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on Mon 2 Jul 2012 - 5:59


Quietly sitting, she lets out a soft breath. Lost in this new life Enma is trying to find her place. Her yellow eyes look around the vast area, full of question in what seems to be a constant silence.

She hangs her head in the question of where to begin her new life.


on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 5:38


Arekussu reveled in the darkness of the sands, the lack of any life allowing him true peace. It was truly beautiful in that way, for when you found an area without any hollows, there was almost pure silence. Sure, the sound of the wind rolling through the sands created some noise, and the screams and yells of dieing hollow in the distance could sometimes break the perfection, but overall it was more silent than most outdoor areas. And so, Arekussu sat in the center of a dune, legs crossed and hands clasped together on his lap, music playing in his ears.

The music was soft and slow, a funeral dirge of sorts, though Arekussu did not find it to be depressing. Most funeral dirges were filled with minor chords and mixed in a major every few bars to accent the depression, but Arekussu saw it in a different way. Instead, he felt the Major chords were the beauty of the dirge, showing that although life is full of sadness, every once and a while there is a moment of happiness. It was something that truly aligned with his life.

He felt the presence of another arrancar close by, but the weak amount of reitsu seeping from them did not worry Arekussu. He did not like to admit it to himself, but he was quite powerful. It was rare that a monster of the sands could really pose a threat to him. So, instead of moving, he sat in the bottom of the dune, meditating and thinking of his life, waiting for something to happen.


on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 5:53


Enma had a problem, it being her curiosity led her. She felt a very powerful Arrancar near by. She walked over, letting the gentle winds move her hair. She stopped around 30 feet back. Her frozen eyes stared forward at the deep hole before her. She knew this is where the dweller sat.

She sat on her knees in the sand and listened. It was so quiet, like always in this spot. Time had passed but the Espada was silent as well. Most Espada screamed when claiming their presence, so proud of their profound power. Then those same beings asked for her protection!

She never got along with the other Arrancar because they lined up to die before Espada who were all so powerful. Why? She owed them no kindness. The silence in this one made her feel calm and welcome. She tilted her head as she always did when filled with question.


on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 6:35


Hmm, Odd. The arrancar had made to approach him, and yet had stopped about 30 feet away and had sat down on the top of the dune’s crest. She made no move to contact him, nor a move to attack. She just sat there, listening. Interesting. Perhaps this one was different, or perhaps she was just frightened. After all, he was making no move to cap the flow of his reitsu, and he was sure the violent torrents of power were enough to scare away most hollow.

Arekussu did not shift his body, but his eyes opened so he could view the arrancar. She was small for an arrancar, short and lithe, but she looked strong. She wore little in the way of clothing, something that was fairly standard for arrancar women for some reason, but what she did wear was odd to say the least. It was all black, in contrasty with the pure white Arekussu wore, and she wore a cowbell around her neck. He supposed it was meant to match the horns that protruded from her head and wrapped around to the front of her face.

Her eye colour and hair colour were also odd, the golden hue of her eyes starkly contrasting the purple hue of her hair. It made her eyes all the more beautiful in the dark shadows of Hueco Mundo. At least, he thought it did. Since the passing of Bestia he had rarely noticed a woman in any way besides as a person. The opposite sex had been completely lost to him as anything more than a human.

He waited for a while before he decided that the silence needed to be broken. In a soft, deep tenor, he said, “Hello little one. What brings you to me?” He had a hard time not cracking a smile at the statement. He sounded so old and wise, something that he didn’t think he deserved. Still, he kept his deadpan calm face, not allowing the emotions to show. After all, he still did not know the temperament of this arrancar. No sense letting a potential enemy know he was not a murderer.


on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 7:03


She stood up and put her left pointer finger to her bottom lip. The great being had spoken to her, after releasing his powers. She didn't want to seem like a threat, but she didn't speak up. Her knees bent into each other, showing her passive nature. She wanted to respond to the Espada, she she decided to get closer, to show she was not a threat.

She slowly stepped closer, but after she started she kept a constant robotic motion. Her curiosity locked away her fear and she laid on her stomach, just before the hole, with her head over the side. The sand felt warm on her stomach. She clasped her hands before her, also hanging over the rim, and she looked down at the man. He seemed kind. She simply stared at him, not sure what else she could do.

His frozen blue eyes reminded her of her frozen yellow eyes. This made her tilt her head again, as she observed the strange Espada before her. Her energy stayed relaxed, and she kept her ever so calm facial expression. Deep down she knew there was dager in her choices, but she had felt so many connections to this unknown other, that she still felt safe.


on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 8:46


She was like a child. Her movements were erratic and playful while also hinting at the slightest bit of trepidation, just as a curious child looking at a toy they have yet to try. It was kind of endearing, and Arekussu felt himself softening a bit. He should not really need to worry anyways, the worst case scenario was that he would run away from the arrancar if she attacked him.

As her eyes met his the coldness in them startled him a bit. Sure, he attempted his best to be emotionless, but truly this arrancar seemed to betray none of her inner thought. In fact, he could not even tell whether she was an enemy or a friend by her expression, something he usually prided himself on. The fact that she did not answer did not sway his demeanor either way because she seemed like the type who enjoyed silence. Still, he supposed he had better introduce himself to the girl.

With a small twitch of his eye the being the only outward effort he showed, Arekussu capped his reitsu down to normal levels and stood from his pose, still looking up at the girl. He then jumped to the top of the hole, softly using reitsu manipulation to make his landing on the sands opposite the arrancar as delicate as possible. Once his clothes had settled and he had deigned it necessary to remove his headphones, he bowed slightly to the girl and said, “I am Arekussu, the twilight musician.”

Arekussu then reached out his right hand extending it for a handshake. His grip was loose simply because Arekussu was never one to put too much effort into anything, even a handshake. He had originally attempted to look wise, but at this point he let his shoulders droop slightly and his back arch to bring him into the standard slouch that he usually held. Even with the slouch he was still significantly taller than the arrancar though, so its normal effect of making him less imposing would not be very effective here.


on Thu 12 Jul 2012 - 8:17


With surprise from his close approach, she rolls over onto her back. As his posture became relaxed and informal, she was not threatened by the close proximity. She looked at his out stretched hand for awhile before deciding to stand before him.

Bending her elbows and pushing up to a sitting position, she straightened herself up, and stood. Taking a moment to dust herself off by patting herself down, she sighed. She was relaxed that she could trust the being before her, whom was obviously much more powerful.

With a very quick and firm grip she clasped onto his hand. Her face stayed frozen like a porcelain doll. She gave one hard yet meaningful shake, and then released him from her grasp.

Her shoulders fell back into perfect poise. She was so up tight about her posture one would assume she had a corset on. The frozen eyes stared dead into the Espada's eyes, waiting and watching.


on Thu 12 Jul 2012 - 23:15


Arekussu still found the mannerisms of this girl strange. She was so exaggerated, and yet withdrawn at the same time. Still, after getting out of her awkward position on the ground, she eventually took his hand with a determined grip, and gave it one solid shake. Arekussu couldn’t shake the feeling that this girl would be a very interesting person to have a conversation with, if he could get her to talk. However, he sensed that any attempts to make her speak before she was ready would just be met with the same emotionless stare he was seeing now.

So instead, Arekussu formed a small flame of reitsu in his right hand and turned away from the arrancar. He then went to work on the sand, melting it and molding it using the intense heat from his reitsu. He did his best to hide his work from the arrancar, but if she tried really hard she would catch glimpses of glass structures being made. After a moment, Arekussu stood up, dusted off his pants to remove excess sand, and turned to the arrancar.

He then sat down onto a perfectly contoured glass chair, lounging comfortably in its melded depths. He then motioned beside him, where another chair that was slightly smaller and looked to be molded for someone much smaller. If the arrancar sat in it she would find it was designed for her body, perfectly formed for maximum comfort. Arekussu had learned much about glass blowing over the years after he had made the monument for Bestia in the sands.

Arekussu gave her a moment to sit, while at the same time pulling and meld the white metallic substance than made up his headphones. It warped and began to follow the arc of his hand, seemingly creating more and more of the substance as he went. He then shaped the stuff into a steel stringed guitar, softly moving his hands over the contours of the instrument, perfecting every last part. In a moment there sat a perfect replica of the Ovation 923g rounded back guitar, except in pure white.

Knowing she would stay silent, he began to play, allowing the soft sounds of the sands created the rhythm for his music. The echoes of the steel strings being tapped by his fingers reverberated off the dunes, and his eyes closed as they rebounded around him. He felt a wind rush over them and used the change in the air to warrant an intensity increase, beginning to strum and tap the strings, his left hand moving as a blur across the fret board while his right plucked and tapped the strings. Arekussu did not pride himself in much, but his musical ability was second to none. A smile crossed his face as he reached an interlude in his song, slowing the pace and splitting the notes with bar long silences every now and then. He used this time to look at the arrancar, to see her reaction.


on Thu 12 Jul 2012 - 23:28


As the Espada turned and went t work, she tilted her head curiously, and he bell jingled lightly as she did so. When he dusted off his pants she lifted her head back to a straight position, making the bell make another soft jingle. The man before her stepped aside revealing the chairs.

Her mouth made a small smile, but her demeanor showed she was quite excited about it. As he sat down, she looked to the small chair. she very slowly made the motions to approach the chair. Her eyes locked back onto the man as she seated herself. However, as soon as she sat her eyes shot down to the chair she sat on. It was so comfy. She let out a very small child like giggle.

She turned back to the Espada as he started to play music on his guitar. A small girlish gasp of awe escaped between her lips. She watched in a much more gentle manor, lost in the beautiful music. Her gaze was locked on his dancing fingers. Her posture relaxed, and she let her shoulders hang forward as she kicked her feet back and forth.


on Fri 13 Jul 2012 - 0:07


Arekussu almost laughed out loud. He knew that this would get through to her. His music had always been the best way to create new friendships, as all of creation had a love for music. He had yet to find a being that was not attuned to some sort of genre or another. The smile that played across the young girl’s face was adorable, childlike in it’s wonder and the gasp that escaped her lips as he played only accentuated the fact.

As he continued to play, he was reminded of a time before, when he and Bestia were together. He had been so young then, no more than a child in Arrancar standards. Still, those were the best years of his life. He remembered how they would often travel to the human world, watching children at play, wishing they could have a child. Arekussu, at the time, had only felt a paternal instinct because Bestia wanted a child. Anything Bestia wanted was something he wanted too.

Still, after she had gone, his need for a child was sated. There was no meaning in a child if it was not Bestia’s, so he allowed the feeling to subside. There were times later on however where he had felt the same paternal instinct towards younger arrancar and even shinigami at times. He supposed that the feelings came with age and maturity. That, and at the moment he was hungering for some companionship, only because he had yet to meet someone in this new time that shared his pacifism.

It was odd, but he felt the paternal instinct towards this girl even though physically she could not have been 10 years younger than him. He chuckled softly at the mere absurdity of an arrancar feeling a paternal instinct. What a twisted being he must be. Still, he supposed that he needed a fraccion anyways, although he had never been keen on having one in the old regime. And maybe with some time he could get this girl to speak to him.

He glanced over at the girl sitting to his left and saw the tattoo on her shoulder, proudly displaying the number 18. A numeros eh? So she was already in the system. That would make it easier for him to recruit her. So, after a moment more of strumming, he ended the song with a few pinch harmonics, their resounding notes echoing throughout the area. He then turned to the girl as his guitar melded back into his headphones and said, “You seem a quiet girl, which isn’t a bad thing. And I see you are already inducted into Los Noches.” He stopped for a moment to move some hair out from his eyes. He then reached to his shoulder and pulled up the sleeve of his shirt, revealing a tattoo of the number 2.

“I am the Segunda Espada, Arekussu, and I am currently in the market for a fraccion. I think I’d like you to take that position.” He said, letting the shirt sleeve fall back down. He sat in a relaxed position, his elbows on his knees and his face seeming as uncaring as ever. Inside though he really hoped the girl would say yes, or at least nod.

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