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on Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:36 pm


Becoming Divine

Alone in the inner sanctum I sit atop the throne of the divine. My Gauntleted hand raps the arm rest of the throne.Think of gust and his condition I gain a bit of Divine inspiration. Smiling and raising from the throne I wave my hand and the back wall slides over showing a huge balcony overlooking the whole valley of screamsI need to visit you my lord Divine one I say smiling channeling the light brighter then ever.

Leaping into the air propelling myself towards the threshold using shunpo soaring for miles I decend and land at a full sprint. My mastery would be obvious to any being lucky enough to see this sight. Running for miles on miles as I do my shunpo starts t develop unforseen changes. As I run my feet leave large blown out craters yet I only set my big toe down also light begins to present itself in the afterimage of my speed. Noticing the changes I only smile and keep going. Off in the distince I can see and feel the massive congregation of blanks that surrounds the threshold. Pushing further using shunpo I flex down hard and from my force a massive crater forms under me then with a strong back step I push off blowing a small crater in the side of the larger one I am pushed forward leaving a trail effect for a brief second of light.

Zig zagging throughout the mass of blanks with little trouble I reach the threshold finally. The massive stone archway set atop a large stone dias. Leaping to the boundry of the does not open or activate. Tilting my head to the right I smileMaking it hard I see.....very well you force my hand my lord! I yell out to,the valley. Setin my head back to it's normal position. Holding up my right hand which the Divine Gauntlet rests it flashes with divine light....bright divine light. Placing my hand upon the hard stone bountry cover I press deeply and force my light into the doorOpen for me threshold.the final and true Lord Marshal of the Divine Empire is here. I wish entry into that which you bar me from! I tell pushing myself and my light into the boundry cover It,begins to crack slightly. Hundreds of tiny cracks appear around where I open pushing. Noticing the damage,i smile and using shunpo I begin running into the cover forcing my light deeper and harder then before. Then,without,warning the entire cover crumbles into tiny rocks and pebbles.

Looking into the Divine plane I walk,slowly through it exiting into the chamber of the Divine One I look up at the one who made me the warrior I am now it looks upon me I hisses and speaksLord Marshal why are you here before me I had not summoned you....what is the meaning of this?! it snaps angrily. I look up and speak slowly and with purposeLord Divine I am before you now to,inform you I believe I have discovered the error my brothers of the previous generations had made with,lead to there end. I now know what must be done to accomplish our goal turning and facing the divine oneThe error my previous brothers made was they believe you to be their fact that is not the my dear Lord exist only to die by the hands of the true vessel of the divine light.....I am that man!! I say forming the lord marshal armor on me and grabbing the hilt of my zanpacto and in one smooth effortless motion I draw it. Its increadble length in evident the,silver musika note charm glints light as I smileToday is the day the worlds see the true Divine One raise from the battle field. Either you or I will survive this battle I assure you it will end in my victory. I say taking a traditional stance feet appart weigh forward and sword held forward. Moving forward foot over foot I keep my eyes afixed,to the massive form of the imperfect Divine One. as I reach ten feet away I make my move leaping high into the air at the Divine One. I hold my sword high above my head and using shunpo to propel myself further. The Divine one doesn't move to dodge or counter attack me. It just sits there and takes the attack. As I get within striking distance I attack swinging downward as hard as I could. The attack hit soundly and digs deep into the flesh of the divine one cracking the scales around the area of impact. Planting my feet onto the body of the Divine One and push off hard seperating myself from the Divine One. Landing back around where I started.

The Divine one looks at the injury and chucklesHere I thought that the attack would have just bounced off me but look at you. I choose a worthy Lord Marshal indeed It rears up and with a flap of it's massive wings a barrage of feathers come blasting downward towards me. As the feathers begin to reach me I begin dodging them one by one. The feathers come faster and fast until I had to start countering the feathers with my zanpacto as well as dodging. I catch many glances from the feathers as I turn back to face the Divine One a rouge errent feather catches me squarely in my left shoulder. Flinching in slight pain I look up and speakI lost track of this one I say pointing to the feather implanted deep into my shoulder.Now we take this to the next level! I say holding my zanpacto out taking in a deep breathSilence,sorrowful singer in the dark a burst of white reiatsu surrounds ,by sword masking the transformation. The blade grows longer and wider. The blade grows five holes and five slots along the entire length of the blade. Finally as the reiatsu disperses the blade turns bright red. The divine one looks down and uncoils itself fully before speakingDo you think your previous brothers of lord marshal had not attempted this before......they had and fail to the last! So will you Lord Marshal Koshi your life will end this day! it says as it inhales a massive breath and releases a breath attack of light at me. It was too big and I was far to close to attempt to dodge. Then in my head I heard a was quiet but I could make out it's message fullyTrust me!!Lord Marshal embrace the will not harm you. I hear softly as the light comes closer as it reaches me my only responce is to lift my gauntlet to the light. In the impact I feel the divine heat and judgement upon my body the light inflicts.but within the massive light screen I feel the light hit my gauntlet and my light erupting to meet the Divine one's holy light. The resulting reaction suprised me but the Divine one believed that I was dead as he spoke so self assuredYou faught well but in the end you failed like those before you as he ends his statement I explode out of the light screen using shunpoFortisimo!! as I swing my blade at the divine one a sphere of vibration and reishi burss forth and without warning smashes into the massive body of the divine one causing moderate crushing damaging and moving it back a few feet. Following the fortisimo I strike the right side of the divine one with several fast but direct strikes with my zanpacto causing wounds to appear and bleed. I then am bashed with a claw causing several ribs to crack or break. Flying back through the air about 20 feet and landing hard I cough up some blood in a fine mist. Knowing I had no choice I had only one option for right now. Now I must do it,lifting my head I speak spitting out a fine mist of blood as i do"Bankai" in a flash of reishi I am embraced by the changes of ,bankai. My zanpacto grows much much longer almost 8 feet of blade. Secondly my attire changes as well my robes are replaced by tight fitting black combat suit around my midsection a large metal band forms finally a floor length red jacket forms and drops down around me.

Now in bankai I slowly walk to the Divine one. Extending my right arm holding my sword to the sideFace the fury of my rage! I say flaring pure white reiatsu around me. Cherry blossom scent fills the plane around us. The eyes of the Divine One widen at the appearence of my bankai.So now the battle can get interesting it says with a hiss. Its tone sounded almost excited at the prospect of an intense battle. One I was more then willing to give him. Then something happened the suprised even me.

The Divine One begins to glow bright from the cracks of and between them. It them begins to laugh as he envelops itself with the massive feathered wings upon its back. As the wings close,a burst of light escapes and in a downpour of falling feathers a form falls down to the dias below.The impact from the fall creates a deep impact ditch. Standing up I see a creature clad in brilliant silver armor. On the chest sigils glow bright blue. The helm is featureless and angled sharply. Upon his back a pair of beautiful white feathered wings that emits bright white light. Attached to the left arm instead of a hand is a long straight blade and attached to the right a shield formed of overlapping plates. As it took a breath a fine white mist comes from the helm. It takes several deep breathes it levels its head and begins to speak I have not assumed this form in several lifetimes. I am impressed Tazuma. Too bad this form haralds your absolute end! the newly transformed Divine one walks toward me stopping fifteen feet from me. Holdling the bladed arm high above his head. Looking on as a shethe of light engulfs the blade as he slashes the blade toward me a blast of light explodes outward appearing infront of me within a blink of an eye striking me across my chest cutting into my flesh about two inches cutting through the chest plate I wear in bankai. Wiping up my blood with my left hand. I begin to laugh,
seeing me start to laugh the Divine one tilts his head in puzzlementI have not seen my blood in quite a long time......this is what I wanted!!

Slashing my sword at the divine one I yell outForte fortisimo a sphere erupts out and blasts the divine one. Launching him several feet into the air from the concussion. Raising from the ground somewhat cracked leaking out light as opposed to blood. Seeing the damage I let out a roar donning my vizard mask. The liquid mask oozes out from my pores forming the bottom of my helm like mask then in a flash the top slams up forming my completed helm. my eyes flash silver with purple sclera.

In a voice which sounds dragonic and metallicAbout time! I say rubbing the back of my neck. In a flash of shunpo,i am before the divine one attacking with slashes and stabs. The divine one counters in kind. We are a blur of silver and sparks. The entire time, a dull hum can be heard also a purple spark begins to form and grow until my ,entire blade is cloaked in purple reishi and appears to be blurry. I smile,leap back and strike hardopus elegy 13 the strike trails with purple reishi and impacts impossibly hard shattering the blade arm into several pieces. The Divine one lets out a roar of pain and anger. my mask withdraws slowly as I begin to walk to the wounded divine one. As I draw closer, it looks up and fires divine light at me. Striking me but not engulfing me in divine fire. Instead it seemed to meld with me. Instantly an idea took holdAs Lord Marshal I claim the right of Kalik'ka(Divine Combat) the divine one raises slowly leaking liquid light steadlyThe challange of Kalik'ka accepted

The Divine one stands and envelops himself in divine light. I follow suit releasing my light as well. Without warning the entire light force of the divine one flows toward me like a wall of water. Out of reflex my light crashes into the divine ones light resulting in a display of power in the nexus of the battle. The battle appears to be a stalemate until after seven minutes of back and forth. I hear a voice"darkness can put out the light. You darkness is your light as well." As the light battle goes on I realize what the voice meant. Opening my arms wide I withdraw my light causing the nexus to be pulled into me. The explosion is blinding as I am engulfed in the pure divine light but I am not burned nor did I feel heat. The nexus of energy and light course through my body empowering me. When the light subsides I am standing there but my bankai is sealed back into its sealed form. My normal jet black hair is now pure white. my normal ropes are now white as well and a chest piece covered in grey cotton covers my chest. My right hand is still gauntleted. A. Long head band
is tied around my brow trailing back behind me.. Looking over at the divine one,i raise my gauntleted hand and blast a black bolt of light punching a small hole through the chest of the divine one. As it falls to the ground below.i am standing above itI thank you Divine one. You have given me the pure light to lead the empire through the darkness to come. For that I grant you a swift death. drawing my zanpacto I help the barely alive Divine one to his feet. Hardly able to stand I step behind him and speakI grant you absolution in death after saying this I sprint forward in a flash of shunpo cutting the legs of the Divine one causing him to fall forward. As he does I appear crouched on the ground the point of my zanpacto aimed at his heart. As it falls impaling himself upon my blade. Twisting the blade and standing I allow the body to slip off slumping to the floor.

Wiping the light blood from the blade.i walk to the entry way and exit the plane of light arriving back at the threshold. Changed and powerful all the congragated blanks instantly to the ground. Lifting my hand they raise and I begin the trek back to the castle. I have a feeling I will be questioned to no end soon. So I take my time and enjoy myself.

picture references:


on Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:40 am


I am outside the castle meditating under the waterfall I had picked out for this and so the pool below me has lighting trapped in it. I open my eye and they are full of lightning as I say. "the time is near at hand for me the harbinger of conquest to face my inner demons and those of the ones before me." As the lightning clears from my eyes I stop meditating for it was then that I felt the winds of change. I stop my reiatsu from pouring out I then shunpo to a rock in the centre of the pool where my zan and cloak sit. As I reach for them the blood oath tattoo starts to burn and the symbol for taz starts to glow and so I know that taz is in a battle for his life and something tells me that it one that I should not interfere with. Then it stops I know that taz has won then but then I am engulfed in waves of pain as the tattoo glows more then ever before and it slowly changes becoming more complex and growing larger covering my entire right arm. As the pain stops I slowly move to the water to look at how I look.

What I see shocks me for two locks of my hair has changed colour one has became as white and clear like ice the other has became the colour of lightning the rest is still ice blue. I pick up my zan and cloak throwing them on I then shunpo to were taz is for some reason I now can sense where he is without sensing for his reiatsu. I do not notice that each step I take in shunpo there a flash of lightning. I am also pushing myself faster then ever before so I see taz in a minute and I go to stop but I slide for a good bit with a storm of lightning around me. As I stop I notice the new look of taz as I say. "Hmmm it seems that I am not the only one to under go changes. So taz mind telling me the how?" As I point out the changes I have gotten.


on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:13 am


Looking up at kieran my eyes glint light.“i just had battle with the Divine One and won. I took his light kieran. " My blood oath tattoo grows to match kierans"our bond connects us even now old friend." I say holding out my tattooed arm

The tattoo wraps around the arm like a sleeve


on Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:05 am


I look and mod while saying. "Hmmm yes it does and together we can do great things. You know what to me we seem to becoming more and more like the nomad and monk in the old tales of my clan and family I wonder do you remember any tales like that from your time at the temple? I am beginning to think they are not tales at all but history." I look off to the distance thinking while I wait on a reply.


on Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:45 pm


Durza had not been doing anything of great importance, he was training with his doll Klaus trying to gain a better footing by using his new Divine abilities and that of his Doll. The war was coming and he needed to be prepaired, besides he had someone he needed to see before this was all over. Durza had put Klaus to face off against a group of Blanks, since the strange creatures would just be reformed in a matter of time they proved to be the perfect sparring partners for the Doll. Durza you know I can take all of these whelps out in a second I want Shinigami or Hollow blood... better yet... the Captain Commander Durza waved his hand and the blanks dispersed thus ending the training session "Klaus you will never learn will you, we will not just fight anyone I will not abide by that, I am you're master and you must learn to abide my rules". Durza forced Klaus back into his sield form, the giant sword just laied on the ground, Durza kenlt down and picked up the blade and strapped it to his back. That was when he sensed it, it was a beautiful feeling, that of true light, but over time it turned into a dreaded and fearful blast, it was amazing, something to marvel at but something that demanded to be feared and respected. "A Battle is taking place... one that could change... everything" Durza watched in the distance as he saw the brilliant display of lights, was that the Lord Marshal? He needed to investigate, when the battle ended Durza stood up and ran to the area, he was never one good with Sunpo but he was fast on his feet, he ran down the mountain at an incredible speed not once stopping to catch his breath, this was a cause from years of conditioning from the Kell Clan, and from the Bount blood coursing through his veins.

As he reachedt he Castle he saw the Lord Marshal he sensed and looked different, something happened, this could change it all, he also noticed another was with his master, another familiar face. Durza jumped and landed in front of the two "my lord I sensed it.. what did you do? It was amazing yet terrifying." Durza needed answeres both seemed highly different and he had only seen them five days ago, how they were increasing their strength at an alarming rate.


on Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:20 pm


I crossed the threshold again and did battle with the divine one. Our battle raged on for a while then I took his light and this is the result. I am now changed I say looking at Durza and kieran. Appearing before the two of them in a flash of light. Now looking slowly to kieranI do remember tales from my childhood looking now to DurzaI have a message for you from the beyond Durza Kell. I say calmly

[im going to mention Anna and Connor from Durza.s past simply as a way of displaying the divine light only not god modding]


on Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:22 am


[ thats simply fine, I don't see it as god modding anyway lol]

Durza seemed startled "a-a message from me?" he couldn't know what his lord meant by that "please re lay it as best as you can m lord" who could this message be from?


on Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:48 am


i just nod my head as taz says that he remembers tales from his childhood and says he got a message for Durza i wait for him to give it then i ask. "Now i wonder do your tales say anything about a form that the monk or nomad used i wonder if that form is similar to the 'monk?' form was it that gust said that he and you have. i am beginning to wonder if i am a decedent of the nomad? and i wonder if i can attain a form like in the tales and what you and gust use?" i then wait on tazuma reply.


on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:31 pm


Looking over at Durza I smileI could tell you but i'd rather reward your unwavering loyality to me as I say this my right hand which bears the gauntlet of the divine upon it becomes cloaked in Divine LightThis won't hurt you at all. I give my word. I am using myself as a conduit for you to see the Divine plane unabashed. What ever you do. Do not leave the circle of light,if you do I will have to retrieve you physical from the plane and most likely you will be dead. Don't make me do that General Durza. extending my hand I gently wrap it around Durza's eyes and forehead. I can feel the light spreading throughout his body then I feel Durza slip the threshold and enter the Divine Plane.

A circle of light surrounds Durza as he arrives two figures of his past walk into the circle. It's Anna and a small boy. She smiles at Durza(im ok with Durza to Rp the meeting)

Now looking to Kieran as my light sends Durza to the Divine PlaneI could teach you Red Monk form Kieran. You need only ask and survive the test of strength. I say simply to Kieran


on Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:30 am


"Hmm something telling me that this is something that i have to do in order to be able to banish the darkness that has over taken my land of birth. so yes taz i would like to learn the Red Monk form if i can just one question what exactly is this test of strength is it about inner strength, outer strength or something else?" I say with a slight questioning tone at the end as i also start to pace back and forth. i also without noticing was beginning to leak a little more reiatsu then normal that turns into little bolts of lightning that crackle off of me and the stranger part is that they slowly turned to black lightning that normally seen when i have my hollow mask on but i was not leaking any hollow reiatsu at all.

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