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#1 The balanced twins - Luna and suna on Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:36 am

Basic Information
Suna and Luna
386 for both
Arrancar or Espada:
Arrancar/Espada Number:
Fraccion to the primera

Suna is the one in the blackandLuna is the one in the white

Suna has a white crescent moon on her forehead facing the opposite way of luna's as luna has a black waxing crescentmoon
Mask Fragment Location:
Luna's Mask fragment is on the right side of her head as it kinda has the look of a fin as it is infront of her ear. Suna's is on the left side of her head as it looks the same as her counterparts
Hollow Hole Location:
Suna's hole is left of her collarbone and luna's is right
Number Location:
they do not have a number

Combat information:

Combat Info
Fighting Style:
Suna's fighting style is more Close range, hand to hand Luna's is Long range and more assassination like, nice and quite and simple
Personal Abilities:
    Ability Name: Twin telpathy
    Ability use/effect: It is the mental link between them and the sense of how they are able to track and know what their other twins is doing, where they are and what they are saying and thinking. This is how they are able to keep track of eachother and their attacks balanced.[/color]
    Ability Name: Blood Manipulation
    Ability Use/effect: This is one of Luna's Main abilities on how she is able to use her blood and the blood outside another's body and being able to manipulate them in ways to assist her in winning a battle.

    Ability Name: Shadow Manipulation
    Ability Use/effect: Same with luna's Abilitiy, This is Suna's Main ability on manipulating the shadows to being able to aide her however she wishes


    Luna's Techniques - 3
    Techinique Name:Moon's Eye
    Techinique effect: This ability goes along with her ability of controling her blood and manipulating it as she sees it fit. with this echnique her blood becomes explousive orbs as she is able to use half a pint of it to create 250 orbs that she can explode remotely through thoughts or when her opponents touch them.

    Damage Guide:
    Tiers 2 or more higher then her: possible explousions will be minor to almost unaffected.
    Luna's Tier and two below her: explusion will be minor to semi - major
    Tiers 3 or below her's: explousions are major and can hurt very very badly

    Techniques Name: Wire lyre
    Techniques Effect: Wire Lyre is also a blood manipulation ability but on a larger scale. She can use this ability within her Moon's orbs own abilitiy to make the wires that shoot out moveable and mendable or from within her own body here is the basic concept of the attack is a web consisting out of blood that can entangle and even severely injure her opponents. These wires can bend and form like tenticles to help hold her opponents and attack them as she wishes. If this ability is used within her Moon's orb's ability, these wires can explode whenever she wishes. it is hard for the opponents to not get caught

    Damage guide:

    Tiers 2 or more higher then her: If caught the possible explousions and cuts will be minor to almost unaffected.they have a 10% chance of being hit
    Luna's Tier and two below her: If caught the explusion and cuts will be minor to semi - major
    Tiers 3 or below her's: Cuts and explousions are major and can hurt very very badly

    Techiniques Moon's mist
    Techniques Effect: This is literally where the blood she bleeds out or the blood around her becoming like a high thick mist that covered her and her opponent. this technique is more like a labryrinth in the fact that this is her realm, her element. within the blood most she can do anything and attack however she wishes. she can make spikes from from the misty blood strike at her opponent along with her thoughts. This does take alot of blood and energy to make this happen as it can last up to ten posts, each post an attack is changed and more dangerous then the last but she can only use this once a battle.

    Techinque name: Shadow's embrace
    Technique effect: Shadow's embrace is an ability where her own shadow exspands and is sent after her opponen. it is designed to encase her oppoent into a tight wrapping where from there she is able to make huge spikes or the shadows constrict her opponent and smash their bones and squeeze to death. this attack can also be used to reflect attacks and send them back at her opponent a bit faster and harder then what it was.

    Techniques Name: shadow's movement
    Techniques Effect: This technique is a very simple one of where when she allows her hair down, it morphs with the shadows and come to life and move at her will to however she wants it to move whether it be with her mind or her own movement and voice. her hair becomes reinforced and alot stronger. she can use it to attack, restrain, or simply block or become extended weapons at her disposal. within this attack she can pull out a strand of hair that is able to become a whip.

    Techniques name: Shadow's seed
    techniques effect: this techinique is one of her own where she allows some of the shadows to morph with some of luna's blood. this bit of shaodw blood will then morph with her arm and turn into a huge plant with many heads. Each head has a different thing, one head spits acid and another spits blood, which allows luna to control more, another spits out hadow needles with are vary poisioness which the antidote is her and luna's blood to be taken in while they are alive. the fourth head spits poision and the other four to eight will spit the same and sometimes spit shadows with will more into more and more heads. in instinct the heads would curl and grew thicker and larger as they expand and grow more ad more till they are almost as big as a school bus as when these heads manage to fully form there should onlty be four.

    Damage guide:
    1 tier and higher - poision has minor to no effect at all
    her tier and 3 lower - poision has minor effect and attacks have minor effects
    3 tiers and lower - major effects on poision and attacks for these.

Sealed Weapon: Luna carries a Black blade:

Suna carries a White blade:

Weapon Techniques:
Limit 3
    Technique Name:Technique Description

Hollow Specialty:
Suna specializes in Cero, Hierro
Luna specializes in high speed regeneration, Sondio


Ressurrecion Info
Mūn to yoba reru san

Ability:ability name: blood and shadow manipulation
Ability effect: manipulation of te blood and sadows togater as one element or as different elements that se can control
Death's counter grip-
this is a mixture of both luna and suna's abilities put into one. It is first a mixture of blood and shadow that is floating and manipulated at a moments noticed. she can form it into a ramp, harden by her reaistu, by doing this she can direct any beam or shot like attack right back at its users with twice the amount of force from the motion of the attack. she can liquify and harden the bloodshadow around her whenever she need to

damage metere:
tiers te are three or more can almost instantly break this tech
tiers of hers and 2 below it takes two blasts to break
3 tiers and below - takes five different blasts to break
Technique name: Assassin's curse
Technique effect: Assassin's curse is a simple three techniques in one. First the shadow's around her and her opponent will begin to lift and change into tons and tons of needles that will kinda turn and move like a large school of fish huddle togather. Secretly some of her blood will form into the school of needles. The blood will take the same effect as luna's moon orbs. when the needles strike, they will be the distraction from the moon orbs that will try to explode when coming close.

Damage meter:

2 tiers and above - minor injuries to none
same tier or one below - semi major to minor injuries
2 tiers or below - major to seaver injuries

Technique name: Nigtmare's Reflection
tecnique effect: this technique deals with luna's blood and first causing a look to the world around. the shadows and blood will then manipulate themselves to form as one's worst fear and make those fear manifest right infront of her opponent. most of the time if it is a person or a creature, she will look that part and let their mind play out the words, most of the time, her opponent go have a mental breakdown and somehow ends up killing themselves. this technique is more to mess with her opponent and to get to know her opponents moves and weaknesses

Suna - Suna is more of a flirty type and doesnt mind showing it at all unlike her twin. She finds interest in fighting and impressing as well as being out going and loud. She isnt afraid to get in arguements and is considered the older twin for being the one who will starts fight even though it is luna that normally finishes them. She is the type that will follow an order by those she acturally respect and she is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to arguments she does not agree with. She has been known for messing with people's hearts to get what she wants and will kill who she needs to to get where she wants to be, unless luna requests her not too. When suna is pissed it is best to run and hide cause the one person that can calm her down is luna with the resortment of calming with a battle. The only true way of getting to know suna mentally is to speak with luna her twin.

Luna- She is considered the quite twin with a blank emotionless look on her face. She is not like her sister in being out going. IN honest truth, Luna is more brainy and whether wait and analyze her opponent's strength by wearing her opponents out without lifting a finger before striking. She is not flirty and could careless on her looks. She would whether he lost in a book but she does enjoy peaking at people's minds to see how they tick. If you are not of interest to her, she will more avoide you or just strat out tell you you are a waste of her breath or time to even speak with. She is somewhat rebellious and needs a good reason she needs to waste her time on whatever you want her too. Suna is willing to do what anyone ask, it takes alot of get luna to do anything anyone wants her to if she does not benefit from it. She truely is more hy then anything and hates being a burden and is more defensive based as her sister is offensive. It takes alot to piss luna off, if you do manage to piss her off, it is best to hope suna is somewhere around to keep luna from feeding your bodies to the pathetic dying hollows.

History:the twins, duo of murders, they were literally born to kill and do just that. They were born into the worst enviroment for little babies to be born. Their father was a butcher who often was drunk and often abusive. Their mother more or less abandon them to tend to her beloved plants that would become her end later. neither the less their father and two elder brothers raced them the best they could without being too drunk or too stoned off their asses to really even take care of two babies, but some how the girls managed to get to grow up just fine till the age of seven when they just seemed to snap from that perfect life. being from an abusive and drunken home, it was expected that there would be physical and emotional abuse. They seen more then what any little girls should even think to see. they seen their mother and brothers go to the hospital many times along with themselves getting sent there. at the age of seven they were playing in their mother's green house when a earthquake happened. some of the shelves fell right on top of luna, which made suna panic since the two could feel the other's pain, their emotions, thoughts, everything each can feel about the other. this was there connection and never did they ever seperate. Suna just snapped when there mother grabbed a plant and ran instead of helping save her daughters. Suna grabbed the closet thing to her, which was a hoe. She dragged it along the ground behind her, chasing after her mother, who tripped over a garden hose from another shake. Suna soon stood over her hacking away at her mother in a pit of rage as she had mentally blacked out. when suna had regained her senses. her mother looked like a wild pack of dogs got ahold of her. seeing all that blood really seemed to affect both suna and luna mentally, fueling their purpose that would become their end. Suna had managed to get luna free from under the rubbel as they ran to hide when they heared footsteps, seeing it was their father. memories of his abuse and of their mother;s blood and dead body raced infront of their eyes. Suna landed the first blow with a flower pot to her father's head before luna took the hoe again and stabbed it down, having somewhat of a hard time, having suna assist her in killing their parents.

Over the course of a few weeks the investigators case ran cold cause they never thought two seven year old twin girls were the murders of their two parents.Everyone kinda knew their parents had it comming as one of their older brothers were sent to jail, which made the girls confused how there brother went to jail instead of them, but they didn't mind, they had eachother and they were free still, that was all that mattered to them. The killing of their parent's had faded into dust till a year later when one of their teachers raised her voice in a threatning tone, bringing back those memories, this time instead of just suna blacking out so did luna. When they came back to the world of the living they found their teacher and the 37 other student's in their class slaughtered and murdered. they were holding two rulers covered in blood as this time they were tried and found guilty but put in an isolation room seperated by a glass wall within restraint jackets. they were label mentally insaine and serial killers at the age of nine. They seened manay doctors in their isolation and most of the doctors were driven insain. enspecially by luna and her intelligence and suna with ehr flirtiness. They knew what they were doing the whole way and knew they could play anyone like a fiddle if they wanted to. There was even one time they killed two guards without even laying a finger on them simply by getting into his mind and make him believe how pathetic he was. they tempted him to kill them but instead both of the guards killed eachother.They soon meet there when the order of lethal injection was given making them the youngest deathrow inmates to ever recieved the lethal injection at the age of ten. After the injection they find being ghosts werid but still happy because of the fact they still had eachother and didnt care what would happened just that they were togather.

As plus souls, Suna and Luna still were there evil seveals, though the most evil one that acturally killed was luna. There were several times that some child spirit would join them into a trio, when the girl only prefered to be with eachother. This was the common thing that really pissed off Luna was the pure fact of how some spirits were just plain irritating and annoying even from the human world.Most of the time, Luna ended up killing he spirit by ramming their head against the ground or against something with the force she could. Each kill the girls made, they split the soul and ate it togather. The two soon turned towrds the adult souls. Suna would usually do what she did best by putting on a sad soul how her twin is trapped under something and that she needed their strength to help free her, little does that adult soul know, that when he is helping suna would hit them multiple times till they were weakened or considered for sure dead before eating that soul. The more souls they seened to eat the more darker their hearts grew. It was around a year to two years when their power just grew and the darkness of their hearts took over morphing them from simple plus souls to the lowest of the Memo's. This process was painful, but in the end they became two brand new in hundeo mundo/ Sure the process and lookes were not to their liking but neither the less they love the power they felt and the darkness around them was like paraside, the smell of blood was like the richest wine to them, the sounds and rush of killing was like their muse where the were able to sleep without losing sleep. It took a few year to cange and move up in throug the lower ranks to the gillian stage were they fused to be a two headed Gillian. It took about anoter year or so before they were able to became two adjache with their tail commented, at first, they had a hard time adjusting but other time they became like a tag team using eachother to their advnatage, taking out the hollows that wanted to take them out. they consumed each of their kills, and in turn getting stronger and stronger till the point to where they just ripped off their masks at the same time after hearing by doing so they would regain a more human form. It has only been half a year since they became arrancar. It was very hard at first since they really didn'thae any friends to help them out on learning what they are able to do in their new form. It seemed like forever till they learned their ressurection, find it werid to once against share a body like they did when they were a gillian

the took the form to two five - six year old girls that look nothing alike and that was the way they likes it. it has been round 300 years since they became a hollow and currently alot of the lower hollows like to hide from them when they are about walking and looking for a fight.

Role Play Sample

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#2 Re: The balanced twins - Luna and suna on Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:40 pm


eath's counter grip-
this is a mixture of both luna and suna's abilities put into one. It is first a mixture of blood and shadow that is floating and manipulated at a moments noticed. she can form it into a ramp, harden by her reaistu, by doing this she can direct any beam or shot like attack right back at its users with twice the amount of force from the motion of the attack. she can liquify and harden the bloodshadow around her whenever she need to

need a tiering for what beams can break it.

I approve 1-2 after edits.

#3 Re: The balanced twins - Luna and suna on Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:31 pm


Very nice going to be interesting how you rp them and how Marcus will react when meeting them.

I second there approval for 1-2.

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