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on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:37 am


[OOC: Current Post Order: Dawn, Cross, Amaya]

It was roughly mid-afternoon near the entrance to the Karakura forest. A young girl was walking into the forest, A long black coat hung down her back. A strange object was strapped to a small glove on her left hand. It was small and an almost lavender-purple color. Faint hints of Reishi flowed from it for those acutely aware of Spiritual Energies. Her coat was trimmed with green and purple, The rest was black. The back of her coat had only the purple trim, And had some interesting designs as well,Quite obviously not Designs from the surrounding area's, or any in Karakura town. On the bottom the design in the middle was about the size of a grapefruit, And it had two of the same designs near the tips of it but only about 1/4th the size of the one in the middle. The front was where the Green Trim really stood out, She wore a short miniskirt that came a few inches above her knees. A corset-like top was also trimmed in green. Her shoulder's we're covered in some light-weight steel shoulder pads. Her boots came up to her legs and we're also trimmed in green along the edges. The strange symbol-like designs we're also visible on this side of her coat as well. On her head she wore some strange head gear, Her right eye covered by what some might think to be an energy sensor though it's true use was unknown to all but Dawn. On the left side she wore some sort of device that closely resembled a 'communicator' of sorts.

As the girl slowly moved into the forest and the wind blew against her, Almost wanting her not to enter, it blew back her short black hair some. But despite all this she pressed forward until she got to a small opening "Ah...Finally here" She whispered softly as she looked around to make sure nobody else was around. When she thought the coast was clear she reached down into a small bag and pulled out some bread and started munching on it briefly before setting it down a short time later. She stretched and groaned softly as she closed her eyes. When she was finished stretching she looked around, Thinking she'd heard something, But upon seeing it was nothing she sighed and shook her head "Must be hearing things" She muttered to herself as she raised her left hand, Outstretching it she raised her right hand to her left arm's elbow. Reishi began to be drawn in from around her and a short time later a large bow formed seemingly from nothing. She drew back on the string as more Reishi began to be 'pulled' towards her arm, Forming what most knew as a Holy Arrow. She aimed it down towards a target a small distance away and fired, Nailing the middle of it perfectly. "Aww yea, Still got it!" She muttered with a smile and began aiming at various other target's she had set up all across the forest, Shotting at each one in rapid succession, Each time she nailed her mark she gave a small smirk before rapidly firing towards the next, Standing in only a single spot despite the target's getting farther and farther away.

Never once did the Quincy girl move, Never once did she stop firing....Until she thought she felt another spiritual presence, Beginning to look around she held onto one arrow and held her bow up, ready to fire at the first sign of danger "Who's there!" She called out "Show yourself!" She demanded as she kept looking around, Starting to wander around a small bit as she kept her bow raised and arrow pulled back "I know your there!" She said, Her eyes unblinking, Her mind clear and focused as she kept herself as calm as possible.


on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:07 pm


A large opening appeared in the sky. Cracks appeared in the corners and the middle of the sky. They spread out, rapidly at that. Each and every crack grew in size, and length, but the result was only for show. For it needed to only open slightly to let the small figure drop from the sky. It shot out of the gargunta like a bullet, hitting the ground with a loud bang. The forest was enveloped in a blanket of dust from the impact, something that usually happens with large falls. Once the dust clears around the area, A small figure can been seen in a long, but small black cloak. The mask it wears covers everything but it's fiery red hair and green eyes. He slowly, stood up letting out grunts, and little giggles. The figure was obviously a child. Just something not human. It's little child voice finally pierced out from it's mask.

"Guhhhhhhhh! Dat Hurt So much!" He said, Rubbing the back of his head. His little hand was covered in bone armor. His right shoulder had a bone pauldron barely hanging on. Taking his hand underneath his chin, he removed the mask, showing his face with sweat dripping down it. He took a deep breath as he smelled the mask. His face turned black,his eyes rolling the back of his head.
"Er.Mah.Gawd. Dat is so nastehh!" The little arrancar yelled, throwing the mask to the ground as he wiped his face with his sleeve. Putting his right hand on the middle of his cloak, he ripped it off, throwing it into the air.

Underneath all the robes, the boy was really stylish. His shoes, were yellow, with red laces with a very very small heel to them. His shorts were black, with yellow strings hanging off the pockets and a Yellow X forming on his butt. Moving up his torso, he had a ripped vest, with yellow tank top underneath it. He wore black and yellow fingerless gloves, with metal at the knuckles. His hair was spiky all over. Each and very hair was spiked. This showed off his smile and his faded Tattoo on his face. "1" was across his face horizontally. Red, But slightly faded. Like it's still doing it. His weapon was strapped to his back, covered in a yellow sheath with a chain hanging off the hilt of his blade, with a headphone trinket on the end of the chain.

Looking over teh forest, Cross smiled. "dis will be fun!"

on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:35 pm


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Another gargta opened as two more figured pulled out. Both were in very long cloaks that hide their figures and gender. Both were small almost like a child look to them. One cloak was snow white and the other was a raven black. the cloaks reached to their ankles revealing their ankle high boots that match the colors of their cloaks. The two figures fell more gracefully landing on their feet instead of like their younger friend that took a very ungracefully fall.

The White cloaked girl moved over to the male "You are alright?"She asked before looking around sensing a presence in the woods around them "You sense it too huh?"Asked the white cloaked female to the black cloaked one as she nodded in agreement but stayed silent

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on Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:03 pm


Shinigami? No.....Quincy?.....No. There was a long pause in her thought before she came to the realization "Hollow" She said softly as she closed her eyes and began to concentrate even more "Found you" She said after a few moments and darted off, Jumping good distances with the Quincy version of Shunpo/Sonido, An ability that had a much longer name, Hirenkyaku. No noise was made as she moved effortlessly through the leaves atop the branches of the woods, Landing in silence in a tree, A command came out "HALT!" This wasn't any normal command, It wasn't as though she was merely telling them too...Following right after the command, Chains made of Reishi lurched out of the ground, Aiming to shackle the two girls ankles down, And wrap entirely around the male who was still inside the crater, Afterwards just a few dozen feet from the three as six arrows we're quickly fired, Two aimed at each of the 3 Arrancarr that we're now standing there. That wasn't all however, Moving very rapidly she began using her Hirenkyaku to dart around the area, staying inside the tree's as arrow after arrow began getting shot out from the trees, Two arrows at a time, alternating between who the arrow's we're sent at. 'Three Arrancarr, Two look like twins' She thought to herself as she used her exceptional speed to hopefully out-maneuver the three 'Take out the one in the black cloak first. Then the white...The one in the crater looks simple enough to deal with after that' she continued to think to herself.

Her coat flowed effortlessly through the leaves as she moved, Her hair short enough to stay out of her face as she fired volley after volley of arrows at the three 'Gotta keep moving' She thought to herself 'Cant stop, Cant slow down' She knew, If she stopped...If she slowed down...If she broke concentration for even a split second...They would easily be able to surround her, Granted there was only 3, So getting away might be simple enough since they couldn't surround her on all sides even if she had her back to a tree, Still...She'd rather not take that chance, These we're hollows, Arrancarr or not...To her, Right now, There was only one thing she had to do. It was around this time, That 7 arrows that seemed a tad bit thinner, Yet had a bright shine, Almost like a Gem, came firing out of 7 different location's that she'd been too previously, 2 aiming at each of them, the 7th aimed at the male's chest. If the arrows hit they'd pierce through their targets, However they wouldn't do very much damage, Instead whatever limb they pierced a chain would come out the side that the arrow came out of, The arrows becoming lodged into the ground and the chain holding them tightly to the arrow "Prismatic arrow" The girl said as she moved down behind the three, Her bow raised.

"Fires out a volley of 7 arrows, Pinning my enemy in place" With that her next arrow had continued to draw in Reishi from around her, Causing the arrow to grow in girth "My next arrow will drill through your masks and erase you from existence" She said, Her arrow continued to draw in Reishi "Drill shot" She said calmly, Firing off her arrow, This was one of her 'signature' abilities, Drill shot was also one of her most powerful ones as well, Having the ability to drill through virtually anything and everything in just two seconds, Depending on what it struck, Would depend on how long it took to drill through...the average Kido barrier? about 2 seconds...An Arrancarr's skull? About 5.

If Drill shot hits, Whatever part of the body it hits it will take until after my next post to fully drill through that limb, If you erect a Kido Barrier of 30 or lower it'll drill through it in the same post you erected it, 50 or higher and it will take 5 of my posts and 5 of yours


on Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:30 pm


Cross was smirking until he heard the little girl voice towards him. His smirk dropped to a blank expression. "Wat are you two doin' 'ere?" He commented to the girls. He didn't expect them to follow, or anyone for that matter. Looking over the sky, he looked at the moon while he smiled. "It's still bwetter.." He commented underneath his breath. He paused for a moment, turning his eyes, then his head downwards as he looked forward. "Someone's coming. Stay frostehh" Cross lowered his eyelids as he sensed the being come closer and closer. "quincehh" He growled.

The girl he laid eyes on did a command. Something Cross does not do. He hate with a passion, to listen to someone else. That;s why he was top dog, he did the commanding, he did the orders. Now, he is on his own, doing his own thing. He looked at her for a brief second, before sending out two reiatsu worms off his shoudlers, towards the girls cloaks, grabbing them as he sonido'd into the air. Looking at the two girls, He opened his mouth "Scatt" Before being interrupted by two arrows to his chest. Shaking his head, the smoke cleared as he spoke again. "get her." He kept his blank expression as his body glowed red. A bubble formed over him as his limbs extended. His voice deeped, his hair lengthened, and his horns cracked. Cross was going into his adult form. The clothes his had on before didn't change, besides the size.

His toned body shined in the light as he rolled his shoulders. He leaned down, unsheathing his blade, as he fell to the Earth. Arrow after arrow he deflected with the blunt side of his blade. His expression kept the same as he fell back into the Earth. Standing up, he was pierced with one arrow through his chest, the chain went into the ground behind him. Slightly hindering him. He turned his head around, stepping forward, pulling the chain.

Opening his mouth, he held out his tongue, 3 large balls came in front of him. Each semi charged. he traced the girls' movement around the crater, so he shot one in front of him, one behind him, and one to the back right. Making an explosion of a triangle around the crater.

on Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:55 pm


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
The two cloaked girls smiled "It is very simple why...We only serve one person and will only serve one. That one is you Master Cross. You taught us alot and there is no one else that will match up to that."Said The White cloaked girl to As the black haired one shifted her cloak "I hate my skin"She commented blankly to herself looking over at both before they listened to cross speak of a quincy "Interesting"They commented.

Not a moment later they were soon soaring through the air by Cross's worms grabbing on to their cloaks. First he told them to scatt then suddenly told them to get her.The Twins Listened as they unfastened their cloaks. They soon landed on the ground wearing their jackets that matched their cloaks along with their shorts. "I hate girls that wish to ruin the day."Said The white haired female as she adjusted her jacket having fair tan skin. Her red eyes watched the girl closely. They listened and twisted with acrobatic tricks. When an arrow came straight from the front they easily bent backwards and cartwheel out of the way of the attacks, enspecially the drill arrow

"You know for a quinecy you are a moron for telling us what your arrows can do enspecially that drill arrows, but I must say, I am interested and excited to fight against you upon master Cross's Command."Suna replied crouching down after avoiding each and evert arrow. she stod up quickly while she took out her blade that was pitch black with a small hit of white. She Smirked before she cut her wrist "But Happily, we get to have some play time."She commented.

Although her wrists bleed, the blood didn't hit the ground but more floated in the air gathering around her and her twin. She moved her left hand parallel with her shoulder as the blood flaoted to that side and began to form tennis size balls of blood that had a glowing core "Moon's eye."She whispered "Go my friends.."She commented moving her hand forward as the blood balls were sent flying at and after the girl. She then smirked as the balls began to glow. Some explouded while others shot out sike interwining around the girl to caught her "Wire lyre."She said.

"Hey, I wanna please master cross.. you arn't holding all the glory."Complained the black hair twin that had the snow white vampire looking skin as she smirked. she seemed to do nothing as her shadow literally grew like a snake and striked at the girl attempting to encase her in shadowy liquid of her own shadow. "How about allow the shadow's embrace to show its kindness to you girl"Said The black hair twin.

Luna's techs -

Techinique Name:Moon's Eye
Techinique effect: This ability goes along with her ability of controling her blood and manipulating it as she sees it fit. with this echnique her blood becomes explousive orbs as she is able to use half a pint of it to create 250 orbs that she can explode remotely through thoughts or when her opponents touch them.

Damage Guide:
Tiers 2 or more higher then her: possible explousions will be minor to almost unaffected.
Luna's Tier and two below her: explusion will be minor to semi - major
Tiers 3 or below her's: explousions are major and can hurt very very badly

Techniques Name: Wire lyre
Techniques Effect: Wire Lyre is also a blood manipulation ability but on a larger scale. She can use this ability within her Moon's orbs own abilitiy to make the wires that shoot out moveable and mendable or from within her own body here is the basic concept of the attack is a web consisting out of blood that can entangle and even severely injure her opponents. These wires can bend and form like tenticles to help hold her opponents and attack them as she wishes. If this ability is used within her Moon's orb's ability, these wires can explode whenever she wishes. it is hard for the opponents to not get caught

Damage guide:

Tiers 2 or more higher then her: If caught the possible explousions and cuts will be minor to almost unaffected.they have a 10% chance of being hit
Luna's Tier and two below her: If caught the explusion and cuts will be minor to semi - major
Tiers 3 or below her's: Cuts and explousions are major and can hurt very very badly

Suna's techs-

Techinque name: Shadow's embrace
Technique effect: Shadow's embrace is an ability where her own shadow exspands and is sent after her opponen. it is designed to encase her oppoent into a tight wrapping where from there she is able to make huge spikes or the shadows constrict her opponent and smash their bones and squeeze to death. this attack can also be used to reflect attacks and send them back at her opponent a bit faster and harder then what it was.

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on Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:39 pm


I was walking along a path near the forest it was not to long ago that I manage to get back from the valley of screams and kI was on my mobile to mum just letting her know that I was ok. Then I felt the reiatsu coming from the forest by the feel of it I needed to check this out so I ended the call by saying that I had to check something out and it was to do with what only I can do. Then with ease I flick a small candy into my mouth and soul out and the temp soul want start to my place. I fix the site of where the reiatsu was coming from and shunpo there.

by the time I got there a fight had started with some arrencars and a Quincy then I see a arrencar use her shadow to attack I draw Ookami and using his ability to controls the shadows I use the tree shadows to pin the shadow attack by stretching them out then focusing my very dense reiatsu by nature I shape it to a ball the same size as a tennis ball with a good amount of chain on it. I swing that around me in slow powerful swings as I step out and say. "really 3 against 1 that seems a little unfair now doesn't it? Lucky I was passing by now was it not?" I then warp the chain and ball around me in such a way that I can make it fire out like a gun with Ookami hold in a defensive way I wait for them to make the first move. All the while my reiatsu that as dense as reishi is slowly spreading out from me.


on Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:58 am


[OOC Note: Amaya, Instead of responding right now and essentially screwing you over, I will inform you that Cross' action's would've only helped you automatically dodge the first 3 volley's, The rest we're always AIMED at you, I will allow you this one chance if you wish to go back and edit what you posted to make sure you dodge them, Otherwise all of them will hit]

on Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:06 pm


Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
((edits done))

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on Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:29 pm


[OOC: Thank you, Next time I will give no such warning and will treat it as though they all hit]

She merely smirked as the women now attacked her, And though she was intending on dodging, She didn't even need too as a fifth person now joined the field, Her eyes moving to him for just a moment before going back to the three Arrancarr "I do not intend on allowing any of you to live, So weather or not you know the names and effects mean nothing" She watched as the Arrancarr male first transformed, and then was pierced by the arrow, A smirk coming across her face "And now you all die" She said as she sighed softly to calm herself, Her arrow all along having been condensing the Reishi around her as she aimed it right towards the large male "I wonder, Which one of you will take the shot?" She asked, Her hand releasing the arrow, However this was no normal arrow. This arrow was far faster then any of the arrow's she'd fired before, the speed akin to a Shunpo or Sonido, So it was incredibly fast and near impossible to see.

This technique, Sonic Shooter, It was one of her family techniques that she'd mastered long, long ago. After a brief charge up period, It fires out an arrow that's power, Is akin to 2 cero's smashing into someone at once, But it's speed was comparable to a nearly flawless Shunpo, Making it almost impossible to avoid. And since the twin's we're busy talking and blabbering on, The chances of either of them being able to move infront of it we're slim to none, And with the large male now distracted by her Prismatic Arrow that pinned him in place, The chances of him even knowing it was coming...A smirk crossed her lips as she drew back another arrow after she fired the first.

It was now that the large male had attacked, She waited until all 3 we're launched and then moved back using Hirenkyaku, Having to move back a considerable distance and now, Was inside the trees though still holding the arrow she'd pulled back before moving 'That was too close' she thought to herself, Having barely dodged the attack. Her head moved up to the female who thought to use her own blood as a weapon "Albenkung" With those words she released another arrow, Aimed straight for the girls head. Albenkung was an arrow similiar to that of a Shinigami's Shou, But when fired from a bow, Was 5 times more lethal then one fired from her finger.

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