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#61 Re: New Territories CLOSED COMPLETED on Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:52 pm


Kirei listened carefully to the woman. She nodded slightly and looked to the side. “I will be able to defend you when they come to your judgment, Ayama. You are not a vizard, thus they have nothing to hate for you. Perhaps some people will still be very cautious about you but they will trust my word and hopefully my word is all they need. I have physically seen you do no harm and from your words about my Reiatsu sparks, you care about this place.”

Kirei looked over at the vizard after she was done speaking.

Someone will be here soon…someone will have heard the commotion…

Kirei closed her eyes, feeling too frustrated to deal with this. “Perhaps I can convince them not to kill you…to keep you alive just long enough for me…to…”

Kirei…they won't let him live... She saw her Zanpaktou spirit in the darkness behind her eyelids.

Does this seem fair to you? Does any of this?! Taisho left because the law! And now this Vizard who has done no harm is going to die for what he is! Does it seem fair?

Someone will come…soon. The gate should still be open...If a vizard could take down all these shinigami without a could a Lieutenant possibly fair against him?

Kirei opened her eyes and sighed. It starts now…I guess…

“How fast can you run?” She asked Hikaru, drawling her zanpaktou out.

So we're really going to do this? Really going to defy everything we've learned?

((OOC: Sorry, been really sick.))

#62 Re: New Territories CLOSED COMPLETED on Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:44 am

Hikaru looked at Kirei and thought she might be mad. He was about to answer when he saw his opening. He saw a way to the Rukongi though a few people. He knew of a place to hide and felt that now was the time to take it. He said, "Fast enough. I'm heading off till this all blows over. I thank you for your kindness. Take care."

After Hikaru spoke he ran off towards the Rukongi and his home. No one knew about his home and he might have a chance to run into Misoka while he was there. He only hoped no one would follow and that the rumors he heard that the crazed captain commander was gone were true. He ran off as fast as he could, drawing a little bit on his hollow power to help him escape.
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#63 Re: New Territories CLOSED COMPLETED on Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:51 am


((OOC: sorry guys for the long wait, internet was turned off for a few, but I'm back up~ ))
She nodded to what the woman said to her, but still didn't like the fact of what's happening with Hikaru, but what can she do really...She's back to the Seireitei, if this was back at her old home things would be different. Clenching her fists surprised that her claws poked out of her nail area sinking into her skin, thus some bleeding did occur but she didn't care really, letting out a growled "Why..." But cleared up hearing in the far distance some others coming towards this area. This woman better keep her promise to clear things out, looking at her with a soft stern look. "So..What now?..." She said softly.

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