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on Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:24 pm


Smelly? was Bob outta his mind did he LIKE to smell like a rotten shoe someone farted in? Noba knew Bob was a filthy person but damn to love the smell too? Noba simply chuckled a bit hearing Bob call soap smelly, that was outrageous.

"You a crazy, person, I was trying to be nice to avoid a problem but my cleaning sences are kicking in and you are the biggest thing to clean!"

Noba was about to pull out his heavy duty bleach spray, when Captain of Squad 6 came into the scene. Noba looked over and bowed.

"Ahhh Taicho, could you kindly give this man a bath? He smells like fried horse vomit on top of roadkill."


on Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:13 am


"NOOOOS" screamed Bob as he word the s word (soap). "Me don't like soap!!!!" screamed Bob. At the same time a captain appeared and when he heard something about the captain giving him a bath. His brain suddenly couldn't overcome the incoming stress signals. Bob collapsed onto the floor rolling around moaning about how soap was torture while sucking his thumb.


on Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:25 am


Juro smelled a horrible stench, though he had smelled worse and acted as if he wasn't smelling anything. Finally a man who seemed to be an ally of this somewhat smelly man said something about a bath. Juro raised a eyebrow wondering if that was a joke, or something that he really needed assistance with. Juro looked at the man collapse and fall on the floor but remained speechless for a few moment. Finally he began to speak once more. "I won't bathe you, I don't like water that much anyways." He said with a slight chuckle before looking at the boy on the floor once again.

"THough, that doesn't mean you aren't suppose to wash your self appropriately. So why do you choose to keep that awful stench on you?" Juro asked as he stared at the two men who had just been talking about stenches just moments ago.


on Tue May 01, 2012 6:00 am


Noba looked at Bob's reaction. He was quite stunned. Being apart of the 4th being clean was.....mandatory. Having things sterile and dis-infected was too. Noba chuckled a bit watching him squirm.

"Get up you fool its just Soap..."

Noba then looked over at the Captain seeing as he said he didnt like water. Noba took a big step away. Noba was quite not happy hearing the quite gross agreement. Even though he did bathe regulary how can you not like WATER!!

"Juro Taicho, should explain why you dont bathe half way either...."


on Tue May 01, 2012 6:41 am


Bob stopped midroll to explain his philosophy the meaning of the world. "You see" he said with his finger in the air, "the world's meaning is garbage." "Everything generates garbage whether it's people or *sniff* you guys." "You should know that garbage doesn't need water, water is bad for garbage" "Would you intentionally destroy the world, I don't think so!" "And as for this stench, it isn't a stench it is how the world should smell, if not for poor reasoning skills and *sniff* poor leadership" (Captain Commander) "And bathing??!! What is this word you speak of?" he screamed as he rolled his eyes. "You don't like water, so you don't like bathing! Why you make me do what you do not like??!!"


on Tue May 01, 2012 9:27 pm


Noba sighed...Bob was missing the point ofthat fact that without WATEr GARBAGE could not exist since ALL living beings use the universal liquid in thier many everyday tasks. Noba looked at Bob then quickly reached into his 4th Division cleaning sack, pullingo ut a small bottle of water.

"Do you see this? This when it's empty becomes GARBAGE! Without water this piece of material it self wouldnt even exist. Water is the BASe for almost ANYThing we make or do and then later can call trash in this world."

Noba feeling happy with himself took a sip of water gargled and spit it on the ground to look cool :D

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