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on Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:48 pm

Hikaru stops mid-run as he sees Gust begin to attack. He has little time to react as the Kido and the water head straight for him. His eyes widened. He knew he'd be alright if it was just one or the other, but both, he'd need a little help. He looked to Amaya a moment and felt that she might not be able to help him. He soon began to panic as he realized that the Kido alone could hurt him bad, take a limb off or otherwise. The lighting around the water will shock him at the very least and the water itself will put out any fires he has, including the one on his scythe. This is what I get for wanting to take on a captain that is a much higher rank than I am. he thinks as he tries to come up with a quick plan. Unable to come up with one he curses his luck and draws his right hand from the left side of his face and down to the right, drawing his mask, the one thing he did not want to do. With his mask drawn he quickly fires a Cero to counter the Hado attack, taking out a good portion of it before it hits him. He's knocked back and touches the charged water droplets. From the Hado he ends up with a burn on his skin and torn cloths from where it hit. Area that were touched by the water droplets are holes in the fabric of his uniform as well as scortch marks from where they hit. Hikaru is now wet and a bit dazed from being shocked and ramed by the Hado. He stands there for a moment trying to make sense of whats going on. His mask still on, he now realizes he is right in the middle of the Division 2 barracks, the worst place to be for him to don his mask. He begins to curse his bad luck as he comes to his senses. He looks at his scythe and sees that the flame is out from being hit by water. He hopes to take advantage of this. He twirls his staff around in a circle, causing a mass of red energy to form in the center. Once he has enough energy he sends this out right at Gust. "Ruby Lightning." he says as he calls out the name of the attack, his voice a mixture of his and Ignado's. He didn't care if he was caught now. He knew he was in big trouble now and just wanted to finish the fight before he was caught.

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on Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:17 pm


Gust smiled as he saw the kido hit, But he felt a surge of hollow reiatsu. " A vizard, Huh." He said while smirking. He twirled his blade, Trying to catch some of the lightening with the steel, but some caught his arms. Scarring him with Spider web like scars running up his arms. He winced slightly as he threw the rest of the lightening to his left, making it fall off the blade.\
"I gotta get him out of here.." He thought for a moment, before placing his blade at his neck, Slowly running it down his chest. "steal their souls, Cheolpa." A massive explosion of Blue and black reiatsu covered the area. Trees blew around as a dark cloud covered the sky. When the smoke cleared, Gust was on the ground, holding two blades with scythe branches in both hands. One was the color of his aqua eyes, the other was dark purple.

"Vizard in the soul society! Men to second barracks!" The shinigami of 2nd division were quickly assembling around the area.
"damn it. I was getting used to being a captain here.." Gust said, letting a sigh come from his breath as he ripped the haori off his back. He shunpo'd over near Hikaru, Yelling towards him; "TAKE IT OFF!!' He was talking about his mask, he didn't want anymore attention. The group already circled around Hikaru and Gust. Something Gust Already knew was going to happen. He crouched slightly, Holding his blades on opposite sides, Before he opened his eyes. His appearence changed. He gained the monk form he usually uses. Reiatsu wings branching off his back, a black hood covering his face, with gold armor covering various parts of his body. His voice was mixed with Cheopla, while they were one.

"I am going to open something soon. Once I do. Get inside." Gust said, before Shunpo'ing into the middle of the ground, causing a crater to appear from the power of his swings that meet with the shinigami.

"Traitor! We have a Traitor!" The shinigami yelled. Sirens were going off in all directions. This escalated quickly.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Gust said, Pulling his blade out of a shinigami's throat. He turned around, looking at the others gathering.
He placed both blades out infront of him, as he glew dark blue and purple. The spiritual pressure aroud him grew, pushing down majorly on everyone.

"Bankai.." The explosion this time was bone crunching. The weaker shinigami went to the ground from the explosion. Gust hasn't used his new bankai here before, so he needed it for a distraction.
When the smoke cleared, Gust was covered in gold armor from head to toe. His blades were popping out of his arm cuffs, with steam coming out his back. He sighed, holding his head up as he looked to the sky.

"stupid, stupid Idea.." He commented before he held both hands together, gathering a massive amount of reiatsu into his hands. Water and dark energy went out towards his wrists, forming a ball before his eyes glew purple. "Hikaru! Move!" He said before he squeezed his hands together, firing a very massive blast, taking out the rest of the shinigami and most of the 2nd barracks. "Dark Hydro Blast!"


on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:13 am


All of this action, all of this chaos... This was suppose to be a random spar now turned into an unwanted ordeal that she was split in two, she didn't know what to do or what to think for that matter.
"Gust, what the hell? what's happening and the...?"
She said before she had to leap up from something landing on the roof, still confused but was getting furious from one simple act of one guys weird change and such. Leaping down with what look like claw like nails on her tightened grip of her blade, slamming between the other shinigami in front, Gust and Hikaru behind her. Showing no defensive or offense stance, her pose waa calm but her look was of a feral beast, her fangs bare but no change of her structure.
Letting out a deep growl; not of natural 'human', boomed out, "Why are you all doing this?! Where I'm from this is complete uselessness. I don't care if I'm in a different place now, if he was a full traitor you think he'll be here from the start? You people are completely jumpy to anything that's not of the norm!" While turning to Gust, glaring at him with her bronze colored eyes blazing while showing some fangs, "What is going on? I've just met you and now this...?"

on Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:37 am

Hikaru watched at his attack hit but did not do too much damage to him. He was begining to get fustrated when he realized that Gust was next to him. At that moment he heard Gust yell for himm to take off the mask. He then was brought back to reality and realized that half of the soul society was not after him. He then reaches up and breaks off the mask, the pieces soon crumble to the ground. He then hears Gust yell about opening something. It is at that moment more shinigami began to gather around and the sirens went off. Hikaru knew he needed to get out of there and fast. It was then that Gust went into Bankai. Hikaru was a little affected by his reiatsu but he shook it off. It was around that time that Gust told Hikaru to move. Hikaru quickly flash stepped to where he was beind Gust. He then began to look for a way out where he would least likely be caught and or killed. He looks back a moment to see Gust continuing to attack before he runs off and heads for the senkaimon gate, trying to get out before they close it.

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on Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:58 am


Gust looked over his shoulder as he saw Hikaru make a break for the senkaimon. "fuck No. Don't do that you idiot." He thought, thinking about what to do as he finished his attack. It left the 2nd in ruins, a hugh crater from where the beam went. He looked over to Amaya, Shaking his head as he tried to do half a smile. "Sorry.." He mouthed, before shunpo'ing over infront of the senkaimon, holding one blade out towards Hikaru running towards him.

"STOP. Listen to me!" He paused for a moment, spinning while he slashed the shinigami's throats with his blades before he looked back towards Hikaru. "Calm the fuck down! You need to relax."

on Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:46 am

Hikaru continues to run untill he realized he was just passed by Gust. He looks up and sees his sword pointed at him as he stands between him and the senkaimon. He stops quickly and listens to what Gust has to say. He then replies, "How can I relax when I have most of the Soul Society after me for the stunt I pulled just now? You know Vizards are not allowed in the Soul Society, not with that crazy Captian Commander around. I'm as good as dead if captured. For that matter, why are you blocking my only way out of here? If you know of a better way then tell me quick cause I'm running out of time captain." He does not mention he can create a garguanta when he has his mask on. He does not like to use that technique and won't unless he really has to in order for him to ensure his safety.

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on Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:31 am


Her quiet rage turn to a soft confused look, but to see Gust say that he was sorry then blazed towards to Hikaru stopping him from escaping from the sounds of maybe a certain death, she felt utterly confused and hopeless. What can she do? Should she deify the Seireitei to help out these people on her first day ever in this land or stay down? Or stop them and turn them in? If was back in Ravenguard she would of helped them out and reason with the Officials about this but this isn't her last home, this was a hard new reality and she wasn't liking this what so ever.


on Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:25 am


Gust squinted his eyes toward hikaru, hearing his words. "Because If you step out the senkaimon, They will Track you, and They will kill you." He had to be blunt with him, and that was what going to happen.
Gust Lowered his blades to his side, He sighed, Snapping his fingers as llight filled his eyes, Opening a doorwar behind them.
"You have to trust me. I can save you, I have a place were you are wanted,needed. Just trust me."

on Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:45 pm

Hikaru quietly watched Gust to see what he would do. When he saw the door appear behind then he said, "you've got my attention. Show me the place where I'm wanted. Do it quickly though so that we are not followed. This better not be a trap either."

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on Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:07 am


"Gust, Hikaru....!" she barked out while dashing over towards them,giving a worried but confident look, holding out what looks like a string made from long pieces of fur with a fang as a pendant. " I know this might get me in trouble here but you guys.. I can tell you have good hearts and intentions, this is wrong for them to be like this. Here... The both of ya's take these necklaces, an Ookamirei gives them towards those who can be trusted well and of need, even the slightest wanting of my aid from your aura, I will feel it these are my fangs thus a part of me. I trust you enough to know that you guys are innocent..." Backing up with a soft smile, "I don't know what you are Hikaru but I know that you don't mean any harm towards these fellow shinigami."

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