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on Sat May 26, 2012 5:45 pm


A Gargunta slowly cracked open. There could be chants heard. even roaring coming from the portal. The portal opens just enough for the man to step out. Lifting his right leg, Cross ducked under the top of the garunta. At first it was only him, the he tilted his head, makign a movement that seemed to mean follow. Swarming out like bugs was an army of hollows. About 94 of them to be exact. None of them would go infront of Cross, But they were all spread out, following him. This was no invasion, this was for training purposes. Rolling his neck, Cross stopped before teh fortess of the divine family. "Oi!. I got em. get on out here. Just controlling them not to attack is enough work for me." Cross folded his arms, leanig against a bigger hollow. He was grinning across his face. waiting for the shinigami to come on out.


on Sat May 26, 2012 5:54 pm


Feeling the rip open from the gargunua from my throne chamber I disapper in a flash of holy light only to appear infront of cross and his legion. Pulling down my hood my eyes flash with holy blue glow as I speak to crossSo you have decided to take the one time offer to come here I see. I'll take the butterfly now. Let me call forth the one needing training....Elenia!! the scream butterfly flys to its home after doing it's duty


on Sat May 26, 2012 6:37 pm


The breeze blew gently across the wheat feild as the clouds passed lazily overhead. A small babble of a stream and a couple children could be heard playing in the distance. Breathing deeply i felt comepletely relaxed and at ease with myself. Despite all that had happened in the past few months since becoming an official shinigami, I was satisfied with life. For a long time i layed there in the wheat feild just letting the sun beat down on me. Home sickness was strong today and both of my swords were quite aware of it, hence why they had silent so far today despite their cravings for blood. A small nap was beginning to claim me when i felt something land upon my nose, tickling it in the process. Fluttering, my eyes opened and I saw a white butterfly with green dots sitting upon my nose.

"A Scream Butterfly," I murmurred as i gently scooted the butterfly onto my finger. Quickly i sat upright , startling the butterfly into flight again. Not waiting for the message to be repeated, I quickly open up the Divine Path and charged through the swirling colors. The poor butterfly went to enter the Path as well but it had taken to long to recover and the path closed before it could enter. Flitting around angrily, the Scream Butterfly opened a tiny path for it to use leaving the wheat feild empty, save the sound of the children laughing.


Near Lord Koshi a Divine Path suddenly opened after what had seemed an eternity but had only been about thirty minutes. Through the portal, a person clad in the cloak of the Divine Family charges out coming to a twenty foot skid that ends with the person on one knee in front of Tazuma.

"Lord Marshal, I have come as summoned. What is the..." I trail off as i notice the large source of Reitsu behind me. Standing up i turn around and draw my Zanpakuto. Shifting into a fighting stance, my right hand drifts to my left shoulder where I place two fingers on my shoulder and my left hands grabs a hold of the sword on my left hip. Instantly i feel my reitsu begin to sharpen as the lust for blood begins to resonate through me from my swords. "And what are you doing here Cross Setsuzoku, Primera of the Espadas? Especially with a small army of hollows?"

A breeze kicks up, causing the Demonic Sigil that is my clasp to clink against my cloak and the red left sleeve of my black cloak to flap breifly in the wind.


on Sat May 26, 2012 6:56 pm


Cross too his shoulder off the larger ape hollow beside him as he took some steps forward. The hollows slowly stepped behind him. Laughing, he folded his arms again, leaning his weight on one leg.'Oh nothing. I just brought an Army here just to clean the rooms." he said in a sarcastic tone. His blade remained at his side as he sighed, rolling his neck. "You have a lust for power. So At the request of Taz, I brought these here to help you get that power." He dropped his arms to his side as he smirked once again. "this is at Taz's request. Not yours. I have no interest in helping you gain power myself. These guys will do just fine." he said, Mocking the girl.


on Sat May 26, 2012 7:10 pm


It seemed to be only a few moments since my summoning of Elenia until she came skidding out of a divine path. Kneeling before me she answers to me before noticing cross and his small legion of assorted hollows before me. Like a faithful warrior she comfronts the obviously stronger opponent asking why he is here as she does I extend my hand as if to stop her silently Cross has come on my calling Elenia. The espada and the Divine have a truce for the time being until we solve the little issue in Soul Society. His legion of hollows are for you my dear. I can feel the blood lust eminating from your sword since you first came here. In fact,it screams for blood even know. I asked Cross to come here to help sate that blood lust. I say to Elenia before turning to Cross. I notice a scroll attached to his hip. My eyes flash blue Divine lightIs that what we discussed earlier Cross? How did it go?

The winds pick up across the barren wastes of the valley. The wind funnels through the canyons causing it to build intense speed and carve more and deeper cliffs into the side of the valley. A small smile graces my faceIt seems that the Divine sends his blessings as well I say as if the wind spoke to,me just then


on Sat May 26, 2012 7:55 pm


Carefully I listen to what the two of them have to say and i have to admit that i am a little shocked but i maintain my cool and don't let it show. A truce had been made, that would explain why Cross had not attack Mizuko and Xen'Xal the other day. The question was when did this truce go up. I could understand the reasoning for the truce but why hadn't Tazuma told us. Or was it that he was playing some other game behind the scenes and only the titled family members were privvy to that knowledge. Then again, I had no right to be questioning what Tazuma did behind the scenes else i would be a hypocrite.

"You know i would of rather had to find and kill them myself. Doesn't seem very honorable to my swords to go about it this way," I stated with a sigh. Taking a deep breath, i enter into a meditative breathing specifically designed for fighting. In moments i feel nothing and everything, the slight grinding of sand resonates through me at a roar that is no longer deafening but just there as i ready myself for the charge of the hollows. "I can't deny that the three of us have an insatiable lust for blood. But still, it is more gratifying when one can hunt it down themselves."

Reaching into my hood I remove the eye patch over my left eye and let it flutter away in the breeze as i undo the demon clasp and toss the cloak behind me to Tazuma. Returning to my previous posture and run the two forefingers of my right hand down the red sleeve of my white coat as i draw the sword from my left hip at the same time. "Bakudo Twenty-Six Kyokko, Release!"

My reitsu explodes with energy as the reitsu of both my swords combine with mine and become visually visible. With a red almost as dark as night my reitsu looks like a pool of blood at my feet that slowly dripping up into the air. Despite the demonic energies intermingled with shinigami energy, the reitsu is calm and stable. Like a collected predator staring down its meal.

Alas, you finally intend to feed us again Elenia. It's about time girl. Now let's get in there and feast upon every single one of them. Arrenok states out loud from my left hand. The lust for blood heavy in his elegeant voice. In my soul I feel a concurring sensation from my Zanpakuto.

"Patience Arrenok. There is plenty for us to feed on and we have as much time as we need. No need to gorge ourselves to quickly. Let's take our time and savor their bloods," I explain as a dark smile creeps across my face and i lick my lips hungrily as i shift into my fighting stance. "Have at us if you can."


on Sat May 26, 2012 8:24 pm


Cross smirked at the release of her power. "You're influenced by him, I see." He said, walking to the left and right of his hollow army. Looking over the group, he sonido's over 3 random hollows, dropping them infront of him. The three hollows were a cheetah type, a pelican type, and a Ape type. Each balancing each other out. Cross stepped between them as he looked over to Taz, throwing the scroll over towards him. "Yeah. Add to it if you want. You can choose any hollow from my army you want Shinigami."

(these hollows are 1-5 tier)
Cheetah Pov.
The hollow slowly lowered it's body as it started to hiss and growl. Looking over to the girl, it licked its lips, bearing it's fangs. "Well Lord Cross, can we begin?" It asked, looking over towards Cross. Even if he said, no, the cheetah took off, Running at blistering speeds in a zig zag pattern towards Elenia. using Sonido as it went behind Her, Shooting 20 bala from it's mouth.

Pelican Pov.
The massive bird flapped it's wings as it went airborne. "Wind scar!"it yelled as massive blades of wind went towards Elenia, abotu 3 of them as it continued to fly up and towards her. Once reaching a peak height, it dove. Folding it's wings and gaining Bone armor as it broke the sound barrier, heading straight for Elenia's postion.

Ape Pov.
The other massive hollow smashed his hands into it's chest as it yelled; "Smash!" Hitting the groudn, bringing earth spikes up as it threw them towards Elenia. He then woudl charge her, putting reiatsu towards his shoulder to inflict more of an impact. Just the steps of the ape would make the area shake slightly. It got closer and Closer to Elenia, Cracking the earth from his steps. The weight of this hollow was the heaviest of them here.


on Sat May 26, 2012 9:26 pm


As Cross tosses the scroll I catch it and open it quickly looking it over to to ensure it was legit as I see it was real. I roll it up and place it on the back ends of my cloak.I'm sure I will Cross and i'm not a shinigami anymore...remember that. I look around and see a hollow that catches my eyes. I point out a jackel-type hollow. It lets out a horrible laugh as it leaps into the on going battle.
The Hollow:

Jackel Pov

As the jackel leaps into battle it speaks in the middle of a laughthis is gonna be funs.i want to eat her feet! as it lands it charges a bright red cero in its mouth. As the cero charge is complete it swallows the ceroOops! I think im gonna be sick it says as it basically pukes up a beam type red reishi attack at elenia


on Sat May 26, 2012 10:17 pm


The four hollows charged and attacked their target, a girl who stood there smiling at them as if they didn't exist. She appeared to be lauging inside at some hilarious joke that only she knew and no one was ever going to know as the attacks streamed at her. The first to reach the target where the Balas, causing a barrage of small explosions that were quickly followed by all the other attacks until only the Ape hollow was left charging at her in the smoke. No sounds were made from from within the could of dust and debris, only silence permeated the field.

Suddenly the scream of a Menos peirced through the air loud enough to be heard for miles. This was no ordinary roar but the roar of a beast crying out in the throes of death. I reveled in the sound of the death roar, as i landed on the ground at the tumbling giant's feet. Looking up i watched as a two foot wide swath of the hollow mask fell away from the Menos' face, spraying blood everywhere as the beast began to dematerialize. Rejoicing in the blood rain that fell down onto the hollow army and even some onto Cross himself, I turned to look at the four hollows that had charged me.

The smoke had just cleared showing a staticy image of myself that began to fade away. I had never intended to attack the first wave of hollows, even before the battle had started this had been my plan. My studies at the academy had taught me that hollows were under the command of the menos, who in turn were under control by adjuchas. The command chain continued on up through the Vasto Lordes, then the Arrancars and finally the Espada. By removing the menos, the command of the hollows would now have to be split amongst the other Menos thus straining their ability of control. Which in turn would start to affect the Adjuchas ability to keep the Menos in line. All in all in the end, I planned on having the hollows go feral on each other as their chain of command was broken down.

But i knew the plan would only work for so long. The Primera Espada was the genral of this army. It wouldn't take him very long to figure out whati was doing. Either way i knew that the Menos and Adjuchas needed to be removed first. Otherwise i would be too exhausted to fight them if i dealt with the hollows first.

"Bakudo Twenty-Three, Senkeinton!" I call out as throw my hand down towards my feet. A load bang a cloud of smoke covers the area allowing for my escape from within the army. Shunpoing, I jump up to behind the Bird Hollow so slash out with both of my swords hoping to clip both of its wings at once.

Techs/Kido/Abilities/Etc used

Technique Name:Shadow Image-Shunpo Variation
Description: A shunpo that leaves an image of Elenia behind to distract opponents.

Life Hunt: As a sword made from an actual Demon devoted entirely to swordsmanship, the sword is also designed to be the 'perfect' blade in that it pursues the purpose of a sword to the fullest; to kill. As such, almost the whole entirety of Arrenok's power is concentrated in it's edge, which is imbued with a number of effects. For one, any cut made by Arrenok, regardless of what it slices, takes ten times longer to heal. It literally curses all wounds inflicted upon the enemy with powerful dark energy toxic to living things in the most nefarious form possible. The sword radiates with bloodlust.

'Life Hunt' is described best as the Sword's power to destroy life by cutting living things. A small cut made by Arrenok destroys and kills surrounding flesh, causing the wound to slowly swell, until it's size triples. A cut made by Arrenok will double in size in two posts after the cut is made. After six posts, it doubles again, and afterwards the growth of the wounds slows tremendously. The sword, also, sucks a large amount of blood from a foe when it cuts them - nearly four times the amount that should have been lost, all squirting out in a huge burst, causing wounds to appear far more dramatic than they truly are as a simple gash suddenly becomes a gushing wound. But the massive blood loss occurs only for five seconds after being cut, then the blood loss becomes natural.

But even if the target does not have blood to suck away, Arrenok damages the enemy's very soul directly with every cut. An equal tier loses roughly 5% of their life essence from an accurate, well-aimed slash against their body. Arrenok's demonic energy destroys this quintessence, attacking that which other swords cannot touch; the inner soul itself. While an enemy may recover, it takes three months for an equal tier to the wielder to do so. Arrenok absorbs the wielder's energy to fuel it's powers which is why it's effect varies upon the strength of whoever is using it. A lower tier loses 10% of their life essence for every solid, damaging wound (has to be an effective gash, not just a small cut or a grazing blow). But a higher tier loses only 2.5% of their life essence. Higher tiers take only a month to recover from this loss, while a lower tier takes six months.

Also, every cut received lowers the enemy's Damage Control stat by 5 points, increasing the amount of damage they receive as they are wounded more and more by the Sword's edge or the powers of this weapon.

Ability: Dead Eye
Ability Use/Effect: Elenia cannot truly see out of her Left eye. It is quite literally a dead eye. However when she removes the eyepatch, her left eye can visibly see reistu density. ex. A captain would have a very dense aura of reitsu when compared to that of a seated officer. A normal nonseated shinigami would have a denser reitsu aura when compared to a human. Also if in a world where everything is made up of reitsu, the air, ground, buildings, etc... would have a density of reitsu that she could see with her dead eye. I guess if you wanted a visually comparison... it would essentially be a mix of Allen Walker's cursed eye (from D-Gray Man) and how the creatures in the movie Pitch Black see.

Ability Name: Ninja Speed
Ability Use/Effect: Elenia's abnormal affinity with Shunpo allows her to use Shunpo more efficiently and effectively than most shinigami. Reduces the Reitsu cost and Reitsu Control drain of Shunpo by 50%. Also adds plus 5 bonus to speed stat.

Bakudo 23 Senkeinton-Creates a blast upon activation and is used like a ninja's smoke bomb.


on Mon May 28, 2012 10:07 pm


Rain of blood. As soon as the menos fell, the army went beserk, Howling, roaring. Doing everything that made them insane. Cross saw this, and knew what the shinigami was doing as soon as he heard the menos roar. He turned around towards the hollows, raising his arms as his voiced turned into a roar. "SETTLE!!" Once that word came from his mouth, the hollows stopped, returning to what they were doing before. Wiping the blood from his face, he looked down at the puddle forming underneath his boots. "Stupid shinigami,,"

Pelican POV.
It was confused just like the other hollows once he hit the ground, not even casing damage to The shinigami. Looking to the left and right, he heard the roar, before a large pain in his back. His wings were clipped off. Blood poured from the sockets as he fell to the ground, rolling around in his blood.

Cheetah Pov.
Seeing the pelican go down, the cheetah came up behind Ele, Swiping it's claws left and right at her back, attempting to draw blood.

Ape Pov.
Stopping his charge, the ape turned around, He smashed his chest, rolling foward and placing his large hands on the ground as he opened his mouth, charging the golden cero on his tongue.

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