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on Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:33 am


It had been a cold summer afternoon. The short hand was nearing seven, and the sun was nearly setting. There, were two figures, standing at the top of a parking lot. At this late hour, no one was there.

Hotaru, being an orphan, didn't really have a curfew. At the time, he was sitting down, in his human body, doing pretty much nothing. Three arrancar down, and yet he still feels as though he isn't strong enough. In fact, if it weren't for a few last ditch efforts on his part and the help of sheer luck, Hotaru probably would have been dead. His dog and modsoul, Mojo, lied next to him, barking something, with a sort of annoyed tone, not like Hotaru could understand. Initially, he thought that the dog would be able to talk with a mod soul inside it. Apparently he was wrong. Well, since he had time, it made sense to train himself.

Hotaru looked around, making sure no one was watching. Hotaru kicked his dog, making it cough up a greenish pellet. He whiped off the slobber with the T0shirt under his leather jacket. After a good polishing, he readily popped it in his mouth and swallowed. His soul left the body in a shinigami uniform, making a movement somewhat akin to a metal head's head bang, making Hotaru swing his messy black hair forward. The modsoul continued doing nothing, with the actual dog.

Finally, it was time to train. The sun was almost setting. Hotaru held his zanpakto out, carried in both hands, taking on the basic kendo stance. His left hand lead, held mere inches away from the gold, ring shaped tsuba, his right hand underneath it, but not exactly touching it. Hotaru's feet were about shoulder's width apart. His posture was straight, yet relaxed. Taking a deep breath from his nose, into his diaphragm, then exhaling through his mouth, Hotaru held the sword upward. He then swung it straight downward, and went into a sideways crouching position, holding his sword inward. He closed his eyes, then lunged forward, stabbing the air with a powerful thrust.

on Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:44 am

It was nearing night and Hikaru had been asked to help someone out in a bit of training. He began to worry he was running late as he hopped from roof to roof. He didn't know too much about this person he was going to help. It never hurts to meet new people and help them out. he said as he continued to make his way towards the meeting spot.

Off in the distance he could see Hotaru and what appeared to be a gigai and a dog. He was a bit taken aback by the scene but knew to always expect the unexptected. He hopped over the last few roofs and landed at the top of the parking lot where Hotaru was. He saw him working on some warm up exercies. He had hid his reaitsu as he approched so he had the element of surprise. He looked over at Hotaru and decided to give him a hot foot. He calls up some fire into his hand and sent this out right towards his feet. "Flare Sniper Blast" he whispers, a small smile on his face.

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on Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:15 am


Hotaru continued practicing his form, until he felt some kind of disturbance. Whatever it was, it was hiding its spiritual power, however, he could still hear the roaring and crackling of flames. Thinking fast, Hotaru turned around, jumped, and declared boldly, "drip, Namidasuke!" A bright white spark emmited from the golden collar of Hotaru's zanpakuto. The light completely washed over the blade. The light vanished like a crackling firework. In its place, was a silvery semi-solid substance, shooting from the zanpakuto's collar.

The night air was wet. Hotaru was able to land on the balls of his feet, escaping the flames of... another shinigami? It definitely wasn't a hollow or arrancar for their reiats could have been easily sensed. A bount would have a speaking weapon, and no quincies have ever been known to use flame as a weapon. The faint hollow-like scent must mean this man is a full bringer, though he was also wearing a shinigami uniform.

Hotaru got into his ready position- the same kendo stance he took at the beginning of his excercise, and began speaking. "Hello there."

on Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:32 am

Upon hearing the other Shinigami say "Hello There", Hikaru came out from behind the Chair. "You did a nice job of dodging that attack. You seem ready to fight. Hope you don't mind me." he said as he stepped around. Hotaru had not attacked yet so he didn't feel the need to draw his sword just yet. He did however step forward as he looked the other Shinigami over. He was a bit shorter than Hikaru was and seemed lean and well built. This could prove to be an interesting fight.

"Where you waiting long, or did I arrive in time?" he said, still not drawing his sword. "Already in Shikai and I've just barely walked forward. You seem a bit antsy as well. Calm down. I'd never hurt you without you knowing that I was comming for you, except for that attack of mine. So, you wanna spar, or you just gonna stand there like that?" He then stepped forward a bit more, this time drawing his sword. Flame covered the 26" sword he held in his hands. He took a few more steps till he was about a foot away from Hotaru. "Might as well introduce myself. Hikaru Shibata, 5th Division Vice Captain. Pleasure to meet you."

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on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:06 am


Already in shikai? This guy was one to talk! How is his sword on fire then? It's not like a shinigami would get a bunch of lighter fluid and douse a perfectly good what might be high carbon steel blade, then set it on fire right? Still, Hotaru was a bit antsy. He's fought so many arrancar, that his body has eternally readied itself. Judging by the look on the man's face, he was looking for something. Not an object, but a feeling. Hotaru recognized it well as the urge to fight- living in the city can make people edgy. The urge for exploration is only topped by the urge for fighting- the tensing of muscles, the drips of sweat...

The man in front of Hotaru introduced himself as Hikaru Shibata- a lieutenant of the fifth squad, and he offered to spar. This could prove promising. After all, he was not fighting some brainless hollow, but a shinigami like himself- at lieutenant level.Hotaru looked up with a spark in his eyes, saying "I accept your challenge, Shibata-san. Or can I just call you by your first name, spare the honorific? By the way, I'm Amari, but my friends just call me Hotaru. One more thing, you're not my friend as far as I'm concerned." Hotaru continued to walk forward, the light covering his blade once more, returning it into its sealed state.

"So, are we gonna spar, or just exchange greetings?"

on Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:22 am

Hikaru watched Hotaru closely. Once he saw the spak in his eyes he smiled. "You can call me Hikaru or Hika-chan. I'll leave that up to you, Hotaru. Friendship I don't really care for much." He then turns away from Hotaru for a moment, placing his free hand behind his head. "Not sure about you, but I've got some big skeletons in my closet that I'd rather forget. Just a warning, though." he said, then turned back around to face Hotaru again. "I won't go easy on you, and, one of those said skeletons may come out of my closet. Be on guard and expect the unexpected."

His warning given he felt it best just to start off without his Shikai for the time being. He drew some of the fire off his sword and held it in his hands for a moment before sending this off towards Hotaru. He sent out 10 Fireballs right at Hotaru. Hit or miss Hikaru would then come around behind Hotaru and slash his sword, aiming to cut his clothing a bit. He heard Ignado in the background itching to get into the fight. Hikaru fought him off, knowing he didn't want to fight that hard just yet.

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on Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:30 pm


Hotaru wasn't sure what this Hikaru person meant by big skeletons. Perhaps he meant his weight? He looked a little big, but not anything like an obese person- not like an American. He could of course be talking about the strange hollow energy, but there's no way in hell this guy could be a hollow, unless of course he was a shapeshifter- but hollow, capable of shape shifting or not, shouldn't be able to mask their spiritual pressure.

As ten fireballs neared Hotaru, he had no choice but to dodge. Having dodged 100 bala at a time made such a thing childsplay. Using shunpo, he sent a sonic boom.

on Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:10 pm

Hikaru was blown back a bit from the sonic boom that Hotaru had made escaping his sword attack. He had not expected this and Hotaru was already begining to fustrate him. Knowing he'd have more options to go with, he felt it best to start using Shikai now himself. "Rise from the ashes and torch our enemies, The wolf of misery, Ken." he says.

Once he finished talking his sword started to glow red. It changes it's shape from a sword to a scythe. The staff part of the scyth is 7 feet tall. The blade of the scythe is a normal blade that has a very sharp point at the end. The blade itself is made of fire, not steal like a normal scythe. The staff part is made of a wood that can withstand high tempratures. Hikaru's clothing stays the same. Since going into Shikai Hikaru can now hear Ignado's voice even stronger. He tries harder to push his hollow side away, not wanting to fight Hotaru using dirty methods if at all possible. Finding Hotaru, Hikaru turns to face him. Hikaru a smile comes across his face as he holds his scythe in front of him and it begins to change.

Hikaru begins to charge an attack.

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on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:27 pm


A little line of poetry, and a sword changing shape. Obviously, it was Hikaru's sword going into shikai. Hotaru wanted to wait a bit more, to observe his opponents moves before using his again. Using shunpo once more, Hotaru readies himself to strike at his opponent.

Hotaru held his sword with both hands, at his side. His left hand was in front, not touching the tsuba. Although he was ready for a slashing attack, the blade was pointed backwards. After the small shattering of the sound barrier, Hotaru was behind Hikaru- overshooting his shunpo a bit.

Not wanting to risk doing so again, and prehaps getting himself into deeper trouble, he just decided to run- remaining as quite as possible while still trying to keep his speed. It was a good thing he wasn't so flat footed, otherwise, such a thing would be difficult. Nearing Hikaru, Hotaru brought his feet together, standing shoulder's length apart. His sword was raised above his head. Without making a sound, he brought the sword down, knowing that he couldn't possibly miss.

on Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:56 am

Just as the scythe finished its change, Hikaru felt Hotaru pass by him quickly. He barely had time to blink before turning around. Before he knew it Hotaru was already on him. He brought his staff up but instead of hitting the staff it hit is left arm. Hikaru yelped in pain and could feel Igndado getting closer and closer to taking control. He fought back as he shunpo'd back away from Hotaru. Gathering some flame in his hand he used this to stop the bleeding.

Once the bleeding has stopped he begins to spin the staff he has created around in a circle. In the center a red ball of light forms. Once the ball gets to be a decent size he calls out, "Ruby Lighting!" With that he releases the ball that changes into lightning and heads right for HOtaru. After that he begins to grab his head with his free hand. He continues to fight hard to prevent Ignado from showing himself. He takes a few steps back, not even sure if his attack hit or not. His Temper is also trying to show itself. He takes a few breaths to try to calm himself. He knows if his Temper shows up now as well as Ignado, Hotaru would be in big trouble. If Hotaru attempts to come forward, Hikaru would yell out, "Stay back for a moment." He only hoped that Hotaru would listen.

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