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on Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:28 am


Zenshin was tracking Hiroshi the whole time with his keener than normal Riatsu sensing. He looked up before Hiro was able to get up there and fire a Gatsu no Tono, he created took two steps forward when Hiro was attempting to move behind and sweep kick him, and he looked at Hikaru when Hiroshi attempted an uppercut. While Hiro attempted to Shunpo away, Zen raised a giant iron pillar from under him Hiroshi, a yard in diameter and six feet in height, that wrapped around him. Zen then used Bakudo eighty one to shield from Gatsu no Tono."Let's try this again." he said, pointing his finger at the point in the pillar Hiro's chest would be, "Dark lightning." they said in unison, and a stream of dark plasma shot from his finger and through the pillar.

on Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:16 am

Hikaru had been caught off guard when he realized his cero had hit another after image. He barely saw that Hiroshi was behind him just before the attack. He tried to move out of the way but took a hit to his left side. He then grabbed his arm, trying to control the bleeding. While doing this he once again lost track of where everyone was in the battle. Before he knew it Hiroshi was upon him again. Hikaru had realized that he was there in time to be able to dodge the uppercut. Still hurting, he watched as lighting was heading right for Hiroshi again, sent by Zenshin. Hikaru knew that this battle needed to end soon. Hikaru had only one attack that he could really use in this case since his scythe had it's blade back. He concentrated a moment and, when he felt like Hiroshi's and Hiroshi's back is turned. He then called, "Flare Sniper Blast." He then shoots all 25 fireballs at both, hoping to be able to end this battle.

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