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#1 Kujo and Baido on Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:25 pm


Through extensive knowledge of both kido and the hollow arts obtained through the process of becoming a vizard, Zoran had developed a new genre of kido, entirely different from common hado and bakudo. These kido were more corrupt, more hollow-like, and more powerful. By using the hollow energy in his possession, Zoran has developed new kido to aid him in combat The following will be the first of these kido, tapping into the true potential that a seldom few have reached. Like normal kido, these types of kido have two types of class. Kujo, being destruction, and Baindo, being bakudo.

Name: Petrification
Genre: Baindo
Incantation: Steel blood, linger through thy veins and spread. Cease the freedom to live and petrify.
Number: 93
Description: Upon speaking the incantation, the user will point directly at the target. At this point, a small ball of concentrated energy will be released from the finger tip. This ball is very small, being only an inch in circumference, however, it also is extremely fast, matching the speed of a bala and making it fairly hard to dodge. Upon contact, this ball will enter the target’s body and corrupt their spiritual energy, causing a negative chain reaction that will turn their body to stone. This does not kill them, and they still remain aware of what occurs around them. However, they will be unable to move, use energy, or anything of the sort while in this petrified state. This also makes the target much more fragile and easier to damage. How this works is as follows.

Higher Tiers will be petrified for a period of two posts, their damage control being lowered by ten points.

Equal tiers will be petrified for five posts, and their damage control will be lowered by seventy points.

Lower tiers will be petrified for 12 posts, and their damage control lowered by 1150 points.

Name: Millennium force.
Genre: Kujo
Incantation: Tear asunder the forsaken rabble, bleed them dry and leave them to rot. Cast them to Hell with the rage of an angry god,
Number: 78
Description: After speaking, or using it without the incantation, crimson energy will form in front of the user in the shape of a giant circle. This circle is ten feet in circumference, being fairly large, and is riddled with hundreds of holes, The circle then starts to rotate, picking up speed. This goes on for the rest of the post, gaining more and more momentum over time, In the next post, this circle will unleash its true nature. From the holes that linger across its form, the circle will unleash hundreds( 300) upon hundreds of small blasts of red energy. These blasts all hone in on their targets at great speed, matching bala. Though, independently, the damage is not that high. That is because this is not made to do great damage with a single shot. As time goes on, the blasts can cuase massive wounds in continuous motion as they hit the target. The chart is as follows.

Higher Tiers will obtain small bruises with ach shot that hits, with multiple blasts hitting, these turn into burns of a minor degree. If all or nearly every blast hits them, then they may have small puncture wounds throughout their body, second and third degree burns as well.

Equal tiers will take larger bruises on contact with single blasts. With multiple hits, damage turns into fractures and broken bones with second degree burns, and if all, or nearly every blast hits, the target may be riddled with holes in their body and will have third degree burns over a wide area.

Lower Tiers will take fractures or broken bones when hit by single blasts. As more hit, these can build up into holes across the body, as well as third degree burns. If all or nearly all of the blasts hit, the target will be incapacitated, nearly all bones broken, fourth degree burns across a large portion of the body, and sever internal bleeding.

Name: Shining Finger
Genre: Kujo
Number: 90
Incantation: This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!!! It's burning grip tells me to defeat you!... Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!! Shining Finger!!! ( Srsly.)
Description: Upon saying the incantation, the user will point their middle-finger at the target. A crimson energy will form around it, glowing with a very bright light. The power behind this attack is especially corrupt and destructive, as it harnesses the true nature of the hollow’s cero attack and brings it to a new level. Once it is ready, a massive beam of concentrated energy is unleashed, obliterating most things in its path. The blast moves at the speed of a normal cero, but Is far stronger. It could be said to even be a peg above the gran rey cero and cero oscuras, though not by much.The attack is also A LOT more painful, so much in fact that it can stun enemies from the pain if they are weak enough,

Higher tiers will suffer third degree burns, bruises, and just a large amount of pain, because this attack is substantially more painful than normal ceros.

Equal tiers will suffer third degree burns, fractures, broken bones, possible loss of limbs and a gaping hole in their body. They will also be stunned for a single post by the agonizing pain of the blast.

Lower tiers will suffer full-body fourth degree burns, broken bones, possible death, but it’s almost certain they will be incapacitated by this. If they do manage to survive, the pain from this will stun them for two posts, as well as leaving a lingering sense of pain for the next two afterwards.

#2 Re: Kujo and Baido on Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:40 am


since we discussed them in cbox, i approve.

#3 Re: Kujo and Baido on Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:29 am


Name: Ikusen Shukketsu Ranpu ( Thousand Rod Bleeding Light Prison)
Type: Baindo
Incantation: Carriage of Fire. Bridge of a broken wheel. With corruption, divide this by zero.
Number: 61
Effect: This kido is a remastered version of the fabled bakudo 61 using the advanced knowledge of Zoran’s ability in kido in tune with the immense power given by the hollow powers a vizard possesses. The kido mostly follows the same formula as the former kido. Upon using the kido, incantation or otherwise, hundreds of small, flat, and crimson-red rods will form around the target, quickly closing in around them with the same speed and precision as bakudo 61. Like it’s predecessor, dodging these is extremely difficult, almost impossible even for those on equal level to the user. It is possible if the target has enough speed or a means to break them, but it is still quite difficult. The rods aim for the main sections of the body, looping around in a spiral-like shape at each location, unlike the circle formation used by the normal kido. Fifteen bars of energy will close around each appendage, starting with one bar at the shoulder or upper-leg and descending down in that same spiral shape. These bars are only a fraction of the size of the normal bakudo, but due to their numbers, they are just as effective, if not more so. Two of these rods will also bind the hands and feet, having one on each side amounting to eight. The mid-section will be stricken by thirty of these bars, starting at the lower-stomach and moving upward until the base of the neck. The neck itself will have four bars wrapped around it, these four, however, do retain the same circle form as the original. The head is the same, only with six bars going around the forehead area. Once the bars start making contact, the ability to make movement or concentrate energy will be severely limited, finally being fully removed once the majority have hit, putting the target in complete paralysis. The bind is substantially stronger than the normal kido’s bind, and if the target does manage to break out, the bars will explode with a combined force equal to a cero all around them, dealing maximum damage to end the event.

Higher Tiers may be bound by the technique for a period of one or two posts, though they also have a greater chance of evading it to begin with. The explosive blast will cause first to second degree burns, as well as minor bleeding along the locations the bars are placed at.

People of equal, or close to equal tier will be bound for a total of three-to-four posts, depending on certain statistics. These people may have a hard time evading the technique, though it is still plausible. The explosive blast may cause second-to-third degree burns to the target as well as extensive bleeding in the areas the bars are located.

People of a lower tier, but not too far under the user will have a very slim chance of evading the technique. The average bind will last for about six-to-seven posts on people of this caliber. The explosion afterwards may cause burns of the third, possibly even fourth degree. Major bleeding will ensue, and if the target’s damage control is too low, the head may be blown off from the body due to the bars on the neck exploding point-blank.

People of a greatly lower tier than the user, say 1-2, 1-3, will not have any chance of dodging without some genius way out of it. The bind may hold for as long as ten-to-twelve posts, The explosion would likely kill the target of they forced their way out of it, only making it safe to get out via the caster cancelling the kido. The explosion will more-than-likely cause fourth degree burns, extensive bleeding, both internal and external, as well as a high chance of decapitation.

Name: Dimension Breaker
Incantation: Through the fabric of time and space, tear asunder all order and leave behind only a sea of glass. Impale the bodies of the damned and implode.
Number: 80
Type: Kujo
Effect: After speaking the name of the kido, the user will move an object through the air in front of them. This can be anything from a sword to a single finger. As that object moves, the dimensional fabric of the area it moves through will seem to break apart, hence the name. Glass will form seemingly out of mid-air. Thousands of broken shards levitate before the user, threatening to rain down upon any that faces it. The glass is fairly fragile, being vulnerable to even attacks of a lower caliber. However, the range is very wide and the damage is quite severe. Once glass has more over a compacted twenty-four inch area, the user will raise the object upward, causing the thousands of broken glass shard to rain down over the target(s). These shards can go as far as 800 meters in any direction, giving them fairly good range. These shards of glass are infused with spiritual energy, allowing them to slice through flesh and bone far more easily than any glass one could normally make. It can even drill through the body and reach the internal organs. Though again, this glass is fragile, so most counterattacks can disperse it. Another factor is the speed. These shards are quite fast, moving at speeds matching the user’s reiatsu control ability +30;

Higher tiers may receive minor to normal cuts across the body. A decently large amount of bleeding is expected, but it isn’t really any major damage. The majority of vital spots, such as organs should be safe. Although, if a shard were to hit an eye or vulnerable area like the jugular, death is possible. The target has reasonably good chances to dodge, but would still need to put forth substantial effect to come out unscathed and have the proper skills.

Equal tiers may find it a tad harder to evade. Due to the range, number, and augmented speed of the glass, under normal conditions, dodging is unlikely. It isn’t exactly unthinkable or anything, but is highly difficult. The chance of coming out completely unscathed are slim. The shards inflict deep cuts to the target, drilling in to the body and causing extensive bleeding. One shard alone may not make it to the internal vitals like organs, but if multiple shards of glass hit the same location, some bits may be injected in to the organs. If shards were to hit the eye, it is plausible for it to cut straight through and hit the brain, as the eye is a much more vulnerable point than normal. The jugular also has risk of being cut, causing potential death in most victims that take the full impact of the rain of glass.

Lower tiers may find it nearly impossible to evade –everything-. It is possible, but extremely unlikely, so much in fact, that the margin is about 1.2% out of 100. It is also more likely for large quantities of the glass to strike the target. The glass will cause deep cuts in the target, reaching organs and causing internal bleeding as well. If a place like the eyes or jugular are hit, death is pretty much ensured.

Name: 115
Type: Baindo
Number: 85
Incantation: Through the endless chaos of humanity, the angel of death sings a melody of damnation. May the cursed souls of the forsaken be called upon by the sound and sent to claim their revenge against the ones that left them in ruin. Rise, minions of the rapture!
Effect: This is a technique revolving around a more tainted use of the kujo and baindo elements. This uses the chaotic power given by the hollow to unlock new effects not found plausible under normal kido. The technique starts with a song. How this is played is that the user’s spiritual energy is converted in to sound waves, generating the song 115. Once the song begins to play, spiritual energy and cells are taken from a eight-hundred meter area and brought together close to those beside the user. This spiritual energy combines with the cells, expanding them and forming new entities. Once the energy meets the cells, this change is rather instant, forming a canine body in a burst of smoke and flames. These are referred to as the Hell Hounds. The Hell Hounds are the product of the kido, a being composed solely out of energy and stray cells. The beast appears almost dead, showing sign of decay throughout the form. The body of these dogs bleeds flames, the inside of their form being composed of them. This often results in fire leaking out and covering sections of the body at times. The Hell Hounds are quite large, especially for dogs. They stand at five feet tall, matching the height of some smaller people. They have extremely sharp claws along each foot and teeth coated in an acid-like substance. The beasts often lack any kind of fur, just showing the decayed husk of the body and the flames that escape it. Their eyes are a crimson red, a sense of hunger and bloodlust lingering through their glance. The Hell Hounds can maintain themselves until the end of the song 115, however, they are not too hard to dispatch at first. The Hell Hounds start in a pack of seven, all of them being 1-5. However, each time a Hell Hound dies, the others gain 1 tier instantly. The power of each one is shared, bringing all of it back to one body when the majority are defeated/ This amounts to the final Hell Hound being of tier 0-4. Also, upon death, a Hellhound will explode with a blast equal to the power of a hado of caliber 75 used by someone of their dying tier ( Ten feet radius rexplosion). This can be quite deadly with the last few. The Hell Hounds also have the ability to utilize a technique similar to shunpo or sonido. The difference is that it is substantially slower, but has use as a speed augmentation to add more force to tackles or physical blows, rather than just movement alone.. The Hell hounds have exceedingly large strength, speed, and decent reiatsu control, but are severely lacking in damage control and moderately lacking in reiryoku.

Ex- Tier: 0-5
Physical Condition: 360 + 60 = 420
Reiryoku: 350 – 60 = 290
Reiatsu Control:350 + 20 = 370
Speed:360 + 60 = 420
Damage Control:340 – 80 = 260

The general stats of each will follow that formula. The song lasts a period of four posts. At conclusion, all remaining Hell Hounds will turn to ash. In addition, the caster will be unable yo move during the time this kido is in use.

Higher tiers may have an easier time with the Hell Hounds than those of equal or lower. The Hounds may prove an annoyance and cause moderate damage with cuts and bruises but nothing really serious. The Hounds may not be the most dangerous opponent, but they can still hurt you, especially if in numbers. The explosion created after their death may cause cnsiderable damage if it is a direct hit. Second to third degree burns may form and possible bone fractures may occur.

Equal tiers will have issues dealingw ith the Hell Hounds. They are a threat and can kill if they hit a vital point. This means it is wise to stay on your toes. This is especially true if fighting multiple hounds. The speed and strength of a horde may overpower most if they try to deal with it alone. The explosion afterwards may cause second to third degree burns as well as several fractures and potentially broken bones,

Lower Tiers will have serious problems against the Hell Hounds. If there is a horde of them all of a higher tier than the target, they pretty much don't have muchc hance of deasling with them. Their attacks will be deadly and have the potential to cause fatal blows. The following explosion will also cause major damage, causing third-to-fourth degree burns, multiple broken bones, and the possible removal of an appendage if the blunt shockwave of the explosion hits a ceratin area like an appendage more than the rest of the body.

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