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on Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:10 am


Arekussu was nervous about his meeting with the leader of the Divine Family. This ‘Lord Marshal Koshi’ had quite a reputation and the Family that he represented was certainly a powerful force, or at least it was according to his spies. Still, he should not feel this of kilter, he was in Los Noches surrounded by thousands of arrancar that would come to his beck and call. Koshi was coming to this meeting on Arekussu’s terms, which did not instill as much confidence as it should. Then again, he had had a peace treaty with the previous Primera, why would he come in for any other purpose than to talk?

Arekussu sighed and leaned back in the chair. He was sitting in a board room at the center of Los Noches. The room was large, cavernous even, with a high ceiling and large pillars that held the roof up. The only entrance to the room was the one Arekussu was facing from the head of the long table. As with the rest of Los Noches, the walls were pure white and so was the furniture, an odd pattern that made most people feel uncomfortable but made Arekussu feel right at home.

Arekussu had arranged for a procession for the man, a show of Los Noches’s military prowess. He was still not sure how he had done it, but he had managed to convince the arrancar of Los Noches to stand in ranks at the entrance to the castle, rows and rows of his strongest fighters of all shapes and sizes, lined up for the viewing pleasure of the Lord Marshal. True, this was a peace meeting, but was not all peace just a show of strength? If Los Noches seemed weak to the Lord Marshal, what was to stop him from deciding to take it for his own?

Of course, the legions of Arrancar were instructed to maintain there distance from the Lord Marshal and his Procession, and to salute as he walked by. A sign of respect for the man and his accomplishments. It would take a man far greater than Arekussu to bring so many different races under one roof and keep them all pleased. No, Arekussu was only concerned with the welfare of Los Noches and its arrancar.

And so, Arekussu waited in the board room, his hands interlocked in front of his face and his mind deep in thought, constructing the conversation before it happened.


on Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:01 am


From just outside the ranks of all the hollows and arrencar assembled outside of the halls of los noches a bright flash of light. From within it, one single figure emerges clad in ceremonial armor. The black armor forms up my body leaving my head exposed as I walk onward my black fur cape bellows out from behind me.
armor minus the helm:

Walking down the ranks as all the hollows salute to me as I walk by. All this pagentry is just a thinly vealed display of force. It mattered not to mean as I walk,onward to the meeting room. All that mattered to me is the welfare of my family and empire. An alliance between Espada and Divine is a keystone in this matter.

Entering the tower and walking into the room I see Arek sitting down facing me. As I sit directly across from him looking up at him I smile and seal my armor back into its cloak formThank you for all this pomp and pagentry but it isn't my style. I thank you for agreeing to meet for the vested interest of both our people. my attitude is different from before I am cold,buisness like almost focused to a zen state. From within my blue eyes swirling nexus' of reishi can be seen as if my reishi was raising up and moving. Sitting back into my chair I await my gracious host to begin speaking


on Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:06 am


Arekussu imagined that if this were a cartoon he would have had a large sweat drop on his forehead. The man before him was powerful enough to blow away half of Arekussu’s so called army without even breaking a sweat. So much for a show of force. Not only that, but the man was confident enough to come alone even though Arekussu had extended the invite to any of his advisors as well. After a second, Arekussu wiped the worried look off of his face, replacing it with a serious expression that he was so unused to using. Ah, for the life of the Segunda again.

“Welcome Lord Marshal Koshi. I trust the trip went well?” said Arekussu using his best formal tone while keeping it light hearted. He truly did not want a war with eh Family, but neither did he truly want an alliance. He felt that any form of alliance would probably be met with Los Noches bowing to the Family as leaders considering the difference in combat strength. No, Arekussu wished to be civil countries, two groups at ease with each other, but with no formal alliance to create rules and boundaries between them. Such an existence would put too much of a buffer in the way of Arekussu’s plans.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I think we should get right down to business.” He said, a smile on his face and no hint that his next words would be anything like they were about to be. “I think it would be in the arrancar’s best interests if we were to… put a stay on our alliance for now. After the re-arrangement of our ranks and the loss of many good members, I am afraid that Los Noches is in no shape to offer anything to the family.” Arekussu sat back and let his hands meet just under his face, the fingertips tapping together. “I would be happy to work out a treaty with you in the future, but I need to focus inwards right now, not on the outside world.”

Arekussu knew that simply that would not satisfy the man however, so he offered up another idea. “If you wish we could have a treaty of peace between our two groups to assure the safety of our members. After all, even if we are not allies that does not mean we cannot be friends.” Arekussu had worded his statements to be as non confrontational as possible, but he had never personally met with this man before. He seemed of calm temperament so hopefully he would realize that Arekussu was not willing to budge on this statement.


on Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:35 am


Sitting in the chair I take in the surroundings and listening to everything around as well. Hearing Arekussu welcome and ask how my trip was,i smile to him then he begins to get down to buisness as it were.

Hearing of the losses to the espada ranks I recall hearing of such a thing not long ago. Then Arekussu states he wishes to focus inward not outward as he say this I nod as I too was focused on my empire and people as well. I wanted to forge a peace agreement to insure that both groups remain safe. As I see it a joint agreement would be beneficial to both of us. As Soul Society was on a seek and destroy mission for all non pure beings. Leaning forward in a nonaggressive mannerMy journey was fine thank you for asking now as you said so well lets get to the buisness at hand. As a ruler of a people I can agree that focusing on one's kingdom is more important then what goes on outside. I can say that a peace agreement can be agreeable to both kingdoms. I am sure you know of the matters of soul society and how they are hunting down all nonshinigami races and killing them. I just want to live with my family without having to battle on blood stained fields for eternity,i do not want that for my unborn son Arekussu. I am sure you can see my reasons

Sitting back in my chair and await Arekussu's response to my statements and the fact that the Divine Empire was not looking for war...quite the opposite we seek peace ever lasting peace for all.


on Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:48 am


Rebecca was never the type to rush, not even for a group of men playing at politics. This meeting she was heading to was no different for her especially considering the fact that both parties seemed to want nothing more than peace. She wore her usual swimsuit like attire; it was a one piece swimsuit, white with wide blue stripes used as a pattern and it was a bit revealing. On her way to the Castle in which the meeting was being held as she walked alongside her Fraccion; She noticed how Vacant Las Noches was, or rather, how inactive Las Noches was. There were no signs of Hollows of any kind within sight. Rebecca found this a bit odd and her facial expression mimicked her feelings, then her Fraccion looked to her sensing she was feeling suspicious about the same thing he had been wondering. He opened his Pequisa all the way looking for any signs of Arrancar and found the majority of them near the entrance of the castle. He wasted no time telling his Mistress of his discovery.

"Milady, it seems as though all the Arrancar are gathered in front of the castle, the one where the meeting is being held.". His report meant little to Rebecca, he simply confirmed what she was thinking. She lowered her head and stopped, her fraccion followed suit. Rebecca hated dramatics as much as the next person, and this seemed quite dramatic by her standards. Her Fraccion seemed confused as he waited for her to respond. "I'm a bit saddened by this discovery dathurbro" she admitted with a look of despair upon her face. She was a bit jealous of the fact that an outsider was presented such a glorious welcome and she hadn't received anything remotely as large. "Let's get this over with, shall we?" She said before continuing her walk towards the Castle, she refused to make haste as she traveled.

A few hours later, just minutes after the arrival of the Awaited Lord Marshal Koshi, Rebecca had walked through the entrance of the Castle into the meeting room to find Arekussu sitting at one end of the table and Lord Marshal Koshi sitting at another end. She noticed that she may have walked in on them while they were discussing terms. The setting reminded Rebecca of the first time she met Arekussu. Back then their positions were dramatically different. She looked around first, taking in her surroundings when her Fraccion walked up behind her entering the meeting room, he bowed to the Primera and followed Becca as she took a seat near the head of the Table with Arek. She didn't care to introduce herself to the outsider, and the act of impoliteness ate at her gut but her jealousy was stronger than her will. She remained silent as she walked in. Her Fraccion stood behind her.


on Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:22 am


Xulin was lying in his quarters, playing a game with his companion bird, bored of the peace that was going on in Las Noches, he wanted something to do other than sit here and play some games, he then remembered something he had to do, involving politics. Then, he remembered and expressed his surprise to the notion that he had forgotten about something as important as this by shooting out of his bed quickly. Xul cut out a square of his room that was high up in a tower that he himself was given, and thought it was pretty sweet. After cutting out the square, Birdy, his companion, as well as a Peregrine Falcon turned hollow from the world of the living, took off out of the square, Xulin jumping and grabbing onto him as he flew out. Kicking his foot back, he created a gust of wind the pushed the square up and back into the slot it was cut from.

His bird quickly flew him to the castle where the meeting was being held and Xulin dropped down into the group of Arrancar that were surrounding the building. Xulin wasn't comfortable with so many strangers around him, so he just decided to get it over with,"You, tell me what guest is here". The Arrancar he pointed at had informed him of the rumors flying around that the guest was none other than the leader of the Divine family, "Lord Marshal Koshi". Xulin sighed at this, as it was another trivial matter of politics instead of something more interesting like a war meet. Walking into the castle, he immediately felt two Riatsu's stronger than his own and one weaker, but not by much.

Xulin's conclusion is that the Tricera, and Primera were also here as well as "Lord Marshal Koshi". Xul's companion, which he felt as his own Fraccion, flew in first, around the table and back to him, who had just walked into the room. He saw the Tricera sit at the side of the table that had Arekussu at it, and decided best to sit near him as well. His 'Fraccion' flew to the chair directly across from the third Espada, marking the place Xul was going to sit. "Looks like were all here." he finally said, attempting to break the tension in the room.


on Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:46 am


"And that is were you are wrong" A voice said after Zenshin's comment. Another portal opened and from it stepped Joshua Tamashii, Tazuma's 'little brother' and one of the Divine Family's strongest members. He was dressed in his usual outfit of a plain black button up shirt over a plain white t-shirt, which was clearly visable as the black shirt wasn't buttoned up, blacks jeans that had several chains attatched to them, and black and white sneackers. He was wearing his black fedora today, having it tilted so that it covered the eyepatch covering his missing left eye." Sorry for being late bro. Amaya needed some help with something, then Jack wondered where you were so well..."

Jack ran from behind Joshua and lept onto Tazuma's left shoulder and hung from there, laughing
"Hi Tazzy" she said before looking over at the Arrancar

"Tazzy, are they friends" She and Joshua said at the same time, Joshua predicting what she would say. Jack looked annoyed and threw a rock at him, which he avoided by leaning his head to the side


on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:05 am


As the female espada walks in followed by her fracction. I watch her strides and listen to her steps. She doesn't speak a word to me which is of no matter. If she choose to not speak that was her doing and who was I to force her to speak.

Not long after the female entered the room and male enters as he does he makes a joke. I grim somewhat. As,i feel the start of the portal open I smile wider feeling Josh's reiatsu exit the portal making a smart comment to the male espada as he did.Arekussu assembled espada, this is Joshua, my "little" brother and master of the lost in the empire. looking over my shoulder to JoshJoshua, this is Arekussu,the primera of the espada I say motioning making the introductions to all


on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:34 am


Hanging on the balcony, Cross suppressed his reiatsu, listening in on the meeting. Dis is exactly what happened when I was in dat postion. He thought to himself. He looked down to the meeting, smiling as he saw Rebecca and Tazuma. He slid down, only being held up by his hands as his eyes moved left and right, trying to get a look of the all the people in the room. "Hmm. The espada really are suffering, as well as Tazu's group." He whispered to himself, having pity in his eyes from the groups making a bond. His blade slips slightly out of postion, he quickly takes his right hand and shifts it back, only to slip more downward. "Oh shit." He grunted. He didn't want to fall down on the ground, and he didn't want to be spotted. He has had no contact with Espada since he stepped down. He was more open minded now, more generous. Come on Cross, hold on tightly. he said as his fingers slipped even more. He gritted his teeth, trying to hold onto the railing with his fingers. But that failed. He started to fall, with no expression on his face, he folded his legs up and fell on the table, causing a massive dust cloud. He laid there, still in that postion as he smiled, looking over the group. "whudduppp...Guys.." he calmly said, waving his hand around the group. He quickly sonido'd to the other side of the room, away from the group as he dusted his outfit off.

"How has everyone been? doing well? I hope so. I've been gweed. decent enough ta get aroudn ya know."

on Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:51 am


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
"now now joshua you really think you would only be here?"Asked anotheer voice as another portal opened. Amaya stepped out slowly while her hands messed with her hair as she stood beside tazuma before looking at jack picking her up "they might be if the treaty is agreed...if not it will be playtime."Said amaya smiling kissing jack's forehead.

Amaya considered jack like a little daughter and has basically adopted her into nthe koshi family along with elyse and amelia and now the first son in her stoumach. She smiled to jack as she looked at joshua "it is amazing you got away from annamaria....prepare for a tackle when ypu get back joshua."She commented gently before watching cross literally crash into the meeting. Amaya was only here cause she dont like being without tazuma for too long.

two young girls moved into the room over to cross "Are you alright master cross?"Asked the twins suna and luna. they liked to be wanted and they found being around cross is where they feel they were ment to be and this was their place, worrying about him

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