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It was early in the morning when kyousuke is lying in the grass field somewhere in the human world, he enjoys himself most when he is alone and most especially when he is with the forest and his zanpakuto. Lot of things happened since Kyousuke entered the gotei 13, he meet new shinigami saw different powers and even saw even greater shinigami that was called captains.

Looking at the sky makes him remember what he really was when he was still a human, he loved to become one again but impossible for a shinigami to be alive again. Hoping that his memories when he was still a human come back piece by piece, fragments by fragments.

Kyousuke took a deep sigh and wondered , he haven't use his shikai and showed it to his master, he also haven't used his very unique kido usage called the Blood Magic, fighting is one of the best experience he might have but he don't want to have start a commotion just to attract someone and ask him/her to fight with him that was absolutely a crazy idea.

"Maybe ill just lay here a little bit longer and stay relaxed, I really don't think I have paperworks to finish and I think that captain is little busy right now so he won't notice me relaxing here again in the human world." Kyousuke thought to himself and sighed as he lie his head down and closed his eyes and wishing something will happen interesting.


"Pitiful," Watching the spirit crumble away as he completely, and utterly, destroyed it was more disappointed than he thought it would be. He only did it because the spirit was annoying. It had even attempted to attack him when he was feeding on another spirit it was familiar with. The nerve it had to dare raise a hand to him was beyond baffling. It didn't even deserve a word from him. Instead, the demon just crushed it and left nothing but it's corroding energy vanishing to the air. Beings these days were so full of themselves. To think that it honestly had the strength to interrupt a meal from a demon was beyond insulting. It was downright enraging. The demon still felt irritated after he killed it, annoyed with it's brash, misplaced bravado. It should have begged to Cubix, pleading for it's own life, before it thought it could take another life from him.

"Perhaps, I will tend to the Shinigami energy that has stained the air?" The demon, whos name was Cubix, had realized the Shinigami was lazing about for sometime now. Before being interrupted, he had no intention on investigating and, even now, his interest was slim. He couldn't find the right motivation to go playing with a lowly creature such as a Shinigami, however, now, he felt strangely attracted to the idea. To vent some stress? That was most likely the reason. Cubix shook his head, putting a seemingly delicate finger to his forehead, as he released a steady flow of demonic energy.

He removed the finger, eyes closed, and slipped a hand through his hair. The shinigami was completely aware of his presence now and he planned to make himself visually known in a matter of a few more steps. Walking through the streets, across the curb, and passed the trees all with his eyes closed he honed in on the position of the Shinigami. He would wait, a few feet away, and would pause there, crossing his arms, as he prepared to confront the Shinigami and, well, play with it to throw away this bad mood. Tossing something around, beating it and battering it, was exactly what Cubix wanted right now.
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