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on Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:08 am


"Drip, Namidasuke!" Hotaru called out, the moment before being hit by the flaming sphere. Once again, his sword's blade changed into a goop-like, silver semi-solid. Swinging the sword up to his chest level, pointed outward at the ball, Hotaru cried, "blow shit up, Namidasuke!" The goop formed into a compressed wad above the collar of Namidasuke's blade. A white beam of light shot forth, colliding with the red ball, creating a powerful explosion, sending Hotaru back quite a bit.

Quickly getting up, Hotaru ran straigh up again, charging in much like he did earlier, with his blade at his side toward Hikaru, stopping, as he said to stay back. Hotaru was unsure what to make of this. He could insult Hikaru, but what good would that do. At the same time, he didn't want to have his shikai out for nothing. While Hotaru knew it was just a spar, nothing was stopping him from winning. He could approach, remembering a bit of healing kido that a member of squad four taught him earlier. Still, it wasn't like he was too good at it- both of them.

"What's the matter?" Hotaru asked.

on Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:12 am

Hikaru had hear Hotaru, but paid him no mind right away. Instead he droped the staff he was holding and grabbed his head. He groaned in pain as he continued to fight Ignado and his Temper. After about another minute or two he let go of his head and reached down and picked up his staff. Once he stood up you could see a mask had formed over his face when he bent over. "Hello there. Ignado's here now. Shall we continue this fight, or what?" he said, his voice sounding hollow like. He then held his staff like an archer would a bow and a string made of fire appeared to connect the two ends. He then drew the string back and three arrows formed on the string. After having them bulk up a bit he released them. All three headed right towards Hotaru. "Flame Arrow!" he calls as he releases the arrorws. Should Hotaru ddoge them at first Hikaru will draw them around from behind. As he is directing the arrows his body is suddenly surrouded by flame. Hikaru's temper had also taken over. He then walked toward Hotaru, wondering if he should continue to use his arrows, or go with something else.

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on Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:20 pm


Hotaru was confused by the situation. Was this man a hollow, or a shinigami? It didn't matter, Hotaru felt himself in trouble, about to be hit by three arrows. He swung his sword diagonally to the right, upward, blocking the arrows. His voice was different. Even hollow didn't talk in such a way. It felt strange how someone so good could have within them something so evil.

Hotaru kept his distance away from the transformed Hikaru, or Ignado- as Hotaru would assume he'd like to be called. It was quite obvious such a thing was a hollowfication- wait, hollow... Hotaru thought for a second, recalling that a hollow would be cleansed if the mask were shattered. He wasn't sure whether or not Hikaru would return to being a shinigami, but it didn't hurt to at least try. "Looks like I have to fix you", Hotaru smirked.

Hotaru jumped a bit backward, and regained his stance. He then lifted his blade upward, straight above his head. Lowering his sword, Hotaru exclaimed, "splash, Namidasuke!" The liquid energy crashed down onto the hard surface, rushing toward Ignado like a massive river during a torrential rain. While it would not effect non-spiritual matter, it could most definitely hurt something made of reishi. The wave continued, expanding to be a size, enough to swallow the average adult human being whole.

on Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:39 am

Hikaru continued to guide the now one arrow around to see if he could hit Hotaru. In doing this he did not realize that a wave of water was comming right for him. As the wave washed over him, the flames engulfing him did die out. This also did crack his mask and push him back a bit. Once the wave had finished washing over him the flame on his body reignited. Hikaru than began to fight with Ignado once more. Hotaru could look and see what seems to be an inner struggle as his eyes changed from pure red to wolf-like eyes that were red. "Cut it out Hikaru. Lemme out." the mixed voice called. Hikaru continued to struggle for a bit more before his right hand drew back over his face, reforming the missing parts of the mask. His eyes returned the the wolf-like eyes again and were still red. "There. Much better. Don't try that again Hikaru. Now then, Hotaru was it, what do you think your doing?" Ignado asks, still contorling the arrow. No matter the answer Ignado sends the only remaining arrow right for Hotaru, an evil laugh could be heard as he does.

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on Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:12 am


Hikaru's eyes seem to shift. It was as though he were trying to beat himself up or something. While Hotaru had no idea what was happening, he didn't like it very much. It could be assumed that Hikaru was being controlled by said hollow, that it was like some kind of parasite. Or maybe it was the opposite? Hikaru and the hollow both draw power from each other, much like a normal shinigami does his zanpakuto?

Hotaru's ears perked up. He wasn't a dog. He didn't have to be. Still, right after he moved, a burning arrow shot right toward Hotaru. He attempted to block, bringing his hand up, turning the blade to block with its flat. The arrow hit Hotaru's fingers. He shook his right hand a bit, blowing out the fire, the arrow falling to the ground. Sometimes, he wished he were an arrancar, just so he had hierro skin.

"What do you think I'm, doing?" Hotaru retalited, "I think I should be asking you questions!" Hotaru shook his right hand again, placing it back onto the hilt of his zanpakuto. "Alright, filth. Hikaru and I were supposed to have a friendly spar. Then you waltz in, and what do you do?" Hotaru's tone was slightly angry, though it did not express his true apathy toward the situation. His experiences since last year have made it so that almost nothing could surprise him.

Without further ado, Hotaru clenched his sword with both hands, his right still dripping with blood. He used shunpo, propelling himself toward Hikaru's body, food first, hoping to at least kick the hollow in the chest. Getting closer to the body, Hotaru pointed his sword at Hikaru's mask, allowing the goop to once again form into a ball. "Blow shit up, Namidasuke!" The ball splattered. Hotaru should have remembered that the attack only works once a day. Quickly realizing this, he lifted his sword, and prepared for another vertical slash.

on Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:52 pm

Hikaru, or actually Ignado, laughed at Hotaurs reply. He could not believe what was just asked. "You mean to tell me you don't know what we are? Vizard my friend. That means a Hollow and a Shinigami together. He does not like it. Keeps me away. I wanted in this....." he was saying untill he was cut off. He was talking and not paying any real attention to what Hotaru was doing. He was hit square in the chest by Hotaru's kick. This knocked him back quite a bit and also left him open for the sword swipe. Being unable to block it the sword hit right on the mask, cracking it in two. Just as it began to crack Hikaru would push Hotaru away. This would just be a rough shove and not cause any real damage unless he fell from it.

After the hit Hikaru started to hold his head again, the mask falling down to the ground as well as the staff for his Scythe. The flames around Hikaru's body disappear as Hikaru trys to regain control and calm his temper. After what seems like a long time but is only 2 minutes in time Hikaur stands up. His eyes returned to normal. "Sorry about that Hotaru. Ignado can be........a handful at times. He should not interfear between us sparing now. I've got full control agian. Shall we continue?" he askes, picking up his staff once more.

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on Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:46 am


Hotaru blinked quickly in rapid succession. He had no idea what was happening, though what Ignado said cleared a few things up. For a hollow, Ignado was rather weak and easy to defeat, even with shinigami powers, or maybe it was just the gloating that made him such an easy target- or maybe it was Hikaru keeping him on a leash. It didn't matter. He had a spar to continue.

While Hotaru kind of wanted to see what the hollow could do, he had to continue his spar. "That was kinda wierd", Hotaru remarked, looking at the mask. Turning back to Hikaru, Hotaru asked, "hey, you're a captain right? That means you've got a few pretty cool zanjutsu, or kido stuff right? I remember a shinigami do this glowy thing with his body without going shikai. Could you teach me that?" Hotaru continued on babbling random nonsense.

on Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:52 am

It was Hikarus turn to blink a few times. He looked at Hotaru, not sure what to make of the comment. He was not sure if he was calling Hikaru wierd, or his situation with Ignado wierd. Either way he blew it off as Hotaru continued to talk. He was not fully sure what Hotaru was talking about when he asked about some glowy thing that some captain ha down with their body outside of Shikai, but he knew he had to answer Hotaru soon or who knows what may happen. "I'm not sure what your talking about when you say glowy thing. Also, I'm not a captain. I'm a Lieutenant, the guy that is one step down. I hope to someday be a Captain, but I need to learn Banaki first. Thats just me yapping on. Lets get back to the task at hand. Whatever it was that you saw, I can't train you on it since I don't know what it is. I'd be happy to teach you anything else, if that's what your looking to do." he said. He knew he was a bit long winded, but he hoped he got the point across. He still wanted to help Houtaru, but just didn't know what he could do to help.

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on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:04 am


Hotaru thought for a moment. There were actually quite a few things he needed work on. His shunpo could be a bit more controlled, so that he doesn't destroy half a building using it; he could learn some real kido, that can actually be more useful than just creating boxes; he also had that really explosive concussive ability in his shikai, which although is really powerful, can only be used once, and if it misses, as it so usually does, then he can't muster up the strength to use it again for a long while. Though it was a simple multiple choice question, with an A, B, C, and a D, Hotaru found himself in a bit of a slump.

It was possible for Hotaru to explain to Hikaru about his predicament, but that would just give the impression that Hotaru was indecisive- something he surely was not. Finally, he made the decision. "Okay, a captain would be good but a lieutenant would work too- at least this time, you're around my level", Hotaru joked. He then held his sword upward in one hand, bringing it down to the side. As it dropped, the blade flooded with a white energy and reverted to its sealed state for the second time that day. Actually, since he thought of that, there was now choice E: learn some actual zanjutsu. Hotaru watched a few swordsmanship videos on the internet, but it didn't seem like enough.

"Sorry if I sound too imposing but. Could you maybe teach me a new kido?" Hotaru asked, heading toward his saiya, picking it up. He sheathed his zanpakuto and laid it on the ground, dropping to bow to it. Standing up, he held ot both his hands. In one, he created a simple box. In the other, he created a sphere. Both of them dissipated, shattering like glass. "That's all I got", he said.

on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:48 am

Hikaru thinks for a moment. Sure, he knew plenty of kido, but he wonder if what Hotaru just did was even considered kido. He begins to think for a bit just what he could teach Hotaru. After a few moments he felt that the best one he could teach him was one he could use the best, Hado #12.

"Well, the best one that I can teach you would be the one I know best. It's not a high level attack, but should do the trick if the need should arise to use it. Hado # 12. If done right it creates a large explosion made of fire. The name of this attack is Fushibi. I really don't see this one used to often, but it can be useful if done right. You can use this attack alone, but it's best when used with a Kido net as well. I was lucky enough to be taught this by the person who came up with the net. I'm just going to teach you the attack. I hope you don't mind." he says. At that point he comes out of Shikai and his staff reverts back to the flaming sword he normally carries. He then sheaths his sword and says, "Just let me know when your ready and we can start."

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