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#1 Two new hado spells. Numberless. on Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:57 am


Name/Number:Hatikikenbutsu. Numberless, but on par with a level 65 hado spell.
Incantation- Fly forth and lay stricken in blood. Ignite under the crecent and burst,
Description- This kido, unlike most in the 60's range of power is split in to two parts. Once the word "blood" is said in the incantation, or if the user is not using an incantation, one hundred small needles will forge around the target in every direction, leaving very few points, if any at all to escape from. These needles than fly toward the target at the speed of a bala, aiming to cut in to a target's body. These needles don't do much damage on contact, being simple small puncture wounds that would be more painful than they actually were damaging. However, once the second part of the incantation is said, or the user is using it without it, the needles will explode inside of the target's body. Even without incantation, this requires the word " Ignite" to be said. The flames will scorch the target inside and out, efficientlyu causing maximum damage for the amount of power. Due to the nature of the spell exploding already inside of the body, the flames go deep enough to
cause burns of the fourth degree against anyone of a lower tier. Burns of the third degree aginst those equal, and burns of the second degree against those on a higher tier. These can be evaded by a burst of reishi with greater or equal power to the caster's or can be simply blocked if a target has the speed to do so.

Name/Number: Zetsumeibutoukai. Numberless but on par with a 93 level hado.
Incantation- Call forth the souls of the damned and devour them. Harness their hatred and create that which can not be ceased. Leave only a rain of blood and burn that which does not desearve the right to exist to ash.
Description- This spell begins with the user's hand or finger being raised skyward. All of the loose energy with in a 200 feet radius will be pulled together by a powerful vacuum, harnessing it directly above the caster's hand. This takes an entire post of charging to complete. As more reishi and spiritual power is gathered in this single focal point, it will become apparent that the energy is unstable at first. This is the time of weakness for the spell, as any disruption in the flow can cause the attack to explode prematurely and heavily damage the caster insteadIn the next post, the caster infuses their own reishi into this collection of spiritual power, condensing it in to a small six-by-six inch sphere of blackened energy. Electrical currents will flow around these small ball of destructivepower, now becoming stable and under the caster's control. The user can then fire the sphere toward the target. It may seem easy to dodge at first, being so small, but there are two characteristics that make such a false thought. Upon being fired, the sphere has an incredible speed, making a trail of energy flow behind it. The speed of the attack in this state is roughly the speed of a bala, but it only retains this speed for a moment. Once it gets close to the target, the sphere explodes outward to a degree, making the small concentrated sphere turn in to a massive fifty-by-fifty feet explosive. The speed is heavily reduced after this, now only moving at the speed of a cero. Upon contact, this massive blast of energy will crash in to the ground, crushing and incinerating most things in its path with the mass amounts of energy charged in it. After five seconds, it explodes a second time, this time unleashing all of its stored energy outward an additional fifty feet before caving back in on itself and vanishing, leaving a large amount of scattered reiatsu where it formerly was. A lower-tier will usually have every boen in their body crushed and burs from the third to fourth degree across their body. Maybe even losing a few appendages from the crushing force. A person of even tier will have many of the bones in their body broken, burns ranging from the second to third degree, and will likely be incapacitated. Someone of a higher tier will have several bones broken and burns ranging from the first to second degree.

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#2 Re: Two new hado spells. Numberless. on Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:49 am


For the second one remove the actual speeds. We have no idea how fast a cero moves nor how accurate 100mph would be.

Also How does it explode twice? I'm not understanding how that works.

#3 Re: Two new hado spells. Numberless. on Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:49 am


Add that the needles from the first kidou can be blocked or blown away by a strong flare of reiatsu, as we discussed in the chat.

#4 Re: Two new hado spells. Numberless. on Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:15 am


This has my approval *thumbs up*

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