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on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:55 am


Burūmūn had just become the new 4th seat for the 7th division. Any normal person that was in her position, maybe excited and have a smile on there. Yet Burūmūn's face was expressionless showing no sign of emotion or excitement.  She walked around the grounds of the 7th division in complete boredom nothing was around to amuse herself with and she really didn't went to just sit around the barracks but right now that seem to be the only thing to do.
" What to do what to do"  Burūmūn siad as she looks up at the clear blue sky.  Burūmūn sighs and starts heading to the 7th division barracks hoping there well be something to do there. When she got to the barrack she wondered a bit but still there was nothing to do. She managed to have a short conversation with some other Shinigami. Finally. Burūmūn went back out side and found a shading spot to take a lay down.


on Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:39 pm


Daisetsu walked through the streets of Soul Society, his fancy shoes made noises every single time he walked or stepped on the hardened concrete. Death gods everywhere, Shini inserted his two pale identical hands into the pocket of his jeans, as it comforted itself. It was a pretty carefree day, the weather being nothing out of the ordinary as the sun was shining and the sky was as clear as glass, making the scene perfect for those that wanted to lie on the grass and relax. Yes, today was the perfect day to relax, and today was definitely the best day to do nothing, nothing at all. Without his haoris, he only seemed to look like a normal shinigami, nay a normal human due to the fact that he is not wearing the normal shinigami outfit at the moment.

In fact what he was wearing is the same old, favorite outfit of his, a suit, a plainness old, elegant suit of his that only a gentleman would wear. For his lower half, he was wearing jeans, black jeans with plainness, black belt, that was supporting the jeans from falling off and most important of all, it was carrying Daisetsu’s zanpakutou at the back. Even though the suit was a bit uncomfortable to wear, Daisetsu didn’t mind, just as long as it was an elegant, fashionable cloth that would attract a lot of people, especially girls. Besides, such a fashion diva such as him, didn’t mind wearing such strange, and uncomfortable outfits at all, just because they are used to it already.

With his mind being preoccupied by nothingness, Daisetsu took a deep breath and heaved a really big sigh. Nothing to do at all, he stopped, and thought about his job as a captain, such as the responsibility and the paperwork. Truth be told, he rarely does his job, giving most of the work to his vice captain. They would do the work while Daisetsu, would just sit there and daydream about stuff. He would also fool around, hosting parties, and all those cool jazz. Eyes wondering about, Daisetsu felt like collapsing on the ground, as the weather really convinced him to do so. Yes it was true, Daisetsu really felt like collapsing, thinking about his body as it clashed onto the ground, his actions attracting many shinis as they would watch him, thinking of him as a hypocrite. Shaking his head from left to right, he continued to walk, only to bump onto someone.

With baldhead, and big body, Daisetsu shivered in fear, not wanting to get hurt in any way or form. Having hatred for fighting and bloodshed, he didn’t feel like fighting this guy. Sweat all over his face, Daisetsu used the sleeves from his tux, and wiped it off, in an instant his face being dry and shiny due to the spread of liquid from the sweat. With his zanpakutou being at the back of him, Daisetsu, pointed towards the man, preparing to cast a bakudo spell just to defend him. Preparing for the incarnation, the man just smiled and extended his right hand, saying, “Sorry!” Shocked at this, Daisetsu took his hand, using it as a support while the man pulled him, causing Daisetsu to stand up once again, dusting his black suit and jeans, looking at the ground while saying, “It’s ok! I’m so sorry for not paying attention!”

Being confused to what was happening, he could see that the man had disappeared, rudely. Shrugging, he continued to walk again, only to find a shaded place, with a girl laying, as she stared at the endless sky, as if she was daydreaming about something. Smiling, he walked towards her, saying, “The weather is so nice, and so calming. Hi, my name is Daisetsu, what’s yours?” Extending his right hand.


on Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:13 pm


Baru- Baru! Shrieked the small Shinigami, as she landed between the two. As the Lt. of the 7th division, she had been sent to find the newly placed 4th seat, and take her to the barracks. They still had to move her in, and needed her there to pick up the basics o her new life.

Stop hittin' on cute captains, we gotta go! The small shinigami said with her hands on her hips and her face puckered into a fake pout. Then she looked over her shoulder at the captain she had just completely interrupted. In was true, the 7th's division's Lt. was extremely childish, and had no sense of respect. She was very rude, and had no answer for it.

Sorry, cute stuff. I've gotta take it from here. Unless you wanna help us lift stuff, that is.She batted her eyes at him, but then turned back to Burumun. Pick up those feet its time to get a move on!


on Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:53 pm


Zenshin was back in the Soul Society, it was not the best idea, also against his better judgement, but he had to see what had changed in his old division, division seven. He was also aiming to meet a sparring partner on his level, the Soul Society was chock full of good fighters, so was Hueco Mundo, but he was already in the seventh division's area. Zen had completely forgotten about how he always wore his seventh division Haori on him, so it just breezed in the wind with the Shinigami of division seven looking at him oddly. "Just keep walking, they don't suspect a thing." Zen thought to himself as he saw people staring and whispering to other Shinigami of division seven. The walk through the Soul Society almost felt like a trek, but he eventually made it to the seventh division's barracks.

Opening the doors, he took a long smell of the barracks, just like he left it all those years ago, waiting for his return. He walked to the back of the barracks, where the captain's quarters were located and pulled out a key from his sleeve. Zen always carried a key to the captain's room in him sleeve, had he ever lost the actual key and be locked out, as had happened many times before. Putting the key in the lock, he twisted clockwise and heard a *click*, the door had opened and Zenshin had walked in. Taking the key from the lock, he decided not to lock the door again as he closed it, thinking someone would get suspicious, as he had just walked through a barracks of nosy Shinigami who stared and whispered when they saw him.

Zen looked all around the room, it was almost exactly how he left it, except that there was a flowerpot on his deck. He picked the pot up and zapped it into ashes with the electricity he got from the overhead lights, then tossing the ashes into a small trash can on the right side of the desk. "Please, flower pots, I don't think so." he thought to himself calmly as he tossed his hat onto the hat rack next to the closed door. Zenshin pulled the chair out from under the desk and put the electricity pack into the light, turning it back on. A lot has changed since he was last in the barracks, but the captain's room, his room, had remained untouched by the years that he had been away, in the world of the living, as well as Hueco Mundo. All he wanted, was for someone to come through those doors and greet him like an actual spiritual being, not just point and stare as if he was a sideshow at a carnival. "Can't say I didn't expect this, I actually expected it to be much worse, whatever, I just want to meet the new vice captain and third seat, as well as a sparring partner who won't try and execute me and I'll be satisfied." Zen thought as he leaned back in the chair, it was going to be a long day.


on Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:54 pm


Burūmūn not meaning to or wanting to for that matter she was awoke by someone talking about the weather. Burūmūn opened her is to see a fancy suit and shoes with his right hand extended toward her. Still have asleep another person come down from he tree and landed in between the two shrieking the short version of her name. She slowly got up her face showing no sign of emotion.

" oh i'm up i'm up" Burūmūn said with a yawn and looked at the fancy dressed captain whose name Burūmūn barley caught was Daisetsu.

" I'm Burūmūn" She said her voice cold and emotionless. She looked at his still extended hand then back to her Lt.


on Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:44 am


Hiroshi was walking down the streets of the Seireitei. Somehow, he was wandering so much, that he ended up at the front gate of the 7th Barrack. He turned around, looking at his surroundings while scratching his head. "Odd. I thought I was going to the training area..." Hiroshi said a little confused how he got there. Though he was suppose to be going training, he didn't seem to have his Shinigami outfit on. He had a white V-Neck shirt with a design of black flames on it. He had a black leather jacket on, minus the leather with the collars popped up. He had silver stud earrings on. He had black jeans on and white sneakers on. His hair was black, slightly straight and the front bangs was mussed up. Cold teal eyes as well.

He looked around and saw the fight/talk between the 7th Lt, The 4th Seat, and A guy in a suit. Now Hiroshi wasn't sure who the guy in the suit was, but he did here there was a new captain in the 5th Division, and by the looks of it, that guy in the suit was probably it. Hiroshi didn't go to them, but decided to lean against the walls of the 7th Barracks entrance, watching what those three were doing and talking about. Hiroshi was not really staying in the shadows, but most likely just standing in the open for them to see, but from what Hiroshi saw, they were too busy to notice so he might as well just stand there and listen.


on Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:51 am


Zenshin had many flashbacks of this office from back before he had turned part hollow, all the paperwork he had done, all the time his liutenent would bother him about things that weren't as important as what he would be doing at that moment, all the times his chair would break or fall from leaning back too much, but that was all gone, he had left the Soul Society because if they had found out he was a Visored, he would be executed. Now, however, he had to recover one object of importance from a secret room that was inside this office, one item, and then all he had to do was leave to the Rukongai and take a Senkaimon back to Hueco Mundo, home of Las Noches, his new home. Zen grabbed his straw hat and opened a small pocket on the inside, undoing the extra weaving made for it and pulling out a medium sized, intricately tipped, golden key. Next, he removed his Zanpakuto from its sheath, slashing at the desk, quietly cutting it in two, making them fall in their corresponding locations.

Slowly, he pushed the mahogany desk pieces forward towards the door, creating a slight scratching sound as well as leaving scratch marks on the floor when it was at the end of the room. Pushing the desk forward revealed a small square shaped part of the floor that was big enough for a Shinigami to fit in and was out almost like someone took a cookie cutter, chopped a piece of wood from the floor and left it there. Also, there was a keyhole in the middle of the square, Zen crouched down, inserted his key, turned it clockwise, and finally, opened up the square, revealing a trapdoor. The trap door had a small piece of metal attached to it which Zen manipulated to create a pipe so slide down, where he then found himself in a dimly lit room with a box. Zenshin quickly took the box, relieved that no one had found it, and put it in his hat's pocket, re-weaving it.

Zenshin then jumped up from the hole, glad he did what he came to do, all he had left was one more thing, to destroy the seventh division barracks and get out of there before anyone realized he had done it. Zen had picked up a piece of the desk after slicing it in two and lit the piece on fire using a small voltage bolt of lightning, he was going to set the place on fire. Then, however, he decided against it, seeing how someone could stop it easily if caught in time, instead, he would cut down all the supports, making sure the building would collapse upon itself. So, he got to work, Zenshin unsheathes his Zanpakuto again and cut the four support pillars that were located in the captain quarters, creating an unstable creak in it, it was only a matter of time. As he walked outside of the barracks, he cut the eight pillars supporting the pillar on the way out, the building did not have much time left.

As he walked out, he spotted the new captain of the fifth division, the seventh division's liutenent, and Hiroshi? Hiroshi, a man he met in the world of the living had fought with. He flashed a smile at him, who was listening in on the conversation and also flashed his full hollow mask on his face for a quick second, signaling that it was the same Zenshin. Zen walked next to Hiroshi and leaned against the front wall of the seventh divisions barracks and started a small conversation. "Sorry if this was your barracks."


on Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:26 am


Hiroshi heard a noise, distracting him from the three's conversation. It came from inside the 7th barrack's wall. Though Hiroshi would have went in a check, he did not. For it was Squad 7's problems not his. The wind blew, blowing a bit on his jacket as he started wondering who was in there and what was happening. Again, it was not his problem to deal with. He may be a Shinigami, but he is more loyal to squad 9 than any other, besides squad 11 and 10. Since, those two squad was his old squads. Well, one of them was, the other he was suppose to be in but got switched. Someone walked out of the 7th barracks. He looked and saw a glimpse of a Visored Mask. He looked and saw it was Zen. Zenshin, the one he battle with against in the Human World. He wondered why he was here and how did no one notice him...He heard Zenshin started to talk to him. Of course, when he did, Hiroshi was paying attention to the three's conversation. He looked back at Zenshin and replied back, "Hah. I'm from squad 9. Whatever happens to squad 7, isn't my problem."


on Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:19 am


Hearing loud sounds coming from the barracks Yein sighed. What now? It wasn't like Enma to make a mess, and it should be empty. Buru- Buru, stay here with the cute new captain. Someone is makin' a mess and THEY BETTER NOT MESS UP MY ROOM! Shunpoing back to the barracks without another word.

Yein did not acknowledge the mess made of Enma's office. Wasn't her stuff. Oh good. Wasn't my room. Ok. She looked at the wanted Visard and then back at the boy from the 9th division. As she looked at them for a moment she put her hands on her hips and had a huge smile. I decided the boy from the 9th division is cuter, sorry Visard man. Even as a member of the defense squad, she really was just a rude small girl. She winked at the guy she had claimed as most attractive. After she just turned around and started walking back to the new 4th seat.


on Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:43 am


"What's going on here?" A voice peeks from the shadows. Appearing behind the Group, Gust walked towards the barracks, looking over to the group as he did so. "What a wreck.." He said, pushing back his Red and gray hair from his eyes. His pupils glew Aqua and Gold, something that they should always stay like. His haori blew in the winds as he turned folding his arms. "Hiro. What's going On here?" His voice was husky, and scratchy. He rolled his head as the blade on his back scratched against the ground. "Oh New comers." He said, scratching the back of his head.

He took a deep sigh, he really didn't want to introduce himself, but he had to. "I'm Zeipher Pronto, captain of 9th. Just call me Gust."

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