappeared behind her. She tried twisting to move out of the wayy but took the broad length of the sppear directly into her side. She let out a sharp gasp of suprise feeling the spear side slam int her ribs. She didn't think it woul hurt but she felt a sharp pain of some of her ribs cracking.

She was sent tumbling some from the force of the hit. She landed a few feet from where she once stood. She Coughed some "god how long has it really been since I got hit like that."She said to herself. She felt the reaistu of the child attacker and listen "I know how life works...I wasn;t born yewsterday and I am not out of the battle yet."She said quickly dissappearing from where she was to behind the kid, her left hand was over her right shoulder, before it slashed horizontal at the kid's back. She saw the quick blasts coming towards her as she twisted shunpoing out of the way as her right han resting on her left side around her rib

Amaya then sensed a familar reaistu "Tazu...Ma"She said in a whisper to herself. It has really been awhile since she seen him acturall wishing to fit. She waws now curious to see if he would let his hollow fight. She was sure his was raging deep inside wanting to shed blood once again.

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on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:05 am


Aki's eyes went pure white as she received a vision from the divine light, she knew what she needed to do. Looking out towards the gates she rose her hands as her eyes came back to normal, she felt the pressure of her king lord Taz. Looking back at the The keeper of Blood and the children of the Queen and King she knew that her next move had to be careful and on point other wise it would possible hurt them and cause the family to turn on her. Looking at them she spoke softly "I am sorry if I lose control of this. This is the only way for me to protect you and help our family" Turning back around her eyes began to tear up.

In a easy swift motion she lowered her hands and drew her zanpaktu, calling it forth a wave of ice and fire went towards the gates. Her sword transforms to a shakujo, slamming her staff down into the ground she whispered under her breath, as massive amounts of ice began to flow from her staff. Holding her hands up she began to contain the ice as it began to grow and grow. The ice finally stopped flowing as Aki kept over 500 pounds of ice at bay, protecting not only her self but the others behind her. Slamming her hands together she send out a shock wave that sent towards the gates flowing through the gates and going onto the battle field going around everyone.

Using her sight she created a barrier around Kieran from the blows that were coming at him now, and from the ones that were to come, she also created a barrier around Amya, she knew that she needed to help heal her ribs, she put some ice around her wound and slowly begins try and ease the pain. She also created a sphere around Amya that had dormant reishi that would explode outward at the person who came to close to the sphere and who was not part of the divine, the person who triggered the attack would leave burns and would caught fire, however the ice would not be affected by the heat because of her own personal abilities.

Aki also created three more sphere around the battle field and one around Kieran and also randomly around the gates. Aki sent spiritual pressure into each of the spheres to throw the chimera off, she knew that taz would know which ones were which and she also decided that she also used the ice at a distance to attack the clones and help out with the fight, she knew where she would need to attack and she knew how to keep it from hitting the family members.She sent the message to her own family members in the battle field.

She created multiple barriers between the gates and her and the children, she needed to protect the children form the chimeras, she kept them safe as she stood on the outside of the barrier, she left the kids a note that said if the barrier were to crack, they needed to go and leave, and that Aki would give them as much time as she could. She stood there as she pulled her staff out of the ground and she stood in a defensive stance waiting for them to come for her like her vision.


on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:51 am


mid way though my attack i feel the Arrencar look alike move to attack me as well as the the kid copying my mask which is just great a copycat just what i need. the soul splitter hits the spear thrust deflecting it just enough for it to give a deep nick then a deep wound in the side and it bleeds for a second before the heat drys the blood sealing the wound. then out of nowhere a sphere a ice forms around me blocking the attacks but some still got though before it fully closed making my body more holey then before more blood joined the dry blood from before the rest of the shoots shatter the ice i stand there swaying. The amount of damage i have gotten on my body would of knocked someone with less will and a oath to hold i take one step and cough up blood it is then that i feel tazuma reiatsu it different then before but i can still feel his reiatsu. i feel the damage getting worse but i will not fall not untill i have made sure that i made sure that taz and Amaya and the kids are safe, i will not FALL. i pass out still standing when Dark rai takes over.

The Hollow takes over and makes havoc

The body of kieran slumps for a second then it straightens but there a different look in his eyes there is still a spark of kieran in the core of them but the hollow has taken over they are colder and meaner. then a little Hierro starts to form and mixs with the armour making it look more wicked and sharp then the hollow puts two fingers at the third eye spot charging a Black lighting Cero and black lighting starts to flicker over the body as this happens. then in a full on hollow voice the hollow speaks as it fires the cero at one of the kids clones."Ha, HA, HA, it been a long time since i could have this much fun now lets crack it up a notch!"With that said and the cero fired the hollow shunpos towards one of the clones and like a wild animal rips into it before moving onto the next one always moving always attacking never in the same way twice, always moving making it hard to pin point aim at it.


on Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:39 am


"Well, aint this just perfect" Joshua muttered from a distance, watching the scene unfold. Half the castle was destroyed, Amaya was hurt, Tazuma was pised off beyond beleif, Keiran's hollow had taken control, Aki had made a maze (he swore she was obsessed with the things now), and there were two guys still present who seemed hell bent on destroying everyon and everything. In his mind this coud be summed up as all hell breaking loose in the worse way possible. the only reason they hadn't bothered him so far was because he kept his reiatsu way, way down. But he knew he couldn't hide much longer so he went over to Amaya and helped her to her feet" Easy does it your highness. I know your blood is boiling but simmer it down so you can get out of this alive. Don;t want your children losing their mother now do we?"


on Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:21 am


Zephyr smiles as he feels the new reiatsu come near. "Destruction. Rebrith. It's time for the rebirth of everything for this world." Z Closed his eyes, Focusing on 3 or 4 of his clones, pulling his hand over his face, forming the same mask on those clones that was on Tazuma. "If everyone would stop, this could be more simple and a lot quicker than you think." He smirked, looking over towards the now hollowfied Kieren, Z would then start to morph slightly to copy him. Each clone he ripped into formed another one and so forth. It was never ending. The Tazuma masked Clones rushed toward Kieren, Holding one pistol and the same blade that Tazuma held. Each shot a few rounds before shunpo'ing aroudn, slashing toward kieren.
The other clones looked towards Amaya, and the ice around the area. 7 went in the diection of amaya, Disappearing until they were above her, shotting rapidly towards her. The others went towards the caste, each placing their left guns together, blasting into the ice, takign chucks out of that and the castle.

"No one wants to get hurt. Do they? I know where the witch is, I know where the kids are. You cannot hide from me." Zephyr shoot 3 shots into the air, each falling on the ice domes, destroying them.

"If you want to make me sweat, attempt more things." The area's heat would rise again, this time becoming much hotter.

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