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on Wed May 23, 2012 4:40 am


As I walk step by step on this pilgrimage of mine towards a location not known to me but calling to me flesh,blood,and soul. Each step forward I can feel the pull intensify and grow as I move on. The rock crunches beneath my bootheel as I move on. The wind whips around me in a vicious storm of wind and dust that erupted out of nowhere and if it weren't for my cloak I would have be buffetted by the sand and cut to bits.

Every so often I see a blank but not in any large numbers. The pull urging me on as I go in. my mind goes blank as I go all I can think of is the location I am being called too.
The lord marshal comes. I hear in the distance. It was the second time I have heard that title. The first was from Seiko. Perhaps her blindness has given her a deeoer sight not possessed by many others. She is to be kept close I decided at that moment. Her faith in me is without question. She will be a great asset in the war to come.

As I walk on I see more and more pink head blanks wandering on aimlessly. The pull becomes all encompassing as it feels like ever cell is yerning for me to find this location. I start to notice the blue head blanks more and more I come closer they move to the side as if a king was walking by. I can hear and feel a pulsing near by me.

I look up and my face is bathed in holy light as I can finally see the target of my pilgrimage. Before me a great gate lays open and inside a field of infinate darkness. Something can be seen moving within the deep dark.
Come Lord Marshal. Enter and gaze upon us in our DIVINE splendor! as the voice bids me I begin to walk to the threshold. I put out my hand and touch the barrier of the threshold. The feeling of intense cold and warmth at the same time greets my hand,arm,and then entire body.

As I open my eyes and look upon the area within. Before my eyes sits a massive armored feathered serpent. It's skin glowed with a faint blue glow. It looks upon me and speaks in a hiss like voiceSo you have come finally Lord Marshal.I have waited countless lifetimes for you to come to me. I assume you have questions yes?
I look up at the feathered serpent"i do. Why do you call me the lord marshal and why have you been waiting for me." I say to it. It coils down to be face to face with me. It's massive reptilian eyes focus' on me
The lord marshal is the leader of my,divine faith. He alone can gaze upon me and live. You will see the splendor of conquest and lead the faithful to its holy joy. You have been choosen since before time. You are twice lost to a family and masked. You are a champion of a faith that is defiled but still beloved of the lady yes. Finally you are eyed like me as you can see. It flaps its huge wings and a single beautiful feather falls at my feet and erupts into a large bonfire of blue flame reishi. My cloak reacts and I am encased in a black suit of armor, a long cape of black fur hangs from my shoulders finally a wicked helm grows band by band over my head and face. The serpent speaks againSee your body knows the truth before your mind can accept it. Take the title and lead my faithful to holy conquest. I ask you. What is your name?

I look up and within my helm"i am Lord Marshal Koshi of the Divine Family. I will lead the faithful in Holy Conquest." Go now and lead the faith Lord Marshal. "as you wish Divine one " I say with a slight bow. I turn and exit the threshold and head back to the sanctuary. The return took much less time as I used shunpo to cover the ground. As I head over the horizon to the gates I take on the cloak form again with the hood down. My eyes now hold a holy glows of seeing the end game.

the feathered serpent:

the armor:

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on Wed May 23, 2012 4:57 am


The air seemed to chop as a cloaked figure appeared, dragging her feet she approached the lord Marshal in silence and it was here she sat by his side to feel the world looking upon the Lord Marshal and all who followed him in this glorious pilgrimage, it was something not many people got to live with or be able to witness but she was one of those fortunate ones and there she remained quiet until addressed.


on Wed May 23, 2012 5:04 am


"Seiko, you are faithful to the divine. For this I give you an honor unlike any other." I place my hand upon her sword hand and my,hand glows blue ghostly blue"i name you my seeker. May the unfaithful fear your holy blade." [inside seiko's mind she can see the divine all be it clouded and blured but the pleasure can be felt in her body and soul]


on Wed May 23, 2012 5:07 am


Seiko's mouth dropped and she felt a feeling she had never felt it was a strange feeling one her body tried to absorb and study and she spoke as she was blessed, "Yes my Lord Marshal they will fear the Seeker's blade.." she said before coming back down from this feeling and going back to her normal state her breath however was a tad heavy she took in more than she thought


on Wed May 23, 2012 6:18 am


"the wonders of the,divine are many are they not seiko? More wonders will come to us as our crusade continues." moving now to the courtyard and turning to seiko"tell me of your mission to soul society. Did you,find any converts for our faith?"


on Wed May 23, 2012 7:13 am


Seiko nodded and stood silent for a moments time before speaking, "Many converted and we have one who is afraid to convert but I bring him to you, Eiji the vice commander of the Kidou Corps." Seiko mentioned her battle and many scars were noted as well as the stained blood that dribbled off the side of her mouth.


on Wed May 23, 2012 8:36 am


"bring him before me Seeker." I say as I extend my hand and with but a simple touch I heal her battle wounds with a simple healing kido."i,wouldn't want my Seeker to perish from such simple wounds."


on Wed May 23, 2012 2:12 pm


In the sky above the area the divine family call home a portal opens as a black cloaked figure jumps out. Landing like it has done this many times with out a sound bar the flaring of the cloak. The hood is up covering even the eyes in deep shadows and pulls it down as it stands revealing ice blue hair and ever shifting shade of blue eyes with a mouth that has a bit of mischief hinted on it. Those features belong to Kieran Murugamu the ex captain of 7th division for now maybe forever. Friend to a few and like a lethal bolt of lightning to his foes for which his title from the academy days of lightning nomad fits.

POV shift to 1st person.

I had just returned from laying false leads in the human world to give us more time also because it fun to get those purgers confused. I look around and notice taz and Seiko. As I look at taz bolt my cloak says something just on the edge of hearing it sounded like lord marshal has finally came. I put it out of my mind for blanks can not talk right? But I did notice something different about the two like they had been touched by a higher power or something. I then call out in a cheerful tone. "hay taz my old friend I just lay some false trails for those purgers. It a petty that I can not see their faces when they realize it a wild goose chase. So feel up to a cup or two of sake?"


on Wed May 23, 2012 10:36 pm


Seiko would throw before the Lord Marshal the vice captain of the kidou corps bound in chains awaiting for him to awaken and she remained silent before standing at the lord marshal's side awaiting to do his bidding once more when called upon.


on Thu May 24, 2012 2:48 am


"i trust,he didn't put,up a fight did he. From the looks of him you were quite merciful to him." I crouch down by,his head awaiting for him to wake up"seiko tell me the details of the mission and battle."

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