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on Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:39 am


Salem turned, and dodged the attack. He jumped backwards and got a few distance from the enemy. " Who are you, speak now." said Salem with a loud voice. His voice echoed through out the cave.

on Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:20 pm

<<I am called Takashi Minamoto, Captain of the 7th division. Maybe you've heard of me?>> The Bount spewed out his flash truths fluently, taking advantage of the other's unknown aptitude to be able to detect what he truly was. Or maybe infact the other was playing as coy as the Bount himself? Cocaine took the time to caution himself and walk up to the shinigami, offering his hand as a handshinking gesture. Unknown to the other of his greater insidious plot he planned to befall upon the other. His reiatsu grew increasingly, the bount's energy spreading throughout the cave as he planned to act instantly following the setup he devised for the El Capitan before him.

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on Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:57 am


Salem looked at the stranger, " Hmm, well Im Salem Kyotetsu, the Captian of Squad 13 and head of the Kyotetsu Family." said Salem. He griped his sword, just incase the stranger attacked them. He turned and looked at Amaya and looked back at the stranger. " What business you have here?" asked Salem.

on Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:25 am

Cocaine felt as if words no longer mattered in this conversation, as thei indtroduciton and pleaantried have already been met. As the bount stared down as his empty non shaken hand, only the emotions of disrespect and contempt would arise in Cocaine. These emotions being played to be most faux and begrudgingly false, the Bount played along with them, just for the hell of it. It was all there was a graph of water which coated the bount's frontal body, a wall of water sprouted from his skin and pushed out at an exponential speed, ejecting itself in front of the Shinigami before him. Cocaine' watched as spiked drew from the wall, and shot out simultaneously to impale the other individual, the Bount applying proper measures to end the Soul Reaper's life. Within the wall commenced against the noble individual, from the bount's arm a malleable spear of water formed, as he whipped it around from behind the wall, striking to impale at the other's upper back.

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on Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:59 am


Salem looked around and turned to Amaya, " Amaya, watch out." yelled Salem. He felt the spear of water on his back and forced Salem on his knees. He got up and looked at the stranger, " What are you?" asked Salem.

on Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:54 am

「OOC: I feel obliged to state the fact that I attacked you in my last post, and you did not respond to the attack. Which leaves me to make the detail which occurred after that to become true. Since you didn't avoid the attack, I can only follow up and hit you with it. The attack is quoted below.
@The Haitian wrote: a wall of water sprouted from his skin and pushed out at an exponential speed, ejecting itself in front of the Shinigami before him. Cocaine' watched as spiked drew from the wall, and shot out simultaneously to impale the other individual, the Bount applying proper measures to end the Soul Reaper's life.
As the quote entails, such will be delivered.」

Cocaine watched the man at him with questioning intent, witnessing his spear lodge itself in the back of the other. Commanding it to explode from the inside of him, Cocaine debated that plausibility when he looked at his next attack connect with the unsuspecting man. The Captain was shoved into the wall of the cave, the spikes which drew forth prior to meeting him, and attached to the wall itself dug deep into his body. Various places on the other's body was horribly impaled; through both eye sockets, the middle of his head to his brain, chest cavity, and throughout his limbs, the spikes bore through without mercy but with completely malice. The Bount which had aimed to end the other's life was certain that the result would be completed. The seemingly half iron-maiden which composed itself of water bore the remnants of the shinigami deeply rooted to the wall, his body barely moveable through the spikes which ran deep throughout him. The Bount took a keen notice to the other Captain who sat in the area and was fervently disappointed as he addressed her. <<You simply leave your comrade to die? How noble of you.>>

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on Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:29 am


Slashing the Hollow like it was nothing she felt the urge that somethings wrong and needs to protect, sure enough hearing Salem yelling out to her, she felt a chill down her back as she rushed to help him, "Captain, Please stay with me don't die on me...!" She howled back as she hurried and within the cave, only to smell a reek of blood almost but wasn't sure but made herself stopped at the sight of an unknown man, the aura around him was making her frail up in shock and anger.
"Who the hell are you?" She growled at him, bearing her fangs as her hand was clenching her blade.


on Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:14 am



he said softly, with an awe in his voice, as he stepped out from the black void. It shimmered in the dim lighting of the...

"Cave?" he finished his trail of thought with a small voice. Where was he now? This was unusual. Twisted thing, he cursed mentally as the blackened space behind him began to shut. The screeching vibrated through the hollow cave, as the last of the air was squeezed through minuscule gap and the void ended with a small "pop".

Chuckling to himself, as he saw a girl rush past him, oblivious to his existence. How rude, he thought carefully. Lowering his cigarette from his mouth he proceeded to exhale, letting loose a thick stream of smoke, he walked towards the girl, her back so to speak.

He smiled to himself, licking his lips; a vulgar response but he hadn't smelt a soul so... mouthwatering. He had to have her. It was decided here and the, that she was to be his, he would show her the joys of the world before the two would become one. Yes...she deserves as much, he thought to himself, agreeing that there was no finer for her. It would be him.

He chuckled with widened eyes as his eyes fell on the fellow bount; Haitain was his name. A brother in arms. A brother at work, he thought as his eyes found the "paintings" of his work, admiring it all the same. He chuckled once more before pulling the cig to his lips, parting them ever so slightly and perching the little stick between the two.

He drew a breath; joy, as the carcinogen of a smoke traveled through his body, worming through his respiratory system to unite with his body. Raising his hands, four near invisible balls appeared, each jagged with outwards spikes, they hovered above his palms, rotating ever so slightly before dashing outwards. Their nature, size and grey colour made them all but invisible in the poor lighting of the cave.

The small spikey balls rushed forward towards the woman, two lowering their tragejectory and aiming to pass through the lower quarters of the woman, careful of her major arteries only aiming for the thick layers of muscle and sciatic nerve. The other two shot at shoulders length, aiming to tear at the lady's beautiful shoulders.

This was rude ofcourse, his brother was here. This was his prey, but he'd understand, he was a brother. He would let his brother indulge in her too, if he wished, this was his prey by rights but Johannes could not contain himself, this woman was to be his. Besides he had the advantage, she had her back to him; his invisible reatsu, blessed was he to be born a Bount, gave him the perfect edge against the poor woman. She'd soon be his...oh yes, how he could not wait...


on Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:16 am


Is your app approved if not you can not rp until it is


on Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:18 am


Yes. I'm approved. Dom approved me and gave me permission to begin RPing.

I would not be here had I not been given the go-ahead.

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