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on Sat May 05, 2012 5:58 am



Annamaria was walking through one of the western districts completely lost where she was. She was getting alot of stares by her appereance. her hair reached to her waist. she had a light pinkish white zanpackuto in her hands as she held her the zankpackuto close"Uh where is joshua...I followed the instructions..."She commented before she felt a raise of his reaistu "there he is."She commented rushing towards the reaistu as quickly as she could run. She moved out of the way and around people "Joshua!"She called as loud as she could hoping he could hear her. "I should have paided attention to raising reaistu and such."She spoke to herself

Amaya laughed hugging amelia swinging her around stroking her hair "come on now...I did it to keep you safe, some arrancar will kill their targets family."She commented "I refused to let anyone else get hurt an I refuse to let anyone cause any harm to you or tazuma...I am sorry you had to see me like that."She commented gently


on Sat May 05, 2012 6:12 am


Joshua was about to move on when he heard the voice that belong to the one he had been search for. smiling he ran towards the direction of Annamarie's voice and happily embraced her the moment she was within amrs reach
"I told you I'd find you. and I always keep my promises" he said to her, holding her close for a few move second, before taking a step back to examine her"You look younger then Colbolt Annamarie. A lot kinder too"

Amelia smiled up at her mother and wiped her eyes
"I'm sorry I'm not that strong. If i was maybe i could be of some more help to you" she said"But while you were away Tazuma... I mean Captain Tazuma taught me something and Captain Tenju made me this" she held up the jian Tenju haed made her just a few days before his death... though he made a bit of an impression first" she shuddered slightly


on Sat May 05, 2012 6:19 am


"let me guess he caught a feel? Tsubasu did that to me to, though I sent him through a wall . tazuma kept me from murdering him."Said Amaya "but either wayn I have two techuniques I think you are ready for."She commented "but we will deal with that when I am more healed."She commented smiling

"I finally found you."She commented hugging him tightly. She looked at him "this was the age i was and looked before aizen made me and colbolt..."She commented gently "but I am so glad to find you finally. I been getting werid glances and people watching..."She commented


on Sat May 05, 2012 6:27 am


Amelia shuddered again and covered her cheast. the subject was probably a little too touchy
"can i show you the one Tazuma helped me learn?" Amelia asked happily before suddenly looking sad"Oh there is some bad news though. Minoru... died from fighting a demon. I don't know any details though."

Joshua nodded then looked around, incase there was someone dangerous
"Then let's get you into the seireitei. that's a bit illegal but I'm sure your sister will want to see you and I'm sure the fact that you are her sister will get you ihnto the place no problem. Me however. I'm just happy to be able to move around... ah well details later. family reunion now. can you use shunpo yet?" he said


on Sat May 05, 2012 6:35 am


"I only know sondio..."She commented "I remember that."She commented gently "but yes I want to see amaya.....if she will even want to see me after all that happened to her because of me."She commented looking down in guilt.

Amaya's eyes sadden, he woul have been a great captain to replace me if that time comes. but I guess that now you will have to go throught the lieutinent test once I am well."She commented to her daughter "Tenju was an old ally and he will be greatly missed with tsubasu"She added sighing "all because of me."She commented


on Sat May 05, 2012 6:43 am


"using sonido might not be a good idea" Joshua said, before smiling slightly"So I guess I'll have to carry you"
with that he picked up Annamarie and began shunpoing towards the seireitei, and once they reached and got past the gate they headed towards the 4th division barracks

"Amelia looked a bit nervous now
"Lieutenant? But won't that be viewed as possible favortism since I'm your daughter? And I don't think I'm strong enough yet. I can't keep my bankai up very long..... oh I just ruined my surpirse for you Mama" she said, completely stressing out and causing her face to go as pale as a sheet


on Sat May 05, 2012 6:53 am


Amelia calm down... You are my thrid seat..when my lieutinent dies naturally the thrid seat is selected to be lieutinent. I will train you...but that will be later when I retrain my own bankai since it changed due to the parasite."She commented smiling.

"Uh alright."Said annamaria adjusting her zanpacuto holding it with one hand as the other clinged to his shirt as he picked her up before they shunpoed to the fourth divison. she was in awe of the seiritei.


on Sat May 05, 2012 7:01 am


"Would you still like to see my bankai?" Amelia asked, just as Joshua came into the room, carrying Annamarie

"Hey there Captain Amaya" he said, setting Annamarie down"I got a little surprise for you here. Hope she aint shy"


on Sat May 05, 2012 7:13 am


"yes and will will show you my shinkai and bankai"she commented smiling before she saw joshua come in "So they alowed you back."She commented falling silent when she saw the girl in his arms. "Annamaria..."She said in a whisper

"Uh hi./...sister."Said Annamaria getting out of joshua's arms as amaya moved closer "I cant believe finally are your own being and right infront of me here in the soul society."She commented in shoked before she pulled annamaria into a hug "I been looking for you ever since I was sent here and I nevr stopped looking."She commented happily "But your here now safe and sound."She commented.

"Yes sister I am home."She added smiling back as she hugged her sister tightly happy.
"Amelia I want you to meet my little sister, annamaria, the real her. Anna, Meet my adopted daughter Amelia"She commented


on Sat May 05, 2012 7:21 am


Joshua attempted to step out of the room, to allow the sister to have their space for their reunion

Amelia also attempted to get away but then Amaya introduced her to Annamarie
"Hello" she said"Should I call you auntie, even though you look exactly the same age as me?? or will just Annamarie do? or do you prefer Anna?"

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